Horror-ween Contest: Voting

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Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by Big Bad Bug » Sat Oct 31, 2015 6:01 pm

Come one, come all, to the spookiest contest of the year! We asked, and you delivered, so now it's time to vote on who delivered the best!

Voting ends on November 10th.

Entry 1 wrote:Movie: the mummy
Kingdom rush:frontiers
Stage 1: the rising
Storyline:general, there has been a disturbance near the gold coast. One of our men has noticed multiple Egyptian relics, with a grave with writing that has not been brought up from the dead for a millennia. There is an evil among us, something that is not from these lands.There are millions of fallen,but those we can handle...but never fear Rick O'connell, a man trusted by the king, as decided to join us, for he has seen monsters like these before.

Special Hero:Rick O'connell ( appears in both levels 1 and 2

Melee damage:35-50 slow attacks with dagger
Ranged damage: 60-75 very slow with very old fashioned pistol


Book of ra( one of the only things that can damage Imhotep, this is Rick's ultimate weapon.)
Does 500 damage to Imhotep ( does not do it to any other enemy ) with a cool-down 30 seconds

Magic dagger ( Stabs the dagger into the ground, causing 2 mummies come out of the ground with the same stats as regular mummies with a cool-down of 25 seconds )

Hero: david the hot-air balloon rider

Ranged damage:35-70 damage by shooting a crossbow slow

Secondary:If on stages Rick O'connell is on if you tap on a button on the screen it will pick Rick up and now he can shoot every 3 seconds doing 15 damage
Strategy for secondary( use mostly when Rick is in critical condition. It is as simple as that)


Tri-bolts ( now shoots 3/4/4 bolts permanently the other 2/3/3 doing 15/15/20 damage ( they shoot at different targets )
Hero points:3/2/2

Coc style ( every 17 seconds drops a bomb doing 40/50/60/-90/100/110 area damage)
Hero points 2/2/2

Snipe ( every 30 seconds shoots an enemy doing 200-250/225-275/250-350 damage with an 25/30/45% insta-kill chance )
Hero points:3/3/3

Loyal companion( summons an panther with the following stats
300/350/450 health
10/15/20-15/20/25 damage per 2 seconds
Hero points2/2/2

FIRE! ( takes the flame that makes the air balloon go up and points it at the largest group of enemies doing 50/60/75-80/95/120 damage in an large/large/large AoE )
Hero points 2/2/3


Giant scarab beetle ( unlike their smaller cousin, these beasts prefer to destroy their foes outsides, then eat the insides )
Armor: medium
Lives taken:3
Gold taken when dead:50

Scarab beetle ( these little monstrosities go inside there foes, instantly killing the person )
Armor: none
Lives taken:1
Gold taken when dead:10

Mummy( tortured beings brought back to life, you have been warned )
Magic armor: immune
Ability: when it kills one of our allies the ally turns into a mummy
Ability: when killed it releases 3 scarab beetles, that had been in it's insides
Lives taken:1
Gold taken when dead:15

Special features
Sand storm ( the engraved writing on the Sarcophagus/coffin glows bright red ( the color of set/evil in Egyptian myth ) summoning a sand storm that makes all enemies invisible for 5 seconds. This happens every 25 seconds on levels 5,6,8,9,11,13,15 )
Dead bodies ( summons 5 mummies on wave 5,7,9,11,12,14,15 )

Returning enemies:giant scorpion,sand wraith, immortal,fallen, and executioner

Wave composition
1: 25 fallen come out in groups of five along with 3 giant scorpions
2: 5 sand wraiths come out and 7 immortals come out
3: 2 executioners come out along with 5 scarab beetles
4:1 giant scarab beetle comes out along with 2 executioners
5:10 mummies come out and 1 giant scarab beetle
6: 5 executioners come out
7:3 giant scarab beetles come out and 15 mummies
8:45 mummies come out
9:3 giant scarab beetles come out and 3 executioners along with 5 scarab beetles
10:5 giant scarab beetles come out
11:3 giant scarab beetles come out along with 25 mummies and 2 executioners
12 20 immortals and 20 mummies and 10 fallen come out
13: 4 scarab beetles come out and 35 mummies and 45 fallen
14:70 mummies come out
15:5 executioners come out along with 30 mummies and 5 giant scarab beetles
Starting gold:1,000

Level 2 The mummy
General, you have just witnessed the rising of Imhotep, an Egyptian who was punished with a horrible curse by the King's ancestors and he wants revenge. He has come to not only destroy us, but put us under the curse he was once under.
Starting gold:1750
Returning enemies: scarab beetle, giant scarab beetle, mummies, executioners, giant scorpions, fallen, and immortals and sand wraiths
New enemies:Imhotep the mummy

Imhotep the mummy( a enemy from a distant time and region, with powers alien to these lands)
Damage: area insta-kill everything except for Rick O'connell
Hp in first form 4,000
Hp in second form 12,000
Abilities in first form:immune to everything except book of ra and Egyptian priests in first form

Special features
Sand storm ( the engraved writing on the Temple glows bright red ( the color of set/evil in Egyptian myth ) summoning a sand storm that makes all enemies invisible for 5 seconds. This happens every 25 seconds on levels 2,4,5,7,8,9,11,12,14,15 )
Dead bodies ( summons 5 mummies on wave 1,3,5,7,9,10,11,13,14,15 )

Special towers
Egyptian priests
Damage to regular enemies:20-37
Damage to Imhotep:75-120

Holy warriors
Makes 3 warriors with the following stats
250/300/350 health
Costs 200/200/200
Reload time for each troop 15 seconds

DIE( once in the boss fight it does 1000/1250/1500 damage to the boss )

Wave composition
1:2 giant scarab beetles come out
2:20 mummies and 3 executioners come out
3:20 scarab beetles and 3 executioners come out
4:5 executioners come out
5:5sand wraiths come out along with 10 fallen and 20 mummies
6:5 giant scorpions come out and 35 mummies
7: 10 giant scorpions come out and 1 executioner
8:3 scarab beetles come out along with 10 mummies and 10 fallen
9:1 sand wraith and 50 fallen and 20 mummies
10:7 giant scarab beetles come out
11:5 giant scarab beetles come out and 35 mummies
12:100 mummies come out
13:10 scarab beetles come out
14:20 mummies,2 scarab beetles,20 fallen,10 sand wraiths, and 5 executioners come out
15:Imhotep comes along with 50 mummies and 2 scarab beetles

Entry 2 wrote:The Deathless Curse

Brought to you by Jimmy Screamerclauz's Where the Dead Go to Die.

Level 1: The Deathless Suburbs

General... This is the limit.

The nearby town of Lopah has been a reliable source of trade with Hammerhold for decades, providing us exquisite armaments for war and plenty of willing soldiers to join the military on top of that, but they've recently been a nuisance, and have since escalated beyond our patience.

For a while, they were silent, but now, unholy sounds resonate from the accursed village. Infantile wails prevent sleep in what we assume is every corner of the world. They cry and cry and cry, they are relentless-and-ceaseless-and-unremitting-and-unstoppable, and if we don't do something about it, every living person will go mad.

Something unnatural is causing this, General, so we have sent you to vanquish whatever wickedness plagues the land. Good luck, and stay sane.

This level has one enemy entrance from the top that splits in half at about a third down the map, and both new paths split in half as well once they get to halfway down the map. This happens once more close to the bottom of the level, two-thirds down the map, creating a total of 8 exits for enemies at the bottom.

In between the paths are small, lower-class houses that are either damaged or glowing with scarlet magic from the inside. Sometimes, awfully youthful screams can be heard from the houses. The ground itself was once a sandy desert, but now the sand has turned ash-like, with a hint of burgundy red to it. From one window, a silhouette can be seen rapidly whipping something unknown, cackling with laughter every couple of seconds. In other windows, various things like a two-headed child, a body-less child, a spear-skewered dog, and a crying little girl can be clicked on, making a shadowy hand appear behind the window and grab them, taking them away. This unlocks an achievement.

Returning Enemies: Fallen, Sand Wraith
New Enemies: Masked Slave, Scarlet Fetus

Masked Slave

Children who were shamed by harsh masters with a mask, days of torture have rendered them mindless and murderous, forcing their masters to send them outside to hopefully kill each other.

A small child, clothed in grey and brown tatters. A brown, leather mask with multiple stitches covers their face, with a single chain hanging down from the nose. This chain was used for the worst tortures, those that drove the children insane in the first place. They have a small chance to be little boys instead of girls, but this has no effect in-game.

HP: 300/400/500
Melee: 1-2 Punches with fists meekly
Armour: Medium (50%)
Speed: Fast
Gold: 3
Lives: 1

* Vulnerable to melee: Takes double damage from melee attacks
* Fire Frenzy: When hurt with fire, they go into a frenzy, moving twice as fast and dealing fire damage to nearby troops

These are common mob enemies, giving little gold while having insignificant amounts of health. Because of their armour, Necromancers can deal good magic damage to them as well as take advantage of their melee vulnerability with skeletons. Pair them with Battle Mechas to deal with the large hordes, and avoid using Rain of Fire on them.

Scarlet Fetus

Lives that were never meant to be, the curse of the town has prevented their suffering from ending, forcing them to seek death from anything they can.

Very small, almost fully-formed babies, they are without eyes or hardened skin. They are coated in blood and leave a small trail where they go. Because of their size, unlike normal enemies, they don't have the option of 3 sides of a path to go on. Instead, they have 5, as well as smaller hit boxes for AOE attacks. When killed, they make a single wail, the screech of a baby in terrible hysterics, before collapsing and withering.

HP: 60/80/100
Melee: None
Armour: None
Speed: Fast
Gold: 2
Lives: 1

* Harrasses Towers: Fetuses can climb unto towers and Battle Mechas, screaming and crying as their little red bodies cover the whole thing, constantly halving damage for each baby on the tower. Up to 8 can attack a tower at a time, and any excess babies will move on and attack towers further down. Mounted towers can shoot their own attackers.
* Dodges Melee: Soldiers are too afraid end to stab one, so the Fetuses can run past any blockers.

These disgusting enemies do a great job disabling towers so that other foes can pass through easily. The best way to deal with them is with towers that have great range, killing the babies before they reach your defences and nullify their damage. A well-place Crossbow Fort armed with Falconer is a must-have when facing them.


GOOD BOY: Put 10 masked boys out of their misery.
MERCY: Place reinforcements in the house to beat up the slave-whipper.
SCARED YET? Interact with every window.
BABY, BABY, BABY: Slaughter 10 Scarlet Fetuses in a single attack of any kind.

Level 2: Forgotten Lands

There are worse things in this town than we could ever imagine. The world around us is morphing, and out of nowhere, the environment shifts with new atrocities to traumatise us with. Any memories of this place we once had is now forever gone. Whatever is bringing this into our world must be stopped, if we can ever find it.

Though we are trapped right now, there's a glimmer of hope that we can make it through the night alive. The place gets weirder and weirder, with disgusting images that make us lose our appetites and terrifying sounds that won't let us sleep, but at least we're alive.

In this level, a path from the left corner curves to the right, going down at the center of the level. It curves back to the left until it gets close to the edge of the side of the map, then it makes S shapes all the way down to the exit on the left. Another path on the right does the same, with both paths inersecting at the very middle of the map in a straight downward line.

The ground is of dark grey ash, but occasionally, the screen flashes white as it transforms into either very tall white flowers, waving bloody hands, eyeballs and insects, or the faces of children that slowly transform back and forth between ugly dog faces and human faces.

Over time, the difference flashes that shift the environment will also move towers and the paths around. This is a set change, so the player can memorise the order that certain strategic points moves and where the paths change to, placing towers with either the beginning or end in mind.

Returning Enemies: Scarlet Fetus
New Enemies: Shadowmen, Dream Keeper


Pitch-black souls of the unwanted, they seek out new life and curse them with demonic essence until they someday create the ultimate demon.

Long, thin, silhouettes that twitch and freak out, similar to glitchy motion capture. Their only features other than being made of shadows are their single, giant, realistic eyes that take up most of their face. Long eyelashes and a perfectly black eye create a sense of undesirable beauty in their faces. The other feature they have is a mouth, with no lips, just expressionless teeth with large, veiny gums.

HP: 480/600/720
Melee: 20-40 Claws at enemies every 2 seconds
Armour: None
Speed: Fast, stops every couple of seconds to freakishly twitch
Gold: 10
Lives: 2

* Obscurity: 20% chance when struck to fade away and reappear on the other path.

Single, powerful strikes that deal heavy damage will kill them more quickly, as well as prevent them from teleporting. Howeve,r when they appear in groups, artillery can kill them more effectively, but it will be twice as costly due to them being more likely to teleport and thus needing another artillery tower to attack them.

Memory Keeper

Insane men who can share memories with others, thriving on their power.

They seem almost like normal men, with slightly unshaven beards and messy hair, but are much more than this. Their skin is more fluid, and being near other enemies makes their skin bubble and deform slightly, resembling that of the enemies around them. In groups of many enemies, they can become giant slithering blobs with multiple limbs and facial features.

HP: 350/420/500
Melee: 10-15 Jabs once per second
Armour: None
Speed: Fast
Gold: 6
Lives: 3

* Shares power between enemies: When near other enemies, they gain 50% of their stats on top of their own, stacking with other nemeses infinitely, but also slowing them down as they grow into more grotesque blobs.

Though they appear behind other enemies to mooch off of their power, killing the enemies cuts off their link to the power, weakening them. AOE towers to kill many of their links at once is very effective, with barracks to suppor them.


Tainted World: At certain times in the level, along with the environment changing, certain strategic points will teleport to new locations, and certain parts of the path will change. Some strategic points will teleport multiple times, always to the same location each time the level is played, allowing the player to plan ahead for the shifts in their defence and make the most of it.

Shadowmen: Some Shadowmen will spawn in your barracks, having to be attacked by your troops to kill them. This is because Shadowmen curse humans as they are born, so as your barracks produce troops, Shadowmen are more likely to spawn in the place of a soldier, but still giving gold.


LIQUID MONSTROSITY: Have a Memory Keeper grow to giant-sized proportions.
WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING? Defeat 50 Shadowmen without them teleporting.
UNWELCOME VISITORS: Have 10 Shadowmen total spawn from the same barrack.
ADAPTABILITY: Beat Liquid Lopah without selling any of the teleported towers.

Level 3: Underrealm

Dear, dear General. You have nothing to fight anymore. Your efforts have been in vain, for the beings that we fought are on our side.

I have spoken to Him. He is the One, the chosen demon who will save the Deathless from their miserable state. He must be trusted, and he must be worshiped. Everything will be alright now, thanks to Him.

Go, and meet him yourself. When you meet him, you'll realise that you can do the world a justice by serving him. I know you'll do the right thing, General.

The 4 paths in this level start at the top of the map. They all move in zigzags, intersecting with each other messily. Between the zigzags are many strategic points, and occasionally some broken down houses with the maimed bodies of children strewn on the roof.

The ground is a crimson, bloody red, because it is composed entirely of dried, bloody corpses. Some hands wriggle between bodies to try and escape, but they can't make it through, eventually collapsing.

Returning Enemies: Scarlet Fetus, Shadowmen, Memory Keeper
New Enemies: Dark Messenger
Boss: The Devil God

Dark Messenger

Once the General's top messenger, he has fallen to the Devil God, seeking to spread the word of the Saviour of the Deathless across the world and kill anyone who would stop him.

With a black cap bearing a black feather and long, black robes, the Dark Messenger is not what he originally looked like. Now he has dark grey skin, and a long, sharp black sword given to him by the Devil God. In his unarmed hand is a clenched fist with dark magic,ménage img him to use a variety of powers. His face changes very slowly, with fragments of his face moving slowly to other parts of his head, but still retaining a face-like structure.

HP: 1,000/1,500/2,000
Melee: 75-110 Slashes once per second
Armour: Medium (33%)
Magic Resistance: Medium (33%)
Speed: Average
Gold: 20
Lives: 20

* Immortal: Once defeated, he teleports back to the Devil God for 20 seconds before he teleports back on a random point on any path.
* Dark Magic: The messenger uses powerful spells to support the enemies and disrupt your defences.
1) Traps a tower in black tentacles for 6 seconds, but it can be tapped on to dispel. (6s)
2) Creates black shields around nearby allied enemies, making them take half of all damage for 5 seconds. Tapping on the shields can dispel them. (15s)
3) Punches the ground, sending a black shockwave that freezes troops and heroes for 3 seconds, allowing enemies to walk past them. (12s)

The Dark Messenger progresses down the path with other groups of enemies, supporting them, and should be killed quickly to make it easier to kill the lesser foes. Artillery is easily countered because of the way he supports enemies, but is still a necessity to kill the remaining horde. As such, Archmages with Twister can isolate him and deal great damage to send him back, allowing artillery to finish off the enemies when they come back into range. Because he can respawn anywhere on the map, this type of defence needs to be replicated throughout while also using special towers to counter specific enemies, requiring a balance of both.

BOSS: The Devil God

Lord of the nightmarish realm below, he is far more evil than any demon or dark wizard. He created the curse of undeath just to undo it as a fake hero, and has amassed a group of tricked followers under his command.

He has a long, creased face with 6 bone-like horns jutting out of the top like a crown. With a muscular, ugly pale body and clawed hands, this giant abomination will eternally haunt all who come across him.

HP: 8,000/10,000/12,000
Melee: 800-900 Quickly charges his fist with black lightning and slams it down, making a loud sound effect and dealing large AOE damage every 1.5 seconds.
Armour: Immune
Magic Resistance: Immune
Speed: Slow
Lives: 20

* Boss: Immune to instant kills, stuns, and various other effects. Has a variety of abilities.
1) Submission: Holds out his hand, creating a dark rune over a group of soldiers for 2 seconds before it flashes black, turning all units over the rune into Shadowmen. (10s)
2) Thunderstorm: Sends black lightning into the sky, raining down bolts on towers that coat them in black magic, trapping them eternally. Tap to disable. Activates whenever 3,000 damage is dealt to his invincible body.
3) Inversion: Glows black for 1 second, and all damage dealt to him restores his health during that period of time. (16s)
4) Smite: Stomps, sending a black shockwave that immobilises all troops and heroes for 4 seconds while dealing 100 True Damage. Enemies can pass through stunned troops. (18s)
5) Wave of Dark: Casts a wave of shadows over a lane, instantly killing all troops there and turning them each into 2 Shadowmen. (20s)
6) Vessel: Shrinks into a shadowy sprite and enters the Dark Messenger's body, using it as a catalyst for magic. He has the messenger's stats but can use his normal abilities at twice the normal rate. When defeated in the vessel form, he returns to his normal body with less health than before. He can be killed in this state. (20s)

The Devil God has certain periods of time when he is vulnerable, which is why spells and hero skills should be saved for that moment. The Dark Messenger is unable to fight during the boss battle because he is linked to the Devil God's power, so he can't be revived while his master is fighting. Thus, his body is merely a vessel to channel greater power at the cost of life force. High level mages are recommended as well as artillery to deal with the other enemies.


MESSAGE BLOCKED: Slay the Dark Messenger 20 times in a single level.
HERO AND VILLAIN: Have a hero single-handedly deplete all of the Dark Messenger's health.
EXORCISED: Vanquish the Devil God from our world.

Hero: Labby

Black Hound

He may look evil, but he's nothing compared to the horrors from the Underrealm. A messenger from the Heavens, or so he claims to be, he has powers over both the holy and unholy to manipulate any foe to his favour. He's our best friend, and our enemies' worst nightmare.

A large black dog with a spiked collar and large fangs. He runs like a Worg and fights just as similarly, being the first quadrupedal hero in the series. He makes heavy growling noises as he fights enemies.

HP: 640
Regen: 48
Melee: 26-42 Bites once per second
Armour: None
Speed: Fast
Respawn: 20s

Secondary: Melee attacks cannot be dodged by enemies.

Instinct: (Passive) Every time Labby is dealt damage, he gains that damage as an addition to his own for 2/3/4 seconds.

Black Bite: (12s) Bites an enemy with curse-inducing fangs that make Labby heal for the damage taken by the enemy for 2/3/4 seconds.

Holy Howl: (20s) A divine howl that makes all enemies in range take 25/50/100% of the damage they deal for 3/4/5 seconds.

Hellfire: (16s) Breathes fire in an AOE, making enemies take 10/20/30 damage per second for 3 seconds as well as spread the fire to up to 2/3/4 enemies each.
* Spread fires cannot further spread to other enemies.

Heavenly Smite: (24s) If Labby deals the finishing blow to an enemy, he uses its remaining lifeforce to instantly kill another nearby enemy.

"Bite me."
"You are devil-spawn!"
"Would I ever betray you?"
(Death) "Bow... Ow..."

Entry 3 wrote:This campaign is based on the 2012 horror film The Cabin In The Woods.


Level #1 - 'The Cabin in the Woods' (Dark Forest)

"General, our Scouts have located a strange cabin in the far southern edge of the Lost Jungle. There appears to have been some kind of battle here in the past, but we have yet to find any signs of who or what was involved. There is an air of serene calmness, but also of uncertainty and distrust, as though something here is not what it seems. There is only one entrance into this hidden glade. If we intend to stay and scout the area, we should be cautious of someone closing off the only means we have of getting out."[i]

Level #2 - 'The Facility' (Underground Lab)

[i]"We could never have predicted what truly lay beneath the cabin. This facility appears to be abandoned but it is still in full operation, despite the fact that there are no locks and creatures roam the corridors. Though this place and its functions are alien to us, it bears a faint similarity to the crashed ship we discovered earlier, neither seem to belong in this world. There is a dull sound that ripples through the facility like a distant, but massive heartbeat. The deeper we get, the stronger it becomes, and the more creatures we encounter. The way back is blocked, so we have no choice but to go on."

Level Features - Security Measures

Automated weapon stations are littered through the level, at corners and edges. They have a soil-down period of about 2 minutes, but can be tapped to activate. When active, they will attack enemy troops in a few different ways. Either as gun turret, with damaging bullets (like a Crossbow Tower's Barrage), as an electrical wave that hits all enemies at once (Tesla's Overcharge) or a a burst of fire that burns all enemies (Phoenix' ability).

Level #3 - 'The Ritual Chamber' (Ancient City)

"We have explored the facility as deep as possible and now find ourselves here in what can only be described as a ritual chamber. The inscriptions and murals upon the floor and walls are older than anything in our recorded history but they seem to revolve around the number five, and some kind of war against a powerful being. We have faced poor odds against overwhelming forces before, but after all we have endured I fear this may be our last stand."

Level Features - God's Breath

The level has three large circles on the path. These can flip like coins, and will do every so often when the Ancient One beneath exhales or inhales deeply. The 'coin' will flip, and the direction of the path will alter. Enemies or Units alike that are on the con when it flips will be insta-killed with no gold profit. During the boss fight, these become entry ports for the boss.


Masked Doll

"Human or not, these deranged psychopaths are swift, silent and all too deadly. They inflict pain and suffering on those they meet, without ever making the slightest sound."

HP: 600 | Damage: 15-25 | DamageRes: None | MagicRes: Low | Speed: Medium | Attacks may cause bleeding

Dolls are human looking enemies, but wear plain white masks that have an expressionless face. They are armed with daggers and attack quickly and efficiently.

Dragon Bat

"A hulking creature that is as deadly as it is fast. It can sniff out its prey from hundreds of miles away, and tear it apart in mere seconds."

HP: 350 | Damage: None | DamageRes: High | MagicRes: None | Speed: Fast | Flying | Insta-kills soldiers

The Dragon Bat is half bat, half dragon (for real?). It's a powerful flying beast, and when it flies over your troops will swoop down and chomp on a soldier, instantly killing them. Its thick armour defends it from physical attacks.

Sugarplum Fairy
"A sweet little fairy she is not. Though she may appear to be a young girl, she is nothing but teeth and will devour prey whole without leaving a mark on her dainty pink dress."

HP: 500 | Damage: 10-14 | DamageRes: None | MagicRes: High | Speed: Medium | Boosts enemy speed

A little girl in a ballerina's tutu, but her face is simply a mouth with a thousand teeth, and inside that is yet another mouth, and inside that… and so on. She dances down the path, every so often doing a pirouette that gives all enemies in her range a 50% boost of speed for 3 seconds.

"Phantom creatures made from broken souls. Unable to rest, they have been driven mad by thousands of years of torment, and now take that torment out on the living."
HP: 400 | Damage: 25-75 | DamageRes: Immune | MagicRes: None | Speed: Medium | Disables towers | Strays from path

The wraith has the semi-transparent body of a ghost, but skeletal like hands and a deformed wailing skull that fades in and out of existence. The wraith can and will stray from the main path, in fact it can move into a tower and disable it for a few seconds, before leaving and continuing on. As a non-corporeal being, wraiths are immune to physical damage.

"One of the Buckner family, a redneck family that tortured visitors to their small farm. Now reanimated, they continue to torture and kill any that cross their path."
HP: 310 |Damage: 22-32 | DamageRes: None | MagicRes: Medium | Speed: Slow | May cause bleeding.

The Buckners are a rather unique type of enemy, as there are over 1000 different appearances for each sprite, so they look like a bit extended family rather than just one of the same creature over and over. It's a nightmare for anyone trying to keep the wiki up to date but fun for everyone else. The Buckers aren't overly powerful, but they do spawn in high numbers a lot like regular zombies. Against low level barracks they can be powerful, but armoured up they're a better match. Their attacks may cause units to bleed.

The Ancient One
"A demon or a god from a time beyond time. It is fear itself, and all things dread its return. Sacrifices are made annually to quell its machinations, but they can only last so long."
HP: 10,000 | Damage: 100-150 | DamageRes: None | MagicRes: None | Speed: None | Summons enemies | Destroys towers | Inhibits Spells

The Ancient One rises when the ritual sacrifices have failed to be given. The true face of the old god has never been seen, but here it it a giant hand that reaches up from the depths, punching through the floor of the ritual chamber, and flattening anything it can reach.

The god attacks in different stages, mimicking other bosses and enemies. It punches its hand up through holes in the chamber floor and performs various actions:
* Clicks its fingers like Nazeru causing enemies to appear, damaging units and heroes, or disabling spells (Reinforcements, Gnome Shop or Rain of Fire)
* Ripples its fingers that causes tendrils of energy to wrap around several towers (up to four) disabling them like Leviathan.
* Squeezes into a fist which destroys a tower like Umbra's attack

It will also smash its way out of the holes and slam its palm down on towers and troops, destroying them out right. The boss itself can't pass the finish line, but it will spawn numerous enemies to do it instead. The Ancient One can be targeted every time it emerges from the realm below.


Patience Buckner

(stats are at level 10)
HP: 550 |Damage: 38-60 | DamageRes: Medium | Speed: Slow | Respawn: 20s

Patience's weapon is a huge hatchet, the kind you'd expect to see in Final Fantasy. As such it does a lot of damage, and she will slash at a foe for 80/160/210 true damage

Every attack has a 20/35/50% chance of causing an enemy to bleed

Patience throws a bucket of hot coals over the path, that burns any enemies that walk over it.

Patience is not a fast mover, but when she does so, she projects an aura that causes any enemies in her immediate range to slow by 10/20/30%. Each upgrade increases the range a little too.

When Patience dies the area around where her 'grave' appears becomes cursed, and enemies that pass over it suffer a HP loss of 4 per second they spent over it, for the entirety of her respawn time.

Patience doesn't speak, but makes zombie like grunting when she moves. The only spoken quote made is done so in a normal female voice when she re-spawns.

(re-spawn) "Dolor supervivo caro."
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by AerisDraco » Sat Oct 31, 2015 6:26 pm

3 entries isn't much.
I'll probably vote for Entry 2, which I'm pretty sure belongs to BBB.
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by RZRider » Sat Oct 31, 2015 6:32 pm

I vote for entry 2
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by Big Bad Bug » Sat Oct 31, 2015 6:58 pm

Entry 3 for the overall coolness of everything about it. I especially like the boss battle and the tanky flying enemy. :) The level mechanics were cool, too. ;)
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by Ninja » Sat Oct 31, 2015 8:41 pm

Well,I vote for Entry 2.I have a hunch that
it's BBB's. ;)
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by RaZoR LeAf » Sun Nov 01, 2015 1:16 pm

Entry Two.

The Mummy is a horror film? Maybe the original Bela Lugosi version but I'm not convinced with this one.
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by Big Bad Bug » Sun Nov 01, 2015 2:39 pm

Update: I included that voting ends on November 10th at the top of the thread. Sorry for forgetting it earlier.
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by The Kingmaker » Sun Nov 01, 2015 3:53 pm

My vote goes to entry three!

I have never heard of the movie in entry two, but the entry itself seemed cool.
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by Anorak » Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:48 pm

I vote for 3.
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by Zonoro13 » Tue Nov 03, 2015 12:29 am

I vote for 2.
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by tmn loveblue » Tue Nov 03, 2015 9:11 am

I vote for 2. It is an awesome work, with really scary elements that actually shivers me. Especially the children.
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by Lord of all evil » Wed Nov 04, 2015 2:51 pm

I'm quite impressed with the entries, although I would say 2 is the one I'd vote for. I found this contest quite difficult, so I didn't attempt at it, I like the Kingdom Rush levels more than the movies though.
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by Big Bad Bug » Sat Nov 14, 2015 12:31 am

Sorry, voting ended earlier, but I wanted to give some time for last-moment votes, though there were none. :P

Here are the results:

Entry 2: 7 votes

Entry 3: 3 votes

Entry 1: 0 votes

These were some really solid entries; the makings of a fun contest. I had entry 2, as everyone guessed. Thanks to all of the people who voted for me! :D
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by Ninja » Sat Nov 14, 2015 1:46 am

Congrats on the win, BBB! Great job!

WARNING:You may be offended at the
following. Enter at your own peril.(Ex-
cept, BBB. He'll be pleased greatly. :) )

I have to say the other entries
paled in comparison to yours, BBB. ;) :D
"Grammar is the logic of speech, even as logic is the grammar of reason." ~ Richard Chenevix Trench

"You don't have good grammar when you type with your fists." ~ C. F. Payne
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by Big Bad Bug » Sat Nov 14, 2015 3:21 am

Ninja wrote:Congrats on the win, BBB! Great job!

WARNING:You may be offended at the
following. Enter at your own peril.(Ex-
cept, BBB. He'll be pleased greatly. :) )

I have to say the other entries
paled in comparison to yours, BBB. ;) :D

You've pretty much spoiled the contents with your warning. :P Nonetheless, I appreciate it. :)
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Re: Horror-ween Contest: Voting

by Ninja » Sat Nov 14, 2015 3:43 am

Big Bad Bug wrote:
Ninja wrote:Congrats on the win, BBB! Great job!

WARNING:You may be offended at the
following. Enter at your own peril.(Ex-
cept, BBB. He'll be pleased greatly. :) )

I have to say the other entries
paled in comparison to yours, BBB. ;) :D

You've pretty much spoiled the contents with your warning. :P Nonetheless, I appreciate it. :)

Well, I didn't completely
spoil them. However, I've
probably made everyone
curious enough to look at
the spoilers by now, any
ways. :oops:
"Grammar is the logic of speech, even as logic is the grammar of reason." ~ Richard Chenevix Trench

"You don't have good grammar when you type with your fists." ~ C. F. Payne
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