Blood and Sand KRV Side-Campaign

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Blood and Sand KRV Side-Campaign

by Ariock » Tue Apr 21, 2020 5:43 pm

I'm almost done with my 1st Veteran playthrough of Vengeance (next is Impossible, wish me luck :D ), and don't get me wrong I absolutely love everything about the game; but it feels... a bit short. There are 78 possible stars you can earn while previous games had 110-130.

So... I thought they could remediate this by adding a new Hammerhold-themed side campaign! (It's already on the map, more as an easter egg, but there's plenty of room for them to add new levels ;) )

The story could be that Vez'nan orders his General to stop the resistance to his evil reign gathering in Hammerhold, led by the one and only Malik Hammerfury, with Alric and Mirage as his commanders.

There are three levels that are similar to the three hero-themed levels leading up to Denas's Castle:

1. Badlands Outpost, where you interrupt Mirage's negotiations for an alliance with the Sand Raiders and fight her as a boss. Throughout the level, Mirage will occasionally teleport behind your Hero and insta-kill them. When facing her as a boss, she'll send a copy of herself down each of the other lanes. These clones have High magic resistance but very low damage. Mirage herself has no resistance or armor but very high ranged damage. Mirage and her clones have a good chance of dodging melee attacks. When Mirage dies, if one of her clones is still alive she'll switch places with one of them and both will be restored to full health.

2. Hammerhold Gate, where Alric is the boss. Throughout the level and when you face him as a boss, Alric will occasionally spawn Sand Warriors that travel down each lane, and trap your barracks units in an area with a sandstorm that deals damage and prevents them from stopping ground enemies for a few seconds. Alric himself has 60% armor and reflects 60% of the damage he receives from melee attacks (before damage reduction), in addition to having true damage melee attacks.

3. Hammerhold Keep, where Malik is the final boss. Throughout the level and when you face him as a boss, Malik will occasionally stun your units in an area for several seconds, long enough for him and enemy units to move past them. Malik has very high health and 50% armor. When he dies, he pulls out the corrupted Tear of Elynie and puts it into his hammer, going into his second form that has 60% magic resistance instead of armor. (Figured we were due for another appearance of this legendary crystal)

Possible enemies:

Sand Raiders:
  • Desert Thug
  • Dune Raider
  • Desert Archer
  • Sand Hound
  • War Hound (now with a Howl ability that boosts nearby enemy unit's damage for a few seconds)
  • Immortal (becomes a Fallen mummy upon dying, turns your units into Fallen if it kills them)
  • Fallen (becomes an Immortal if it kills one of your units)

Desert Creatures:
  • Giant Scorpion
  • Giant Wasp
  • Dune Terror
  • Giant Wasp Queen
  • Bantah/Bantah Rider?

Frontiers Inspired:
  • Legion Archer
  • Legionnaire (turns into a Champion if it kills a unit)
  • Champion (turns into a Sworn Blade if it kills a unit)
  • Sworn Blade (restores itself to full health if it kills a unit)
  • Lasher (the Reinforcement unit with a whip, who has ranged attacks that both bleed and stun)
  • Tamer (a Lasher riding a War Hound, spawns both a War Hound and a Lasher upon dying)
  • Falconer (Crossbow Fort units with a ranged attack, spawns with an untargetable raven companion that sticks to the first tower it sees, drastically reducing it's range until it's owner dies. Or should they have falcons since Shadow Archers have ravens? :| )
  • Archmage (ranged magic attacks that have a chance to explode, stack basic attacks while idle)
  • Assassin (has a good chance to dodge melee attacks and a small insta-kill chance on basic attacks)
  • Templar (has a chance to respawn every time it dies, basic attacks bleed)

Special Towers:
  • Sand Wraiths (I know there's an item in the shop that references them, but I thought they deserved their own tower. Deals slow magic damage and resurrects nearby enemies that die as friendly Fallen (up to 1 per level of the tower, can position them), has the Archmage's Twister ability, and has an ability that gives basic attacks a chance to turn enemies into friendly Fallen, who turn back to normal once they die.)
  • Giant Worm (pay a large amount of gold to insta-kill all ground units in an area)
  • Efreeti?

Anyway, those are my ideas for a desert-y Hammerhold-inspired side campaign they could add to KRV to make the length of the game more comparable to the other games. :D

UPDATE: realized I'm dumb because you don't earn stars for the heroic and iron challenges in KRV, whoops. :shock: Anyway, I still think this is a cool idea
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