Aeris' KRV Towers: Saurians

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Aeris' KRV Towers: Saurians

by AerisDraco » Wed Nov 21, 2018 10:03 pm

First tower fanfiction. haha

Deathcoil Gunner

Damage: 35-45/65-75/100-110/140-150
Fire Rate: Very Slow (4.0 seconds)
Range: Long/Great/Extreme/Extreme
Cost: 130/220/310/400

I: A small pillbox like structure, with the Deathcoil firing from inside.
II: A taller structure, where the Deathcoil is now visible, using a high-tech crossbow.
III: A winding tower, where the Deathcoil lays down and fires from the top.
IV: Deathcoil Sniper: A black metal tower, with lines of orange LEDs running up the sides. The Deathcoil has the same position at the top, but is now equipped with a plain sniper rifle.

I-III: Cold-blooded snipers expert at long-range damage.
IV: The elite of the elite, these Deathcoils embody "one shot, one kill". Make sure you aren't their target.

Build Quote: The Deathcoil speaks in a low voice with rolled s's.
-"Easy prey."
-"No one escapes from my sight."
-"One shot, one kill."
IV: "Ah, target practice."


Focus Fire [Innate]
Effect: Use the rally to make the Deathcoil focus on targets in a certain area. Rally on the tower to return to default targeting.

Break Morale (275/275/275) [Active, 20 seconds]

Written Quote: "Kill the snake's head."
Spoken Quote: "Running only makes it easier."

Effect: Fires a shot dealing 180/360/540 true damage to the highest HP enemy in range. If this kills, fear nearby enemies for 2 seconds. When targeted, a red laser sight will appear on the target.

Piercing Bolt (200) [Passive]

Written Quote: "You can't stop a bullet."
Spoken Quote: "Bodies will not shield you."

Effect: Bolts can pierce between enemies.

Deadly Shots (200/200/200) [Passive]

Written Quote: "Right between the eyes."
Spoken Quote: "Target sighted."

Effect: Consecutive shots on the same target from the Sniper deal 25%/50%/75% bonus damage. This stacks up to 300% bonus damage. Affects Break Morale. As it stacks, the LEDs on the tower's sides light up.

Saurian Guards

HP: 80/130/180/230
Damage: 2-3/4-5/6-7/8-9 (Attacks every 1.0 seconds)
Armor: 10%/20%/30%/40%
Respawn: 12 seconds
Cost: 100/150/200/250

I: Red-mohawked Saurians with short spears. They spawn from a angled gray block, like a futuristic version of the Harasser tower.
II: The Saurians are equipped with chest armor and longer spears. The tower gains a number of light-up spines.
III: The Saurians have improved armor, with visible pauldrons and leggings. The tower is now larger and even more spiny.
IV: Myrmidon's Nest: Blue-mohawked Saurians, wielding machetes and armored in gray plate. A blue disc sits in the center of the armor.

I-III: Saurian warriors trained to guard their massive underground brood chambers.
IV: Elite armored Saurians with a powerful bite.

Build Quote: Guards generally yell their quotes.
-"Call us to war!"
-"I smell blood."
IV: "Offense is the best defense."


Biting Attack [Innate]
Attacks with a bite that deals 5/10/15/25 true damage. Used every 7 attacks.

Warp Strike (250/125/125) [Active]

Written Quote: "Entering hyperspace."
Spoken Quote: "Watch this."

Effect: Teleports to an enemy. Deals 5/10/15 magic AoE damage upon teleporting, attacks once, before the Saurian teleports back, repeating the AoE damage. Used every 9 attacks.

Sustaining Shield (250/150/150) [Passive]

Written Quote: "Guardian Shell."
Spoken Quote: "I won't die today."

Effect: When dealt fatal damage, gains a shield. The shield's HP is 1 HP for every 4/3/2 points of damage dealt since the shield was last activated. 7 second CD between activations. Shield lasts up to 10 seconds.

Battle Fury (150/150/150) [Passive]

Written Quote: "Stronger. Faster. Braver."
Spoken Quote: "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry."

Effect: Attacks 10% faster for every 21/15/11 HP lost.

Savant's Lair

Damage: 7-12/30-40/65-80/95-115
Fire Rate: Slow (Attacks every 1.75 seconds)
Range: Average/Long/Long/Great
Cost: 125/175/250/320

I: A black, flat-topped, conical structure. Cyan accents line its sides. The Savant, hoodless, stands on top, shooting lightning from its staff.
II: The tower is a little bit taller, with prongs extending from the top of the tower. These glow with static, and channel into the Savant while it fires.
III: At the base, more prongs are added, which connect to the upper set when firing.
IV: Technomancer: A forest of metallic antenna now encircle the tower's sides. The top prongs are much larger now, and hold a singularity between them. The Savant is now hooded, with a fancier staff.

I-III: Skilled Saurians who blast their foes with lightning.
IV: Masters of technology, adept at destroying their enemies.

Build Quote: Speaks in a very haughty tone. Has a slight tendency to roll the s's.
-"You dare to challenge me?"
-"You are not prepared."
-"I will put you in your place!"
IV: "My dominance is unquestionable!"


Ionic Beam [Innate]
Gains up to 50% damage based on how far an enemy is from the tower.

Holoport (250) [Active, 15 seconds]

Written Quote: "Back you go."
Spoken Quote: "Now you're thinking with portals."

Effect: Throws a disc which lands on the ground, which unfolds into a hologram. This can engage 1 enemy. After 2.5 seconds, teleports any nearby enemies backwards.

Singularity (260/130/130) [Active, 20 seconds]

Written Quote: "Event horizon."
Spoken Quote: "You can't resist this!"

Effect: The Savant fires the singularity at the top of the tower like a grenade. Once it lands, it forces all nearby enemies to the center of the affected area for 2 seconds. Upgrades increase the AoE. Requires at least 3 possible targets to be used.

Lightning Nova (275/275/275) [Active, 40 seconds]

Written Quote: "Electric surge."
Spoken Quote: "Your fate is sealed."

Effect: Channels for 1 second, creating a circle of electricity on the ground. After, a massive column of lightning erupts from the ring, dealing 200-300/300-400/400-500 damage to all enemies in the area. Each kill reduces the cooldown by 2.5 seconds. Requires at least 3 possible targets to be used.

Ripper Brute

Damage: 8-12/20-28/40-52/68-84
Fire Rate: Average (Attacks every 1.4 seconds)
Range: Average/Average/Average/Long
Cost: 135/210/285/350

I: The Brute stands atop a small black metal box, armored in its usual outfit, with a single whip in one hand.
II: The Brute's armor is now comprised of black metal. The box it stands on is not much fancier. The whip now leaves a trail when attacking.
III: The Brute holds two whips, and has cooler armor plate. The box is a tad bit taller, but now cylindrical.
Saurian Devastator: The Brute wears a black metal mask, with red eye slits. The tower has two rings of LEDs around its base, red and orange, which display the cooldown of any active skills, turning full color when a skill is off CD.

I-III: Massive and strong Suarians, who swing a whip with enough force to smash smaller enemies.
IV: Devastators are a special breed of Saurian who delight in inflicting pain, modifying themselves to inflict greater devastation. Hope they do not turn on their allies.

Build Quote: Speaks in a deep growl, with pauses between its simple dialogue.
IV: "!"


Lashing Strike [Innate]
While attacking, the Brute lashes out, swiping its whip in a semicircle, dealing damage to each enemy caught in the whip. Whips always strike in a direction inverse to the path.

Searing Grip (220/80/80) [Active, 9 seconds]

Written Quote: "No escape!"
Spoken Quote: "!"

Effect: Grabs the enemy closest to the exit in range and pulls them toward the tower. Deals normal damage, stuns the target for 0.5/1/1.5 seconds, and destroys 10%/20%/30% of their armor. Visible through the orange LEDs.

Heavy Whip (300) [Passive]

Written Quote: "Whip it good!"
Spoken Quote: "Back!"

Effect: Each strike pushes enemies back in the direction of the whip, unless they are blocked or otherwise incapacitated.

Triple Strike (250/250/250) [Active, 18 seconds]

Written Quote: "Bam! Bam! Bam!"
Spoken Quote: "DIE!"

Effect: Overcharges the Devastator's muscles, striking a small area (roughly 60 degrees) thrice in quick succession, dealing 25-50/75-100/125-150 true damage per strike. Visible through the red LEDs.
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Re: Aeris' KRV Towers: Saurians

by GoddessArtemis » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:51 am

This looks really good, I love how the designs and the abilities fit the Saurians in KRF. For the first tower, I have two questions and a suggestion.

1. How does fear work? I assume they run back towards the entrance for a short time?

2. How does Piercing Bolt work? Does the bullet travel in a line like Goblirangs or does it bounce between enemies?

3. I think the Focus Fire ability could be improved, as there is no way to predict where important targets will be. I have two ideas:
- different settings like in BTD, so it can be switched between 'first' and 'strongest'
- if the player clicks on an enemy (which is already a feature to see their stats), all snipers in range will target that enemy
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Re: Aeris' KRV Towers: Saurians

by AerisDraco » Sun Jan 13, 2019 7:57 pm

There are two instances of fear in KRV already - Beresad's Fear the Dragon & (accidentally) Mortemis' Call of the Haunted. But yes, it does make them run toward the entrance.

The bullet travels in a straight line.

The Focus Fire innate was intended to make it easier to, well, Focus Fire, so I see it is a partial solution.
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