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Suggestions for KR2

PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 3:06 pm
by Morgan
One thing I didn't like in Kingdom Rush was that there wasn't enough variety of towers available. Don't get me wrong, Kingdom Rush is the most fun flash game I've ever played. Secondly, I hoped that the creators could've made the campaign a little longer. Yes, I know it's pretty hard to come up with stuff like this already. It takes a lot of creativity... I wouldn't mind if the programmers took a little more time and added more capabilities into the game. Don't just add more special abiities or more perks. Make the game a little harder and more diverse. It's okay to bring back the biomes from the first Kingdom Rush, just bring them back differently. Meaning, don't make it feel like the exact same thing.

Thanks for taking your time reading this,
Morgan (He's a :geek:)