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Hero Thoughts

PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 4:08 am
by mastermoo123

Health : 560 ( Just above the average hero JUST )
Armour : Great ( Makes him REAAALY tanky tankyiest hero I have )
Attack : 26-40 ( Good strong attack )
Speed : Medium ( Okay k00l )

Swordsmanship : Increases attack in a total of 18 ( Just helping him be that reliable hero without that many abilities )

Spiked Armour : Returns melee damage ( Again its just the bsame thing making him damaging and tanky )

Toughness : 180 Health Boost ( Ditto )

Flurry : 6 Quick Swipes ( Good damaging ability i like it )

Sand Warriors : Summons three sand warriors with 140 health ( This ability is worse than you think these sand warriors disintegrate before they die or deal decent damage )


Health : 360 ( Ranged assassin it makes sense for her to have low health )
Ranged Attack : 13-20 ( GUYS SHES AN ASSASSIN WTF )
Speed : Fast ( Kewl beens )

Precision : 60% Range boost ( NO NO NO A RANGE BOOST WHYYYY )

Shadow Dodge : 60% Chance to teleport away also deals an extra hit ( Yes yes yes excellent for a ranged hero max first )

Agility : 60% Speed Boost (  just a thing for you to spend your last level up points on something cooler could have replaced it )

Blade Dance : Four shadows who deal 40 damage ( 160 damage ranged attack spread across 4 enemies cool )

Lethal Strike : 270 Damage shot with a 5% chance of instant kill ( AWESOME But most of the time it just finishes of a low health raider )


Health : 550 ( Plus 480 equals 1030 also HE'S A MOVING BARRACKS )
Attack : 15-33 ( 4-16 plus 18-54 plus this equals 37-103 THAT IS MENTAL that's why cronans my favourite free hero )
Speed : Medium

Boar master : Gives you two battle piggehs ( Boars ) with 240 health and 2-8 attack ( Turns cronan into the walking barracks also provides a small amount of attack boost )

Stampede : Massive herd with a 35% chance to stun ( TOTALLY OWNS KILLS TONS O' PEOPLE And a third of the ones who do survive take heavy damage and get stunned )

Falconer : Heavy Damage Flying Falcon ( Helps for some damage )



Re: Hero Thoughts

PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:19 am
by LordoftheShadows
Captain Blackthorne:

Health: 630hp (quite useful against swarms of weaker enemies)
Attack: 40-59 (one of the strongest melee attacks)
Speed: fast 8-)

Swordsmanship: increases attack by 3, then 6, then 9
Looting: any enemies near Blackthorne yield extra gold: 10%, then 20%, then 30% (very useful when he's in amongst swarms of enemies, and often it's a good strategy to use rain of fire near him to bring in that extra gold)
Toughness: increases hp by 30, then 60, then 90
Rum and bang: chucks a barrel that deals 48, then 84, then 120 aoe damage (especially good at ridding some of the smaller, weaker enemies)
Release the kraken: summons a kraken on the road that is able to trap 3 enemies and slow all others that go across it, then it traps 4 and slows by 50%, and finally traps 5 and slows by 75% (good when there is artillery towers nearby to kill the enemies held up in that area).

Health: 250 hp (lowest of all heroes)
Attack: 35-80 (magic, ranged)
Speed: slow (however he can teleport so it doesn't really matter)

Magic missile: casts 3 missiles that don't miss and deal 12 damage each, then 5 that do 18 damage, then 7 that do 24 damage each (useful for picking off single enemies at a time)
Chain spell: an attack that goes through 2 enemies, then 3, then 4 (not too flash, but useful at dealing with weaker enemies)
Disintegrate: instakills nearby enemies with combined life of 170hp or less, then 330hp, then 480hp (most effective when he's in the middle of the fighting as the range of this attack is relatively short)
Arcane reach: increases attack range by 10%, then 20%, then 30% (useful because it means he can attack at a safe distance without getting phowned by the enemies)
Aracne focus: increases attack by 2, then 4, then 6 (not a lot, but hey, it's better than nothing)

I could do Dierdre and Ashbite but I'll let you do those :D