The Community improves heroes.

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Re: The Community improves heroes.

by Sinque Productions » Sun May 07, 2017 8:01 pm

Mirage the Assassin

Stats: (Level 10)
Health: 250
Melee Attack Damage: 50
Melee Attack Speed: 1
Ranged Attack Damage: 25
Ranged Attack Speed: 2
Movement Speed: Fast
Regen: 50 per second
Respawn: 20 seconds

Backstab: Passive
Mirage can select a target to attack it. Attacking a target from behind makes the attack deal 60%/80%/100% more damage, then she will appear in front of them and begin normal attacking.

Lethal Strike: 1 second cooldown
While out of combat for 1 seconds, Mirage charges up her daggers. Every second she is out of combat, her daggers will deal 40/50/60 more damage on her next melee attack, up to an additional 240/300/360 damage (six second charging). Ranged attacking or being attacked will stop the charge from going up for 0.5 seconds. This will not occur if she dodges the attack.

A purple bar above her head is increased to show how much the attack is charged.

Dash: 5 Second Cooldown
Selecting an nearby target or selecting away while in combat makes her dash a short distance, dealing 40/50/60 damage to all opponents she hits during her dash (including the target she is dashing towards or away from).

Dodge: 4/4/3 Charges
Every 4/4/3 times she is attacked, she will dodge the attack. If dodge is triggered by a melee attack, she will appear behind the enemy and backstab attack it, then resume combat. A fake Mirage will appear where she was standing, then will disappear after attacked. If dodge is triggered by a ranged attack, she will move out of the way and an image of her while dash towards the attacker, dealing 50/100/150 damage.

Above her head, small purple circles show how many times she has dodged (e.g. she has been attacked twice since her last dodge, so two purple dots will appear above her head).

Smoke Bomb: Heroic, 30 Second Cooldown
Create a smoke bomb for 4/5/6 around Mirage that makes her invisible to enemies, she can not be targeted, but can be damaged (e.g. aoe , poison damage) and slows them by 50%. Her attacks become backstabs and dash has a 0 second cooldown while she is in it. Moving out of the smoke area will reduce the cooldown by 3 seconds for everyone second she is not in it while it is active.


This version is meant to make her stronger as well as fit her role as assassin better.

She is a very microable hero, e.g. timing her dodge is very important.

She is designed to rush in and assassinate a powerful target, then escape, regen and charge her next lethal strike. She can combo (fully upgraded, Lethal Strike is charged, and dodge one charge until action) Dash + Buffed Melee attack + Dodge to do 620 damage to a target before basic attacking. She generally can only stay in the fight for a few seconds because of her low health, but has high regeneration, making her best used getting as close to death as possible before leaving.

Players can chose to deal small amounts of damage the rest of the time, but charging for Lethal Strike will be stopped.

Smoke Bomb is very powerful. It can double her attack damage (600 damage for its duration with only basic attacks) and/or slow enemies a ton (if she immediately leaves it, an enemy will be slowed by 50% 4/5 of the time).

Feedback is always appreciated.
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Re: The Community improves heroes.

by The Kingmaker » Wed May 17, 2017 7:24 pm

Updoot! An embarrassment of riches!

In an attempt to take my role as creator/curator of this thread more seriously, I have updated the OP with the bounty of new heroes and a present a (reasonably simple) hero modification of my own...

There isn't really anything wrong with Elora - she's extremely well balanced considering her high health and armour for a mage, her base attack with high magic damage and the unique ability to freeze enemies, while her powers damage or slow entire portions of the map. Like I said - nothing wrong or anything that needs fixing - it's almost like I'm doing something else with Elora and am just posting some ideas here while I'm at it...

Therefore, may I present:

Cryomaster Elora:
Stats (All level 10)
Health: 450 ~ the same
Armour: 50% ~ unknown but presumably roughly the same
Melee Damage: 15-25 ~ negligible buff for rounder numbers
Ranged Damage: 35-100 ~ see above
Freeze: Elora's ranged attacks have a 25% chance of Freezing the target for 2 seconds. If they Freeze an enemy, it is afflicted with Frost for four seconds after thawing.
Frost: Identified by small blue particles rising into the air around afflicted enemies similar to Elora's aura, Frost increases the chance of being Frozen by basic attacks to 50% and the Freeze time to 4 seconds, lasting for 4 seconds itself.
Negligible changes to damage and armour are themselves negligible, the major change here is in the polished innates cupboard comprised of Freeze and Frost, allowing Elora to 'snowball' and increase her capabilities via both her base attacks and powers.

Permafrost (8 seconds): Sticking the base of her staff into the ground, Elora covers a short/medium/long area of the path with an Ice Sheet for 3 seconds, applying Frost to all enemies on this area of the path when cast, while slowing all enemies upon the path by 60%. (80% to already Frosted enemies)
Icicle Crash (12 seconds): Slamming the tip of her staff against the ground, Elora summons 3/5/8 huge Ice Shards onto the path which deal 30 magic damage in an area around each Icicle, while applying frost to enemies in a slightly smaller area. The Icicles deal True Damage to already Frosted enemies.
Both Permafrost and Ice Storm (renamed Icicle Crash bc its ~cooler~) are retained in their original capacities, but with a couple of bells and whistles to tie into Elora's new innates, while giving her 'snowballing' a push, or even a shove.
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The Community Improves Heroes
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Re: The Community improves heroes.

by The Kingmaker » Sat Jun 24, 2017 5:14 pm

A quick distraction for myself while I try and get the Elementals in order – playing the KR language patch beta – quickly developed into a burning desire to rework Bolin. I played him for five minutes and hate every aspect of him besides his quotes and name. Let’s get to work:

In direct contrast to Elora above, most of Bolin is a bit wonky or downright broken. For starters, he has ridiculously high health - more than Oni and Thor - but no armour, equal damage when ranged and melee despite the title Farslayer, a ridiculously huge Musket that confusingly fires rapidly (except not against ranged targets, removing two third of his damage against them) and his two abilities that neither work together nor serve similar purposes. Most-everything has changed, including an innates cupboard as new and shiny as Elora's.

Bolin has a new appearance, with a long cloak that blends in with the environment he is in (Green, White and Dark Grey fit all KR terrains), a far slimmer and more intricate gun - now a rifle with a complex glass magnifying scope instead of a gigantic Blunderbuss. He has a similar magnifying glass, this one red instead of clear, embedded into his bronzed helmet, covering his left eye when sniping, the scope to his right. A small crossbow is mounted to his right hip, an array of circular cartridges for it clipped onto his belt, while a bandolier of bullets flows from right hip to left shoulder.

Bombastic Bolin:
Stats: (All level 10)
Health: 400 ~ As a ranged, Dwarven hero Bolin is on the squishy side, but he can still take a couple of hits to ensure he gets the perfect shot.
Armour: 25% ~ This Dwarf wears armour! Not too much to limit his capabilities and weigh him down, but enough to grant him some additional protection.
Melee Damage: 25-40 ~ A negligible buff to give rounder numbers.
Ranged Damage: 75-125, Fires a single shot from his rifle at extreme ranges, visibly removing a bullet from the bandolier and loading it into the rifle over the course of 3 seconds. ~ A large buff to make his ranged damage just over 3x his melee damage, placing the focus firmly on his sniping abilities.
Speed: Medium ~ Bolin can now move far faster than when he was encumbered with a ridiculously large blunderbuss, allowing him to reposition to a better sniping spot without taking an age to do so.
Splintering: Using special bullets of his own design, Bolin’s ranged attacks Splinter upon hitting targets, lowering armour rating by 2.5% if striking an enemy with physical armour, while causing unarmoured enemies to permanently take 2.5% more damage from all of Bolin’s attacks.
Piercing: Bolin’s Rifle has an incredibly high muzzle velocity, causing him to deal 50% damage to armoured targets plus regular damage up to 100% of regular damage. Additionally, killing shots to unarmoured enemies explode them into gibs and carry on through them to deal 50% damage to an enemy beyond them.
Now with range akin to Musketeer Tower and the slow, powerful damage to back it up, Bolin is a focused single-target sniper, assisting the player by focusing and wearing down large targets, without being neutered by highly armoured targets.

Chucker New (10 seconds): Pulling out the small bronze crossbow from his belt, Bolin loads a circular cartridge into it and rapidly fires 3/6/9 bolts at a single target, dealing 15-25 physical damage each and splintering twice as much as regular bullets, before discarding the cartridge and returning the crossbow to his hip.
Deepforged Cartridge (15 seconds): Bolin theatrically loads and then fires a large, glowing-orange slug - crafted in the deepest and warmest forge in Linirea, it deals 100/200/300 physical damage, pierces 100% of physical armour(essentially dealing True Damage) and deals 100% of its damage to subsequent enemies should it kill an unarmoured target.
Neither old power returns, but are instead replaced with two new sniperrific abilities that allow Bolin to snipe singular enemies with great efficiency and live up to the moniker 'Farslayer', both powers being activated immediately at close range, but taking a second or two to aim at distant targets, allowing players to note their readiness.
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The Community Improves Heroes
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Re: The Community improves heroes.

by nova_n » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:50 pm

Gerald Light seeker, Gaurdian of Lineria

So we know how shitty regular kr heroes are. And we know how the free heroes are. Of course they are intentioanlly bad since they are free. I would rank the best free heroes in KR as Malik,Gerald, then Alleria.

Special ability: (can excede level 10)
The way Gerald was able to survive and stall so well was his ability to level up very quickly,replenishing his health quickly. the problem with this was that once he reaches level 10, then what? he is completely useless. so the biggest change i propose for him is that he can level up indefinitely. This shall help when stalling in endless mode, or stalling levels with tank zerg rushes.of course, his leveling up will exponentially grow slower, its just like a square root graph, but only the positive one. So he needs to gain higher damage, health and armor. His armor shall exponentially increase but asymptote immunity level. I will do the math for this later.

Reflective shield:
So his shield seems to only reflect damage at melle range. I propose they can reflect any ranged attack, whether its magic, fire or arrows. I propose he can also protect himself from splash damage blasts with it. Also, for melee attacks only, when he reflects, his shield glows. I propose that what he reflects is true damage. And as he levels up, the damage he reflects shall asymptote 100% reflection.

This ability seems pretty useless unless he is in a spot with multiple barracks and reinforcements. I propose ability has the range of a musketeer garrison, so it is more effective, and can cover multiple chokes at once. As he levels up, the protection given shall exponentially increase, but again, asymptote immunity level
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Re: Some more heroes

by tmn loveblue » Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:10 pm

I wonder if anyone still interested in KR-related stuffs :))) I don't play Iron Marines so I can't join the mainstream discussion, I only have these heroes remake ideas that I have thought about for a long time (a longggg..... time)


Unchanged stats.

He now has a passive:

Ambush: After 1 second idle, Bruce's next attack gains range and launches himself at the target.


Sharp Claws:

Bruce's attacks have 40% chance to bleed the target for 32/56/80 True Damage over 4 seconds. Idle for 1 second increases this chance to 100% on the next attack.

Bruce's attacks deal bonus True Damage to bleeding targets (20/35/50 bonus damage).

Grievous Bites: (20 seconds)

Bruce bites the target enemy, deals True Damage based on its current HP, max. 400 (20/30/40% of current HP). Bruce will not bite enemies who have 300 HP or less.

If the target is bleeding, Bruce bites the target 3 times, deals a total of 40% / 60% / 80% of its current HP as True Damage, max. 800, and heals Bruce by 25% of his missing HP.

War Cloak: (20 seconds)

Bruce shields himself with his fur, becomes invulnerable for 2/3/4 seconds. Basic attacks and Grievous Bites extend the duration, up to 4/6/8 seconds.

Cooldown starts when effect begins.

King's Roar: (1 second, conditional)

Killing an enemy with 600 HP or more initiates Bruce to roar, stuns nearby enemies for 1/2/3 seconds.

HERO SPELL: The Great Hunt (60 seconds)

Bruce marks a worthy enemy as the Prey, increases all damage Bruce done to it by 20% / 40% / 60% / 80%. Damage from other sources are also enhanced by half the amount (10% / 20% / 30% / 40%). Killing the Prey refunds 100% missing health, as well as instantly activates and empowers King's Roar to stun enemies in a large area. The Prey grants double gold. Moving towards the Prey grants Bruce massive bonus speed.


Bruce is said to be a war-torn warrior bestowed with both a gift and a curse. I like to imagine Bruce's legend originates from one big war, between dark and light, which ravaged the land. Brave warriors stood and fought hard, Bruce among them. Committing a noble act, maybe a hopeless last-stand, he was mortally wounded yet refused to give way. Awed by his strength and resolve, the Goddess's magic flowed through and changed him, both saving and giving Bruce the might require to complete his deed. I think the ordeal has changed Bruce within and without so radically that he could never be the same again, forever half a man and half a mythical beast, with wit and resolve, tempered attitude coupled with heightened battle fervor. It is this side of Bruce I want to tap into. Bruce, as a guardian lion and a great fighter, do not simply stand and swipe at the enemies' faces. He should be lustrous and gratified, displaying great leadership and charisma, one that other look up to, while in battle he should also have quickness, move with stealthiness and elegance, fight with immense prowess and resolve. His new passive, Ambush, and new Spell, Great Hunt, should give him the movement speed required to make this apex-hunter impression.

Once you sent Bruce into battle, you should feel secure that he will fight relentlessly, give everything and not letting anything to chance. I therefore increased the bleed time of Sharp Claws, as well as the bleed chance, and add a special mechanism that ensure bleeding at first strike, to lower the annoyance one may find when the bleed suddenly stop just before Grevious Bites, or Grievous Bites wasted immediately at engage on a non-bleeding foe. War Cloak adds to his identity as a brute-force fighter, without feeling too overbearing with too much HP for such a powerful melee unit. The bonus duration makes this ability lasts long enough in the chaotic fights of later levels, and in Endless, for Bruce to make a dent without taking too much risk himself. However, since his HP is reduced, playing around the cooldown of War Cloak is sometimes needed to protect Bruce from sudden death due to being focused.


Reg'son, the Eldritch Blade

Damage at lvl 1 changes to 6-14 from 6-9.
Damage at lvl 10 changes to 16-45 from 12-18.
Stats otherwise unchange.


Steel's Song (12 seconds)

Dashes through up to 2/3/4 enemies, dealing 25-55/40-100/60-160 damage to each. In addition, every 8th melee attack deals the same damage in an arc around Reg'son.

The secondary effect can trigger alongside the first active, in which Reg'son will deal damage from his position adjacent to one of Steel's Song's target. Enemies can take damage multiple times from Steel's Song, provide the conditions permit.

Eldritch Fire (24 seconds)

Burns with unquenchable vengeance, dealing 33/55/77 True Damage on every attack with a 3% chance of slaying for 5 seconds.

Eldritch Way

Heals by 30/50/70% max HP of enemies he slain, and half the amount from enemies that die near him.


Gains up to 40/80/120% bonus speed and a shield (worths 60/90/120 HP) while moving, reach maximum after 3 and 6 seconds, respectively.

Works with automatic movement (approaching targets to engage in melee). Eldritch Way's heal can exceed Reg'son's HP and add to Unrelenting shield, but not exceed the shield's maximum amount.

HERO SPELL: Vindicator

Vindicator slays any single target, with a cooldown of 100/70/50 seconds. Deals 500/1000/1500/2000 damage to bosses.

Kills achieved via Vindicator counts as Reg'son's kill for calculating Eldritch Way's heal.


Reg'son suffers from an identity issue. His background, his personality, all that make up him suggest Reg'son to be a betrayed, angered, and fierce survivor of a seemingly "purification" among the Twilight Elves' ranks. It would make more sense for him to have acquired such fluid and flawless fighting style of his ex-comrades, most notably Twilight Harassers, who bear striking resemblance to him, both in appearance and in weapon choice. This would fit even more into Reg'son's image as a swordman who refuse to wear any armor, from which we can almost imagine he says they would "bog him down" and instead he prefer a more flexible, situational fighting style depending on wit and skills to evade damage. But in truth we do not have such kind of Reg'son in the game, instead we have one who run headfirst into enemies and tank everything thrown at him, without even the slightest hint of being aware of his surrounding. This is not how Reg'son should be. At the very least, he should be like Eridan, dodging and slashing and shooting enemies into arrow pincushions. However, as a sword fighter and more importantly, a ruthless one whose sole purpose is to avenge what he's lost, bring the most hurt to those he faces, Reg'son should do it differently. He do not have the persistent playstyle of Eridan as to keep pinning an enemy and focus on it until it goes down, Reg'son moves around the battlefield with seemingly shadow steps, rolls around the fighting and damages enemies from where they least expected, the way of a skilled assassin with superb agility. It is the purpose of Steel's Song and Unrelenting to build this side of Reg'son's image - the mobility from both of these skills allow masterful dances around blade edges, deathly to his targeted foes. These skills also raise Reg'son's quality of a vengeful elf, abandoned by his kin and rely solely on the force of his blades to do his deeds and walk on the treacherous path of life - like a ronin. Eldritch Way (previously Eldritch Heal) is buffed and a shield is added to safeguard Reg'son's survival following the lost of his bonus HP. The shield totals up to Reg'son's previous maximum HP, but it is not easily charged fully while he is still in the fight, engaging one foe after another, hence the bonus on-kill heal (also a little reward for last-hitting that Harasser), however it charges relatively quickly out-of-combat compare to HP, which takes a while to begin refilling. This enables Reg'son to do hit-and-run, attack, back down and come back even while his HP is low, since as he runs, he has the shield to protect himself. Finally, Reg'son has one last table-turner card, Vindicator. Not only that it kills desire enemy, it also heals Reg'son by a sizable amount, which can be life-saving and let him fight more. It is just what he should do: fight relentlessly, but smartly, fully knowing what he has and how he can use them to lay waste and survive... fight another day.

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