KR Adventures: The Revival

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KR Adventures: The Revival

by AerisDraco » Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:48 pm

Welcome back. It's been a long, long time, hasn't it.

Start Screen
When you start a new save file, instead of getting the normal difficulty pop-up, you get a different one, as in this game, you get to choose a race, between the typical Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. And even more so, once you choose, you get to choose a god, which has special benefits.
The god options are as follows:
For the Humans:
-Regnos, God of the Sea and Rivers
-Sagate, Goddess of Wisdom and Balance

For the Elves:
-Elynie, Goddess of Life and Emotions
-Ederus, God of Knowledge, Desire, and Magic

For the Dwarves:
-Zezzar, God of Weather and Strength
-Cetuda, Goddess of the Earth and Fire

When you enter the game, you see a portion of this map:


Map credit goes to RaZoR LeAf.

The red dots represent dwarf levels, humans are in blue, and elves in green.
In addition, the map slowly expands as you progress through the campaign.

New Menu Items

God Altar

A new feature in KRA is the God Altar, accessed from the main map screen.

When entering this room, you have two god altars, the one currently in use and the one that isn't. There is a select button if you would like to change your patron deity.

From that screen, you can see what the passives and negatives are for each god.

How it works:

In game, after level 2, you are granted access to the Temple building. It is always placed somewhere on a map.

When selecting the Temple, you have two abilities. First is the ability to "Pray".
This is an AoE ability which removes non-reinforcement soldiers from the map, and creates Worship points, through the following formula:
(Effective HP / 10) * (DPS / 3) * (Wave)

Effective HP is normal HP times armor as a percentage. (40% armor equals 1.4x)

Pray has a 10 second CD.
These Worship Points are accumulated outside of battle, but they also have an intra-battle effect.

The other button on the Temple is the "God Spell".
These vary between Gods, and are explored on their individual pages, but the cooldowns of any of them can be reduced by generating Worship, at a rate of -1 second of CD per 100 points of Worship.

Outside of battle, Worship also accumulates toward adding new levels to your god, up to a maximum of 10.
Each new level requires (3K * current level) Worship points, to a maximum of level 10.

Each god has 14 available upgrades, and you can only add one per level, so you'll have to be careful with what you choose. However, there is an option to respec if you so choose.
They are arranged in a pyramid, with each tier having 1 more skill then the last, and each new skill requiring a skill from a previous tier.

Hero Room

The hero system has been changed from the original system I had in place. Rather than 10 possible skills, each hero has been trimmed down to 5.

However, there is a new replacement feature - "Ascension Levels"

For each stage completed with 3 stars after a hero reaches Level 10, you unlock 1 Ascension Point.

Each of these points can be used to improve 1 skill, in either a way that boosts their original function or mildly changes it.

These special upgrades can be reset as wanted.

Gnome Shop

The items are shared between the three races.

Ritual Scroll (150 gems)
A special scroll which calls upon the gods to help their followers.
The god spell recharges twice as fast for 5 seconds, and sending soldiers to the temple grants double worship points.

Microburst (200 gems)
A short but powerful burst of air which causes damage to those near it.
Creates a small, but deadly burst of air that pushes enemies back along the track. It also deals damage, and pushes flying enemies downwards for 2 seconds, to be targeted by Artillery.

Freezing Rain (400 gems)
Call upon a storm of icy rain to freeze your foes!
Creates a storm over the whole screen, raining down 7 ice particles over 3.5 seconds. Each particle freezes enemies in a small AoE for 7 seconds.

Engineer Draft (600 gems)
Draft a cadre of gnomes to construct better defenses!
Upgrade 3 towers for free in an area, a little bigger than a horn of heroism. The price under any upgrade (including tower abilities) will turn to 0.

Necrotic Extractor (850 gems)
Use this piece of technomancy to draw life from the dead!
Places a machine, which glows green, on the track. It will suck the lives from opponents that die around it in a small range and turns them into lives for you. Each enemy is worth one life.

Shatter Wave (999 gems)
Deploy this magical device upon the track to wreak havoc by resonant frequency!
Insta-kills everything on-screen. If a boss is present, takes around ~1500 damage and halves attack/special damage.

Dwarf Campaign

Elf Campaign

Human Campaign
KRA is now complete.
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Re: KR Adventures: The Revival

by AerisDraco » Fri Feb 01, 2019 2:50 pm

Premium Heroes

Premium Hero: Fiona the Rider ($1.99)

One of the greatest riders in the world, Fiona is skilled in both melee and ranged combat from atop her steed.

Hero Portrait: Fiona stands in full riding armor, holding a large spear that stretches past the top of the portrait.
Appearance: This'll surprise you, but Fiona rides... a horse! She wields a spear.

HP: 320 (+20) [500]
Melee Damage: 10-15 (+2,+2) [28-33] (Stabs with spear every 1.5 seconds)
Ranged Damage: 9-18 (+2, +2) [27-36] (Fires a bow every 2 seconds) {Can fire while moving}
Armor: 40%
Speed: Fast
Respawn: 25 seconds

Charge (1/2/3) (Active, 12 seconds)
Charges at an enemy line, dealing 50-100 damage and stunning for 1/2/3 seconds.
Trample: Charge now pierces through multiple enemy lines.
Battle Rush: Damage for all attacks and abilities is increased by 250% for 3 seconds after charging.

Vault (2/2/2) (Passive)
While in melee, Fiona has a 15%/30%/45% chance to vault out of way of an incoming attack and instantly attack.
Precision Strike: While vaulting, Fiona has a 10% chance to IK the enemy.
Agile Dismount: Increases dodge chance to 75%, and triples the instant attack damage.

Fire Arrow (2/2/2) (Active, 4 seconds)
Fires a fiery arrow, burning the target at 3/6/9 d/s for 5 seconds. Does not stack.
Fiery Barrage: Increases CD to 10 seconds, but fires 4 arrows at once.
Fiery Mark: Burned enemies take 5% more damage. Burn damage and damage increase stack between applications.

Horse Archery (2/2/2) (Passive)
Reduces CD of ranged attack to 1.75/1.5/1.25 seconds.
Gains a 10% chance to fire barrage shots, firing 3 shots rather than 1.
Crossbow: Decreases CD to 0.75 seconds, but reduces damage by 50%. Increases barrage chance to 25%.
Trick Shot: Barrages fire 5 shots, and normal shots fire 2. Normal CD increased to 1.5 seconds.

Epic Mount (4/4/4) (Hero Spell, 60 seconds)
Promotes Fiona's mount to a Pegasus. Fiona can now fly from area to area, dealing 40-80 damage when she lands. In addition, her dodge chance is improved by 20% and she deals an additional 20% damage as magic damage.
Lasts for 15 seconds.
Unicorn: Increases bonus magic damage to 50% and grants a +100% damage aura to Barracks and a +50% damage aura to other towers.
Wyvern: Changes mount to a Wyvern. Wyverns can attack, dealing 10-20 damage every second, and burning for 5 d/s for 5 seconds. Can attack while moving. Additional damage is changed to physical.

Premium Hero: Cutler, the General ($2.99)

Commander of the 91st Gnome Battalion, Cutler will bring the wrath of the gnomes upon our enemies!

Hero Portrait: Cutler stands in the middle of the portrait, with a variety of military armaments behind him.
Appearance: A single gnome, wearing a large hat. He is armed with a small knife.

HP: 80 (+10) [170]
Melee: 6-14 (+1, +1) [15-23] {Slashes with a knife every second}
Armor: 25%
Speed: Fast
Respawn: 10 seconds

Army of Gnomes (Innate)
Summons 3 gnome infantry. The infantry array in a triangle around Cutler.

Gnome Infantry
HP: 50
Damage: 3-7 (Stabs with a bayonet every 1.5 seconds/fires a short-ranged rifle every 2 seconds)
Speed: Medium
Respawn: 8 seconds

Infantry Squadron (1/1/1) (Passive)
Summons 1/2/3 additional Gnome Infantry, adding into the triangle around Cutler.
Gnome Bazookas: Ranged attack damage of Infantry is increased to 5-12, with an AoE effect. Melee damage is unchanged.
Gnome Snipers: 3 Infantry stay behind Cutler in a separate formation, armed with sniper rifles that deal 10-20 damage. Melee damage is reduced to 2-4, and HP is reduced to 40.

Cavalry Brigade (3/3/3) (Passive)
Summons 1/2/3 Gnome Cavalry. They array ahead of Cutler. They ride small ponies.
HP: 70
Damage: 8-12 (Stabs with a spear every 1.75 seconds)
Speed: Fast
Respawn: 10 seconds
Gnome Hunters: Fights using rifles, gaining a ranged attack, which deals 7-10 damage every second. Also adds +5 HP to each.
Gnome Armor: Arms Cavalry with a tank. Reduces number to 1. Increases HP to 200, damage (ranged and melee) to 30-50 every 2 seconds, with an AoE, and adds 30% armor.

Ace Pilots (2/2/2) (Passive)
Summons 1/2/3 Gnome Aces. They aren't visible when not in combat, as they are hovering above the screen. To attack, they swoop down and release machine gun fire upon the track.
Damage: 4-6 (Fires 15 minigun shots) (A full attack cycle takes 2 seconds, and it will be 4 seconds before an ace attacks again)
Gnome Fighters: Reduces cycle reload to 2 seconds.
Gnome Bombers: Drops bombs instead of firing, dropping 5 bombs, each dealing 15-20 AoE damage.

Morale (2/2/2) (Passive)
Increases Gnome troop HP by 5/10/15, and damage by +1/+3/+5.
Hold the Line: Grants +25 HP and 25% add. armor to all Gnome troops.
Great General: The effects of Morale extend to nearby soldiers and reinforcements. HP gain for non-gnomes is +20.

Artillery Barrage (4/4/4) (Hero Spell, 55 seconds)
Fires 2/4/6/8 shells, each dealing 50-80 physical damage in a wide AoE.
Unlike normal hero spells, each tap fires a single shell, meaning the spell can be used in multiple places across the map.
Firestorm Barrage: Shell AoE increased further, and each inflicts a burn of 5 d/s for 4 seconds.
Rocket Artillery: Fires rockets which are guaranteed to hit enemies. Damage to selected target increased to 80-120.

Premium Hero: Misha, the Drone Master ($4.99)

A master of technology, Misha wields drones to their fullest effect versus her foes.

Hero Portrait: Misha stands in steel armor, with lines of green. She wears a helmet with a blue visor. Small drones hover around her.
Appearance: In game, Misha pilots a large turbine-like vehicle, with a large downward pointing engine and holes on the sides.

HP: 210 (+10) [300]
Damage: 8-10 true (+1, +1) [17-19] (Fires a laser cannon every 0.8 seconds)
Armor: 80%
Speed: Medium
Respawn: 30 seconds

Drone Hive (Innate)
Has 3 drone swarms on hand.
All of Misha's skills relate to the swarms. The same skill can be active if a swarm is available and the skill off CD.
Misha is also a flying hero, and has all the advantages of one.

Nano Dissemblers (2/3/3) (Active, 10 seconds)
Takes an enemy apart molecule by molecule, dealing 8/16/24 d/s and weakening their attack by 5% a second. This lasts until the enemy leaves Misha's range or dies. Requires a Drone Swarm.
Nano Infiltration: Deals 32 d/s.
Nano Miners: Reduces armor and magic resist by 5% each second.

Repair Nanites (1/1/1) (Active, 10 seconds)
Heals up to 3 nearby units for 10/20/30 HP/s. Requires a Drone Swarm. Lasts for 15 seconds or until the units die.
Drone Shield: Units healed are granted a shield that blocks 500 HP worth of attacks. Lasts until effect concludes.
Angelnet: Increases targets to 5 and increases heal to 40 HP/s.

Constructor Drones (2/2/3) (Active, 10 seconds)
Creates a turret which fires 3/5/7 bullets a second, at 2-6 physical damage per bullet. Turret lasts for up to 25 seconds. Requires a Drone Swarm.
AP Shells: Bullets pierce armor. Increases damage to 4-8.
Anti-Armor Missile: Replaces bullet firing with a single missile per second, which reduces armor of targets by 20%. Deals 15-45 damage. Armor reduction stacks.

Conversion (3/3/3) (Active, 30 seconds)
For 8 seconds, each point of damage dealt or healed by swarms is contributed toward a total.
If the total exceeds 200/150/100 damage, spawn a new Drone Swarm.
When the effect begins, Misha will engage blue holograms above her vehicle, and a new swarm of drones will begin to form in the air. If the effect succeeds, the holos will flash green; if it fails, they flash red.
Swarm Overload: Reduces base cooldown of Drone abilities by 0.5 seconds per active Swarm. Minimum 5 second CD.
Deadly Swarms: Increases damage/healing of Drone abilities by 10% per active Swarm. Maximum 100% damage buff.

Replicator Swarm (3/3/3) (Hero Spell, 80/75/70/65 seconds)
Drops a bottle holding replication nanites, which consume living matter and create more of their own.
In the animation, a bottle is dropped, which then splashes silver over nearby allies and enemies. The silver deals 15 dps until death, and is spread by either direct contact while enemies walk or through combat. Allies are also affected by this. Misha is the only non-affected unit.
Smart Destroyers: Replicator Swarm no longer damages allies. Can linger on an ally for up to 5 seconds.
All-Consuming: Increases damage to 30 d/s.

Premium Hero: Ehecatl the Quetzal ($6.99)

A powerful dragon from the south, skilled in many forms of magic.

Hero Portrait: Only Ehecatl's feathered head is visible in the portrait.
Appearance: Ehecatl takes the form of a massive flying serpent, with feathery wings, and a feathered head and tail. The overall coloration is a bright green, with accents of red and blue.

HP: 275 (+45) [680]
Damage: 9-16 (+5, +10) [54-106] (Fires an orange orb which deals slight magical splash damage every second; consumes 1% of Ehecatl's HP)
Speed: Slow
Respawn: 25 seconds


Blood Sacrifice (Innate)
All of Ehecatl's active skills and attacks consume a percent of Ehecatl's HP. In return, Ehecatl heals for 40% of the HP of any enemy Ehecatl deals the killing blow to.

Eternal Watch (3/1/1) (Active, 25 seconds)
Sacrifices 12.5% of Ehecatl's HP to gain attack range on 4/8/12 far away enemies. Range persists until the enemies die or until the ability is recast.
Signified by a glowing orange eye over the targets.
Ritual Sacrifice: Now sacrifices 25% HP but gains +300% attack speed against the targets.
Drain Life: Drains 340 HP total from all nearby allies (damage is spread evenly to reach 340), rather than Ehecatl. Only hits 10 enemies.

Song of the Wind (3/3/3) (Active, 30 seconds)
Sacrifices 15% of Ehecatl's HP to call the winds. This slows enemies by 25%, provides +25% attack speed for all towers, and +100% move speed for moveable units. The first buff lasts 1/2/3 seconds, the second 2/4/6 seconds, and the third 3/6/9 seconds.
The edges of the screen glow with a teal light.
Galeforce: Increases slow to 50%, attack speed buff to 50%, and move speed bonus to 200%.
Continuous Winds: Buff falloff increased to 5/10/15 seconds.

Divine Messenger (2/2/2) (Active, 15 seconds)
Sacrifices 7.5% of Ehecatl's HP to release a wave of energy which reduces the CD of tower skills in a wide area on CD by 3/6/9 seconds. Also passively increases Ehecatl's speed to Medium/Medium/Fast.
If a tower is affected, they release a burst of white above themselves.
Seraph: Ehecatl can now teleport.
Sacred Call: Increases damage of all tower skills in range by 75%.

Creeping Snakes (2/1/1) (Passive)
For every 5% HP lost, Ehecatl spawns a snake on the ground. These snakes will block enemies for a single second before disappearing. However, in this time, they inflict a poison that deals 10 d/s for 2/3/4 seconds, and fears for 2/3/4 seconds.
Snakes spawned from this effect persist infinitely if not triggered.
Deadly Snakes: Increases poison to 20 d/s and duration to 5 seconds.
Horrify: Enemies gain +200% move speed while feared.

Shadow Serpents (5/5/5) (Hero Spell, 100 seconds)
Casts shadows upon the targeted area. Taking the form of massive snakes, each shadow deals 40-60 damage every second with a 25% chance to fear for 2 seconds. Each has 400 HP and 15% armor. Lasts for up to 20 seconds, and summons 1/2/3/4 snakes.
Snake's Nest: Each Shadow Serpent spawns 2 smaller snakes with 200 HP that last for 10 seconds upon death or the ability's conclusion.
Shadow Twin: Being close to the shadows boosts Ehecatl's damage by 200%, shown by a black aura. Ehecatl gains a 25% chance to fear while this is active.
KRA is now complete.
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