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New Empire (in kingdom rush veng.)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:17 pm
by JackMyBackHARTS
(a new kingdom built near The Citadel....)
3 Levels, 1 Boss Level

Mostly long range brave spearers, trained by the barracks!
*Can Throw Spears
*Long Range
Health: 330, 461, 675
Damage: 30-78 Armor: 1 :skull: 1

Its like Muskeeters, but better!
*Long Range
*Can Burst
Health: 351. 456, 788
Damage: 120-144 Armor: 2 :skull: 2

Dual wielded brutal warriors! Executing any bad bois!
*Can Execute
*Can throw Swords
Health: 601, 752, 883
Damage: 115-140 Armor: 3 :skull: 3

Warrior Spikeball
Highly Armored Warriors, the kings most favorite!
*Can Throw Spike Balls
Health: 972, 1025, 1211
Damage: 60-130 Armor: 3 Armor Magic: 2 :skull: 2

Warrior Guard
Most protected, brave, brutal men ever!
*Can Execute
*Area Attack
*Can Bleed
Health: 1600, 2000, 2150
Damage: 150-200 Armor: 3 Armor Magic: 3 :skull: 5

Better than Cavailers, highly trained horses and sharp spears!
*Ride Horses
*Release Pikemen when horse killed
*Can Throw Spears
Health: 410, 770, 988
Damage: 70-90 Armor: 2 :skull: 1

The Brutal Warrior king, Everyone fears him!
*Area Attack
*Cost 20 Lives
*Stun enemies
Health: 12500, 13400, 15000
Damage:500-1000 Armor: 3 Armor Magic: 3 :skull: 20
Special Abilites: Big Stun, gets is big spikeball and throws it into the ground, stuns every enemy (and towers for 10 seconds)
Stone Castle, Stoneify a tower for 15 Seconds
Archer March, Rain poison arrows at enemies
Spawner: Spawn Enemies, (x3 Pikemen, 2x Maulers, x1 Warrior Guard)

Re: New Empire (in kingdom rush veng.)

PostPosted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:20 pm
by JackMyBackHARTS
forgot achievements

Sahara Desert
Defeat Savalara

Defeat Savalara before letting him throw the Spikeball

We're not letting you
Defeat the spawning enemies from Savalara in 6 seconds