Christmas Contest Voting Thread

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Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by RaZoR LeAf » Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:31 pm

  • You can only vote for one entry, and voting for your own entry is not allowed.
  • Please vote by clearly stating your choice in your post, preferably in bold. Again, you can submit your vote in PM to remain private, and you can change your vote at any time by posting a second time. Please do not edit your posts to change your votes.
  • Voting will run for a while, so you have until December 31st because it is Christmas afterall.

Entry One wrote:Artillery

Tower Name Santa's Grotto
Description A semi-circle of pine trees decorated with tiny baubles and stars. In the middle sits jolly old St Nick and a large bag of presents.
About He's made a list and checked it twice, and he has presents ready for all sorts of visitors.

Fire Rate Slow
Damage 70-120
Range Average

Lump of Coal
Santa tosses a lump of coal onto the path where it stays until an enemy walks over it, causing it to explode for 100/160/220 damage and cause a burn to the path on the third level. Cool-down 15 seconds, but will throw them onto the path constantly. No more than four on the path at once. (200/200/200)

Secret Santa
A present opens, sending out a gift from a different artillery tower from other KR games. 'Gifts' include a Big Bertha grapeshot, a Mecha missile volley, a DWAARP drill, and a Tesla overcharge. Each has 25% to happen. Cool-down 25 seconds, reduced by 5/5 seconds (300/300)

Quote "I'm going to find out who's naughty or nice."


Tower Name Reindeer Stable
Description A smartly build stable with a saloon style swinging door at the front. A layer of snow covers the roof of the stable. A single Reindeer with a blue and silver robe stands at the front.
About A guiding light in the darkness, the Reindeer are a proud and ancient tribe of Magi

Fire Rate Average
Damage 50-110
Range Great

Red Glow
A second reindeer steps out, this one has a red nose. Enemies marked with a red spot take 20/30/40% more damage for 5 seconds. Cool-down 12 seconds. (300/150/150)

Rule the Skies
The Reindeer targets flying enemies and causes them to drop closer to floor, and loose their immunity to Artillery at the same time. Cool-down 8 seconds. (200)

Quote "Sleigh Bells ring, are you listening?"


Tower Name Mrs Claus' Cookie Cafe
Description A homely looking cookie and cake shop, with a red front, cakes in the windows and coloured smoke rising from the chimney. On the roof, is a rather fat elf manning a gatling gun that fires chunks of broken cookies at enemies.
About Mrs Claus bakes the best cookies and takes no prisoners!

Fire Rate Fast
Damage 14-20
Range Good

Candy Crush
Fires a big sprinkle covered cookie that does 90/180/210 damage to up to 6 enemies of the same type as the one hit (300/200/200)

Savour the flavour
Mrs Claus bakes some new flavours and adds a 20% chance that the cookies will cause poison/burn/explode to enemies when hit. (200/100/100)

Quote "Who wants cookies!?"

Barracks Tower

Tower Name Snowfall Cave
Description A mound of ice and snow covers a cave. Two heavy yeti's are spawned from the mound, by climbing out of the pit just ahead of the mound. A male and female yeti are always spawned together. The yetis look like a cross between the Yeti enemy, the Sasquatch and a Satyr Hoplight. Female yetis have longer hair and a slightly pink fur, whilst the male have browner fur.
About The mighty Yetis may not like visitors, but they do love a good Christmas Carol.

Unit HP 600
Unit Armour None
Unit Damage 45-70
Unit Respawn 18 seconds

Christmas Carol[u]
The Yetis start to sing, providing a distraction that causes enemies moving past to b slowed by 20/40/60%. Cool-down 15 seconds. (300/200/200)

[u]Snowball Fight

The Yetis start throwing snowballs at foes for 50/80/110 true damage at a fairly fast rate. (350/300/250)

Baby Boomer
Both Yetis disappear back into the tower for 30 seconds, during which they will not defend the path. They then return to the path and a baby yeti (greenish fur) sits on the tower base. The baby yeti cries and increases unit heal rate and damage by 40% for 6 seconds. Cool-down 18 seconds. (500)

Quote "Yodel Ay Hee Hoo!"

For Hero

Name Erthamho
Title Nutcracker Prince

HP 460
Melee (base) 25-40
Armor Medium
Speed Average
Respawn 25s


Glitter Bomb
Tosses a grenade like Bauble at an enemy. It explodes and showers glitter on all enemies in its short range. All enemies covered in glitter take an additional 15/30/45% damage

Hussar's Honour
Attack is boosted by an additional 5/5/5 points ( up to 40-55)

Hard Nut
Crunches down on a nut and heals himself for 70/140/280 HP

Straight March
Erthamho marches straight along the path without stopping, causing 50-90/70-110/90-130 damage to all enemies in the way.

Hero SpellNutcracker Suite
2/3/4 Ballet Dancers (male and female) appear and cause enemies to be stunned for 5 seconds with their dance, then quickly attack multiple enemies back and forth for 5/7/8 seconds for 90-150 true damage.

Erthamho doesn't speak, instead several clockwork noises are made for his movements.

Entry Two wrote:Archer Tower: Mischievous Fort

About "Mischievous gnomes throw volleys of snowballs to blind enemies."

Description An enclosed building of large wood planks and stones, with a red flag, windows and surrounding walls. Three gnomes stand at the top of the tower, on a flat platform, in front of a pile of ready snowballs.

Fire rate Fast (increase to Very Fast when targets go within half range)
Damage 11-20 (increase to 13-24 when targets go within 40% range)
Range Extreme


Skill Name: Snow Puppet Maker!
Description: Well made snowmen distract and slow down the progress of enemies.
Effect: Recruit a handy gnome to create snowmen. Every 10 seconds, the gnome peek out of a window to throw the completed snowman onto the path. Snowmen have 90 health, no armor, cannot attack but can block enemies and distract ranged foes. Up to 3/4/5 snowmen can be active at once. Once the maximum number is reached, the gnome will proceed to throw snowballs at enemies at an average rate, dealing normal damage.
Cost: 250/100/100


Skill Name: Colonial Flag
Description: A pennon to mark conquered lands!
Effect: A gnome comes out of the Fort to mark an area within range with a red flag. You may change the flag's position by rally point, doing so call the gnome out again to do the task. Enemies near the flag take +5/+8 points of damage from all Mischievous Forts, with 15% chance of taking 50/60 True Damage by a direct hit on the face! Multiple flags may not stack together, and must be positioned spread out.
Cost: 250/150

"Protect the flag!!"

Quote The gnomes speak in a high-pitched tone.

"Fire at will!"

Artillery Tower: Yeti Cavern

About "The mighty mountainous beast slams score of troops to heaven in one strike!"

Description A hole on the ground, the size of a Big Bertha, with ice spikes on the edge. In the darkness within, the beast lurks in heavy breaths, waiting for the sign of preys. To attack, it sends one arm out of the cave, and smashes a group of enemies, dealing damage to ground and air foes stacking on top of each other. Its yellow, large eyes can be briefly seen every time it attacks.

Fire rate Very Slow
Damage 64-160 damage on a rather wide AOE
Range Long


Skill Name: Quick Snack
Description: A quick feast to grant increased vigor for battle.
Effect: The beast pulls its gigantic upper body out of the cave, then grab up to 1/2 enemies stacking together on a spot, patting them into the mouth in a massive chomp. Damage is increased by +15/+25 points for the following 3/5 strikes. Cooldown is 28 seconds.
Cost: 300/350

"Fighting makes me HUNGRY...!!"

Skill Name: Angry Slam
Description: This mighty strike will squash away a huge group of enemies.
Effect: The beast, again, pulls its muscular upper body out of the cave, then use both hands to slam down the enemy with the highest maximum health in range, dealing an extra +60/+90/+120 damage with double AOE. Cooldown is 17 seconds.
Cost: 200/150/150


Quote The beast growls in a deep, rumbling voice.


Mage Tower: Winter Sorceress

About "The hottest of mages in control of the coldest of weather."

Description A slender, beautiful young female in sleazy icy dress stands on top of a large, slippery ice piece plunged into the ground, surrounded by small shattered pieces of ice. The sorceress holds a slight curved staff made of bare, high-quality wood, from which she casts whirling wind shears at enemies.

Fire rate Slow (decrease to Very Slow if only one target is in range)
Damage 55-68 True Damage **
Range Long

** Freeze the victim for 1.8 seconds, dealing this amount of damage each second.


Skill Name: Icy Punishment
Description: Freeze the strongest foe with a long range magic bolt, dealing damage over time.
Effect: Cast a howling bolt of winds with range increased by +50%/+70% at the enemy with the highest attack rating, freezing it for 4/6 seconds, dealing normal damage per second. Cooldown is 12 seconds.
Cost: 250/200

"Reap what you sow..."

Skill Name: Frost Rain
Description: Sub-zero rainwater freeze upon impact, render its target immobilized.
Effect: Launch a volley of bolts skywards simultaneously, creating a quick rainfall that freeze the path and enemies within range for 2/3/4 seconds. Other enemies are slowed down by 40% in the 5-second period when the path remains frozen. Cooldown is 14 seconds.
Cost: 200/150/150

"Coldness, coldness in the skin..."

Quote If you can see her in details, the sorceress smiles shyly when she is recruited.

Barrack Tower: Grandma's House

About Old Grandma is surprisingly durable, especially when her beloved pies are threatened.

Description A warm little house with a fireplace that shine dancing light out from the inside. Smoke can be seen coming out slowly from the chimney. The roof and ground around the house is covered in snow. The house spawns a sole old lady with a wooden stick. Around her, 3 pies float in a pink magical dust. When an enemy comes within range, a pie flies towards it and splashes itself onto the victim's face, dealing magic damage and stun it for 1 second.

Unit HP 500
Unit Armor Medium
Unit Damage 12-38
Ranged Magic Damage 13-48 (very slow fire rate; pie reappears after 2 seconds of idle)
Unit Respawn 15 seconds


Skill Name: One Custard Pie
Description: More pies to further damage and slow enemy units.
Effect: Increase maximum number of active pies to 4, and damage to 17-58/21-68.
Cost: 200/150

"A taste of Grandma's secret recipe."

Skill Name: Grandma Strike
Description: A secret kung fu style passed down from generations of grandmas, that deal great damage to its victim.
Effect: Deal 34-86/54-116/74-146 physical damage to a target. Cooldown is 8 seconds.
Cost: 250/250/250

"A sweet old lady protects herself."

Skill Name: Home Party
Description: Call in grandmas from the local book club to share some warmth in a cold winter night.
Effect: Recruit up to 1/2/3 more old ladies, with the following stats.

    HP 200
    Armor Medium
    Damage 12-30
    Respawn 18 seconds

The recruited grandmas can use Grandma Strike, but cannot summon flying pies.

"My back aches!.."

Cost: 300/200/200

Quote Grandma speaks in a sweet, old-lady tone.

"Who wants some pie!"


Name Iboh
Title Freaky Snowman

Iboh is a badly made snowman, stand 1.5x the height of Alric, and a bit fatter. He is decorated with a black tall hat and a tie, with some tree branches for arms and an orange carrot for a pointed nose. He moves by hopping forth restlessly til he reaches the desired location. He attacks with swings of his arms, which are not especially deadly by themselves. However, he can also engage enemies from a distance by creating a snowball in his hand, then fling it at a target, instantly freezing it.

HP 600
Melee Damage 14-36
Ranged Magic Damage 35-56 (very slow fire rate) **

Armor None
Speed Slow
Respawn 15 seconds

** Freeze targets for 1.5 second.


#1 Skill. Ping Pong Iceballs
Description: Throw a bouncing snowball that hits up to 2/3/4 enemies, dealing 10-20/20-35/30-50 magic damage and freeze enemies for 2 seconds. Cooldown is 10 seconds.
Cost: 1/2/3 points.

#2 Skill. Sweet Torment
Description: Bombard an area with 5 candy sticks shattering down, dealing 15/30/45 physical damage each. Cooldown is 14 seconds.
Cost: 2/3/4 points.

#3 Skill. Snow Minions
Description: Summon 2 lesser snowmen with smaller size, and the following stats to accompany Iboh in battle.

    HP: 140/200/260
    Armor: Low (20%)
    Melee Damage: 4-8/6-12/10-16
    Respawn: 15 seconds

Cost: 2/2/2 points.

#4 Skill. Ice Storms
Description: A burst of strong gusts of cold air creates 5 ice spikes around Iboh, dealing 20-60/35-105/50-150 physical damage to enemies. Cooldown is 10 seconds.
Cost: 1/2/3 points.

Hero Spell: Snow Command
Description: Creates a long patch of snow on the path, from which hands of snow turn to grab passing enemies. Each hand acts like minor units, which needs to be destroyed to stop the stalling. They have the following stats.

    HP: 50/65/80/95
    Armor: None
    Damage: 0-0/3-8/7-12/11-16 True Damage per second

Up to 3/4/6/8 enemies can be held at once. Other enemies are slowed down by 60%. Once all hands are destroyed or they have killed the enemies they grab, the snow remains for another 3 seconds, slowing passing enemies by 50% before melting. Cooldown is 18 seconds.

Cost: 3/3/3 points.


"I want a carrot!"

"It is hot in here."


Death quote: "Some things are worth melting for..."

Entry Three wrote:
Name:Elves hut
Description:A wood hut covered with snow with 2 crossover candy canes above the door that train elves to fight(their weapons are candy canes).
About:A long time ago the elves were trained to make toys here.But then,naughty children emerged.
Cost:275 gold

Elves stats:
Respawn:15 sec.

1.Milk and cookies
"Needs more chocolate."
Elves can't feed themselves with only children's happiness.
Increase Elves base HP.
Level 1:Base HP-210;Cost-220 gold
Level 2:Base HP-250;Cost-200 gold
Level 3:Base HP-275;Cost-180 gold

2.Mint Canes
"Don't lick it."
That's gonna make your breath icy.
Elves have a chance to freeze the enemies for 3 sec.
Level 1:Freeze chance-20%;Cost-230 gold
Level 2:Freeze chance-35%;Cost-200 gold
Level 3:Freeze chance-50%;Cost-200 gold

3.War jingle bells
Did you hear that?Is the sound of victory!
Elves respawn time decrease.
Level 1:Respawn time-10 sec.;Cost-275 gold
Level 2:Respawn time-6 sec.;Cost-125 gold

Quote:"For the Christmas!"

Name:Snow fort
Description:A big fort made only of snow with 2 elves that throw snowballs.
About:These elves trained years to mastery the snowballs fight.
Cost-300 gold

Fire rate-Fast

1.Secret Ammo
"How do you like us now Indi?"
The snowball fight is more dangerous than it looks.
Elves throws a big snowball that keep rolling on the road,deals damage,becomes bigger,carry enemies back and freeze them.
Level 1:Damage:20-26;Number of enemies-5;Freeze duration-2 sec.;Cost-400 gold
Level 2:Damage:23-29;Number of enemies-7;Freeze duration-3 sec.;Cost-200 gold
Level 3:Damage:25-32;Number of enemies-10;Freeze duration-3 sec.;Cost-150 gold

"Go get'em big guy!"
This is how actually a snowman looks.
Elves summon a snowman that block and damage enemies.It have the elemental's aspect but is made of snow and have buttons on its chest.
Level 1:HP-200;Damage:14-19;Armor-none;Respawn time-10 sec.;Cost-350 gold
Level 2:HP-250;Damage:18-23;Armor-none;Respawn time-8 sec.;Cost-250 gold
Level 3:HP-300;Damage:20-25;Armor-none;Repawn time-6 sec.;Cost-200 gold

Quote:"It's not just a game!"

Name:Reindeer Landing strip
Description:A landing strip whit a reindeer that shot 4 magic orbs at once.
About:You already knew Santa's reindeers are magic because they can fly,but did you know they can use magic that way?
Cost-325 gold

Fire rate:Slow
Damage:10-17 per orb

The reindeers are the spirit of holidays.
The reindeer shot continuously a ray that deals magic damage for a period.The reindeer can shot orbs too while i shooting the ray.
Level 1:Damage per sec.:5-8;Ray duration-3 sec.;Cost-250 gold
Level 2:Damage per sec.:9-14;Ray duration-5 sec.;Cost-175 gold
Level 3:Damage per sec.:14-20;Ray duration-8 sec.;Cost-175 gold

The reindeers have strong lungs.
The reindeer create a mist that slow the enemies.
Level 1:Mist duration-4 sec.;Cost-200 gold
Level 2:Mist duration-6 sec.;Cost-150 gold
Level 3:Mist duration-10 sec.;Cost-150 gold


Name:Elves cooking pot
Description:5 elves on a huge cooking pot full with dough.3 of the elves hold a huge spoon and throw dough at enemies and the other 2 throw flour and sugar in the dough.Dough remain on the road for 2 sec. and slow the enemies.
About:Sometimes the cookies made by elves it's hard as rock and crush Santa's teeth.They found a way to use that in their advantage.
Cost-400 gold

Stats:Fire rate:Very Slow

1.Bouncy dough
"What did you put in it?"
I think it's good enough now.
Dough balls become bouncy and...bounce few times.
Level 1:Number of bounces-3;Cost-300
Level 2:Number of bounces-4;Cot-100
Level 3:Number of bounces-5;Cost-100

2.Hard dough
"Seriously now,what did you put in it?"
Cookies becomes jawbreakers,I don't think the milk will get them softer.
Tower's damage increase.
Level 1:Damage:39-50;Cost-300
Level 2:Damage:42-54;Cost-100
Level 3:Damage:45-57;Cost-100

Quote:"Eat this!"

Name:Coal the bad elf :twisted:
Respawn time:10 sec.
Coal use a bazooka(yes,a bazooka)to launch huge coals to enemies.His base attacks deals area damage.

1.Toy breaker(passive);1/2/2 hero points
Coal's base attacks destroy enemy's armor and magic resistance.
Level 1:-1 level of armor or magic resistance
Level 2:-2 levels of armor or magic resistance
Level 3:-3 levels of armor or magic resistance

2.Bad toys(active);Cooldown-10 sec.;1/2/3
Coal throws bomb toys at enemies that deals area damage.
Level 1:Damage:26-42
Level 2:Damage:34-56
Level 3:Damage:45-68

3.Poisonous cookies(active);Cooldown-6 sec.;2/3/3
Coal put poisonous cookies on the ground poisoning the enemies that walk over them(actually they eat them).
Level 1:Number of cookies-3;Poison duration-7 sec.
Level 2:Number of cookies-6;Poison duration-12 sec.
Level 3:Number of cookies-9;Poison duration-permanent

Coal have a chance to dodge attacks and bounce back.
Level 1:Dodging chance-20%
Level 2:Dodging chance-50%
Level 3:Dodging chance-70%

Hero Skill
Evil toys(not the same thing as "Bad toys")3/4/6
Coal summon evil toys that block and damage enemies.
Level 1:Number of toys-3
Level 2:Number of toys-5
Level 3:Number of toys-5;Coal summon a giant evil toy that block and damage enemies
Evil toys:
Giant evil toy:

Quotes:"Let's be naughty!"
"Coals for you!"
"No toys this year!"
(upon death):"I HATE Christmas!"

Entry Four wrote:

Tower name: Needle machine... gun
Description: This tower consists of two segments. On the left is a platform where two archers stand, controlling an enormous wooden machine 'gun'. On the left is a big mechanical hand that heavily shakes a Christmas tree. The needles that fall out of the tree are collected in a big funnel. The needles then go through a steel tube to the back of the machine 'gun' and are used as ammunition.
About: This terrifying machine shoots sharp needles at enemies faster than the eye can see.

Fire rate: Extremely fast
Damage: 7-11
Range: Long

Skill 1. Needle blast: The mechanical hand strips of all needles at the same time and then throws the remaining stump away. The tower now shoots multiple needles at once, giving it a small aoe for 2/4/6 seconds. Cooldown: 16 seconds. Cost: 200/200/200
Skill 2. Painful acupuncture: Every enemy that is hit by at least 10/6/4 needles will experience an intense pain and gets slowed down by 40% for 3/4/5 seconds. Once you buy this ability, the tower always attacks enemies that aren't slowed yet (just like with the poison arrows upgrade) except for when needle blast is active. Cost: 250/125/125.

Quote: "Don't worry, it will be over soon".


Tower name: Snowman igloo
Description: As the name suggests, the tower looks like an igloo. On top of the entrance hangs a small shield with a carrot on it. On the left of the tower is a bush with prickly leaves and red berries. The snowmen look like generic, 'Cristmassy' snowmen. They have a scarf, a hat, pebbles for their mouths and eyes and a carrot for their nose. The snowmen use brooms as weapon.
About: Don't let their quirky appearance fool you. These warriors of snow mercilessly sweep foes with their brooms and ice cold harts.

Health: 230
Armor: None
Melee damage: 9-12
Ranged damage: The snowmen throw a snowball. It does the same damage as the warden barrack's ranged attack.
Respawn: 10 seconds

Skill 1. Carrot snipe: The snowmen each shoot their nose at enemies with incredible velocity and from an amazing distance. A new nose will form after this attack is used. The carrots deal 50/125/200 damage and ignore one level of armor. It also looks really cool ;) . Cooldown: 8 seconds. Cost: 300/250/250

Skill 2. Slow snow: When a snowmen dies, it leaves a pool of snow behind for 3/5/7 seconds. The snow slows enemies by half and it heals other snowmen by 50/75/100 hp over 3/5/7 seconds. Cost: 175/175/175

Skill 3. The more the merrier: One extra snowman is joining the fight. cost: 300.

Quote: "Stop global warming!"


Tower name: Glacial mountaintop
Description: The tower is a big gray-ish mountain. The top is rounded and covered with snow. It's always snowing on the mountain. A mage with a very bright blue tunic stands on top of the rounded mountain. Beneath his feet lies a big snowflake-shaped marking in the snow. The magic energy balls the mage casts are also snowflake-shaped.
About: The mage draws it power to freeze anything and everything out of the endless snowstorm that covers this mountain.

Fire rate: Slow
Damage: 65-85. The attack also has a 30% chance to freeze an enemy for 2 seconds.
Range: Long

Skill 1. Snowstorm clouds: The tower creates 1/2 clouds. It always snows under the clouds, slowing enemies by 50%. You can move the clouds anywhere you want with a rally point. The second cloud gets a separate rally point. Cost: 350/350
Skill 2. Icy core: The tower creates an 'icy ball of coldness' that stays on the field for 15 seconds. It hovers in a perfect circle around the tower, above the road. Every enemy that comes close to the core gets frozen for 1/2/3 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds. Cost: 300/150/150.

Quote: "Let it snow".


Tower name: Bell tower
Description: This round tower is pretty high and made out of stone. the tower is decorated with a small door and some windows without glass in them. On top hangs a giant golden bell. A bell ringer pulls a string to ring the bell. The bell generates pizzaslice-shaped cones of sonar waves that damage multiple foes at once.
About: Gnomish inventors figured out that sonar waves prove to be very effective weapons. They used gnolls as testers.

Fire rate: Slow
Damage: 55-95
Range: Average

skill 1. Sweet melody: A little bell is added to the tower. Instead of making devastating sonar waves it makes a sweet melody (It's the well known song 'jingle bells' btw). This melody increases all stats (fire rate, range and damage for artillery, archers and mages. Damage,maximum health, attacking speed and armor for barracks) of nearby towers by 10/15/20%.There is also an option to mute the music. Cooldown: passive. Cost: 400/200/200
Skill 2. War horn: The bell ringer blows a magical war horn. It depletes 10/20/30% of the current hp of all enemies on the screen. However, it only effects enemies with all/90/80% or more of their hp. Cooldown: 20 seconds. Cost: 200/250/300


Name: Alph
Title: The Christmas gnome

Appearance:Alph is a little gnome with pointy ears. He wears a green jacket with golden buttons, a green, pointy hat and brown pants. His shoes are red and they are curled up at the end. Alph uses magic powders and spells as weapon.

health: 360
damage: (both melee and ranged): 11-17 all of his normal attacks have a 40% chance to put the enemy to sleep for 3 seconds.

armor: none
magical armor: medium.
speed: very fast (Alph can teleport)
respawn: fast

1. Pleasant surprise: Alph gives the nearest soldier a present with either food, weaponry or armor. the food heals the soldier for 20/40/60hp, the weaponry gives the soldier +2/4/6 in attack power and the armor always gives one more level of armor. these effects last until the solder dies and cannot be stacked (except for the food). cooldown: 9 seconds.
2. Flower power: Alph empowers 1/1/2 random flowers on the field. It doubles/triples/triples their effectiveness (The magic blossom deals more damage, the poison flowers also deals more damage and slows more, the freeze spell freezes longer, etc.) The effects reset if you use the flower. Cooldown: 18 seconds.
3. Hide and seek: Alph calls 3/5/7 of his gnomish friends. These gnomes hide themselves in bushes and spread themselves all over the map, next to the path. When an enemy comes near, the gnome pulls out a stick. Small and medium enemies trip and are slowed down greatly but very big enemies walk right trough the stick, breaking it. When a stick breaks, that gnome has to wait 10 seconds before it respawns. Cooldown: passive (Alph automatically calls his friends when you start a level).
4. My dear: Alph calls a lovely deer which blocks and attacks enemies and has the following stats:
Health: 300/400/500
Damage: 23/34/45
Armor: none
Special ability: the deer dashes forward every 7 seconds, this deals 45/56/67 damage to all enemies that are hit.
The deer stays on the field for 20 seconds and Alph calls a new one every 30 seconds.
Hero skill. Santa Claus!!!: Alph summons the mighty Santa. He will destroy hordes of enemies by throwing multiple explosive presents anywhere you tap. These presents deal 150/250/350 damage each with a big aoe. Cooldown: 40 seconds.
Special ability: Every time you start a level you have the option to change one strategic point of your choice in a gnome garden for 200 gold. The gnome garden works exactly the same as the one in the unseelie court. The prices of the upgrades depend on the level you are playing due to balancing. To do it, just double tap Alphs hero icon and then tap the strategic point you want to build the gnome garden. Note: you can only do this before calling the first wave.

Quote 1: "Meeeerryyyyy Christmaaas!!!"
Quote 2: "hihi haha" *grins nastily
Quote 3: "Haaappyyyyyy new yeeaar!!!"
Death Quote: "you won't get a present"

Entry five wrote:
ARTILLERY = Elfbomb, Inc.
Description: A colourful gingerbread house with white roof and wide brick chimney. Fires green presents out of the chimney that explode upon touching the ground.
About: "This toy factory had to be turned into bomb factory so it could be helpful in the lines of defense."

Rate of Fire: Very Slow
Damage: 50-100
Range: Average

Festive Time: Fires a blue present that falls on ground and attracts enemies for 1.5 seconds, then explodes, dealing 80/120/160 area damage. Cost: 300/200/200 Gold.
Sweet Tooth: Rains cookies all over it's range, buffing allied unit's damage by 30%/40%/50%. Cost: 150/150/150 Gold.

Quote: "Deck the trolls!"

MARKSMEN = Xmas Xbows
Description: The tower is actually a large Christmas tree with decorations and lights. On the top, there is a star. The tree is divided into two parts (upper and lower) and there is a dark space inbetween where shooters reside and fire their crossbows.
About: "Nobody has seen these precise troops, but their tree is magnificent."

Rate of Fire:
Damage: 20-35
Range: Great

Starry Night: The star on the top of the tree zaps an enemy, dealing 1500 damage. Upgrades reduce cooldown. Cost: 300/150/150 Gold.
Bright Lights: The lights on the tree flash on and off, reducing damage of nearby enemies by 30%/60%. Cost: 200/200 gold.

Quote: "Silent night."

MAGE = Candy Lord

Description: A person in pink coat standing on the top of a piedestal made of sugar and chocolate. There are different candies scattered around the base of the piedestal, including candy canes stuch in the ground. Fires colourful smarties at enemies.
About: "Enemies won't resist his magic. Our troops didn't, either."

Rate of Fire: Very Fast
Damage: 20-60
Range: Extreme

Unbreakable: Every fifth shot at a target is a jaw buster that deals 20/40/60 damage and briefly stuns the enemy. Cost: 250/150/150 Gold.
Sweet Greet: Candy canes float around the Candy Lord's tower, bashing enemies while dealing 40-80 damage to them. Upgrades increase number of canes. Cost: 200/200/200.

Quote: "Stuff your stomachs!"

BARRACKS = Northpole Elite
Description: A pile of snow with windows, iron door, radar and the red/white pole on the top that can be found on the North Pole. Units are called "Snowmarines", they have an ape-like body made of snow, their faces are made of coal and carrot like a snowman's and they each has a different cooking pot on it's head. They use large candy canes to fight.
About: "The Snowmarines, Santa's elite guards, were easy to bribe."

HP = 120
Armour = Medium
Damage = 60-800
Respawn time = 15s
*Snowmarines can fire energy blasts from their canes at flying enemies.

Apprehend: Allows Snowmarines to counter ranged attacks by pulling enemies to them. Cost: 250 Gold.
Snow Blow: The Snowmarines blow up upon dying, dealing 60/120/180 area damage. Cost: 200/100/100 Gold.
Air Strike: Santa occasionally drops presents from the sky that deal 20-40 area damage and stun enemies. Upgrades increase the number of presents. Cost: 300/150/150.

Quote: "Huurgh! Dash the snow!"

Name: Rudolph
Title: Reindeer
Description: Rudolph is a reindeer with a shining red nose and vast antlers standing on his hind legs. He is wearing green cloth armor with iron plates over his torso and his hooves are reinforced by iron.

HP = 580
Damage = 150-190
Armor = Low
Speed = Slow (unupgraded)
Respawn time = 12s

Antler Warfare: Rudolph swings his antlers, knocking up to 3/5/7 nearby enemies back. Cost: 2/2/2
Take Flight: Increases Rudolph's speed to Fast. Landing after flying over long distance, Rudolph deals 30/50/70 area damage. Cost: 1/2/2
Herd Call: Summons two reindeer warriors with lances that always stand ground along with Rudolph. Cost: 3/2/2
-Stats: 90/120/150 HP, 45/90/135 Ranged Damage
Jolly Red: Using his nose Rudolph transforms an enemy with less than 250/500/750 health into a Christmas present. Cost: 3/3/3
Blizzardeer: Rudolph and many other reindeer quickly rush to the target location, dealing 200/500/800 area damage and leaving ice on the ground that slows enemies over 15 seconds. Cooldown: 30s Cost: 2/2/2

"Deck them."
"Jingle jingle!"
"Follow the leader."
Upon death: "Poachers..."
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by BubblesMaster » Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:58 pm

So much yes.
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by truteal » Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:54 pm

The lack of Fruitcake throwing artillery surprises me
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by BubblesMaster » Fri Dec 19, 2014 7:58 pm

truteal wrote:The lack of Fruitcake throwing artillery surprises me

No kidding.
The Universe has a wonderful sense of humor, the trick is learning to take a joke. Do, or do not. There is no try. Why so serious? 'To Start Press Any Key' Where's The Any Key?
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by RaZoR LeAf » Fri Dec 19, 2014 8:00 pm

truteal wrote:The lack of Fruitcake throwing artillery surprises me

Didn't think of that!
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by Filipuntik » Fri Dec 19, 2014 9:20 pm

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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by tmn loveblue » Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:56 am

One. Surely. It has the best references and funniest, yet most balanced towers.
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by xstargaming » Sat Dec 20, 2014 1:14 am

I am voting for the first of these selections. It is cleverly devised and nicely put. :D
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by Magnus0 » Sat Dec 20, 2014 7:34 am

I also vote for entry one
I especially like the secret Santa and candy crush ability.
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by Mr_Lamington_Wolf » Sat Dec 20, 2014 12:03 pm

I must vote One

Also yes why were there no Fruitcake/Pudding batteries
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by Simmonds91 » Sat Dec 20, 2014 4:28 pm


I see someone made an elf barracks... Cool.

I imagine a fruitcake tower to be a christmas equivelant of the druids. Giant christmas puddings!
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by truteal » Sun Dec 21, 2014 4:13 am

Here's a barracks idea

A stereotypical Nativity scene with the Biblical Magi as the warriors
-Each Wise Man would have different stats
-One upgrade would give them steeds (A Horse, a Camel and an Elephant)
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by Mr_Lamington_Wolf » Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:41 pm

truteal wrote:Here's a barracks idea

A stereotypical Nativity scene with the Biblical Magi as the warriors
-Each Wise Man would have different stats
-One upgrade would give them steeds (A Horse, a Camel and an Elephant)


You could also have the angel as the Mage with a Star above the tower
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by Chimto » Sun Dec 21, 2014 3:24 pm

truteal wrote:Here's a barracks idea

A stereotypical Nativity scene with the Biblical Magi as the warriors
-Each Wise Man would have different stats
-One upgrade would give them steeds (A Horse, a Camel and an Elephant)

Wrong thread.
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by Sanzuwu13 » Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:52 pm

Exhibit, Entry five. Love Grandma's House in two, though.
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by mastermoo123 » Mon Dec 22, 2014 12:19 am

Entry two, I love the yeti :D
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by billakoz16 » Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:26 pm

I vote One(1) !
2 also had some good ideas
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by Big Bad Bug » Thu Dec 25, 2014 11:19 pm

I have trouble keeping track of all of the information in each of these entries, but from what I gather at this time, I choose Entry 2 for its perfect quotes and innovative ideas. :)

Subject to change, possibly. ;)
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by Zonoro13 » Sat Dec 27, 2014 2:48 pm

It's between 4 and 5, but entry five had extremely overpowered barracks and hero, so I vote for entry the fourth.
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Re: Christmas Contest Voting Thread

by Magnus0 » Fri Jan 02, 2015 9:37 am

This contest is over now. Isn't there a sort of ending or conclusion or celebration for the winner?
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