Kingdom Rush Legends - Heroes - Page 3

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Shard - Ice Dragon
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Nekram - Necromancer
Gannol - Troll Bounty-Hunter
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Kingdom Rush Legends - Heroes - Page 3

by Ariock » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:13 am

Welcome to the third and final page of my Hero ideas! I can't wait for more teases of the 4th Kingdom Rush that's in the works! I haven't played Iron Marines yet, but am very close to buying it. Should I? And what Heroes are the best?

Ice Dragon
-No KR game is complete without a couple dragons, right? Shard is the second dragon in KRL, next to Beresad. He's kind of a dragon-version of Elora Wintersong from the first KR. Maybe Elora found Shard as a baby and is her pet/friend?
Health: 625
Armor: None
Magic Resistance: Low
Attack Damage: 38-60 (Ice/Magic)
Attack Speed: Normal
Movement Speed: Fast (Flying)
Frostbite: Enemies that are affected by Shard's basic attacks or abilities are slowed by (6,8,10)% for (3,5,7) seconds. The slow can stack up to (1.5x,2x,3x). Once at 3 stacks of Frostbite, enemy units are frozen in place for (1,3,5) seconds. Once released, all stacks of Frostbite are cleared. Enemies affected by any stacks of Frostbite take (2,4,6) damage a second.
Blizzard: Shard breathes a blizzard of ice and snow that travels down a portion of the lane, slowing enemy units by (10,20,30)% and applying a stack of Frostbite.
White Wall: Shard Creates a wall of ice beneath him, preventing all units from moving through for (6,8,10) seconds. Enemies touching the wall get a stack of Frostbite.
Icicle Rain: A spell that drops (3,5,7) icicles on enemies in an area, each one deals (30,60,90) damage and apply a stack of Frostbite.
Ice Age: Shard freezes all enemy units for (8,10,12) seconds. This applies a stack of Frostbite to all enemies that lasts for Ice Age's duration. Additional enemies that are spawned/appear after Ice Age begins are also frozen for it's duration. (I added this because it was really annoying in the original KR, when you'd use a Chill Wand, and then a Matriarch's egg would hatch, and the spiderlings wouldn't be frozen. I think I lost a couple Heroic/Iron challenges because of that. :x )
Voice Lines:
"Winter has come!"
"Ooo, cold!"
"Snowcone?" - (Monsters Inc. reference)

Idle Animations:
-accidentally inhales a snowflake and sneezes
-scratches his ear like a dog

Health: 275
Armor: Low
Attack Damage: 23-47 (Ranged, Magic)
Attack Speed: Slow
Movement Speed: Average
Firetrap: Eredus creates a red symbol on the ground (unlimited range, targets end of lanes first) that explodes for (120,250,320) fire damage in a small area when an enemy walks over it.
Lifebring: Eredus creates a green symbol on the ground (unlimited range, targets underneath barracks units first) that triggers when a nearby friendly unit loses more than 50% of their health, instantly healing all friendly units in an area for (30-80, 40-100, 50-120) health.
Timeloop: Eredus creates a purple symbol on the ground (unlimited range, targets end of lanes first) that teleports enemy units that walk over it back up the lane. Has (1,2,3) charges and upgrades increase teleport distance.
Willbind: Eredus creats a white symbol on the ground with unlimited range that traps the first enemy that walks over it that has (<125, <250, <350) max health. That unit now joins your side until death, and walks over to the nearest barracks rally point.
Enervate: Eredus will cast one of his other abilities once every (3,2,1) seconds, lasts for 12 seconds.

Necromancer Alternatives: Elder Lich, Crypt King, Death Lord
Essentially a mobile Necromancer Tower from KRF with a few new abilities.
Health: 325
Armor: None
Magic Resistance: Low
Attack Damage: 23-75 (Ranged, Magic)
Attack Speed: Average
Movement Speed: Slow
Skeleton Army: Whenever a humanoid unit dies in a (small, medium, large) area around him, Nekram will spawn a skeleton at that location that has (20,30,40) Health and deals (1-6) damage. (Can be used on enemies and friendly units)
Pestilence: An AoE spell that poisons ground enemies for (15,20,25) damage a second, lasts for (4,5,6) seconds, upgrades increase AoE.
Eternal Service: Nekram summons Jack'O Lantern (from Desecrated Grove in KRF), he has (250,300,350) Health, does (5-10,10-15,20-25) damage (Physical, Melee), has (Low, Medium) armor, and can throw his pumpkin head to explode in an area for (40-60,50-80,75-100) fire damage, and passively boosts nearby skeleton's armor to Low and damage to (5-12). Jack'O Lantern follows Nekram around, and has a (20,18.16) respawn timer if killed.
Death Rift: A short-range magical blast that deals (120,160,200) true damage to all enemies hit. (14,12,10) second cooldown.
Life Conduit Has one of two uses. If you tap on your Hearts after activating Life Conduit, Nekram sacrifices 3 of them, granting you (700,800,900) Gold. If you tap on your Gold after activating Life Conduit, Nekram sacrifices (500,400,300) Gold, you gain 1 Heart, and the cooldown of Life Conduit is reduced by (20,30,40) percent.
*Alternative Heroic* Dragon Call: Nekram summons Bonehart from KRF for (10,15,20) seconds. Bonehart can be controlled separately from Nekram. The cooldown of Dragon Call doesn't start until Bonehart leaves. Upgrades affect Bonehart's abilities.

Troll Bounty-Hunter
Health: 400
Armor: None
Attack Damage: 30-50 (Physical, Melee & Ranged)
Attack Speed: Average
Movement Speed: Fast
Bounty: Gannol marks a random enemy unit on the map (targets special units and spell casters first), when that unit dies, gain (80-100,100-160,120-200) bonus gold.
Regeneration: Grants Gannol (10,15,20) Health regeneration per second
Voodoo Charm: Gannol's basic attacks silence the enemy he's facing, and gradually break Armor/Resistance over time.
Sleight of Hand: Gannol's basic attacks have a (20,30,40)% chance to produce up to (10,15,20) bonus gold from enemy units.
Shadowstep: Gannol teleports to his Bounty target, and then deals (10,20,30)% of the target's Max. Health as true damage. If the target is killed, Gannol teleports back to his original position. Units killed that have been hit by Shadowstep grant (1.5x,2x) their normal gold value.
Voice Lines:
"Here's my target..." - using Bounty
"Bad juju..." - on death
"Ya, mon"
"On de way"
"Time da kill!"

Rock Elemental
Health: 800
Armor: None-Immune
Attack Damage: 50-70 (Physical, Melee, AoE)
Attack Speed: Very Slow
Movement Speed: Very Slow
Hardening: Flint's Armor increases the more damage he takes, up to (High, Great, Immune)
Reform: Lowers Flint's respawn timer to (16,12,8) seconds.
Quake: Increases the AoE of Flint's basic attacks. All enemies hit are slowed by (10,20,30)% for (6,8,10) seconds. (Doesn't stack)
Magic Bomb: Gives Flint a ranged magic AoE attack that he charges up while idle. Maximum damage of (80,100,120)
Polymorph: Flint emits a wave of the Sorcery magic stored within him, turning all enemies around him (flying included) into sheep for (10,12,14) seconds. Sheep can be blocked, but cannot attack.
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Re: Kingdom Rush Legends - Heroes - Page 3

by Ninja » Mon Nov 13, 2017 2:40 am

In reply to your question about IM: Yes; you should definitely buy it, although you might find the lack of stats rather jarring, as I did. The best heroes are Paragon (which is great because he's free) and Mark X (the most expensive hero). Dr. Graaff and Fate are really good too. The rest are sadly subpar (IMO), however.
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