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PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 4:51 pm
by RaZoR LeAf

My last campaign went off without a hitch, but even I the great and powerful Vez'nan must give some credit to my weapon inventor Tramin. That little goblin is mad as a box of frogs, but I love the way his tiny little brain works. That said, an invention is only as good as its inventor, and if something were to happen to him, I'd be stuck without an arsenal of toys to play with. That's why I'm sending out an open invitation to all the crazy inventors in the world. I want new toys! Bigger, better, BADDER! Find me a genius, General!

Vez'nan is putting out the call for a genius inventor. The heroes of Linirea had the gnomes, but even they were limited in what they could make. Goblins have a lot more enthusiasm for invention and came up with a lot more designs. You will present an array of inventions to the Dark Lord. Each item should have an ability that either aids your own forces or hinders the enemy forces. You can design any kind of weapon with any ability, provided it is not overly complex. Of all your designs, you must include one ultimate item, costing 999 gems that damages everything. The ultimate item's design is still up to you.

You are also to design your inventor. Unlike Tramin; you are not required to create a full hero, but just the Shop owner and their background.

  • Create 9 unique shop items
  • Create an ultimate item worth 999 gems
  • Create a Shop owner and their backstory

Name The item name
Appearance How it looks

Description The in game description
Cost The gems required to purchase

Details An explanation of how the item works, damage, cool-down, range, etc.

Shop Keeper

Name The Shop Keeper's name
Appearance How they look

History How they came to be an inventor, and their greatest invention

Entry One wrote:Shopkeeper: Kurev
Appearance: An orc with world-weary red eyes, half-hooded, sits at the table of the shop, their bulk mostly covered in a dark, shapeless cloak. A band of dark hair comes from a hole in the top of the hood. A single green hand is visible on the table, marked with the sigil of the ouroboros.

History: Kurev says he is a messenger from the future, of the times that will come. He descends into fits of madness often, rambling about how what was will be, and how what will be was. But what this means to us... we do not know. Vez'nan believes Kurev to be important to our cause, or perhaps he knows more about the situation. Time will tell.

Destabilizer (100 gems)
Appearance: A small black cylinder, with red neon lines running across it. An odd red pulse emanates from it occasionally.

This device destabilizes the atoms of certain nearby objects, making the effects of enemy armor and resistance disappear.

-When used, places a small device at the target location. This has 100 HP, and can be engaged normally, but cannot attack.
-As long as it remains active, any enemy armor/resistance in a small area is stripped away.

Enigmagic (150 gems)
Appearance: A circular rune with a small jagged area at the top.

When this rune is cast, a strange kind of loop in space forms, allowing towers to use their abilities over a longer range.

-When used, the rune imprints itself onto the track for 10 seconds.
-During this period, any tower ability used gains +200 range.

Arc Emitter (200 gems)
Appearance: A tesla-coil like device, with a number of golden prongs sticking from its sides.

This device focuses arcs of chaotic energy that can bypass armor.

-When used, places the device on the track.
-Fires one strike every second, dealing 5-75 true damage.
-Lasts 8 seconds.

Living Alchemy (300 gems)
Appearance: A blob of semi-solid golden metal.

This hunk of metal has an almost predatory nature, converting its prey into solid gold.

-When used, the blob falls to the path and moves toward the nearest enemy.
-When it hits them, it turns them into gold for 8 seconds, slowing their speed by 25%.
-If killed during this time, the enemy grants extra gold equal to 25% of their HP.

Graviton Wave (350 gems)
Appearance: A silver ball with a mark on it resembling a series of semicircles on top of a triangle.

Gravitational pulses emanate from this device, slowing our enemies significantly.

-When used, the ball instantly explodes, creating a wave of force which quickly moves outwards.
-This wave slows any enemies in a wide area by 75% for 7.5 seconds.
-It slows their attack speed by the same percent for the duration as well.

Entropic Recursor (425 gems)
Appearance: A remote like device, with a purple antenna and a button marked with a spiral.

While this device seems to drain the life of those who use it, their most powerful magics increase in power exponentially.

-When used, the remote hovers in mid-air for a second, before disappearing.
-The hero spell's CD is set to 4 seconds if it is still on cooldown.
-For 12 seconds, the hero spell can be used every 4 seconds, rather than on its normal cooldown.
-Additionally, hero spells deal +50% damage.
-Every use during this period consumes 12.5% of the hero's max HP.

Assimilation Nanos (550 gems)
Appearance: A jar filled with specks of gray.

Nanites that can install themselves into the brains of unwitting hosts, changing their physiology or thoughts. Unfortunately their shelf life is rather limited.

-When used, gray dust sprinkles over a small area.
-When it hits an ally unit, the dust grants them +50% attack speed and +25% armor.
-When it hits an enemy unit, the dust converts them to your side, a la Possession.
-The effects last for 20 seconds.

Time Bomb (600 gems)
Appearance: A black bomb with a fuse on top. A golden clock design is painted onto it.

When this bomb explodes, it seems to reverse time itself.

-When used, the bomb drops onto the path, before detonating in 5 seconds.
-When it detonates, a wave of reverse color spreads across the screen.
-Any gold spent or lives lost during the time period are instantly recuperated.

Omega Beacon (750 gems)
Appearance: A small black pyramid with a golden top. Blue eye designs are printed on it.

Sacrifice to what lies beyond, and it may grant you its love, for a short while at least.

-When used, a black pyramid appears on the path. It stays for 9.99 seconds.
-Depending on how much HP's worth of enemies die during that period near the device, it summons a different creature. Each lasts for 24.24 seconds.

0-750 HP: A shadowy entity emerges from the beacon.
-350 HP, no armor
-The entity bites to attack in melee, dealing 30-50 magic damage in a large AoE every 1.5 seconds.

751-1500 HP: A spherical robot emerges from the beacon.
-400 HP, 50% armor
-The bot fires small pellets to attack, dealing 5-8 physical damage from melee or range every 0.1 seconds.
-It gains +1 damage for every enemy killed.

1501-2250 HP: A glowing insect emerges from the beacon.
-750 HP, 10% armor
-The insect hits with golden limbs to attack in melee, dealing 50-70 true damage every second.
-It explodes on death or expiration, dealing 150-300 true damage in an area.

2250+ HP: An orange wyvern emerges from the beacon.
-900 HP, no armor
-The wyvern fires orange beams from its mouth, dealing 75-100 true damage from long range every second.
-It gains +3% armor every second.

Penrose Sphere (999 gems)
Appearance: A dark gray truncated icosahedron with red dots on the center of each face.

Better known as a black hole bomb, this sphere produces significant energy inside its shell before redirecting it outwards.

-When used, the sphere sits in the air above the track for 5 seconds.
-During this time, skills recharge twice as fast.
-After this, it explodes, instantly killing all enemies.
-Deals 2000 true damage to bosses/mini-bosses.


Entry Two wrote:Shop Keeper
Appearance Wollstone is or at least was a beautiful young woman. Over time she has added other body parts to her own, creating a mismatched person. Half her face is that of a green faced ghoul, while the other is human. Her human side still has long straight black hair that goes past her feet and bundles up on the floor, while her ghoul side has an eyeball that occasionally pops out and has to get pushed back in. One of her arms is mechanical with a pincer on the end that can be swapped out for other tools if needed, and her other arm (on the opposite side to her face) is still human. Her legs have been replaced altogether by those of a octopus like creature, legs gone in place of tentacles that leave a greenish slime on the ground behind her as they are adapted for land rather than sea.

History Wollstone was once the daughter of a noble who was visiting Lord Blackburn at his castle. At the time, Lord Blackburn was dabbling in the dark arts and his court could not abide by it, abandoning him. Wollstone on the other hand was fascinated, and later snuck back to the castle to learn more. Together with Blackburn they began to transform others and then themselves using the dark magics. Wollstone learned to craft objects, creating more and more crazy and horrendous things. Many years later when Lord Blackburn was defeated by the King Denas' forces, Wollstone fled deeper into the haunted wasteland and continued to make things. Eventually, she was found by Vez'nan and offered revenge against the kingdom in exchange for more inventions.

Jump Scare
Appearance A cute faced demon head with tiny little wings on a spring

Description "This tiny demon loves to scare people. It hides in shadows and when you least expect it... Surprise!! AAAHHH!!"

Cost 40 gems
Details The Jump Scare can be placed anywhere on the path where it will burrow underground. When enemies approach it, it will jump out and scare them, causing them to run away in fear. It can affect up to five enemies at once, and will stay buried for 20 seconds before jumping out on its own.

Stolen Thunder
Appearance A glass jar with a bolt of lightning trapped inside

Description "Bravado and bragging stolen from an arrogant Storm God. Unleashing it instantly strikes fear into the hearts of men"

Cost 50 gems
Details When used on the path immediately deals 250 area damage to any enemies in its short range. They will be struck by a small burst of lightning not unlike the Thunderbolt spell from KRO.

Gorgon's Pet
Appearance A small green snake

Description "A sneaky strand of a Gorgon witch's hair. This little snake has all of the evil gaze of its owner, but none of the drama."

Cost 60 gems
Details Placing the Gorgon's Pet on the path it will move back along towards incoming enemies. Every time it passes an enemy, it will stun the enemy for 3 seconds, stop its movement and preventing it from continuing or from attacking. The snake continues on the path until it exists the screen or stuns 20 enemies.

Rabbits Foot
AppearanceA rabbits foot, soaked in blood at one end.

Description "Lopped off a magic rabbit, this bloody foot brings about great luck for those fortunate enough to possess it"

Cost 70 gems
Details When used, the Rabbits Foot creates a field in which things that occur with a % chance, double. So if an attack had a 20% chance to cause an effect, it would have a 40% chance if affected by the Rabbits Foot. This does not benefit enemies, but will benefit towers, units and heroes. The field isn't massive, but is wide enough to encompass enough of the path plus one tower, or two towers beside each other. The 'lucky' field lingers for 6 seconds.

Brave Grave
Appearance A Gravestone with a gold medal embedded in the front.

Description "The gravestone of a long dead hero, those who bask in its shadow are inspired to act as he once did."

Cost 100 gems
Details When used, the Brave Grave immediately empowers all units in its (short) range to deal double damage and receive half damage for 3 seconds.

Potion of Despair
AppearanceA vial full of a black bubbling liquid

Description"Sampled from the darkest pool of water in all the wastelands, this vile concoction gives life to those with the darkest of souls"

Cost 150 gems
Details When used, the Potion creates a swirling pool of dark water from which bubbles rise and pop. Any unit that is within the pool is healed for 200 HP over 5 seconds. Any enemy unit that passes through it is poisoned for the same amount.

Hungry Urn
Appearance An ornate burial urn, with a creepy toothy grin on the front of it.

Description "Forever hungry, it offers gold in exchange if allowed to devour the souls of the innocent."

Cost 200 gems
Details Place a Hungry Urn and it will stay on the path for 8 seconds. During these 8 seconds, anything killed in its (fairly wide) range will have its 'soul' swallowed. When the eight seconds are up, the urn breaks and the gold earns from each death is rewarded a second time.

Tidal Fury
AppearanceA tidal wave trapped within a bubble

Description"Wash away the stain of your enemies with this quick and easy to use spell. Declogs drains too!"

Cost 280 gems
Details When used on the path, the bubble pops and a tidal wave rages back along the path in the direction the enemies are coming from. Any enemy it encounters is swept along with it, at a speed equal to their own movement speed, for the 10 seconds the wave is active for. Enemies trapped in the wave are unable to attack but will not be engaged in melee combat by units. Your own units will not be caught up in the wave. It has no effect on bosses.

AppearanceA ram's skull, with a mohawk of red hair

Description "Reanimated flesh and bone that craves the blood of its enemies"

Cost 390 gems
Details Summons a Rawhead to the field. A raw head is a long limbed creature made up of animal bones with chunks of hair and flesh still hanging from it. The Rawhead attacks with huge slashes that can damage multiple enemies at once, and deals 150-250 damage. It is slow moving, but stays alive on the field for 10 seconds attacking anything that comes its way. It will also attack any friendly units placed near it, so keep your soldiers and heroes away.

Elder God's Rage
Appearance A ball of teal and green tentacles, with a single yellow eye looking out form the middle.

Description "The raw anger of an ancient god, waiting to be unleashed upon the world"

Cost 999 gems
Details When used, the Elder God's Rage immediately activates, the screen darkens and a yellow eye opens up in the middle of the screen. An otherworldly screech follows every enemy on screen instantly taking 3000 True Damage (1500 to bosses) and burning up in a teal flame. If by whatever chance something non-boss survives, it will burn and take an additional 500 True Damage over the following 5 seconds.

Entry Three wrote:Shop Inventor and Storekeeper: Vaz'Buk the Goblin Genius
Coming out of GIT University (Goblin Institute of Technology), Vaz'Buk knew physics was his call. He wanted to become a physics professor at his university, but decided to work together with Tramin on scientific studies. After spending 4 years with Tramin, a friend at their goblin university, he decided to take over as an inventor for Vez'nan's army. He worked hard in his first couple of days, but some of his inventions made Vez'nan want to fire him from his post. He has done some work with Denas himself as well, helping him in return for gems and gold. He has used these money on further research in order to help Vez'nan.
At the age of 9, he invented a space fleet that is capable of traveling across dimensions. Tramin gave him his job of shopkeeper for Vez'nan, and so he gave Tramin the fleet. When he turned 11, he finished his invention of a hammer that could send shockwaves across the ground, stunning his foes. Has an enemy ever challenged him since then is a question he might not want to answer, as being promoted means going into the battle, against frenemies of his.
Vaz'Buk looks a lot like Tramin except it has a white beard that is medium in length. He holds a massive hammer in one of his hands and a pouch of gems in the other. He has a pouch of dynamites on his back and two robots beside him, carrying an empty sack of gems.

Snake Egg
About the size of the Spider in the Spider Nest, it has a physical appearance of Phoenix's egg upon downfall, except a bright green. The egg has a rather small crack in it, whereupon weaponless serpentine creatures crawl out of it. These creatures look like a robotic snake, but more of a realistic snake than a robot.
The serpentine creatures are relatively small, about the size of an Elite Harasser. They are different in color, one green with black markings around its eyes and a black lightning bolt on its back. Its eyes have slits for pupils. The other snake is a cobra with a blue hood, with yellow spirals made of line segments around each side of the hood. It has red eyes, but unlike the other snake, it has humanlike pupils.
Upon death, it explodes, leaving a puddle of goo behind. It disappears after five seconds.
Yes... The Snake egg will cause terror to all our enemies Those of them who attack us shall suffer severe consequences with, ahh, the nasty little serpentine. Little Polyx the "Wise" and his brainless Anurians thought they could defeat me. Look how they ended up! With an army of brutal serpentine by my side, what can stop me?
450 Gems
The Snake Egg's serpents deal 13-16 damage at an average range, and 5-8 damage melee. Upon death, it explodes, dealing 5-15 area damage that does not hit air units, and leaves a puddle of goo that slows enemies down by 25%.

Weakening Solution
A potion bottle appears and dumps a puddle of purple liquid down on a group of enemies upon the player's command, and spawns 3 modified gnomes that each performs a trick on the nearest enemy. It can warp, polymorph, or pickpocket enemies.
The puddle is a bubbly liquid that evaporates after some time, creating a dense fog thicker than the Rotten Forest's. The Gnomes look different than the ones from the Gnome Garden, an overgrown turquoise that looks more like a cross between a goblin and an elf than a gnome.
These Gnomes were once inventors for Linirea, but not anymore. Your Dark Lord has tampered with them, and now they serve for our evil army! Our legions have trapped them in a potion full of mysterious effects, and now these gnomes will help us in our reign over kingdoms. Who else will they serve, "King" Denas? He's dead, after all. If the gnomes weren't enough, our geniuses Vaz'Buk and Tramin have done considerable research on it, and it can be scientifically proven to have devastating effects on our foes. It is time your I rise from my throne, and boss around these gnomes. General, you can trust this potion to aid you when needed.
500 Gems
Enemies stepping on the potion do 30% less damage and have 45% less armor and 10% less magic resistance. The bewitched Gnomes can warp (teleport back), polymorph (transform into sheep), or pickpocket (steal 3-5 gold) enemies.
Once the potion evaporates, the fog gives enemies 20% chance to miss their attacks, but has no effect on your soldiers.
Gnomes have no health, so they can't be killed. They disappear after performing one of their tricks on an enemy.

Swarm of Aeroblades
A Swarm of Aeroblades looks exceptionally like a swarm of bees, just made of shurikens. Those shurikens hover over the ground in circles, hitting the ground after 7 seconds. The aeroblades resemble shuriken-like weapons that are black. They are circular in shape and have three sharp points on their sides.
I have used these aeroblades to blast the crown off of King Denas' hat! I have entrusted this deadly device into your hands! Teach our enemies a lesson. They dared to mess around with the murderer of Polyx and Denas. Vaz'Buk forged these blades with Tramin, using a mined mineral so rare I had to consider trusting it only to Tramin and Vaz'Buk. But play these shurikens to your advantage general, don't waste precious items like this!
150 Gems
The Aeroblades do 20-24 damage to all enemies in the vicinity per second for 7 seconds. Then they land on the ground, dealing 30-36 to all enemies in the vicinity and either stunning them for a short duration or make them go backwards for a very short while.
The range of these aeroblades are about the size of Goblirangs' "Angry Bees" and does not have to be placed. It will swarm around the enemy closest to the exit, however dealing damage to all enemies close to its placement. If the enemy moves, it will not move with it.

Storm Cage
A gray robot with a large head, and has a clear window towards the inside of its stomach, where there is a thunderstorm raging inside. Its head falls off, and the storm inside its body is unleashed, sending lightning bolts striking the area directly under it, moving towards the nearest exit along the path.
The thunderstorm looks exactly the same as the Bluegale's storm. However, the lightning is able to reach the ground.
The first Bluegale to have existed was an ally of mine. We trapped his thunderstorm in a strong robot, waiting for the time to unleash it. And what better time to use this deadly storm than to celebrate my rise to power? You'd better teach the enemies a lesson, or I'll teach you a lesson.
150 Gems
The storm does 20-21 damage and impales upon different enemies thrice, penetrating armor and weakening magic resistance by 5% for a short duration. It does not stun, unlike the Orc Shaman. The robot only pops off its head if there is an enemy for the storm to engage upon, and will stay there doing nothing if no enemy comes. If there is only one enemy in reach, it will only strike once upon that enemy.

Return of Anubis

When deployed, it summons Anubis from Ruins of Naz'de to fight for you for a minute. When he disappears or dies, he spins around with his scythe. Unlike in Frontiers, his scythe is a golden, double sided weapon that has a purple gem in the shape of a diamond, and will shoot a purple beam like that of the Blazing Gem at an enemy. Then, Anubis charges up to the enemy and swipes his scythe.
While charging, he kicks back sand that creates a sandstorm that rages toward the exit along the path. The sandstorm increases in size as it travels along the path, and once it reaches the size of Anubis himself, it disappears.
When will there be enough to conquer? Even the great Vez'nan knows that some things can't be done alone. No, and my accomplice must be almost as powerful as myself. From the Ruins of Naz'de, I fetched the immortal Anubis. He, like myself, have taken out our revenge on Denas after our rise to power. The Egyptian God of the Underworld's wrath will take out crowds of enemies, and I will have more time to rest, since our duel with Denas has greatly weakened me.
Anubis does 135-140 area damage that penetrates armor, and has 12,000 with high magic resistance and 60% armor. Anubis' sandstorm makes enemies do 10% less damage, slows them down by 20%, gives them a 15% chance to miss their attacks, and makes them go in the opposite direction, blinded, with sand in their eyes.
Upon death, Anubis spins in a circle, rotating quickly, and dealing 20-30 damage per swing for 5 seconds, and then transforms into a green soul that possesses the closest enemy and makes them attack other enemies, much like the Specters Mausoleum.

Rocket Rain
Huge amounts of rockets rain down upon enemies, igniting the path with flames, engulfing enemies and disintegrating some to a pile of ashes. The flames erupt like geysers, or a solar flare, and makes thick ash rise from the fire. The fire spreads quickly, but disappears after 3 seconds.
The rockets only rain in a short area, but it delivers major chaos to that area. It cracks the ground, and the lava-like fire seeps through it, but the ash remains, levitated and not moving upwards, but rather creating an obstacle for incoming waves of antagonists.
I am no fan of rain, especially after our latest encounter with the Anurians, but count on the intelligent and mathematical physician Vaz'Buk to think up something like this. If the Anurians like rain, then let them have it! They got their wish... If anything, they should be thanking me for defeating them before they develop a hatred of rain!
250 Gems
7 Rockets rain down upon enemies, dealing 30-36 AoE damage to all enemies within the vicinity, and releasing flames that disintegrate all traducers with 100 health or less. The flames disappear after 4 seconds. The flames don't do any damage, but they simply instakill enemies under 100 health. If an enemy has anything over than 100 health left, the flames have no effect on them whatsoever.

A cyclone that looks like a black hole appears, a dark blue and a shade of purple spiral that sucks all enemies into one place, and then explodes into a magnificent black sparks, forming three cards that slice through enemies, and leaving a trail of plasma and dark matter behind.
All the enemies sucked into the area are stunned momentarily, moons spiralling above their heads in a dizzying and hypnotizing fashion. After that, the enemies are levitated as though there was no gravity, and then falls back onto the floor. As the black hole fades, the enemies are able to move again, but their eyes still has the appearance of an extremely sleepy man.
This illusion will draw your foes inexorably close, and they will all die! Everyone caught in this attraction will die a painful death... I wish we hadn't already defeated
that fool Denas. We could use this on him! Black holes... well, since Denas is already trapped in a parallel dimension, this black hole should be ready when he tries to get his revenge. As if he'll have a chance... Muahahahaha!

Getting sucked in does 30-32 true damage per second, and makes them crash at the middle, dealing 20-23 damage for each enemy unit sucked in. The range of the black hole is roughly that of a maxed Shadow Archer tower, but can suck in enemies farther than the range if the enemy weighs (weight depends on the amount of armor) less.
Once the enemies crash at the middle, they are stunned for 6 seconds, making them vulnerable to artillery and other forms of area damage. After they are freed from their mental prison, they are levitated for a small period, where towers are unable to shoot, and then they fall, doing 20-40 damage (depending on weight, heavier enemies fall faster, therefore crash harder).

Needle Grenade
A green cactus in the shape of a ball, it sits on the path, creating a dent in the ground that later heals slowly, and does not fade instantly. The needle grenade explodes, sending spikes flying in a linear form in all directions, and sticking into enemies. The spikes fall off their target and hit the ground, disappearing.
At regular intervals, enemies who have the spike sticking into them flinch horribly.
I found some cacti in the Rotten Forest, that I gave to Vaz'Buk. I figured that brilliant mind of his would come up with something to do with it. I implanted certain magic inside it to explode when the plant senses an enemy of mine. Whoever attacks me now will have hell to pay.
Does 10-12 damage upon exploding, and 5-7 damage plus 2 damage per 100 health the victim has lost when the spike gets stuck in the backbiter. Vez'nan has bewitched the grenade so that it does not explode when there are no enemies nearby. The grenade can't last long, so if an enemy doesn't come to the spot it lays upon within 15 seconds, it explodes no matter what.

Healing Aura
A golden circle with green plus signs floating towards the sky and disappearing appears. The golden circle has an orange outline, and the enemies inside the circle turn yellowish.
The three dimensional plus signs appear all over the aura, but particularly around the friendly units inside the vicinity.
This was enough to heal even the great Vez'nan from his undead state, and now we can safely use it to heal our own people! Once the goblins took in this to their study, they were sure it would help us take over. Well, we already took over, but you get the idea. This healing aura will empower you, maybe make you immortal. After all, I'm immortal...
50 Gems
The aura heals your units by 30 health per second. The effect does not stop even if your unit is moved out of the aura. As long as your unit was there when it was first deployed, it will continuously heal until the aura disappears (which happens in 9 seconds).

  • Please do not vote for yourself
  • If you have entered - Please do not reveal which entry is yours.
  • If you have not entered - Please keep your guesses as to who wrote an entry to yourself. Entries are to remain anonymous until the winner is announced.
  • Please only vote once
  • Please do not vote 'strategically' (e.g. voting to even out the poll, or to break a tie)
  • You have until Tuesday 23rd to submit your votes (seven days)


PostPosted: Tue Apr 16, 2019 11:42 pm
by EpicPhantom999
I can't believe there are only three entries. Maybe you'll get another PM late like last time.


PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:31 am
by RaZoR LeAf
EpicPhantom999 wrote:I can't believe there are only three entries. Maybe you'll get another PM late like last time.

Considering I was late posting it, any more entries now would be way too late


PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:57 pm
by EpicPhantom999
Oh yeah, I forgot you were late posting it. But definitely not a very popular contest, anyhow. Also, didn't you say last time you didn't trust the poll?


PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2019 5:45 am
by RaZoR LeAf
EpicPhantom999 wrote:Oh yeah, I forgot you were late posting it. But definitely not a very popular contest, anyhow. Also, didn't you say last time you didn't trust the poll?

I did, but this was just meant to be a filler before doing a bigger contest with a better voting system.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:59 am
by Ninja
I voted for entry one. Entry 3 is good, but the shopkeeper is somewhat too bland for my tastes (also, it's kind of just Tramin 2.0).


PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:46 pm
by EpicPhantom999
There's an Entry 4? I was under the impression there were only three entries. (Entry 1 had some good names, yes and no offense for the typo) Entry 3's shopkeeper is a lot like Tramin.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 9:49 pm
by EpicPhantom999
I wonder what "a bigger contest with a better system" is going to be.


PostPosted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:53 am
by Ninja
EpicPhantom999 wrote:There's an Entry 4? I was under the impression there were only three entries. (Entry 1 had some good names, yes and no offense for the typo) Entry 3's shopkeeper is a lot like Tramin.


EpicPhantom999 wrote:I wonder what "a bigger contest with a better system" is going to be.

I’m pretty sure “better system” just means a better voting system. And “bigger contest” just means a more complex and engaging contest (this one was relatively simple).


PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 9:06 am
by RaZoR LeAf
Sorry for the delay with the results, I have been away training for two days and I am absolutely knackered!

EpicPhantom999 (5 votes)

AerisDraco (3 votes)

RaZoR LeAf (1 vote)


PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:13 pm
by AerisDraco
Y'know I could've sworn someone changed their vote but that's beside the point.

RaZoR's entry: Overall great theme, but some of the effects fall a bit flat to me, hence I voted for entry three.
Phantom's entry: Vaz'buk is the same as Tramin, which is my big issue. Also "space fleet capable of traveling across dimensions". Gravity and Needle Grenade are probably my favorite items.

Notes on my own:
-Entirely rooted in Stellaris or SMAC
-The Stellaris influence is mostly regarding the Horizon Signal event chain, one of the best in the game, and an event in it is the inspiration for the shopkeeper.
-The shopkeeper is, as may have been guessed, a future version of Veruk sent to the past, branded by the Worm. It seems Vez'nan understands more than the player does, however.


PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:10 am
by EpicPhantom999
I won the first contest I participated in!!!

BTW it was tied at 4 before so AerisDraco was also supposed to win. (Let's suppose AerisDraco is correct)


PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:47 am
by Ninja
Was it tied? I cast my vote only 3 days ago, and it wasn’t tied then.

Congratulations, EpicPhantom! :yey:


PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 3:56 am
by EpicPhantom999
EpicPhantom999 wrote:I wonder what "a bigger contest with a better system" is going to be.

I’m pretty sure “better system” just means better a voting system. And “bigger contest” just means a more complex and engaging contest (this one was relatively simple).[/quote]

No, I wasn't asking for it to be defined, I was merely expressing the fact that the next contest will be relatively interesting.


PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:00 am
by Ninja
Oh, OK. :)


PostPosted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 10:24 pm
by EpicPhantom999
Ninja wrote:Was it tied? I cast my vote only 3 days ago, and it wasn’t tied then.

Congratulations, EpicPhantom! :yey:

Thanks, Ninja!