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Ideas I had sitting around

PostPosted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 11:40 pm
by AerisDraco
Just some fanfiction that's been sitting in my files for a while.

I'll be updating it on occasion.

Did a little activity with Harkmen to brainstorm L5 upgrades for the Elite Harassers.

Night Hunters

Cost: 375
HP: 240
Melee: 20-25 (Strikes with bow once per second)
Ranged: 40-50 (Fires an arrow every second)
Number: 2
Respawn: 15 seconds

Arrow Burst (Innate, 8 seconds)
Fires three arrows in a burst, dealing 64-72 damage per arrow.

Cursed Arrows ($100/100/100) (Passive)
Each arrow slows the target by 1/2/3%, permanently.

Scatter Arrow ($150/150/150) (Active, 15 seconds)
Fires an arrow upwards. As it arcs downwards, it splits into flechettes, dealing 100-125/150-175/200-225 AoE damage after 1.25 seconds.

Shadowjump ($250) (Passive)
When attacked in melee, a Hunter teleports itself and its opponent in opposite directions, and refreshes the cooldown of Arrow Burst. Can only trigger once every 6 seconds.

Twilight Furies

Cost: 450
HP: 330
Melee: 35-50 (Punches with bladed fists every 0.6 seconds)
Ranged: 60-80 (Fires a bolt of dark magic every 2.5 seconds)
Number: 2
Respawn: 18 seconds

Unending Fury (Innate)
Revives as a Spectral Fury on death. This Fury has 330 HP, deals 50-75 melee damage every 0.8 seconds, and 100-120 ranged damage every 3 seconds. Lasts up to 9 seconds, and does not increase the Twilight Fury's respawn.

Rage ($150/150/150) (Active, 10 seconds)
Every 10 seconds, creates a magic pulse that deals 30-40 damage. For every 5 damage taken between activations, the ability's damage and range increase by 3/6/9%. Automatically triggered on transformation into a Spectral Fury.

Supernova ($280) (Passive)
Every attack consumes 10 HP, but deals double damage. Spectral Fury attacks also slow attack speed by 10% for 4 seconds, refreshing and stacking on attack.

Malice ($100/100) (Passive)
When turned into a Spectral Fury, slows the attacker's attack speed by 50% permanently. When the Spectral Fury dies, creates an area on the ground which slows enemies by 10% for 1 second. For every enemy slowed per second, decreases the Twilight Fury's respawn by 0.4 seconds. Lasts until the Twilight Fury respawns.

Zim'Akuz, the Terror

Once one of the many terrors within the armies of the God King, sent to fight at the Ruins of Nas'De. But the King's stargate malfunctioned, sending Zim'Akuz into what was then the future. Upon waking from its slumber, it found its body changed...evolved from the strange energies of the gate. But it also woke with a hunger, one which was only pacified with powerful dark magic. Thus it was that Zim'Akuz was brought into the fold of the Dark Army, to bring horror to Vez'nan's foes.

Hero Portrait: In the portrait, it is shown inside a pit of sand, with only its head visible. Sharp fangs jut out from its mouth, with red eyes burning above its gaping maw.
Appearance: Has the general shape of a Dune Terror, but its armor plates are much more pronounced. It also has a pronounced head crest, and glowing red eyes.

HP: 280 (+30) [550]
Heal Rate: 44 per 2 seconds at L10
Melee Damage: 11-12 (+1, +2) [20-30] (Bites every 0.9 seconds)
Armor: 30%
Movement Speed: Fast
Respawn Time: 20 seconds

Tunneler (Innate)
Moves quickly underground. Burrows while idle, becoming immune to ranged fire. Upon unburrowing or exiting Pitfall, gains 60% armor for 3 seconds.

Pitfall (3/3/3) (Passive)
When idle for at least 3 seconds, creates a pitfall trap at its current location. This trap deals 3/6/9 d/s to any enemies over the pit, and slows them by 40%.
It increases in size thrice, after 9/6/3 seconds of additional idle time per stage.
This form alters Zim'Akuz's other abilities. Only canceled when Zim'Akuz is given a movement command.

Acid Spit (1/1/2) (Active, 5 seconds)
Fires a burst of acid that deals 20-30 initial damage and 15/30/45 poison damage per second for 3 seconds.
While under the effects of Pitfall, it becomes Acid Shower.
This makes the attack deal damage in an AoE, and slow by 30% for 3 seconds. Damage is reduced to 4/8/12 d/s. Stacks with Pitfall's slow.

Lashing Strike (2/2/1) (Active, 9 seconds)
Lashes at an opponent within a short distance, dealing normal attack damage, reducing damage by 25% for 10 seconds, and stun for 1/2.25/3.5 seconds.
While under the effects of Pitfall, it becomes Lashing Coils.
This makes the skill strike 1/2/3 times over 1/2/3 seconds, each time dealing normal damage and stunning for 0.9 seconds.

Consume (3/2/2) (Active, 16 seconds)
Bites an enemy, dealing true damage equal to 15/30/45% of their HP and healing Zim'Akuz for 50% of the damage dealt.
While under the effects of Pitfall, it becomes Devour.
The ability becomes delayed, striking after 1.5 seconds. But, it now hits in an AoE, each enemy taking 75/150/225 physical damage. However, this does not heal Zim'Akuz.

Eternal Feast (3/3/3) (Hero Spell, 75 seconds)
Summons Zim'Akuz to jump over the area and bite any enemies in it, dealing 16/32/48/64 physical damage in an area a little bit smaller than the path. If this hits an enemy, Zim'Akuz repeats the ability after 1.5 seconds, ad infinitum.
Does not break Pitfall when cast.
Can be canceled if Zim'Akuz is given a move command, but this will cancel Pitfall. In this case, Zim'Akuz will finish a final bite before moving.

"The sands hide dark secrets."
"You've activated my trap card!"
"Now I feast!"
"Om nom nom"
"The sands of time claim me..." (death)

Re: Ideas I had sitting around

PostPosted: Thu May 02, 2019 2:12 am
by Sirsquier
Sick man. Like awesome!

Re: Ideas I had sitting around

PostPosted: Tue May 21, 2019 12:08 am
by AerisDraco
Updated with what is admittedly a fixed version of my hero from the last forum contest.

Next one's actually new I promise.

Re: Ideas I had sitting around

PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2019 1:49 am
by Sirsquier
AerisDraco wrote:Updated with what is admittedly a fixed version of my hero from the last forum contest.

Next one's actually new I promise.

The hero is a lot better than he was in the contest. Great improvements! :)