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Joke enemy ideas for KRV's Subaquatic Menace expansion

PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:39 am
by ironcommando
(Joke ideas, not serious. Had to do this because frogs.)

Anurian Cycler
These Anurians eschew magic or combat, instead riding a strange contraption to speed past everything.
- Extremely fast
- Can't be blocked, slowed or stunned

Picture description:
A green Anurian on a unicycle speeding past an orc den and a shocked looking goonie, with Vez'nan in the background being angry.
Goonie: "Here come dat boi!"
Vez'nan (angry): "Oh curses, what's up?!"

HP: 150
Armor: None
Magic Resist: None
Speed: Extremely Fast (infused Crystal Amphiptere levels of fast)
Lives Taken: 1
Bounty: 20
Special ability: Can't be blocked, slowed, or stunned

Anurian Chromatic
Anurians infused with too many crystal types. They change color rapidly while dancing, causing nearby enemies to get a seizure.
- Very High Magic Resistance
- Stuns nearby troops and Heroes

Picture description:
Colourful anurian infused with both crystal types turning rainbow colours, as a group of Dark Knights have spiraled eyes and stun effect.

HP: 200
Armor: None
Magic Resistance: 95%
Speed: Medium
Lives Taken: 1
Bounty: 25
Abilities: Stuns nearby troops and Heroes (aura). Does not enter combat.