Mini Campaign: Coastal Assualt(Name is a WIP)

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Mini Campaign: Coastal Assualt(Name is a WIP)

by NastyBird339 » Wed Apr 24, 2019 2:37 am

*The Mini campaign isn't finished*

General! We have a problem. News of our conquest has spread far and one of Linirea’s oldest allies, The Merfolk, have come knocking at our doorstep. They hold land ripe with ancient magic that could assist my future plans. Seize the depths form which they came and show them that Linirea is MINE!


Sea Hag Cove
Damage: 3-15/7-19/11 – 23/26-38 (Damage for each bolt)
Fire Rate: Slow (2s)
Range: Average/Average/Long/Long
Cost: 135/165/240/300

I: A very dark colored Coral Reef, with a cave in the middle of the reef. A horrific woman is standing on a coral pillar that is emerging out of the top of the reef.
II: A second coral pillar emerges with a second Hag standing on it. The reef also grows to look more gnarled and corrupted.
III: A third pillar emerges from the from the reef, and large growths of kelp begin to bloom around the reef.
IV: Eerie mist surrounds the reef and some parts of the reef begin to glow, and all the hags gain a red eye

I-III: Hideous women who claims souls of the sea
IV: A fully fledged Hag Coven wishing to turn the land to sea

Build Quote: Speaks in hushed, creepy tone. Sounds like whisper in the back of your head
I-III: (Quotes are in Irish[It’s translated from Google translate so I apologize if any of it is inaccurate])
-“Éiríonn an Mhuir leat a éileamh”(The Sea comes to claim you)
-“Cuirfimid chugat chuig do elision uaigh uisciúil” (We will send you to your watery grave)
-“Uiscí Truaillithe” (Corrupting Waters)
IV: “Éileoidh an Cúnant leat” (The Coven shall claim you)

Innate – Coven of the Sea
This tower fire 1/2/3 bolts and at their 4th upgrade allows each hag to target a separate enemy (Can be toggled between single target and multi-target at level 4)

Death Glare (200/200/200) (Active 35s)
Written Quote: “My Gaze Ar Tú” (My Gaze Upon You)
Spoken Quote: “Tá mé ag léirscaoileadh do bháis” (I’m visualizing your death)
Turns their hideous gaze upon an enemy within an average range(Around the range of the rocket rider) dealing 500 deal true damage. If they are affected by horrifying presence, they are instakilled. Each upgrade enables each Hag to use the ability independent of each other.

Horrifying Presence (350) (Passive)
Written Quote: “Tá áilleacht an iomarca” (Beauty is Overrated)
Spoken Quote: “Tá mé níos mó ná an áilleacht beast” (I’m more beast than beauty)
All enemies in range of the tower take more damage. The closer they are, the more damage they take. (Farthest:1%, Closest: 25%)

Curse of the Sea (150/100/100) (Active) (18s)
Written Quote: “Brandálann an fharraige tú” (The Sea Brands You)
Spoken Quote: “Déanann na tonnta tú a mharcáil mar íobairt” (The waves mark you for sacrifice)
Applies the drowned status effect. Enemies that die under this effect turn into drowned. Lasts 5/7/9s
Hp: 300
Damage: 3-5
Attack Rate: 1.5s
Armor: None
Magic Res: None
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Re: Mini Campaign: Coastal Assualt(Name is a WIP)

by EpicPhantom999 » Sat Apr 27, 2019 1:36 am

1 criticism, Linirea is now already Vez'nan's so maybe get it updated.
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Re: Mini Campaign: Coastal Assualt(Name is a WIP)

by AerisDraco » Sat Apr 27, 2019 2:02 am

"Show them that Linirea is mine!"
I'm pretty sure that is Vezzie talking.
KRA is now complete.
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