Crazy new barracks ideas

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Crazy new barracks ideas

by LordBezao » Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:12 pm

Hey rushers! I have a pretty cool idea here to share with the community. Essentially, it consists of new feature envolving barracks. I have worked out two ways in which it could be applied, both of them having their own pros and cons. Note: I personally prefer the first one.

First one: WALL OVERHAUL (this is not the real name, it is just descriptive). Consider a path in any map layout in KR. It may be a straight line or a curved one. It doesn't matter, it simply allows enemies to walk on it from A to B. Well, the towers are normally placed outside those paths, and more often than not we encounter two tower spots facing each other in an imaginary axis, say y, which is perpendicular to the path, the x axis. Got it? pretty simple picture.
My idea is: if one chooses to build barracks in both tower spots, in that they are facing each other, there will be an option to "link" the two, and therefore creating a wall to block enemies, so that in order for them to proceed, they must destroy it. This wall behaves pretty much like any tower in the game: when you tap on it, an option to upgrade it pops up. These are some ideas for the upgrades:
Upgrades 1 to 2, and 2 to 3: Get additional n hitpoints. With this logic, 1 has x hitpoints, 2 has x+n hitpoints and 3 has x+2n hitpoints.
This wall is able to soak up more damage than ordinary barracks troops would, at the expense of having 0 attack rating. It would be a viable strategy building it next to artillery towers, for instance, as enemies would just "gather up" next to the wall as they try to break it.
REASONS WHY IT WOULD BE BALANCED: For starters, you would have to build two barracks towes beforehand, comprimising the firepower you would have if you had built barracks+another ranged tower. Second, the wall itself doens't attack enemies (naturally), so its balance ratio would virtually depend on the amount of hitpoints it had. Third off (and that's pretty clever): Flying enemies can go over the wall, and there could be some types of monsters who would have the ability to jump over the wall, adding more strategic depth to it.

NOTE: For heroes and barracks troops to go through it, the wall would have and open and close animation just like the loading screen from KR.

OPTION TWO: Add a level 4 barracks tower that had the same purpose, but behaved differently. This time, I thought of it as a sort of robot with an expendable amored arm that would reach out and block the path section in front of that tower spot. For enemies to go through it, they would have to damage it enough. Same logic principles from the wall idea apply here too. This robot, being a level 4 tower, would have 3 upgradeable abilties:
1st: More hitpoints, following the same logic as the wall. x HP, then x+n HP, then x+2n HP.
2nd: An electric current attack. With a cooldown period of t seconds, the tower would force an electric current to pass through the robot's arms, damaging enemies who are trying to destroy it. It would have three upgrade levels: x damage dealt, x+n damage dealt, x+2n damage dealt. Side note: I don't know for sure if it would be better for this to be a high damage attack with a long cooldown or a constant regular attack with average speed, having scaled down damage. It would depend on how it plays out.
Third and last ability would be a "clap"animation with its arms that would send enemies fying back down a couple of meters, stunning them for a couple of seconds. It would have three upgrade levels again: t seconds cooldown, t-s seconds cooldown, t-2s seconds cooldown.

Well, here it is. It's a different idea, something fresh, that would add more strategic depth to the game. I think it would be pretty cool if balanced, making barracks a more viable tower with more cards up their sleeve, instead of being that "crappy soldiers that try to block enemies while the other towers do the dirty work".
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Re: Crazy new barracks ideas

by The_Viking » Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:53 pm

This is very cool. :) I like the first idea a lot, and it would obviously have a lot of use in a game like KR. I would definitely use this strategy a lot, but it's too bad the game developers can't really take forum member's ideas :(
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Re: Crazy new barracks ideas

by maverixk » Mon Mar 16, 2015 9:47 pm

I have long been interested in effects that deal with crossing the path like that, and using two barracks to do so seems super cool.
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Re: Crazy new barracks ideas

by Mr_Lamington_Wolf » Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:03 am

What bout placing 2 archer towers facing each other, you upgrade them to be a wall then upgrade the wall to have x more damage plus adds x number of archers on the wall with x damage?
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