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Hero Design Contest Voting

by Big Bad Bug » Thu Jul 28, 2016 7:45 pm

Entry 1

The Gogmawr

The Gogmawr is one of the most powerful warlocks in Elven history. His dark arts are unrivaled, as is his affinity to evil. His abilities have been specifically honed to destroy his foes in a moment's time. His origins are unknown, for his age far exceeds anything in the known world ...

HP: 880
Armor: None
Heal Rate: 50/s (17.6s to full heal)
Melee Damage: Varies (See innate traits below)
Melee Attack Rate: 2.2s
Ranged True Damage: 120-170 (Blasts a single foe with a powerful bolt of dark magic)
Ranged Attack Rate: 3.5s
Movement Speed: V. Slow (Slowly and intimidatingly stomps to destination)
Respawn Time: 30s

*Idiosyncratic Attack Pattern: In melee, the warlock uses an abnormal attack sequence. First, charging his right fist with dark energy, he throws a massive punch for 50-110 magic damage. This punch has a 20% chance to permanently silence its target. After the cooldown time ends, the warlock throws out another massive punch, this one a left hook covered with Hellfire. Initially, this does 40 AoE fire damage to enemies nearby, and 80 fire damage to the target. The punch also leaves a status effect which burns the target for 10 FDPS for 4s, and burns the enemies afflicted by the AoE for 5 FDPS for 4s. The fire effect cannot stack.

Physical Appearance: The Gogmawr is a gigantic hunchbacked man with gray hair that goes down to his shoulders. His face is clouded by shadows, all except for his crimson eyes. He wears a black cape. His fists are abnormally large.


Wraith of Wrath (Cost: 2/2/2)(CD: 24s): The Gogmawr channels his pure rage into a magical manifestation which has 5/10/15% of the Gogmawr's current HP, 70/80/90-140/160/180 melee damage with a 3.2s attack rate, and it can use any random one of the Gogmawr's abilities, excluding his Hero Spell (and including this ability). The wraith can be directed to move around. It lasts for 14s.

The wraith is a grey, ghost-like thing with glowing red eyes and a scythe-like weapon in its "hands".

Dark Fists (Cost: 2/2/2)(CD: 28s): The Gogmawr charges both fists with black energies for 3 seconds before unleashing an onslaught of 2/4/6 supercharged punches onto the ground (or the enemy he's facing if applicable), dealing 50/75/100 True AoE damage for each punch with a gap of 0.5s in between each punch. CD starts after all the punches are finished. This ability can be stopped by moving the Gogmawr when he's charging at the beginning.

If in melee combat with an enemy when this attack starts, then the enemy will take 100/150/200 True Damage from each punch, rather than the 50/75/100 that other enemies take.

Ritual of Ruination (Cost: 2/2/3)(CD: 36s): The Gogmawr begins chanting in a low, ominous tone until a dark circle of purple runes appears on the ground in front of him. The circle sends out up to 5/10/20 seeker bolts that deal to their targets all of the damage they (the enemies) have ever dealt, and multiplies the damage they (the enemies) take by 1.5/2/2.5 for 3/5/8s.

Despite having a noticeable startup, this ability cannot be interrupted like the last.

Warlock's Might (Cost: 2/2/4)(CD: 48s): The Gogmawr shouts in pure rage (his voice blasting loudly even if your device is on low volume), summoning 6/12/24 random magical attacks around the map (can be black lightning bolts; glowing purple meteorites; and even gigantic, blue fireballs).

Lightning bolts deal 100 True Damage to a single target; meteorites deal 70 AoE damage; and fireballs deal 30 True AoE damage while leaving a burning effect on enemies that deals 10 FDPS permanently.

Chaos Beast (Cost: 2/3/3)(CD: 120s) This ability summons a Chaos Beast from the Nether Realm. It is a huge, flaming, quadrupedal beast with glowing green eyes. Vicious teeth and a twisted tongue adorn its hideous maw. Lasts for 45 seconds.

Chaos Beast Stats:

HP: 1000
Melee Damage: 100-200 (Takes a fiery chomp out of its opponent)
Attack Rate: 4s
Movement Speed: Very, very fast (Runs at an almost incomprehensible pace)

*Inflicts a burn: Each basic attack inflicts a 2 FDPS effect permanently. Can stack.
*Controllable unit
*Chaos Storm (CD: 15s): The Chaos Beast opens its mouth and sends out a torrent of red, purple, blue, black, and green fire, disintegrating up to 2000 HP's worth of enemies. Spreads down the path for more targets if none can be found. Fizzles out after the HP limit has reached maximum capacity.
*Death Column (CD: 15s): Summons a column of black energy in front of itself. Every enemy that walks into the column is immobilized. At the end of 5 seconds, the column erupts in a explosion dealing 100 True Damage to each enemy caught within.

Entry 2

Ylio, the liquidator

Ylio is human engineer. He always plays around with his self-made gadgets and devices. He has bright-red, spiky hair which is held upwards by a set of goggles. Ylio's eyes are vibrant green, and so is his fireproof, yet fashionable jacket (that is also self-made). Ylio's most valued invention is his oilinator, which is a giant tank of flammable oil in backpack form. It has a tube that leads into the barrel of a gun, which Ylio can use to shoot blobs of oil at enemies. Regarding personality, Ylio is very... vibrant. More specifically, he likes action and the thrill of battle very much, or rather, killing things really. Sometimes he really gets out of hand and starts to laugh manically. Some people just want to see the world burn...

A woman's scream that could cut through flesh and bone alike made his home tremble. Then it became silent. A few moments later, laughter. Maniacal laughter. He moved two bodies out of his little hut and headed to the forest nearby. When he reached the little river, he started to uncontrollably laugh again. It all seemed funny to him, killing his parents. They have always treated him poorly, favoring his older brother and neglecting him. Now it's the other way around, now it's his time to treat his parents poorly. Hehe.

Yep, that's right, Ylio killed his parents. They treated him like a stray cat, which was reason enough to kill them. And It was not like it was hard to do anyways, they were totally unaware and unsuspecting. What can a sixteen-year-old redhead possibly do to hurt somebody, right? Anyway, killing your parents is really easy. pour some oil on your dad while he's asleep, throw something explosive at him, and then enjoy the sight of a burning body screaming in pain. Then hide behind the door and stab your mom in the back while she worriedly arrives to see what happened to her husband. And then Laugh. Haha, just think of the fear and pain they must have had.

They deserved it.

Ylio liked the sound of helpless screams and the smell of burned flesh so much, that he decided that he wanted to join the army. He heard about some war against some twilight elves and he thought: great, that's my chance to try my newest invention, my oilinator! Two years later, he joined the elvish army and he could finally put most of his gadgets to use. He had great pleasure setting twilight elves and evil mushrooms on fire. He finally had a purpose in life.

Ylio quickly became an idol among the elves. His quirky look and his even quirkier gadgets really were something new for the elves. And he was an valuable asset in the war against the twilight of course, so the elves were glad that Ylio joined them. Whenever Ylio was with the elves, he felt great. It wasn't the same feeling he got when spreading oily death everywhere, but it felt nice. Ylio had never felt that feeling before, so he was unsure what it was. The elves and Ylio became... friends. Ylio actually cared for the elves, which is weird because he had never known what caring was and how it worked. He really wanted to protect his new friends... and continue killing things of course. That's the most important thing in life. Still to this day, the quirky liquidator fights the bad guys alongside the elves in this never-ending war.

Health: 440
Heal rate: 40
Armor: low
Magic resistance: none
Melee damage: 15-30 physical damage (average attack speed)
Ranged damage: 15- 40 physical damage (very slow fire rate, average range)
Respawn: average (20s)
speed: very fast (the originally named oilinator also comes with a convenient jetpack)

Passive: Ylio's oil bullets leave a trail of oil behind on the ground, covering roughly 1/3 of the path. There can be a total of five oil trails on the ground at any given time. Whenever he makes a sixth trail, the first will disappear (unless the first trail of oil is on fire, in which case it will disappear after it has burned out). Whenever Ylio uses his hero skill near (within a range of 'short' to be exact) some oil, it will catch on fire. Burning oil deals 15 true damage per second for 8 seconds. The fire will spread out to trails and puddles of oil within a range of 'short', setting that oil on fire too. trails and puddles of oil don't stack, there can only be one layer of oil at the ground at any given time. However, if Ylio shoots more oil on already burning oil, the 8-second ignite duration will add on cumulatively.

1. Oil drench (13s) (2/2/2): Shoots a big blob of oil on the road, dealing 10-30/30-50/50-70 damage.

This skill leaves a rather large puddle of oil on the road. These puddles have the same properties as oil trails, but they don't count to the 5 trail limit. There can't be more than two puddles at the road at any given time.

2. Sticky oil (passive) (2/2/2): Non-burning oil slows enemies by 10%/20%/30%

3. Incinerate (29s) (3/2/1): badly burns and cripples an enemy, or kills it outright if it's health is below 300/700/1100

This skill has a quick animation where Ylio holds up lighter in front of the barrel of the oilinator. The skill can be canceled during this animation without resetting the cooldown, similar to Reaper's Harvest. A bad burn has the following effects: it instantly sets the enemy's speed to 'slow', it permanently silences the enemy and every time the enemy gets hit, he takes 10/20/30 bonus true damage from the pain.

4. Medication station (20s) (1/2/3): Ylio places a device that heals for a total of 100/300/700 health, divided among allied units.

The station can be attacked and destroyed; it's health is 50/150/250. The healing station heals 5/15/45 health per second for every unit inside it's range, until it's out of healing power. 'Overkill heal' won't detract from the total healing power. When not healing, the healing station will stay on the road for 1 minute. Similar to Incinerate, this skill has an animation that can be canceled for more control over it's placement.

Hero skill. Explosiaaans!!! (40s) (4/4/4): Bombards the enemy, dealing 150/225/300/375 area damage over 3 seconds and setting nearby oil on fire. Has two charges.

This skill can be used two times, each charge having a seperate 40 second cooldown. This gives more control over when you want to set the oil on fire, provided that you have proper micromanagement.

Ylio has lots of damage and crowd control potential, but none of it can be achieved without dedicated micromanaging. You have to constantly move Ylio so he uses his passive and Oil drench in the right places. Ylio's natural damage is low, so you really have to set up for his hero skill to make Ylio strong. His Incinerate is so crippling that it might as well be a full instakill (but better since the enemy has to suffer first :twisted: ), which allows Ylio to take on stronger foes that can easily survive his spread-out damage. With good micro, you can stack two or more healing stations on each other. They protect your units, but only if your units also protect the healing stations, which creates challenging co-operations.

In short, Ylio is either really powerful or really sucky depending on how good you can control him. The ability to cancel certain abilities and his fast speed help with microing him, but you still have to be very aware of your oil placements to get the most out of this challenging liquidator.

Entry 3
Tre'Azul the Shadow Stalker

Tre'azul is an elf, slightly taller than Eridan. He wears a dark grey cloak and cape that waves in the wind. His eyes glows blue inside his cloak. He wears silver shoulder pads that have a blue crystal embedded in the middle of them, the crystals glow, but the silver parts of the pad look smudged like it is battle worn. His armor looks similar to the level 3 barrack troops, but doesnt cover his arms and colored a very dark brown and has some decorations such as said blue crystal, parts of his cape, as well as other trinkets hanging off his belt. Since his armor doesn't cover his arms, he wraps some dark grey-ish colored cloth around parts of his arms, likely due to battle wounds.

His weapon is a double edged shadowy scythe, the shadow has similar color to shade elementals, with glowing blue edges. which he holds in his left hand slightly behind his back. His right hand that isn't holding the scythe has a large handguard that looks similar to the shoulder pads.

When idle, he stands similarly to Eridan, although with one hand holding the weapon. When invisible, parts of his armor and body turns into the black color with blue edges like his Scythe and Shade Elementals. When he dies, he falls just like Eridan, his eyes ceases to glow, but his body vaporizes shortly after with black and blue trails.

HP : 200 (+20 per level, Max of 380)
Melee Damage : 15-21 (+3 per level to level 5, +2 per level from level 5 to level 10. Max of 37-46 )
No Ranged attacks
Armor : 20% armor, Improved to 30% armor on level 5.
Move speed : Fast (Around Reg'son speed)
Melee Attack Cooldown : 0,75 seconds
Heatlh Regen Rate : 12% per second
Respawn time : 20 Seconds

Ability 1 : Shadow Walk (passive) (2/1/1)
Tre'Azul becomes invisible after a 1 second fade delay when not in combat, the first strike when coming out of invisibility deals 20/30/40 bonus damage, This damage will stack on top of Shadow Strike as true damage if the shadow strike is the first attack after revealing.
1 second fade delay after coming to a standstill after combat to prevent spamming the bonus damage.

Ability 2 : Shadow Strike (Active) (3/2/2) (Cooldown : 35 Seconds)
Strikes the area with a powerful blow from his scythe, dealing 150/200/275 area true damage. Any survivors suffers 30%/45%/60% more damage from all sources for 5 seconds.
His scythe will glow red when ready, Tre'Azul will use this ability after initiating melee, giving a chance to cancel the ability. The cast animation will show him very quickly doing a 360 spin near the victim. AoE similar to Fiery Nut.

Ability 3 : Void Haze (Active) (3/3/3) (Cooldown : 25 Seconds)
Casts a storm of energy that covers a part the road, lasting for 5/7/9 seconds, enemies inside the area moves 30%/40%/50% slower, and misses 20%/35%/50% of attacks.
AoE is similar to a level 1 pestilence AoE.

Ability 4 : shadow Cleave (Active) (2/1/1) (cooldown : Variable)
When ready, the next attack will deal damage in the form of true damage, and 50% of that damage is shared to up to 3/4/5 nearby enemies. AoE is about fiery nut size, enemies outside this AoE wont get hit by the cleave. Enemies inside void haze receives 33% more damage from this ability. Cooldown is 11/10/9 seconds.

Hero Spell : Reaper's Scythe (4/4/4) (60 seconds cooldown)
Choose a target, any missing health from the target will be multipiled by 0.6/0.7/0.9/1,1 and dealt as AoE artillery damage (50% armor pierce) in a radius of a single KRO thunderbolt around the victim. Damage is multiplied by 0.25 when targeting mini bosses or bosses.
Animation shows a giant shadowy scythe landing on the victim, followed by waves of energy that depends on how much damage is dealt. (more damage = more intense waves)

Ability Order
1. Void haze (this ability is ranged, so it goes first)
2. Shadow Strike
3. Shadow Assault
Traits : Auto Attacks pierce 50% armor (like artillery attacks)

Quotes :
“Strike from the Shadows!”
“Tremble, for Oblivion comes!”
“Fear, is an illusion.”
“Walk a shadow's way.”
“I stalk the weak.”
“Finally........” :skull:

General Playstyle :
This hero is a moderately fragile damage dealer, with emphasis on AoE damage and True damage. His abilities are very powerful compensated with a long cooldown.
He has massively powerful burst damage capability, which means he can annihilate an entire squad of enemies in a second if all of his abilities are ready and positioned correctly. This comes at the cost of a decent at best stalling power, and lack of healing. He must be positioned at a chokepoint to maximize damage, preferably with some forest keepers for healing, as He can also boost survivability of barrack troops. His main weakness is overall vulnerability to ranged damage, because the haze doesn't protect against that.

He was once just a common elven ranger. Although he did have one quirk that is rarely seen among elves, he prefers to be unseen, both in and out of battle. Add to that his speed and dexterity was one of the best among his peers, this made him often entrusted with carrying assassination assignments, since the elven army didn't have a dedicated assassin unit. A duty he happily takes alongside his regular tasks as a ranger.

Until one day, battle rages with the armies of the twilight elves, somewhere near the shieldwall range. He and the many other elves took this battle like many other they have experienced. Tre'azul is assigned with assassinating an enemy general, a particularly vicious one, that is partaking in the battle, with his famous double edged scythe as his weapon, its his toughest assignment yet,
As he waited for the right moment to strike, the clouds starts to darken, like the color of the shadow it self, until it was almost black as pitch. Suddenly, the battlefield is ravaged by dark and shadowy beings (shade elementals), never before seen in the continent. Annihilating Elves and twilights alike. Tre'Azul is spared, suspended as they watch the carnage. He then hears a voice, “Our god has spoken........you will face your destiny........to embody us in this mortal plane....”. Then he collapses.

As he regains consciousness, he feels a strange new power. He can still feel his heart beating, and his blood flowing, but his skin is of a dark, shadowy color, almost as those incorporeal creatures that mauled the battlefield earlier.....He continued to make his way onto where his target was last seen. He found the outsider dying on the ground, with his scythe embedded into the dirt near him. Tre'azul finishes his task and kills his target. Then, he is drawn into the scythe, its as if the scythe wants Tre'azul to take it.........

As he takes the dreaded weapon, it begins to turn into the color of the shadow itself, and seemingly becomes weightless.......As if this weapon was waiting for him. His assignment complete, He journeys back to Aredhel, past the battlefield littered with corpses of both sides. As he passes a stream,he notices his reflection, and realizes that he is merely a shadow of his former self (no pun intended). He looks almost like a demon from another world, save for at times when he would return to his physical form as an elven ranger....at least parts of him are. It seems that those shadowy creatures wanted to use him, granted him a terrible power, but he already made his choice the moment he enlisted, his intentions are clear, he will serve unto the end......

As he arrives to Aredhel, he was quickly (and predictably) detained. Many gave awe to the strange power. The queen herself had no choice but to do so for fear of the unknown powers involved. Some months Later, wizards understood the connection of his powers with a rare crystal, coming deep inside the earth, on the frontiers Linirea. Eventually, as the war with the Twilight elves and other factions continue, a custom piece of magical armor is forged with said crystal to help Tre'azul control his powers and keep him in control, and he is given permission continue his duties.......

Entry 4

Storm Child


A small girl, about 12 years old, in gray wool cloak, the kind used by people living near the Arctic. She has long curly brown hair, which is tugged beneath the coat, and fiery gray eyes.


Once there was a small village beneath roofed forest in elven land. The elves of the village lived happily among nature and each other for a long time, until the First War broke out between the elven race and the Twilight Elves' forces. As shadow armies approach the little village on their path to Aredhel, the elves fought bravely to defend their race and their homes, but one by one they fall until there was only a young mother and her newborn daughter left. She fled, carrying her child, the Twilight Elves hot on their trail. Finally she fell exhausted on the doorstep of an old temple. Knowing her fate, she prayed upon the gods that she would sacrifice her life to protect that of her child. With those last words, the elf sighed her final breath and passed away. The dark forces broke into the temple just as a lightning rod slammed upon the temple, destroying it with all of the dark warriors. After the dust had settled and battle was over, surviving elves found the child, unharmed, crying among the ruins of the temple. Because of the strange event that saved her life, they named her Nina, the child of storms.

Growing up, Nina shows great prowess at harnessing the magic of clouds and winds. Her intelligence quickly surpassed her age, by 5 she had been known to match the best strategists in the kingdom in terms of tactical planning and decision-making. Because of this, Nina was quickly appointed as one of the high general of the elven kingdom, though she prefer going by her own terms, in her own way rather than leading a big army. Nevertheless, she shows up whenever needed and helps to plan the most important of battles against the Twilight Elves. She learnt fast but grew not as so, by 10 Nina started aging slower than the average elf, though her magical prowess still grows making one wonder how such a petite girl could gather such immense magic. Until now, Nina wanders across the land, exploring its great magical potential yet to be uncovered, meanwhile keeping an eye out for rising dark forces attempting to harm her beloved home.


HP: 350
Armor: None
Magic Resistance: None
Movement Speed: Slow
Re-spawn: 15 seconds

Melee Damage: Attacks with her hands, dealing 5-15 damage at an average pace.
Magic Damage: Charges a bolt of lightning every 2.5s that hits 1-3 enemies, dealing damage accordingly.

    Single-target: 36-100 magic damage.
    Double-target: 30-70 magic damage.
    Triple-target: 24-40 magic damage.

Each attack has 50% chance to be single-target, 25% chance to be double-target and 25% chance to be triple-target.

Innate: Gathering Storm

Nina generates storm clouds near her every 2 seconds, up to a maximum of 4. These clouds allow Nina to cast her basic abilities, and disappear after 2 seconds when she moves away.


Skill 1: Lightning Flashes (10 seconds) [1/1/1 Hero Point]

Nina's next magic attack targets the strongest enemy and gains additional power from all her storm clouds, dealing 10%/20%/30% bonus True Damage for each storm cloud.

When Lightning Flashes triggers, thunder rumbles and a single bolt of lightning charges from the cloud mass to Nina. She then channels its power to deliver an electrifying shock to the strongest enemy in range.

Skill 2: Thunder Rolls [2/2/2 Hero Points]

Each of Nina's magic attacks has a chance to stun enemies for 1/2/3 seconds, this chance increases the less targets the attack hits.

Single-target: 50%
Double-target: 30%
Triple-target: 10%

Stun can be renewed, but not stacked. Each consecutive single-target attack on the same enemy reduces stun chance by 10%, minimum 20%. Nina creates a new storm cloud for each time an enemy is stunned.

Skill 3: Monsoon (15 seconds) [1/2/3 Hero Points]

Nina releases a downpour of rain from her storm clouds, slowing enemies by 20%/40%/60% for 6 seconds.

Skill 4: Rising Winds (18 seconds) [1/2/3 Hero Points]

Nina traps an enemy with 600/800/1200 maximum HP or less within a furious tempest underneath a storm cloud, dealing 40/60/80 True Damage over 4 seconds, afterwards flinging the enemy backwards a random distance, stunning the victim and other enemies hit for 2 seconds and deal 30/50/70 area physical damage.

Trapped enemies cannot be targeted by towers but still take damage from aerial area attacks.

Hero Spell: Cyclone (14/12/10/8 seconds) [4/5/6 Hero Points]

Creates a massive cyclone covering an area, dealing 10/15/20/25 true damage per second and slowing enemies as well as empowering Nina while she is within.

Nina builds up Cyclone charges by using basic abilities (20 charges for active abilities, 10 charges for each time an enemy is stunned by Thunder Rolls), and loses 5 charges per second after not attacking for 4 seconds. At 100 charges, she can cast Cyclone, which consumes 10 charges per second and lasts until switched off or all charges have been consumed.

Upon cast, Cyclone blankets a wide area with 6 storm clouds and heavy rainfall, slowing enemies by 20% and deal 10/15/20/25 True Damage per second. During this time, Nina no longer generates Cyclone charges for casting abilities. When Nina is within Cyclone's AoE, she gains bonus effect for her abilities:

    Lightning Flashes gains a great boost to range and benefits from the extra storm clouds, which means a massive increase in damage.

    Monsoon lasts up to 7/7.5/8 seconds (base on Cyclone's rank) and stacks slow with Cyclone. Monsoon also affects the storm clouds of Cyclone.

    Rising Winds carries up to 3 enemies and stuns for 4 seconds upon landing.

    Thunder Rolls reduces other abilities' cool-down by 1/2/3 seconds for each attack that stuns enemies (base on Thunder Rolls' rank).

After Cyclone ends, all storm clouds turn white and vanish. For the next 8 seconds, Nina cannot generate new clouds and therefore cannot cast abilities beside Thunder Rolls.

Skills' order of priority

1. Lightning Flashes
2. Monsoon
3. Rising Winds


Nina is a back-line mage concentrated on harassment and crowd control. Her major strength is having multiple crowd control effects in her arsenal, most of which are multi-targeted, allowing her to easily control hordes, keeping them in place to be bombarded. On the other hand, her main weakness is the special mechanism of Gathering Storm. She needs time to generate new clouds, and having less clouds lowers her power a lot. This means she should not be moved often, because it takes some time for her to generate new clouds before she can be useful, meanwhile, you risk her using abilities prematurely when she does not have 4 clouds. Skills like Monsoon and Lightning Flashes have power depended on the number of clouds she has, having less than 4 makes these skills less effective than usual, and you have to wait quite some time for them to come round again.

Nina's Hero Spell, Cyclone, is a strategic spell. Lacking good damage as well as any significant effect on its own, Cyclone requires Nina to be within to actually be effective. Although it has a short cool-down, the charge mechanism makes Cyclone recharges longer, combine with the silence after-effect on Nina makes Cyclone not spam-able. Therefore, you have to use it at the right time, in the right spot, and make sure enemies do not escape its grip. Since Cyclone only lasts 10 second at max, you would want to wait until Nina's skills are about to come round before activating it.

Entry 5


The Spirit of Death

Name: Karrion the Spirit of Death.
Physical Description:
Karrion has a body similar to a skeleton but with black bones. He also has claws on both his feet and hands that resemble the kind that a raptor bird would have. Speaking of birds, Karrion's head is like that of a blackened eagles skull with red pinpoints of light in the eye socket and horns. (Search up a picture of an eagle skull to get an idea of what I'm talking about.) He also has a skeletal tail and wings.
Lore Background:
The origin of Karrion is shrouded in mystery, though what we know is that he was birthed at the beginning of time and arises at the darkest times in our history for reasons unknown to us. Many fear the sucking oblivion that is Karrion's existence, blaming him for the death and destruction that follows his presence, rather than head his warning, for he is a messenger. However, he nonetheless thrives on the essence of death and uses his powers as he sees fit. Why he has joined us, we do not know, but may Elynie have mercy on those who cross him.
HP: 180 (level one) 360 (Level ten) You do the math! :x
Heal Rate: 23 (level one) 30 (level ten) Again, you do the math! :twisted:
Melee Damage: 28 - 40 (Level ten, attack speed is similar to Alric's.)
Ranged Damage: 20 - 28 (Level ten, attack speed is similar to Alric's. He shoots a red ball of energy from his mouth.)
Armor: None from level one to level six, low from level seven to level ten.
Movement Speed: Karrion moves almost as fast as Durax.
Respawn Time: eighteen seconds from level one to five, fifteen from level six to ten.
Innate Abilites: On every melee attack, Karrion has a 30% / 40% / 50% chance to poison enemies with a red poison. Also, when he dies, he has a 10% chance to revive himself immediately with 50% of his total health.

Sweet Revenge: 1 / 2 / 3 Whenever Karrion is damaged, he has a 16% / 24% / 32% chance to deal 80 / 120 / 160 damage.
Soul Reaper: 1 / 2 / 3 Whenever Karrion kills an enemy, he heals himself for 25% / 50% / 75% of that enemies total health. The animation shows a red orb float from the enemies corpse and into Karrion.
Deathly Affliction: 2 / 2 / 2 Karrion marks up to 3 / 4 / 5 enemies with a glowing red curse that multiplies the damage intake of enemies by 3, plus one more for each level of magic resistance that they have. (For example: an enemy with low magic resistance would take 4 times the amount of damage that they would normally take.)
Noxious Breath: 2 / 1 / 1 Karrion covers an area with red mist that lasts for 4 / 6 / 8 slows enemies and also removes all magic resistance and armor.
Spirit Servants: 1 / 2 / 2 Karrion releases an explosion of red energy in your selected area, killing all enemies within the explosion with 400 / 500 / 600 health or less. (Note that the spell does not effect enemies with more health.) For each enemy that was destroyed, a red orb appears where they where. Each red Orb floats above the ground and looks vaguely like a red horned skull. Each orb has just as much health as the enemy that spawned it had, and they will stay there forever, or until they are killed. The Orbs do only 10 -12 melee damage and explode upon death, stunning all enemies caught within the explosion for 3 / 4 / 5 seconds. If an enemy dies while stunned, they spawn a new red orb.

"You cannot escape DEATH."
"Death has a shadow."
Upon death: "Hmph. How Ironic."

Entry 6

Mabeogu, the Orb Master

Appearance:A wizard in a flowing blue cape, with lighter blue circle designs all over it. He has dark hair. His eyes glow bright blue.

In his hero portrait, he stands with arms outstretched, palms up, with an orb above each hand and an orb in the middle.

Mabeogu is from the Far East, and from a young age was chosen as a mage in the Choson court. Later, as a more skilled wizard, he went on a journey to invent a new art. As he trekked through the cold mountains to the east, he found his new form of magic- -orb magic. Utilizing strange magical constructs, termed orbs, Mabeogu harnesses their power and his own to cast spells over an entire battlefield at once.
His quest to improve his magic has brought him to our kingdom, and he has decided to help us in our mission, if only to perfect his art.

Starts at level 5.
HP: 265 (+15) [340]
Heal Rate: 7.547% of total HP/s (20 HP/s at L5, 26 HP/s at L10)
Melee: 2 hp/s (Suffocates the enemy in an orb. Damage increases at 2 additional HP/s every 3 seconds) {Do the math, it isn't as OP as it sounds}
Ranged: 12-37 (+1, +1) [17-42] {Creates an orb between his hands, which begins to fire a laser every 0.9 seconds, dealing magic damage}
Movement Rate: Fast (Creates an orb around himself, and then zooms along) (Can travel to places not normally accessible to walking heroes) {Which literally means Arcane Quarters}
Respawn: 20 seconds

Innate Ability: Spawns an orb above the ground next to himself every 3 seconds. Note: This only activates after the level begins.


Cursed Orb (1/2/3) (Cooldown: 12 seconds)
Fires a orb which curses an enemy, making them take 150%/175%/200% damage for 6 seconds. If the enemy is killed while the effect is active, an orb is spawned on their death site.

Afflicted enemies have a black and purple orb surrounding them. Translucent, of course.

Feeder Orbs (2/2/2) (Cooldown: 25 seconds)
Launches 1/2/3 orbs into an enemy, which burst out of the enemy if it takes 25%/20%/15% of it's HP in magic damage from any source. Spawns that many orbs when the enemy dies, either from normal causes or the ability's instakill.

Afflicted enemies have a glowing blue orb above them.

As an example, at max level, it would take 41 magic damage to kill an afflicted Harasser, while an Avenger would need to take 155 damage.

Shock Orbs (3/3/3) (Cooldown: 18 seconds)
Fires a lightning bolt at the nearest orb, which proceeds to chain between orbs, as long as they aren't more than 3 meters away from each other. The bolt lasts for 1/2/3 seconds, and any enemy that touches the bolts takes 5/10/15 true damage. Enemies that touch orbs take an additional 10 true damage. If an enemy stays in the course of a bolt, it takes damage every second.

Each orb can only be chained to once over the course of the skill.

Scatter Orbs (1/1/2) (Cooldown: 10 seconds)
Launches 4/6/8 orbs (at perfect angles, of course) in all directions, which go 5 meters and deal 30 magic damage to any enemies they touch. If an orb damaged an enemy, it spawns an orb at its final location.

Hero Spell: Orb Detonation (3/3/4) (Cooldown: 75 seconds)
Detonates every orb onscreen, dealing 10/20/30 magic damage per orb. If an orb kills 5 enemies, it "respawns" where it was exploded.

The detonation of the orbs spreads in a ripple effect from the point from where the Spell was activated. For cool visuals.

Order of Importance:
If all of Mabeogu's skills are charged, he will use them in this order:
1. Cursed Orb
2. Feeder Orbs
3. Scatter Orbs
4. Shock Orbs

Playstyle and Tips:
Mabeogu is a very micro-focused, anti-crowd mage. Most of his specials are AoE, but to make proper use of his Hero Spell and Shock Orbs, one must keep him more or less constantly on the move. Thankfully, he has a little more HP than an average mage, so he can better move around quickly, cast spells, and run.

Cursed Orb can be very powerful if used against single, strong enemies, but loses effectiveness against lower HP enemies. At max level, 200% damage can shred through most, if not all, enemies in the game. Of course, it is applied after the appropriate resistance.

Feeder Orbs can be a semi-useful insta-kill, at least if you like mages. On lesser-HP enemies, a single hit from the bolts of a High Elven Mage will activate the instakill. It also creates the ever useful orbs. The only problem is magic-resistant enemies.

Scatter Orbs is another way to hopefully generate more orbs, and can be especially powerful if Mabeogu is in the middle of a horde, dealing a bit of true damage to most enemies in the horde.

Shock Orbs, as said before, relies on good placement of orbs, but can otherwise be a very useful source of true damage. While it doesn't deal that much damage on its own, the damage rapidly adds up as it hits more enemies, with a max of 75 true damage per enemy.

Finally, Orb Detonation is also like Shock Orbs, in that it requires a good amount of orbs across the screen to be utilized properly. Even if all the orbs are clustered in one place, the combined AoE power is enough to take out a good chunk of health on even things like Golems.

Pegboard Nerds - Self Destruct (Less so the more, well, dubsteppy parts, but rather the softer parts {beginning & end})

Entry 7

Alfred, The Big Bad Wolf

Description: He is standing up like a human, he has red eyes, and gray fur. He sometimes smiles and shows all his front teeth.

Lore: "We don't know anything about Alfred, since Alfred wouldn't tell us, but he always say that the "3 Little Pigs" story was all "LIES,"he exclaimed. He claims to not have blown the 3 pigs houses, and that he never wanted to eat meat. (sure). We still don't know how he arrived, since neither Prince Denas nor Alfred would say anything about it. We think that because our prince loves giving people(or wolves) second chances, our prince hired him to have a job as general. We troops still aren't sure if he is on our side, but if Prince is happy I'm happy."- Sir James, The Writer of Aredhel Times and the guard of Aredhal.

HP: 190 (When Lv.10, Alfred will have 290 HP)
ATK: 15~45 Scratches enemies with his claws (When Lv.10, Alfred will have 25~60 ATK)
Armor: Low(15%)
Attack Speed: Medium
Speed: Fast
Healing Rate: 10% per second
Respawn Rate: 10 seconds

Innate Trait

Vicious Insomnia
Alfred gains 3 ATK points every time he kills an enemy. However, if he doesn't kill any enemies in a 15 second period, ATK pints he gained from this Innate skill will deplete by 5 every second until he reaches to his original ATK points or until he kills an enemy


Devour(Recharge:15/13/11 sec); Cost:1/2/3
If the enemy Alfred's fighting has a full health less than 350/400/450 and if the enemy has half of his health gone, Alfred can instantly eat him and kills the enemy, healing Alfred 20/30/40 health once consumed.

The Surprise Shed(Recharge:20/17/14 seconds); Cost:2/2/2
Alfred sheds his fur, making the enemies stunned because of what he is doing for 3/5/7 seconds.

Midnight Howl(Recharge: 25/22/19 sec); Cost: 2/2/2
Alfred howls, making the towers and friendly units to be able to attack faster, but their damage to enemies is reduced by 5/4/3%.

Wolverine Transformation(Recharge rate: 30/25/20 seconds); Cost: 2/2/2
Alfred will transform into "Wolverine", and he will gain 30/40/50 more health and 11/13/15 more ATK points. This transformation lasts for 13/16/19 seconds.

Hero Skill
Super Lung(Recharge:55 sec); Cost: 3/3/3
Alfred will huff and puff and will blow all the nearby enemies in front of him back, also stunning them for 3/6/9 seconds.


"Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in"
"Why does everyone looks at me weirdly when I say: 'I'm a vegetarian!'?"
"Stop telling me to eat meat with you! I'm a Vegan! Gosh! Humans these days."

Entry 8
Archangel Guardian of Balance, Uriel

There were four wizards
Each had an elemental power
Fire, Earth, Water and Air
They were the keepers of balance

As time passed humans became greedy and waged war on other countries
Over the centuries the war has developed two sides, the evil and the good
And with each day men died and the evil side started to gain
The life cycle was breached where animals were slaughtered and trees cut down
To sustain an army and build more and more weapons

And the wizards decided...
It was time to act
They chose one child from a poor old farmer and told him that it was for the best
The farmer was left in sorrow as he told them the child's name
The wizards granted that child powers that were forbidden by gods
Powers that defied the rules of this world
And as years passed the child grew
And the war waged on
With each day becoming stronger until she had reached the time
When the wizards let her do what she felt was right

After years of captivity Uriel flew across the land to do what she has been told to do
She gathered her powers to end this war
She swung her sword killing all, evil and good alike
And as she swung her sword she killed thousands
People fled in fear but she continued without mercy
And at the end as she was standing over the body of her own father
She realized what she has done
And she felt fear
She flew up to see thousands of people who have fallen under her hand
It shattared him
As her sword slipped from her hand she was about to topple

And at that moment, she felt it
A power hidden in him all along
A power that could bring back souls from the dead
She couldn't control it and felt it pour out of him
Resurrecting the people that she killed
But only few that were the strongest and youngest
And as it stopped she felt drained
She looked down to see them returning to combat and her father lying, still not moving
And as she plunged down about to pick her sword and end this war
To win it for her kin and overpower her fatigue
The wizards realized their mistake
And inflicted a curse on Uriel
That with every swing of her sword she could turn evil
But she knew she had to fight
To balance out for what she has done

But the worst curse that haunted Uriel
Is that her father died under her hand

Uriel looks like an angel warrior, here is a good example:
When Uriel is on the dark side she has dark armor, a more devilish look as well as the expression of anger.


Level 1 Stats
Health: 140 (increases with 40 each level)
Armor: None
Melee Damage: 5 - 10 True damage (min damage increases by 5 with each level, max damage increases by 8 with each level)
Attack Speed: Medium
Movement Speed: Slow
- Uriel has a 3% chance to turn to the dark side with every attack (duration 7 seconds)

Level 10 Stats
Health: 500 health
Armor: Low
Melee Damage: 50 - 82 True damage (min damage increases by 5 with each level, max damage increases by 8 with each level)
Attack Speed: Medium
Movement Speed: Slow
- Uriel has a 5% chance to turn to the dark side with every attack (duration 7 seconds)

When Uriel is on the dark side she becomes uncontrollable, moves towards the exit and fights your own troops with basic attacks as well as using the full arsenal of abilities.
If Uriel gets to the exit while being on the dark side you will not lose lives however Uriel will turn around


Justice: 1 / 2 / 3 Uriel powers up her sword to deal area splash damage
Duration: 2 / 3 / 5 attacks
AOE: very small / small / medium

Taking Sides: 2 / 2 / 3 Turn your enemies into your friends
Number of Enemies: 3 / 4 / 5
Cooldown: 40 seconds

Causes your enemies to fight for you
Wings Of Liberty: 1 / 1 / 3 Uriel gains wings ( speed increase ) as well as making her immune from all magic damage
Cost: 1 / 1 / 2
Speed: Medium
Duration: 4 / 7 / 12 seconds
Cooldown: 30 seconds

Wings allow Uriel to fly over irregular terrain such as water and empty space and increase speed

Second Chance: 2 / 2 / 2 Uriel gives her allies a second chance at life
Allies revived/healed: 1 / 3 / 5
Cooldown: 40 seconds

If there were less people dead than max allies revived, heals the rest to max health
eg: 2 militia revived and 3 heaaled to full health

Godlike: 4 / 4 / 4 Uriel teleports to target location and slams her sword into the ground after a 1 second delay, for every enemy in the target area, Uriel gains 7 / 9 / 11 damage and deals her damage.
Damage Gained: 7 / 9 / 11
Damage Duration: 8 seconds
Cooldown: 70 seconds

The damage calculation is done before the damage so the damage gets increased
eg: lvl 10 Uriel, 3 enemies = 83 - 115

All these skills would be used against you if Uriel turns on the Dark Side!

if Uriel has all her abilities ready she would use them in this order:
- Wings Of Liberty (only if Uriel's enemies cause magic damage, or if Uriel has to get over impassible terrain)
- Taking Sides
- Second Chance
- Justice

Entry 9

Big Bad Juice Bug

The product of horrendously horrifying horrorific horrors, Big Bad Juice Bug is made of what were once 2 separate human beings. The first is BBB, a little nublet creature with curly black hair, dark eyes, tan skin, and a face that looks horribly disfigured but is actually just naturally ugly. The second is Juice Box, with fair skin, light brown hair, deep blue eyes, and a perfect smile. She obviously has to make up for BBB's terrifyingly terrifying terror of a face with her beauty, but doesn't have to try that hard because, as ugly as BBB is, he is not nearly as ugly as Juice Box is beautiful. This combination of the 2 has Juice Box's superior queen body and head on the left and BBB's inferior nublet body and head on the right. BBJB wields no weapons, instead fighting with the superhuman strength granted by Juice Box's physical prowess.

Since the beginning of time, Juice Box has always been beautiful and BBB has always been wrong and ugly. They have been constantly at war for eons since they met, arguing about being able to mix towers between games, the best ways to farm XP in Frontiers, and whether or not Alric could beat Eridan in a fight. On a certain day, which seemed like none out of the ordinary since Juice Box was still blessing the world with her presence and BBB was still being wrong and arguing with her, the two were so focused and impassioned in their argument about what 16 year olds should and shouldn't do with their boyfriends and girlfriends that they didn't notice the 2 Ogre Magi that snuck up behind them, clouted the 2 unshippable teens on the head, and stuffed them into a bag to be brought to Bram the Beheader.

Since Bram was a kissless virgin cuck like BBB, he was understandably mesmerized by Juice Box's sheer beauty and transcendence of perfection. Instead of beheading them like normal, Bram instead used archaic Ogre magic to fuse the 2 together, creating the cringeworthy abomination known as BBJB. When Juice Box came to her senses, which was before BBB because Juice Box is more superiorest to BBB in every way, she was enraged and promptly kicked Bram in the nuts, forcing him to spend the rest of his days sitting down to limit the pain. She then beat up BBB. Three times. Unfortunately, BBB's natural desperation for a girlfriend because he's a kissless virgin cuck fuels the magic and keeps them together, so that not even Juice Box's mighty strength can outmatch BBB's pathetic desperation and pull them apart.

BBJB now roams around the Elven continent, unable to escape because BBB can't swim (or drink alcohol lol) and because nobody wants to help an abomination that has BBB's face on it. Juice Box's unending but understandable rage at being permanently stuck to BBB fuels BBJB's desire to fight every enemy it finds. The Sylvan Elves just let BBJB battle foes and stay back, letting Juice Box's clearly superior fighting abilities do the work for them, while they worship her and cringe at BBB. If you ever run into BBJB, make sure you get on their good side, which is the left side, obviously.

HP: 600
Regen: 50
Melee: 33-50 physical per second
-Despite Juice Box being incredibly awesome, BBB's kissless virgin cuck weakness evens out their attack power and makes it average.
Armor: None
Speed: Fast
-Because BBB and Juice Box are both pretty fast (but Juice Box is faster) BBJB moves very quickly
Respawn: lol Juice Box can't die but BBB has a respawn (unfortunately) of 20 seconds

Epicosity: (3/3/3) Juice Box stares intensely at enemies, spawning pure epicosity from the earth, sky, and sea, burning all enemies for 50/75/100 damage on the ground near her, striking 3/5/7 lightning bolts on random enemies for 20/40/60 true damage, and summoning a wave that stuns enemies for 2/3/4 seconds. 25 seconds cooldown.

Kissless Virgin Cuck: (1/1/1) Because BBB is a kissless virgin cuck, he tries to get attention from enemies, causing them to run backwards down the path at double speed for 3/4/5 seconds, attacking any other enemies in their way so they can get as far away from BBB as possible. 20 seconds cooldown.

Pete and Repeat: (3/3/3) Juice Box summons Pete and Repeat to repeatedly (and peatedly) attack an enemy, dealing 10 damage initially and gaining 20/40/60% damage per second until the enemy eventually dies. 28 seconds cooldown.

Nubliteration: (1/1/1) BBB, because he is a stupid ugly weak apathetic retarded woman-deflecting no-abs desperate self-hating depressed kissless girlfriend-less virgin cuck who's never had alcohol, he fails life and dies, which causes all towers and Juice Box to celebrate his demise by attacking 50/100/150% faster for 2/4/6 seconds. 30 seconds cooldown.

Trick of Fate: (3/4/5) Juice Box and BBB get in an argument about buying Dragon's Dogma, with an equal chance of Juice Box either defying BBB and burning all copies of Dragon's Dogma which deals 200/400/600/800 fire damage across the map or Juice Box deciding that arguing with the only kissless virgin cuck in the world is not worth the time and letting BBB force all enemies on-screen to play Dragon's Dogma, keeping them in place for 4/8/12/16 seconds. 75 seconds cooldown.


JB and BBB each have their own set of qutoes. Only one ever speaks at a time when moving.

  • (Death) I hate you...

  • AIDS.
  • You should get Dragon's Dogma. (33% chance that JB will reply, "NO, GET DUELYST!!!")
  • Never speak of the BBJB Incident ever again!
  • I'll review that later...
  • Oh no, Pepe is online again!
  • (Death) I'll finish Kingdom Rush Total Analysis later, then...

Playstyle: BBJB is half worth your money and half a kissless virgin cuck. While they can deal immense damage with Juice Box's crowd control and high-DPS skills, BBB weighs everything down by being a nublet. Plus, because you need to have a girlfriend to be a cuck, the forever-single BBB's existence is nullified, so his skills can't even do anything. At least that means that Juice Box will always get her way with the Hero Spell since her high-damage effect is clearly superior to BBB's stalling effect. BBB is a nublet.
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Ninja » Thu Jul 28, 2016 9:30 pm

I'm glad that there are so many entries! This will be a good contest. :D (Y'know, it seems like the simple contests always get the most participants. ;))

Some thoughts on a few of the entries:

(Entry 3) I hope that whoever made this entry realizes that multiplying by less than 1 (talking about the HS) makes a number smaller. Also, this entry has great lore.

(Entry 5) This entry is short, but it has some cool things in it. I like how the hero's name is a pun on "carrion".

(Entry 8) Um, what? This is exactly the same thing as Entry 2. :?

(Entry 9) No one could possibly know more random stuff about JB than the person who wrote this entry, so I'm assuming that it was JB, and she's trying to win this contest using pure humor alone to convince us to vote for her entry. Either that or it's BBB being totally self-deprecating for no reason.
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by The Kingmaker » Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:03 pm

Daaaaaamn I wasn't trying very hard but I missed it.

Let's see...
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Big Bad Bug » Thu Jul 28, 2016 10:57 pm

Ninja wrote:(Entry 8) Um, what? This is exactly the same thing as Entry 2. :?

Oops! :oops:

I'll just total up the votes from Entry 2 and 8 combined. ;)

By the way, anyone who's participated in the contest should try not to review all of the entries but 1 during the voting unless they want to reveal their own entry. Just a reminder. :)
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Ninja » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:41 am

4 votes for Entry 9? Really? I admit it's funny, but that's all it's got going for it.

@BBB: Did you create an entry? :)
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Juice Box » Fri Jul 29, 2016 4:26 am

Lol I'm not sure if this is allowed, but don't worry, guys, I didn't make an entry :b .
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Ruby_Hex » Fri Jul 29, 2016 4:43 am

Ninja wrote:4 votes for Entry 9? Really? I admit it's funny, but that's all it's got going for it.

@BBB: Did you create an entry? :)

Kinda agree with you there. I don't mean to hurt the feelings of whoever made that hero, because it is amusing, but I worry that people sometimes overlook other factors just because it's funny and random. Oh well, to each their own. :roll:
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by FeedDaKingdom » Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:44 am

Damn, entry number nine......
as soon as you see the hero name you know you'll vote for it.
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Ninja » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:16 pm

FeedDaKingdom wrote:Wow, entry number nine......
as soon as you see the hero name you know you voted it.

I didn't vote for it. I'm still deciding whether Entry 3 or Entry 6 is better.
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Big Bad Bug » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:18 pm

So much hate for Entry 9 in the comments. Maybe people do like it for more than just the humor. ;)
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Ninja » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:23 pm

Hate for Entry 9? There's like only one comment that could be considered hate towards it.
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Big Bad Bug » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:25 pm

Ninja wrote:Hate for Entry 9? There's like only one comment that could be considered hate towards it.

Yours and Ruby Hex's posts are both demeaning to Entry 9, and FDK's could imply negativity. ;)
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Ninja » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:33 pm

Big Bad Bug wrote:
Ninja wrote:Hate for Entry 9? There's like only one comment that could be considered hate towards it.

Yours and Ruby Hex's posts are both demeaning to Entry 9, and FDK's could imply negativity. ;)

That isn't hate. I said it was funny, but that's all. I'm not hating on it; I actually think it's a very good entry. The humor is masterful. My only problem with it is that it appears that the creator of Entry 9 only put effort in to create a funny hero, rather than an interestingly lore-backgrounded hero with a cool playstyle. Heroes aren't meant to be big jokes, no matter how funny the jokes are.
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Big Bad Bug » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:35 pm

Catha is the exception to that arbitrary rule you just created. ;)
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by FeedDaKingdom » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:36 pm

Entry #1
Story is.....well....just a simple explanation
Somewhat too tanky (more HP than Faustus? yeah thats tanky)
Well i think overall he is just too...uninvolved, he has enough HP and crowd control abilites that doesnt require much aim that you could just sit him in a chokepoint and leave him the entire game.
Ritual of Ruin might be OP vs bosses
definitely not a $5 hero, more like a $7 like Faustus, and even then its still a tad bit more powerful than him.

Entry #2 & 8
You could cut the first part of the story until he joins the army, and it wouldnt make much of a difference, it just makes the story unnecessarily dark.
How much damage does the fire do?
his hero spell is weak in terms of damage alone for a 40 second cooldown, but we don't know the fire damage....
Dont know how his pricing should be considering we dont know his biggest damage component.

Entry #3
Excellent story, as it fits into the KR lore, arguably the best.
Good nuking potential, even with regular attacks.
Has a good support option although its not his main focus.
HS can be underwhelming for its cooldown, esp. on lower levels.
Probably fits better as a cheaper $2 or $3 hero like Reg'son or Prince Denas.

Entry #4
Good Heavens! Great Balls of Lightning!
Story is nice, her appearance is also good (small but dont underestimate her)
her damage is very poor for a mage without cyclone, with cyclone, it becomes acceptable (somewhere between Arivan and Vez'nan)
her stun would be good, if she doesnt have a 2.5 second attack cooldown,
Rising winds has a completely unneeded component of the AoE, as it pushes the target back down a random amount, you cant decide where the AoE would hit.
Does thunder roll ability cooldown speed up times stack?
Main problem here is if she dies, she becomes significantly weaker as she loses all clouds (assumption) and cyclone stacks (because she doesnt attack if she is ded)
Would fit as a pretty interesting free hero, although would also be good as a cheap hero.

Entry #5
Looks cool but has just a simple background lore.
Somewhat too fragile for a high melee damage hero.
Where are the spell cooldowns?
How much poison damage he does? Why does he even have the 10% revive chance? Why a chance based ability?
Soul Reaper is extremely bad if the only health absorbed is from enemies Karrion kills directly.
Deathly affliction is pretty much a death sentence for those afflicted, but again, what is the cooldown?
Noxious Breath can be OP especially against Twilight Elves and Spiders
The HS is pretty good, combines damage with stalling power.

Entry #6
Looks....okay i guess, in my imagination....(gahh what am i thinking)
Story is Okay
Auto attack damage is pathetic for a mage, even the ranged attacks just ends up a little bit stronger than Arivan's
Cursed Orb can pretty much replace a Hunters Mark GL, and in combo with Sylvan's Curse can be really strong, dont know if its enough to be OP though.
Feeder Orb is a cool way of a easy kill spell. Kinda similar to Polymorph, the enemy is still there but a lot weaker, but still needs your interference in order to kill.
Shock Orbs and HS kinda goes against each other, as you want as many orbs active at the same time to maximize Shock Orb damage, but the HS does the opposite of destroying all orbs.
For a $5 hero, he should be okay.

Entry #7
Appearance looks generic to a Lycan the way you describe it.
Interesting story perspective.
TOO FRAGILE for a melee focused hero, Devour heal doesnt help with that.
A 1 man stun would require a lot of micro to successfully land on a high priority target, its basically Denas' celebrity but worse.
How much faster for the increase attack speed? why would you even need to reduce their damage?
If he can transform into a wolverine with just a 1 second break, this begs the question of why doesnt just make him a wolverine, and boost his stats?
Catha's Stun lasts only 1 second shorter but has half the cooldown and can be placed anywhere, HS is very weak in that regard.
Free hero definitely, and will then even still be lackluster.

Entry #9
Story is..nuff said really
Epicosity, KVC, and pete and repeat are good and well balanced.
Nubliteration is too strong. Kahz's boost lasts 2 second shorter and is half as effective but with the same cooldown. If anything, look at the sorcerer stone buff and compare this with it.
Hero spell is wayyy OP, its basically a map wide wipe, or a map wide disable, both of which means....well....everyone dies
7$ hero
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Magnus0 » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:44 pm

can I reveal which hero I made already? Everybody who wanted to vote seems to have voted already so I don't think there will be biased votes at this point...
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Ninja » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:45 pm

Big Bad Bug wrote:Catha is the exception to that arbitrary rule you just created. ;)

Catha isn't a joke, she's just a poorly designed hero. I'm sure the devs didn't only want Catha to be laughed at. And the rule isn't arbitrary because it's true, as every hero in existence at least tried to be engaging, though many failed.
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Magnus0 » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:48 pm

Ninja wrote:
Big Bad Bug wrote:Catha is the exception to that arbitrary rule you just created. ;)

Catha isn't a joke, she's just a poorly designed hero. I'm sure the devs didn't only want Catha to be laughed at. And the rule isn't arbitrary because it's true, as every hero in existence at least tried to be engaging, though many failed.

How is she poorly designed? I love her. Her abilities have very nice synergy with each other, something that not a lot of heroes have. You act like she's a failure that deserves to be laughed at by everyone, even though many people really like her.
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by FeedDaKingdom » Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:51 pm

If only Catha's voice isnt that high pitched whistle............
She is poorly designed in terms of her appearance and especially voice, probably the lore too although i dont know what's her lore.
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Re: Hero Design Contest Voting

by Ninja » Fri Jul 29, 2016 4:00 pm

Magnus0 wrote:
Ninja wrote:
Big Bad Bug wrote:Catha is the exception to that arbitrary rule you just created. ;)

Catha isn't a joke, she's just a poorly designed hero. I'm sure the devs didn't only want Catha to be laughed at. And the rule isn't arbitrary because it's true, as every hero in existence at least tried to be engaging, though many failed.

How is she poorly designed? I love her. Her abilities have very nice synergy with each other, something that not a lot of heroes have. You act like she's a failure that deserves to be laughed at by everyone, even though many people really like her.

I understand that many people like her, but way more people don't. Also, everything but her HS is UP. Now, if you want to make another one of the many "WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE CATHA!!!111???1!?" threads, then go ahead, but let's not continue the off-topic discussion here. ;)
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