Hero: Vasmus the Energy Golem

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Hero: Vasmus the Energy Golem

by Big Bad Bug » Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:02 am


Energy Golem

As Vez'nan traveled to the Rift of Cinders, a speck from the Tear of Elynie chipped off. The tiny fragment fell to the ground, ignored, as he trekked on, enamored by the power he held. Elynie's Tear was so powerful that even the tiny shard was capable of more than Vez'nan could imagine, and this power festered in the shard, freed from the corrupt hands of a mortal. Elynie's goodness found a vessel in this speck, drawing into it the magic that so many had sought for ages.

This speck became an accumulation Elynie's magic, known as Vasmus, a human-like being made of pure, divine energy. However, the Tear was already corrupted when it met the impure air of the mortal world; an element of evil remained inside of Vasmus, turning her the same corrupted red color as the Tear itself. Still, the good nature of Elynie prevailed, an impulsed this entity to seek out Aredhel.

Along the way, Vasmus encountered animals that were drawn to her and soothed by her presence. Even the Elves, even they saw her approaching the borders of the Elven Kingdom, felt inclined not to attack her. They took her in, where magi discovered that Vasmus was a being of immense power comparable to that of a deity. However, Vasmus herself was unaware of her true capabilities, and couldn't replicate the incredible magics that the magi spoke of. There was a great evil that lurked inside of her, but seemed to be dormant while her good nature instead controlled Vasmus, but the Elves feared what she could do were she to succumb to the corruption inside.

Reluctant to trust her, the Elven council debated what should be done with her. Some argued that her power could end the war with minimal lives lost, while others feared the uncertainty of Vasmus' true nature. It eventually was decided that banishing her from their kingdom would only anger her and assuredly provoke the devastation she was capable of, so taking the gamble of trusting her was the only option that wasn't guaranteed to lead to their demise.

Vasmus is more than an animated golem of energy; she has emotions and a personality independent from the urges given to her by Elynie. She is enthusiastic, caring, and excitable, but prone to being impulsive and reckless. Many Elves fear her, worrying that with excited exclamation she makes, the world will explode. Some, such as Eridan, Catha, and others, trust her and treat Vasmus as a friend, joining her in her antics and accepting her naivety and impulsiveness, knowing that it can't be helped due to the nature of the Tear.

Vasmus is made of energy, the same red as Elynie's corrupted Tear. She has the figure of a humanoid woman, in a long gown that seems to never end. Lacking feet, Vasmus is more and more translucent close to the bottom of her figure, and must float from place to place. She has very long and thick hair, floating upwards as if drawn towards the heavens. She has eyes and a nose but no mouth, expressing herself through her bright white eyes that change shape and flash to convey her feelings.


Health: 540
Regen: 60
Melee: 9-31 True Damage per 1.5s
Armor: None (0%)
Speed: Slow. Starts floating sluggishly, but picks up speed as she continues moving, becoming very fast.
Respawn: 20s
Innate: When Vasmus is struck by melee attacks, attackers receive 20 True Damage.


Judgement: 18s cooldown.

Evoking the power of Elynie, Vasmus deals 100/150/200 True Damage to her target with a 15/25/35% chance to disintegrate.

Only in melee. Vasmus places her hand on her target, causing them to glow red as they burn with energy from inside. If they disintegrate, they flash a brighter red, and become a pile of ash.

Waves of Devastation: 20s cooldown.

Sends a wave of energy down the path dealing 100 True Damage to all enemies in its wake, with a 10/20/30% chance to instantly recharge the skill.

Grows to double size and slams her arms and hands flat on the ground. A burst of red energy shoots up and moves forward quickly, cleaving through the ground, covering about a third of the range of Plague Carriers.

Power Surge: 30s cooldown.

Pulses, dealing 50 True Damage to enemies and allied troops in a moderate/large/very large range, with a 20/35/50% chance to acquire the sum of their HP and damage for 6/8/10 seconds.

A red pulse spreads from Vasmus that burns enemies, leaving a red outline on them for a second. When the chance kicks in, she doubles in size (stacks with Waves of Destruction) and acquires a fiery red aura. Her skills also have the bonus damage gained from enemies, and 50% larger AOE.

Rage Burst: 60s cooldown.

Explodes with the wrath of Elynie, dealing 200/350/500 True Damage in a large AOE. Recharges by 5 seconds for every chance that doesn't activate.

Vasmus turns a darker red before exploding in a large sphere of energy, which turns enemies that it kills into ash. Surviving targets are stunned for have a second and half a red outline around them.

Cleansing: 120s cooldown.

A wave of Elynie's tears rain down, purging a tiny/small/moderate/large area by instantly killing all enemies present and fully healing all allied troops.

Working similar to Wrath of Elynie, a flood of tears forming a blue beam of power strike the ground, slowing down enemies around it before exploding and disintegrating them all.


Vasmus is a luck-based hero, relying on chance for her abilities to become stronger than their base, UP stats. She was based off of my frustrations with Lilith, as Lilith seems to be the only hero whose playstyle is focused on luck. However, Lilith fails in that her luck-based skills fail often and leave the player with nothing to fend off the enemy. My inspiration then came to me to make another luck-based hero who has a countermeasure to the chances failing: Rage Burst in this case. All of her skills have the potential to be very powerful, but only potential. If these chances don't kick in and the player is left with underwhelming results, the cooldown for Rage Burst speeds up, the only skill with guaranteed damage, giving Vasmus a reliable source of damage no matter what while still giving her a way to deal damage through luck.

She also has a transformation power, allowing the player to use groups of enemies (and allies) to become stronger. The more enemies, the more stats she gains, allowing her to take on the stronger hordes. Her powers are all-around abilities, one for eliminating an important target, one for dealing damage to enemy clusters, one for gaining effective blocking capabilities and improved melee damage, and one for balancing out missed opportunities due to bad luck. Thus, she has uses in any level serving every purpose. Finally, her Hero Spell emphasises her character: An entity born from Elynie's magic, capable of immense power in bursts. Looking past the luck element, she is a good-for-everything hero that gets her strength from burst damage rather than DPS.
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Re: Hero: Vasmus the Energy Golem

by Ninja » Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:24 pm

Time for an exceedingly late review!

Vasmus' backstory is refreshingly simple compared to the more complex (yet still nice to see) ones. It is straight to the point, and it is well written. However, I can't see how a magical being that is fundamentally corrupted could be good all the time just because of Elynie's nature. The lore even states that she has her own personality, which I thought would surely be more evil, since Vasmus is corrupted. It's still fine this way; I just didn't anticipate such an innocent personality for such an entity. As a side note, I absolutely love the fact that Vasmus expresses herself via her eyes, though I would prefer it if you specified what specific emotions she shows by her eyes in-game.

Vasmus is veritably balanced and well-rounded statistically. I like that you paid attention to her "unstability theme" even in the area of stats (with the unreliable attack damage yet possibly quite powerful melee damage), but made sure that she was still consistent enough to be usable by giving her the innate retaliation ability.

Honestly, Judgment is a pretty disappointing attack. I get that this hero is supposed to be almost just like a revision of Lilith, or at least a "here's-how-it's-done" in Ironhide's direction. But that doesn't mean that you should rip off Lilith's trademark ability, and make it weaker at that. You should probably just alter this ability in its entirety, with the exception of the name if you want to keep it.

Thankfully, the rest of Vasmus' abilities are interesting, and they add to her playstyle in a way that doesn't diminish other hero's own playstyles. Waves of Devastation is awesome ability, and it has an awesome name. My only complaint is that Waves of Devastation as a name implies multiple waves. It should be Wave of Devastation. Power Surge is pretty weak, even if Vasmus gets the buff. The CD is so long on the ability that the buff isn't worth the wait, and if you don't get the buff, then even Rage Burst doesn't seem rewarding enough for such a waste of an ability slot. Buff the damage it deals considerably or lower the CD.

Rage Burst is extremely powerful, as it should be, but I feel like it should damage allies and enemies. That just seems right. I can confidently say that this is my favorite move of Vasmus'. Like Rage Burst, Cleansing is ridiculously powerful but has a very long CD. I like it, but the fact that the attack is made of Elynie's tears is weird to me. Why wouldn't they stay around like the tear that's important to the KR storyline? And why is Elynie crying?

In conclusion, Vasmus seems like a very fun hero to play with, and she's a great hero functionally as well (while still being pretty balanced and unreliable). Her lore is great, as is her personality (albeit a little unexpected). Great job!
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Re: Hero: Vasmus the Energy Golem

by The Kingmaker » Thu Apr 20, 2017 3:38 pm

Excellent lore BBB, simple, to the point, yet still presenting excellent and original concepts.

Her overall play style is what Lilith should have been and you've executed that well - mildly UP abilities and basic damage, boosted with medium possibility-high reward chances that I expect would be very rewarding to see play out on the battlefield. That combined with a converse power that provides a baseline with some hefty numbers to it makes her risky- but not useless.

The powers themselves are good, but thematically I feel some of the additional effects would work better with some of the other powers, for instance Power Surge having a chance to completely refresh another power from all the energy she's gained probably fits better than the destructo-wave, although it isn't unreconciliable with the wave, I feel it would fit Power Surge better. Aquiring power probably wouldn't fit Waves of Destruction either, so possibly Judgment could have a slightly higher chance to absorb damage and health seeing as its single target, whereas Waves could disintegrate, but as it's multiple chances and not a single one, I am uncertain. Either way, maybe a little more explanation or swapping of some of the powerful-yet-unlikely chances that gel her playstyle would really be excellent.
Seeing that her last power is actually a hero Spell, I think an even longer cooldown that can be abated, or an additional % chance would help it, especially as blanket area disintegrate is something that hasn't been done before in KR, so perhaps setting a (high) maximum health it can disintegrate, with excess spread over the area and then a percentage to disintegrate those damaged by the excess... I'm spitballing but something else might give some more oomph

Also I'm confused as to how it can be for KRO when it's created after Origins but I'm willing to accept it.
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