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Kingdom Rush Legends: Towers

PostPosted: Thu Nov 28, 2019 7:21 pm
by Ariock
These are all the ideas for towers I had for a follow-up game to KRV, there are 4 options for each level 4 tower, and players can choose which 2 to equip before entering a level. I have no idea how game balance works :?: , so actual stats and numbers are only a suggestion here.


Dragon Slayers

Fire and fury!
Anyone call for an exterminator?
Outta my way!
Relax, I'm a professional

140, 14 - 28, Medium

•a special strike that deals a small percentage of the targets health as true damage (this is when the edges of their blades glow red like the picture above)

Scale Armor
•grants immunity to fire and then magic

•a ranged attack that stuns and removes flying effects for a couple seconds

Mountain Shrine

Easily defeated
Is this their best?
Saitam guides us
Break before me

110, 4 - 16, None

•quickly regenerates a large portion of their health

Monkey Palm
•silences an enemy for a couple seconds

•becomes invulnerable for a second, all damage they receive during this time is redirected to the nearest enemy

Bastion Keep

I will not falter!
Halt, intruders!
My shield still stands
Push them back!

180, 9-24, High

Shield Bash
•stuns an enemy and deals damage

•has a good chance to become invulnerable for a second

•drastically lowers an enemy's attack for a time

Samurai Dojo

Give me a challenge!
At once, master
No match for my blade!

120, 12-32, None

Oni Armor
•upgrades armor to Low and Medium with a thorns effect

•gives them a ranged attack option, upgrades increase range

Hidden Strike
•will charge up a true damage attack on occasion


Sentry Nest

My watch begins
I stand sentinel
Who goes there?

18 - 45 damage, throws daggers

•a placeable and untargetable flying unit that excels at taking out aerial threats, sometimes deals magic damage

Clear the skies for me
*hoot hoot*

•basic attacks have a small chance to break a level of armor or resistance

Hunters Sense
•a pillar-shaped aoe ability that reveals invisible enemies, silences, and deals some magic damage

You can't hide from me
Magic won't save you
There you are

Sakura Hill

38 - 85 damage, long range

Blossom Arrow
•a special long range shot that crosses the map, hitting enemies along the way and explodes with magic damage

Petal Storm
•smaller projectiles that split off from basic attacks

Ancient Roots
•a map-wide rooting ability

War Machine

4 - 16 damage

Gears of War
•increases firing speed

Pin Cushion
•basic attacks gradually deal more damage to the same target

Hwatcha Mode
•a special aoe attack that fires many arrows in short bursts after a short delay, long range

Clank Station

Reach for the sky

16 - 35, Very Fast, reloads every 6 shots

Zoom Optics
•increases range

Big Bill
•throws exploding barrels

•a quick barrage of bullets


Magma Temple

*Note: I realize this one seems very similar to the Infernal Mage, but I made it before KRV came out, so I thought it was still worth putting it with the rest of these towers, but I'll have to come up with a different idea eventually*

Feel the burn!
Turnin' up the heat
Kick it up a notch
Feelin' toasty?
I only work in Kelvin

Extremely Slow
60 - 120 Fire Damage

Second, Third, and Fourth Degree Burns
•basic attacks now burn over time

•creates an area that explodes with fire damage after a short delay

Scorched Earth
•basic attacks will leave a patch of burning ground behind that applies fire damage for a couple seconds

Frozen Peak

Stay frosty
Absolute zero
Snowcone anyone?
Ice Ice ...
Winter is here

45 - 80 Magic damage

•splits basic attacks into multiple projectiles (can stack on single targets but prioritizes multiple, damage is split evenly) and gives a chance to freeze targets for a couple seconds

Icicle Rain
•area damage attack

Living Glacier
•spawns an ice elemental, upgrades give more health and damage, basic attacks spawn areas of ice that slow passing enemies (Ice Elemental kinda pops out from the mountain, as pictured above, leaving a cave behind)

Bard College

20 - 65 Magic Damage
Placeable unit that buffs allies and confuses enemies

Soothing Tune
•an ability that heals nearby friendly units

War Song
•an area damage buff, does not stack, affects towers and units

Vexing Melody
•an ability that forces two passing enemies to attack each other for a brief period of time

Ancient Portal

I serve
Afraid of the dark?
I hear his call
Feel despair!
All is naught
Darkness incarnate!

60 - 100 Magic Damage, Slow

•an area ability that traps and deals damage in short bursts, if any enemies die the duration is reset (portal opens and black tentacles snatch enemies, taking them inside. The golden iris pieces rotate and compress, kinda like chewing)

•basic attacks will bounce to up to two nearby enemies, damage lowers with each bounce

•marks an enemy with black flames that deal damage in short bursts over a couple seconds, if it dies the flames spreads to nearby enemies, doesn't stack but resets duration


Beetle Mound

Beetles are shot out of the mound in ball form, squashing enemies on impact and then disappearing underground

*Clicking noises*
Yes, master
Death from above!
Time to work you grubs
Look out below!
Who ordered pancakes?

Very Slow
45 -110 Splash Damage

Warrior Bugs
•basic attacks will occasionally spawn a Beetle Warrior that will fight for several seconds

Big, Bad, and Ugly
•increases the impact area and range of basic attacks

Home Advantage
•reload speed is decreased the closer the enemy is to this tower

Potion Lab

Don't lick the ladle

Very Slow
Area/Splash damage over time

Acid Bomb
•increases damage, duration, and splash area for basic attacks

Midas Vial
•turns enemies into gold, freezing them, for a short time who give extra coins if killed

Slime Jar
•creates an area that greatly slows enemies

Firework Stand

34 - 95, Slow, Splash damage, Spiral attack pattern, aerial & ground

Dazzling Display
•smaller fireworks will break off from basic attacks and gives a small stun chance

The Big One
•deals massive area damage (map wide range, extremely slow. The gong is rung and the panda statue's eyes glow, and then a massive rocket takes off from the hole in the ground)

Floating Lanterns
•wandering aerial mines that run into enemy air units and explode, has a firecracker upgrade where the mines drop a chain of smaller explosives on enemies passing below

Prism Shaper

The floating gray ball above him is all magnetic sand, all abilities come out from it. Shapes on the base of the tower are supposed to be embedded geodes

50 - 104 Splash Damage, Slow, 3D shapes, Aerial & Ground

•creates a targetable wall that stops ground enemies

•a large boulder that deals good area damage when it lands and rolls down the path that gets smaller and deals less damage as it goes on

•creates a field of spikes that will hide underground and attack enemies who walk over them a few times