An idea that can be great!

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An idea that can be great!

by midden » Wed Oct 31, 2012 3:09 pm

So.. hello people, this is my frist topic here. :D
What i have to say is that a love kingdom rush and couse this, i really want to make a game of tower defense.
I start programming in objective-C to iphone and ipad... but i can't make a game without the draws things.. the sprites. And im only on dream know.. :(

I had ideas about games of tower defense and i want to share it, maybe Ironhide and Armorgame can do what a can't.

my frist one is make a game with de asian design.. many games have paladins, mages.. but less have an oriental way. I think over about some classes for it, like: Ninjas, samurais, taoist (what can be like mages), monk. really must be other thing that with search can be add to it!

I think in some skills like: smokebomb, throw equipamentes, big shurikens, cure art...
and think about the evolution of each class, like: ninjas with a knife, after a sword, after double sword. taoist with amulets, after with more powerfull amulets. samurais with best armor. monks with powerfull spirits..

is this, this my idea.

my second think was about an apocalipse game, like angels vs demons. but i didn't think much about it!

thanks for reading me!
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