My KRV Villlains, Heroes and Towers

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My KRV Villlains, Heroes and Towers

by NastyBird339 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 2:34 am

Figured I'd take a crack at making some heroes n stuff. Any feedback is appreciated, especially from the pros who have been doin this stuff for a long time.


Hu-Hu Enha the Brutalizer

Inspiration:The primary inspiration for Hu-Hu was DnD gnolls, specifically Yeenoghu, one of the demonic entities in the DnD universe. I then looked at gnolls from KR for inspiration for some of the skills and design elements. Finally I did some research on real life hyenas to see if I could integrate any behavioral habits into the Villain itself.

After Hi-Hi Enha was slain, the gnolls tribes were hunted down and driven out. Since then Vez'nan has approached them with the offer of revenge and many of the gnolls agreed to assist in his conquest. One such gnoll was Hu-Hu Enha, the younger, far more vicious brother of Hi-Hi Enha. Yet do not mistake his motivation for vengeance. He is here for blood and blood alone.

Appearance: Hu-Hu bears resemblance to your typical gnoll, having yellowish fur, with red eyes and an orange mane. He is roughly the same size of a gnoll gnawer and has a chest plate made of bones with two iron spikes on the shoulders. He wields a large cleaver with jagged edges designed to rip and tear flesh and pouch of fire bombs.(Like the Saw Cleaver form Bloodborne but with a smaller handle). His armor is battle worn and he has several scars all over his body.

Hu-Hu speaks with a deep growly voice, and mixes yips and snarls in between his words.

"I order my meals to go"(When he uses Rampaging Rush)(Reference to Lion King)
"I ain't no Regular Gnoll"(Reference to Critical Role)
"*Yips and Snarls* Oh pardon my language"
(Death): It was the Lion's Fault(Reference to the Lion King)

Death Animation
Slumps over onto the ground with tongue lolling out


Heal Rate:45 per 2 seconds
Damage:45-55 (Swings with cleaver)
Melee Attack Rate:1.27s
Ranged True Damage:26-34 in a small area (Chucks a fire bomb)(Range is about 1.5 larger than the range of Rampaging Rush)
Ranged Attack Rate:2.3s
Movement Speed: Average(Identical to Jun'Pai)
Respawn Time:21s


Rampaging Rush (Active; 22/20/18s)
Hu-Hu rushes towards an enemy biting them for 50/100/150 damage and marking them for 16s. While an enemy is marked Hu-Hu life steals 10/20/30% of all damage he deals to the target and gains a 5/10/15% percent attack speed boost. (Range is around Kahz's Bull Rush)

Iron Spire (Active; 35s)
Hu-Hu smashes the ground summoning an iron spike that impales an enemy who has a HP value less than or equal to 750/1000/1250. Enemies killed by this method are considered corpses and remain on the spike indefinitely until used by an ability(Zombie Graveyard, Corpse Feeder, etc)

Inciting Howl (Active; 25s)
Lets out a loud howl, inspiring bloodlust in nearby towers and friendly units. All towers on the screen attack 5/7/10% faster and deal 10/15/20 more damage(flat increase) for 1s.

Brutalize (After every 7 melee attacks)
Hu-Hu hacks at his opponent dealing 50/75/100 true damage and cripples enemies causing them to permanently deal 15% less damage.

Ultimate Spell: Warmonger (75s)

Hu-Hu grows in size comparable to Hi-Hi Enha for about 13s. During this time he is immune to damage and his attacks cleave in a radius around him and deal a bonus 30/35/40 true damage.

Innate Ability: Corpse Feeder

Hu-Hu can feast on the corpses of downed enemies gain health regen equal to around 10% of the targets max HP for 5s. He also gains a permanent plus 4 to his damage for each corpse he eats(stacks up to 5 times, resets upon death).


Fessad, The Anti-magi
Fessad is the last remaining member of the Mouyu, an ancient clan of humans who practiced various monastic arts and were said to be vessels of divination. One day a dark wizard came to their home and began a mass genocide of the people for the sake of progressing his magical abilities. Since then Fessad has sworn to end all practices of Dark Magic.

Appearance: A young black male man. He wears a purple cloak, with a black hood over his head. Two silver eyes can be seen in the hood but no defining facial features. He wears black silk tunic with no sleeves. He wields two twin swords. When he enters twinblade mode, he attaches the two swords together to form a twinblade.

Fessad speaks in a deep masculine voice, with a subtle Jamaican accent

“You won’t be a wizard soon enough”
“Foul magic begone”
“Magic be Dashed”
”A pen is not mightier than a sword”
(Death Quote) *Pained yell*

Death Animation:
Identical to Eridan’s death animation

Heal Rate:35 per 2 seconds
Armor:20% Magic Resistance: 90%
Melee Attack Rate:1s
Speed:Same as Eridan

Ultimate Spell: Change Stance(5s)
Changes from his twin swords to his twinblade. In twinblade stance deals 45-60 damage but attacks 45/40/30% slower and gain medium (45%) armor. His skills also change depending on the stance.

Anti-Magic Blades(passive)(both)
Every Basic attack strip 2/4/6% of the enemy’s magic resistance permanently.

Slice dash(10/8/6s) (twin swords)
Slashes the enemy with his twin swords, dealing 100/175/250 damage, jumping to the next enemy in the process.

Cross slash (Twin swords) (7s)
Does a X slash on an enemy dealing 200/220/240 damage, lowering enemy attack speed by 10/20/30%.

Cleaving Whirlwind (55s) (twin swords)
Deals 200/300/400 damage to all enemies around him.

Slice n Dice (10/8/6s) (Twinblade)
Slashes an enemy with his twinblade, dealing 100/175/250 damage and heals himself for 5/10/15% of damage dealt

Hilt Smash (8s) (Twinblade)
Smacks a with the hilt of the twinblade dealing 210/230/250 damage and stuns the enemy for 1/1.75/2.5s

Guillotine Strike (55s) (Twiblade)
Deals 500/750/1000 true damage to 2 enemies

Innate Skill: Magic Hater
Deals 50% more damage to targets with Magic Resistance


Redcap Grove (Bad Guys Tower)
HP: 60/110/160/210
Damage: 4-6/8-10/10-13/13-15 True Damage (Attacks every 0.7s)
Armor: None
Cost: 100/170/220/280
I: Three small gnomes with black tunic with small sickles. They spawn from a small hollowed out red mushroom.
II: The gnomes gain red hoods and a razor-sharp gardening hoe. The shroom is now larger and has some foliage strewn about it.
III: The gnomes gain their principle scythes. There is now wilder foliage on the shroom and has four mushrooms growing off the main shroom.
IV: Deathhoods: The gnomes’ hoods now have a single black stripe going down the middle, and their eyes now glow a bright red. Their scythes are now serrated and have black handles with red blades. The shroom now has black spots all over the top of it.

I-III: Evil gnomes ready to reap some lives
IV: The Elite reapers of redcap colonies

Build Quotes: Talk in very squeaky high-pitched voices
- “Reap what you sow”
- “Sugar and Spice ain’t always nice”
- “We’re your little nightmares”
IV: “Death comes”

Innate – Death Strike
Deal 50/75/100/125 true damage every 14 attacks

Nimble and Tiny (200/100/100) (Passive)
Written Quote: “Might as well own it”
Spoken Quote: “Can’t hit what you can’t see”
Redcaps gain 30/40/50% percent chance to avoid ranged and melee attacks

Tiny Reaper (300) (Passive)
Written Quote: “The Bigger they are…”
Spoken Quote: “Go for the ankles”
Deal 1.5x damage against targets with more Hp

Death Shroud (225/225/225) (Passive/Active 20s) (Get tattered cloaks with the upgrade)
Written Quotes: “Death shield me”
Spoken Quotes: “Let Death embrace thee”
Gain 10/20% Armor. Occasionally release 3/4/5 pulses of blackish red energy which deal 75 true damage each.
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Re: My KRV Villlains, Heroes and Towers

by NastyBird339 » Fri Apr 12, 2019 7:25 pm

Quick Update
Made my first hero(Figured it would make no sense to just disregard any good guys just because we focus on the bad guys for this game.) He may seem familiar because A) He is very much inspired by Anti- Mage from Dota 2. B) I revamped him from an old thread of mine and changed a few things.
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Re: My KRV Villlains, Heroes and Towers

by tmn loveblue » Sat Apr 13, 2019 5:16 am

I like the Gnoll very much. Very atmospheric hero (villain?) with interesting concepts and skills. His abilities are all unique too! My only concern is that Corpse Feeder would be overwhelming if used on a high HP enemy but I think it won’t be too much an issue. Very nice hero!
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Re: My KRV Villlains, Heroes and Towers

by NastyBird339 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:44 am

Added a new tower based on the Redcap gnomes
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Re: My KRV Villlains, Heroes and Towers

by NastyBird339 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 9:44 pm

did a bit of mild tweaking with the Redcaps
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Re: My KRV Villlains, Heroes and Towers

by Sirsquier » Fri Apr 19, 2019 3:49 am

Recap tower is sick. (Like Awesome) I would use it all the time. The abilities are great. Though I think towers only have three but what ever. Great Tower!
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Re: My KRV Villlains, Heroes and Towers

by Sirsquier » Sat Apr 20, 2019 4:18 am

Inciting Howl should last longer maybe 15s. Also I agree about corpse feeder. I love the name and backstory.
Great work on a great hero(villian).
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