KRV enemies (my version)

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KRV enemies (my version)

by truteal » Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:22 pm

Since it's released in some parts of the world I might as well post this (I'm spoilering it just in case though)

You start off at the Wastes, then Mountains and finally the Plains (Enemies with a * can only be found in their environment)

Wasteland enemies
Woodcutter*: Weakest enemy
Worker*: Now has Low Armour
Watchdog: The same only weaker
Lumberjack*: Generic big enemy, looks like the Woodcutter only Marauder sized and has a plaid shirt
Recruit: The same only weaker
Footman: The same only weaker
Archer: Weak Range Attacker
Mage: Medium Magic Resistance, range Magic Attack and can heal allies
Dwarf Bomber: Area Range Attacker
Hawk: Generic Flying enemy
Troop Captain: The same only weaker

Mountain enemies
Barbarian*: The same only has Range Attack
Worghound: A tougher Watchdog, looks like an Irish Wolfhound with a spiked collar
Falcon: A faster and tougher Hawk
Sasquatch*: Generic really big enemy
Sorcerer: High Magic Resistance, range Magic Attack and can summon Earth Elementals
Earth Elemental: Medium Armour but has less health than the Sasquatch

Plains enemies
Shepard: Can summons Rams
Ram: A Sheep with horns, can charge and has low armour
Dairy Farmer: A Troop Captain sized Farmer wearing a white shirt with black spots, can throw Glass Milk Bottles at allies, healing them and giving them low armour (calcium for strong bones) can also heal himself by drinking milk
Paladin: The same only with Medium Armour and Medium Magic Resistance
Cavalry: The Same only with the same amount of health as the Paladin
Musketeer: Pretty much the same
Eagle: A tougher Hawk that is slower and tougher than a Falcon
Sylvan Elf: Pretty much the same
Stag: These large deer native to Silveroak Forest can charge
Griffin: Can fly (like the Gulaemon)
Devoted Priest: Pretty much the same only can now also give allies protective shields
Arcane Magnus: Pretty much the same only with Great Magic Resistance
Imperial Guard: Has more health than a Paladin and Great Armour
Hunter: A tougher Musketeer that can summon Wulfhounds
Wulfhound: A faster Watchdog, looks like a Foxhound with a spiked collar
Shieldbearer: Pretty much the same only completely invulnerable when not attacking (like Ulguk-Hai)
Kingsguard: Has more health than an Imperial Guard and has both High Armour and High Magic Resistance

Northern Enemies
Viking: Pretty much the Northern Wildling only tougher
Ice Elemental: Has High Armour and can freeze towers, replaces the Frost Giant and the Svell Druid
Evolva Borealis: A strange ghostly creature with the colours of the northern lights, immune to physical attacks and can transform Apex Shards into Apex Stalkers
Valhallabound: A larger Northern Wildling with a blood red beard and has arrows, swords and axes impaled in him, can only be hurt by warriors
Valkyrie: The Same only now can heal allies

Dwarven Enemies
Dwarven Gyrocycle: A Dwarf wearing goggles and a pickelhaube riding an archaic looking motorcycle, cannot be blocked and replaces the Clockwork Spider as the Dwarven fast unit
Warhammer Guard: The Same only tougher

If you have any questions, feel free to ask
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Re: KRV enemies (my version)

by Sirsquier » Fri Dec 14, 2018 2:44 am

Some of those ain't in vengeance!!!! :skull: :skull: :skull:
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Re: KRV enemies (my version)

by EpicPhantom999 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:30 pm

It isn't supposed to be in Vengeance.
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