KR III Tower Ideas

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KR III Tower Ideas

by mastermoo123 » Mon Jul 08, 2013 5:56 am

Tower Ideas


Battlemonk Temple

Health : 175
Attack : 15-20
Armour : none
Respawn time : 10 s
Special : The longer the monks idle the more damage there next attack will do it can be up to 50% more damage it charges 2% more damage every 1 second

Zen Block : when the monks are idle they can charge 2/3/4 any damage blocks

Oriental Training : the monks can fight 2 mobs at once and only take 75%/50%/25% from the second mob

Looks : The temple is hexagon shaped and has a red far-eastern roof the monks it trains are chubby , bald and wield a large wooden pole .

Buccaneers Den

Health : 225
Attack : 17-23
Armour : low
Respawn time : 13 s

Bottle O' Rum : The buccaneers can throw a flaming bottle of rum which deals 50-75/75-100/100-125 area damage every 5 s

Cutlass counter : Every time a buccaneer is hit he has a 10%/20%/30% chance to parry that attack and do an extra hit

Looks : The den looks like the SCUUM bar but shorter and with nets and seaweed on it , the buccaneers look like pirates with peg-legs and scruffy hair they wield cutlasses

Gladiator School

Health : 250
Attack : 20-35
Armour : low
Respawn time : 15 s

Champions Throw : The Gladiators can throw a net which stuns the enemy for 4/6/8 s

Roar of the Crowd : For every kill a Gladiator gets he gains 10 more health and 2 more damage they can hold 3/4/5 kills

Looks : The school is a sandstone structure it has training equipment on the roof , the gladiators are larger than the normal knights the only armour they wear are shoulderpads , a helmet and a leather bound across there chests they wield tridents and nets

Wizard Towers

Pyromancer Temple

Attack : 40-100
Firing Speed : Average
Range : Average
Special : Mobs when hit have a 25% chance of setting on fire , fire spreads to nearby mobs this can be handy for taking out big clumps of mobs

Flame Wraith : Summons a flame wraith who has 350 health and deals 20-40/25-45/30-50 damage he also has a 25% of igniting targets

Holy Flame : Fires a Holy Fireball at a friendly troop healing 150/200/250 of your targets health it has a 10/7.5/5 second cooldown

Looks : The Temple is orange with red patterns running up it , Flame Wraith it can train looks like a larger Lesser Efreeti made of flames

High Priest Tower

Attack : 40-160
Firing Speed : Slow
Range : Long

Divine Intervention : Heals 3 random friendly troops to full health or resurrects them

Heavenly Strike : A holy bolt is fired dealing 4000 damage in a small area it has a 25/20/15 second cooldown

Looks : It is marble white tower with 4 golden pillars it fires beams of holy light instead of the usual magic blasts , when the heavenly strike is ready the pillars light up

Artillery Towers

G.D.U Gnome Defense Unit (Name is W.I.P)

Attack : 65-110
Firing Speed : Slow
Range : High
Special : When the bomb explodes it spawns 2-3 copper automatons

Gnomish Engineering : Makes the explosion spawn 3-4/4-5/5-6 copper automatons instead of the usual 2-3

Overclocking : Raises the firing speed for the G.D.U

Better built : Increases the automatons health by 15/30/45 more health

Looks : Looks like a titanium version of the big bertha it also has automaton body parts and gears lying on the side of the cannon .

HellSpitter Mortar

Attack : 80-140
Firing Speed : Very Slow
Range : High
Special : The HM is less accurate . After the shell has exploded it leaves lava which works in the same way as a meteor strikes heated ground .

Superheated Core : Increases the damage of the explosion

Overheating : Mobs within a close area of the HM receive damage

Looks : A Dwarven Howziter but instead of a firing barrel a massive vat of lava with a wide cannon poking out of it
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