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Kingmaker's hero Oddities.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 8:56 am
by The Kingmaker

I have now decided to put some of my hero ideas in groups, all the heroes have a linking feature but are all different from each other.
The first group I have thought of are the Oddities; all do not fit in with the Sylvan Elves for one reason or another.

Colere, the Moon Sentinel
Colere is a Moon Sentinel, and as such wears a green cape and green armour. She is slightly taller than a normal sentinel and holds a single, long sword in her right hand. In her left are the reigns for her Panther, Static. She has all-over-short cut blonde hair that is streaked with red.

Moon sentinels! The greatest figures for female empowerment, since before Lynn had been tested or Lilith conceived of!
At least that’s what Colere thought when she signed up. She was going to be a formidable warrior, a hero in the Elven army.
Wrong! Despite training for years and becoming second-in-command only to Islanzi, wait, you don’t know her name? You should, she was leader of the Sentinels and bodyguard to the Queen, *tuts*, typical. Colere saw through the facade of the Sylvan Elves, she and the other Sentinels were merely being used as a meatsheild, while patriarchal arses like Eridan got all the credit and that pampered Princess Alleria swanned around feeling so important. Despite this she stayed, mainly for Islanzi as they had a working relationship and Islanzi would be fired if any men found out her legs were paralysed. (she rode her panther all the time and was second to none while riding it)
Then, up in the Arcane Quarters, herself and Islanzi faced an Avenger, which drove its sword through Islanzi and into her panther, Nichi, the alpha-female and mother of Alleria’s cat and Static. The Avenger beat down Colere and swatted off Static, who had leaped for his throat. Then lightning struck down and the Avenger exploded. Colere's hair was covered in blood and gore, and static absorbed some of the electricity (giving him the name static). Islanzi and Nichi were gone.
Now she fights for vengeance, but also fighting Bureaucracy and Sexism wherever she can, wearing red in her hair as tribute to Islanzi.

Health: 200 400 40
Armour: Low 5% 30% 5%
Damage: 5-10 10-15 1-1 ranged (Stars) and melee damage.
Speed: Fast (rides Static to target location) Medium (when Static is far away)
Passive: Static runs around the battlefield and is separately controllable and able to block. He has 200 health and 6-12 damage at level 10 (150 200 10, 1-2 6-12 1-2)

Red tape (active) (12 seconds): Cutting the red tape around a tower’s use and construction, she grants a tower a 15/20/25% bonus to damage for 3/7/10 seconds. Upgradable towers gain a 30/40/50% decrease to its next upgrade, while maxed out towers instantly refresh an ability.
Flash-bang (active) (8 seconds): Static jumps around the screen, dealing 10/20/30 damage to 2/3/5 enemies and stunning for 1/2/3 seconds.
Mourning fury (Passive): Whenever one sentinel is killed in a pair, the other becomes invulnerable and gains 1.5x/2x/3x damage for 3/5/8 seconds. When a soldier is killed near Colere she gains 1.3x/1.5x/2x damage and invulnerability for 3/4/5 seconds.
Moon forge (Passive): Improves Herself and nearby troop’s weapons by 3-3/5-5/10-10 and armour by 10/22/35% (So Colere has 20-25 damage and High (65%) armour at maximum level)
Hero Spell: Moonlight (35 seconds): Using the mystical moon energy that Sentinels consecrate, Colere shines moonlight down on the target area.
Barracks and Artillery have 0.67x reload/respawn times, while Archers and mages deal 1.5x damage.
Enemy troops are slowed by 5/10/15/20% and take 2/3/4/5 fire damage per second.
Allied troops Gain 1/2/3/4 regen/s and 5-5 damage. Moon Sentinels also gain 50 health.
(All for 4/5/6/7 seconds)

Overall Playstyle: Colere is a support hero, and as such cannot deal much damage on her own, however when combined with troops, both she and they can deal high damage. She can urge towers and troops alike to deal large amounts of damage and works especially well with Weirdwoods and Her own Moon Sentinels. She is also invaluable when upgrading more expensive towers/powers such as Flaming Nut and Weirdwoods and can tank effectively for a while.

Thicket, the Satyr
Thicket (Dense hedging/trees) is a traditional Satyr, with greener fur and smaller horns than the Satyrs we fight in KRO and while he has his legs uncovered, he wears a dapper shirt on his top half. He is slightly larger than a Cutthroat, however Hoplites dwarf him. He kicks with his goat legs in melee and blows through pan pipes in ranged, producing a higher note the closer the target is. He loves poetry and music, even if he isn’t the best at either.

Thicket, unlike other Satyrs, did not blame the Sylvan Elves for the loss of their God, Pan, as he could feel a link to the ruler of Nature, Pan was alive! Searching for his lost master for several years, he eventually found rumours of Pan relaxing in a cave near the Elderoak with Dionysus, God of wine. Their D/P club was apparently infamous throughout the whole forest, anyone wanting to get drunk and end the night with a new partner would sign up and go in.
Entering the club with magical legs to hide his heritage, he was scared by the club, Satyrs drank mead, not wine and Thicket had rarely been interested in women. Eventually, mumbling words of a poem he had written, a prayer to Pan, he ploughed through the crowds to see his Deity asleep holding some hoes. (The gardening tools; get your head out of the gutter) Waking his Idol he told him of his plight. Pan shrugged, said he was bored with the powers anyway and gave most of them to Thicket.

Health: 275 375 20
Armour: 0% 25% 5%
Damage: 26-32 36-42 2-2 melee, kicks with goat legs every 1.5 seconds. 8-11 18-21 2-2 ranged, fires a blow dart every 0.75 seconds.
Speed: Fast, runs slightly comically on his goat legs.
Pan-pipes (Active) 8 seconds: Plays a note on his pan-pipes that is so out of tune, it stuns enemies in range for 1/1.5/2 seconds and makes their eardrums bleed for 25/50/75 damage.
Panda (Active) 18 seconds: Summons level 5 Xin without a hero spell for 4/7/10 seconds (this should be balanced... right?)
(False) Panacea (Passive): Enemies hit by Thicket’s darts take 3/7/10 poison damage/s for 3/4/5 seconds.
Pancreas (Active) 10 seconds: Performs some poetry to an enemy which is so bad its internal organs attempt to escape, dealing 60/130/200 damage as they do so.
Hero Spell: Panic (30 Seconds) Deals 60/130/200 area damage and reduces enemy damage by either: 20/40/65% or by (no of enemies x 7.5). Thus a group of 10 enemies will be reduced by 75%, but a group of 7 enemies will be reduced by 60% instead of 52.5%

Overall playstyle: Thicket is a joke hero idea I had that I'm surprised I made before the stick insect, lizard, dwarf and crime boss. Anyway he's a jack of all trades because that how his powers fit after I decided to start all his abilities with "Pan". I guess an instakill that turns an enemy to bacon called "Pancetta" wouldn't really fit.

Naemon, the Forsaken
Naemon is a young male/adolescent Tel’Quesir (HEM) elf; he has light brown hair that is reasonably short, but long in the fringe (which occasionally covers his left eye). He wears loose, baggy shorts that leave his legs below the knees exposed and some mail armour on his shoulders over a t-shirt. On his face, legs and arms, light blue/purple runes can be seen, which occasionally glow brighter blue/purple. His clenched fists have a soft blue glow around them.
Health: 300 450 15
Armour: 5% 30% 5% (Low) armour. 25% (Low) 65% (High) 8% Magic resistance
Damage: 20-50 45-75 5-5 melee magic damage (Punches with his glowing fists every 1.2 seconds)
Passive: Whenever an enemy is teleported by the mages’ star upgrade, the target enemy deals/takes 50 area damage both where it is teleported from and where it is teleported to.
Rupture (Active) 8 seconds: Naemon punches 3/5/7 enemies, dealing 30 damage to those without abilities and dealing 10 those with abilities, rupturing the magic of those with abilities. Upon use, instead of the ability working, the enemy instead takes 30/65/100 damage. “Ruptured” enemies have a glowing blue aura that flashes/explodes when they use an ability, dealing 15/32/50 area damage upon each use for the next 1/2/4 uses.
Energy punch (Active) 14 seconds: Punches an enemy, dealing 50/100/175 damage and radiating 100 area damage plus the enemy's damage.
Powers combined (Passive): For every 4/3/2 punches against an enemy he deals 1x more damage up to 4x but his punches are slowed to 1.5/1.8/2 seconds. Being damaged by someone other than the enemy he is fighting resets the multiplier.
{How it works: He begins blue, (HEM/Arch) like normal dealing 1.0 damage. Then his punches turn orange (WM/Sorcerer) dealing 2x damage, then Purple (Arcane) dealing 3x damage, finally they turn dark green (Necro) dealing 4x damage. He finished with a multicoloured groin kick that deals 5x damage and stunning for 3 seconds, Naemon moves to a different target if there is one.}
Kung Fury (Active) 10 seconds: An uppercut to a single enemy that deals 100/200/300 true damage and slows the target’s attack speed by 15/30/50%
Hero Spell: Rune loop (40 seconds): Runes appear over your towers, causing all towers to deal 1.3x/1.4x/1.5x damage for 4/5/6/8 seconds. Artillery and archers have the additional damage as magic, Barracks have the same affect, along with an additional armour boost (Enchanted Armour x2 or better). Mages have additional physical damage.

Naemon is the child of a High Elven Mage and a Wild Magus who met at a Council of Mages. While the two groups have no indifference, relationships are rarely found between them and as both were junior trainees, things became difficult. While loved by both, neither could accommodate him, so he was “abandoned” at a Council. The boy became a pet project, traded between the different mage institutes who swapped at the now annual Councils, his budding hybrid magic becoming a hot topic. His parents, now adept in mind and runes, stored knowledge of themselves inside his mind, to be released when he needed them and stole him away from the council, who they knew would eventually turn him into some kind of weapon. Naemon was pushed to the front of the boy’s mind, his name revealing itself to him.

Years later the boy was a good friend to many other orphans, but his best friend was Kieran, who was a remarkable thief, despite his increasing weight, who taught Naemon how to hide, sneak and fight dirty. One day, having “liberated” a map from an official’s home, he suggested that Naemon join him where the map marked a crashed ship’s loot hidden in a cave. Travelling through the rest of the Sylvan woods from the towns he had been dumped in he arrived on the rivers of Linirea and travelled with his friend to where the cave was. Then the bandits who had spread the bogus rumours captured the two.

After Kieran had cut them out of their bindings with a hidden knife, they were seen and chased by a bandit. The bandit grabbed Naemon and was about to stab him where Naemon’s emergence (the sudden arrival of magic powers during puberty) occurred. Naemon punched the bandit with his empowered fist and knocked him back several metres, killing him instantly. The bandits recaptured the horrified Naemon and Kieran, who had become enamoured with the raw power of magic. Naemon was taken to the Bandit’s mage, a man in a purple cloak named Vaznen spoke to him, and told him that he was going to be a test. Several hours of searing pain ensued, where Naemon searched his mind, learning about his power and forgiving his parents.

When he emerged into consciousness, he found his body covered in glowing runes. He could feel his very breath, his heartbeat, his anger. He could see them in the runes. The runes amplified his power by looping it around his body, multiplying his power and protecting him from other magic. He saw Kieran little, the boy had become enamoured with gold and was already organising large heists. When Kieran and Vaznen were gone to set up a base inside of Hushwood, he let his fury flow through him and killed all of the bandits before stealing a horse and being halfway back to Aredhel by the time his former friend returned.

Manto, the Prayer (as in the person who prays, not the pray they say)
Manto is cross between a Praying Mantis and a Stick Insect. It has no gender and has 6 legs. It stands on its back four legs and stabs with the front two legs which have an extra joint that bends, making it look like it is praying. Its legs are incredibly thin and its body widens towards the bottom, where its wings are stored beneath a carapace. Its head/neck area is thin and is basically a small bauble with two insect eyes that rotate around.
Health: 220 440 44
Damage: 20-35 35-50 3-3 melee damage. Stabs with a leg every 1.5 seconds.
Armour: 20% (Low) 45% (Medium) 5%
Speed: Slow/Fast (walks stately with its long legs for short distances/unfurls its wings and flies long distances after a small delay)
Inhuman Reflex: (Passive) Manto's insect speed grants it and nearby allies a 10/20/30% chance to avoid damage
Wing Blast: (16s) It flaps 3/4/5 times, dealing 10/15/20 damage each with a 5% chance to stun for 1 second per flap.
Virulent Slash: (10s) Pounces on an enemy and stabs its middle legs into it, poisoning it with poison that deals 30/50/70 poison damage over 3/5/7 seconds dealing 50% more damage for every time the enemy has been poisoned before.
Sacrilegious act: (18s) Chomps off the head of an enemy with less than 50/100/150% of Manto's current health, instantly killing it.
Viral Contagion: (20s) Spreads a poison with its back legs that turns affected allies into clones of Manto for 6/9/12/15 seconds with equal abilities and stats before the virus kills them.

Nobody is certain where the Crenga nicknamed “Manto” arrived from, or where it is going to, but when a member of a race that was destroyed in its entirety a thousand years ago returns out of the blue and starts stabbing your enemies, you really shouldn’t complain!

Thackus, the Gladiator
Thackus is an orc, with dark green skin to match. He is tall, slightly taller than Lynn and with rippling muscles over most of his body. He is wearing a dark brown leather belt/shorts, gleaming steel shin guards, a set of metal scales to protect his right arm and a strange helmet covers his face. The helmet is confusing to describe. Just google “Murmillo” and you’ll get what I’m looking at.
Some of his red hair can be seen tied behind his head with an equally red scrunchie. A large rectangular shield is in his left hand with insignia of a boar’s head and a short, slightly curved sword is in his right. He wears numerous trikets and rings, most notably a horned skull necklace with red eyes.

Health: 400 550 30
Armour: 25% 75% 10%
Damage: 22-38 52-68 6-6 stabs with the sword every 1.25 seconds.
Speed: Medium (pretty bland, but hey, he’s wearing heavy armour.) Respawn: 15 seconds.
Passives: He deals 2x damage to Razorboars and dodges their charges 100% of the time; he also dodges webspit, due to his time as a Bestiarii
His shield blocks 10% of attacks against him.

Disc Hurl (12 seconds): Throws a spiked discus that deals a total of 60/120/300 damage, bouncing 2/4/6 times. (If thrown at a lone target with no others in range, it will stick into the target dealing its full damage at once.)
The Boar (Passive): Living up to and fighting for his reputation, for each 15/10/5 health he loses he gains 1-1 damage. Regular attacks have a 10/20/30% chance of stunning for 1 second and dealing double damage.
Kinsrage (20 seconds): Feeling the wrath of countless generations of his forebears slain in battle, Thackus deals double damage and gains 15/0.5s regen for 5/6/7.5 seconds. (The skull amulet glows yellow and he is covered in a ferocious red glow)
Not Entertained? (15 seconds): A brutal attack that deals 125/270/400 damage with a 7/15/25% chance of “insta-kill”. If this attack “kills” its target, it instead leaves them at 1 HP and lowers enemy speed around the “killed” enemy.
Hero Spell: No, I am... (40 seconds): For 10 seconds 30/65/100% of all damage dealt is shared equally among all enemies and troops (So, insta-kills aside, all damage dealt by enemies to troops, and towers to enemies, is shared equally among all enemies, however troops take half damage and Thackus takes none)

Orcs are forced of fire and iron by their warrior God, and their names are chosen to represent what their God gave them, often family ties, then occupation or the area they originate from. Thackus is a mockery of these noble customs, a nickname given to the ferocious orc by his captors, to represent Thaku, which is known as Acaroth by the Linireans. Stolen from his tribe that lives among the ancient ruins before he came of age, the unnamed orc was disillusioned and unmotivated. Then he arrived at the arena.
To the east of Southport, beyond Linirea as it is at the base of The Silveroak Forest is a small group of men split into several squabbling city states. Thackus was trained for their sport. He would fight to the death for their amusement, his heavy armour and weapons caricaturing the Linirean Paladins, whom these southern states loathe. Among a band of brothers, Thackus forged bonds of friendship and began to plan his escape, with this new purpose he began to enjoy the fights as saw it as sport for himself, turning the games into enjoyment for his fellow gladiators, fanning the flames of the angry slaves of the states.
Defeating all his opponents, man or beast, his wrath became legendary and rumours of “The Boar” even reached his blood-kin, even if they never knew it was him.
Then, one day instead of the usual large felines, Gnolls or human combatants, a large Boar entered the arena. Cheers were aroused for a pale, female elf in a red cloak that had been funding the games for the past years, presumably in return for military aid. And this sponsor thought it would be amusing to bring a huge beast from the far west to crush this symbol of freedom.
The beast became stronger as it died! Its strength and rage were only bolstered by the sword in it’s side and it was all Thackus could do to avoid being gored by its brutal charges. His only memory of home, a skull amulet began to glow, and he saw images he didn’t know but immediately understood. His body seemed to act on its own, keeping him alive while he watched the images. He saw his father, Gul’zemar avenge his father, Gul’kuk on the battlefield and countless other battles.
Fuelled with anger and glory, he used his bare fists and snapped the boar’s tusks, stabbing it with them. That night he escaped, saying farewell to his fellows and slaves, who overthrew the cities and tracked the mystery woman far away, deep into the Elven lands. Although he stopped when she rejoined her huge seigeing army, he knows she was Ainyl of the Twilight Elves.
One day, he may choose his Orc name and return to his fellows to tell his many stories at a campfire, but fire he must slay those responsible for his gladiatorial ordeals.

Amarthael (em-arth-ay-el) the Storm Queen
{amath = fate, ara+sael = noble and wise (In Sindarin Elvish)
Ama (for short) is ever so slightly taller than your average Sylvan elf, but only by a little. She wears long, white robes that are very long, with hanging sleeves and a dragging dress. She has long blond hair that is not straight, yet is not overly curled. She has a circlet in her hair, with three blue stones (sapphires) in it. She also has a circular necklace with a diamond in its centre and wears two rings, a gold marriage ring on her fourth left finger (the wedding ring finger) and a ring with a prominent diamond on her middle right finger. The Diamond occasionally turns cloudy/dark blue.
During Storm Queen, her voice becomes multi-pitched and she appears drowned, with darker eyes, a dark blue glow contrasting against her pale skin. Her blonde hair radiates outwards and her robes flap around in the wind. When Diamond, her hair and robes remain still and she turns a glimmering light blue.

Health: 300 450 15
Armour: None
Damage: (Both are every 2 seconds)
Melee: 30-35 45-50 3 blasts forward with winds from her palms, dealing area physical damage.
Ranged or against a single enemy: Stabs at a single enemies’ mind dealing 40 55 3 true damage.
Speed: Generally medium (she is only bare-foot, so doesn’t want to run that fast)
Powers: (Any one form is active for 10 seconds, and she has 2.5 second cooldown between them. She tries to tailor forms to enemies near her. If there are no enemies she will use her support power, if she is low on health tank and so on)

Storm Queen (20 Seconds): Invoking her Wrathful Fury, normally contained in the diamond ring, Ama whips the winds around her into a tornado that deals 20/30/40 damage per second to enemies within its area, with a rain AoE slow identical to that of the Lightning, only localised to the whirlwind. She cannot use her telepathy or regular attack, however floats above the ground and moves fast, the tornado takes a second to consolidate when stopped, but deals half damage when moving, so Ama can just move around with it if she wants to.
Lady of Light (20 seconds): Amarthael uses her Sapphire Circlet to transform her skin into Sapphire, she gains 40/60/80% armour while being slowed. She absorbs 20/35/50% of all attacks, taking half damage from them, storing their power inside her glimmering body, radiating outwards in AoE when the form ends. (If she dies in this form it deal 2x damage) She is once again blocked out of her telepathy.
Impenetrable Defences (20 seconds): Trapping her personalities in their respective peices, Ama looks at her wedding ring and becomes fully mundane. Because of the reputation of the power she has, 2/3/4 towers around Ama gain 15/20/25% bonus damage and range, while troops gain 15/20/25% extra armour. She can also look into a mirror and forsee the future, buffing a different tower based upon the enemies on the way.
Mental Superiority (20 seconds): Using the rest of her intellect that she stores in her Mind Necklace to prevent it from being damaged, Ama’s telepathic attack is boosted to 60/100/140 true damage every 1.5 seconds with an unlimited range. Whenever an enemy is killed nearby, or by her anywhere on the map, she can control it's body, causing it to reanimate at 1/4 ; 1/3 ; 1/2 health and fight enemies for 3/4/5 seconds or until it dies.
Hero Spell: Embrace/Reject (60 seconds): Has a 45/45% chance to embrace or reject the power of the Tear of Elynie, gaining different powers as a result for 20 seconds. The tear appears before her, held in midair while her arms are outstretched. When embraced, it becomes a swirling mix of blue and red, when rejected it remains red and when merged it becomes blue again.
If she embraces the gem, she induces the full powers of herself and the Storm Queen, the whirlwind deals 15/30/45/60 damage per second to all enemies within its now larger area. Using her mind, she forces rain down on the largest groups/fastest enemies, slowing them. She floats above the ground, moving fast. Her telepathic attacks inspire fear in enemies, making lower level enemies attack higher level ones and vice versa, as well as making their damage against her negligable, as they are so terrified of her.
If she rejects the Tear, Ama becomes purest Diamond, gaining 99% armour, locking the storm queen inside of herself. Becoming the image of Elynie of Earth, her only attack is a long range beam similar to Wrath of Elynie, dealing 0.1x the damage of that thing. (IDK how much damage it does). Blessing of Elynie has a 1.25/2.5/3.75/5x chance of occurring in nearby troops. All troops and towers also have permanent Horn of Heroism.
She has a 10% chance to perfectly merge her two personas, as was fated. She gains 50/60/70/80% armour, a whirlwind dealing 15/30/45/60 area damage and telepathic strikes dealing 50/70/90/110 true damage. She passively boosts the damage of all troops and towers around her by 1.25/1.5/1.75/2x and her furious visage lowers enemy attack around her. If a lightning strike is used around her whirlwind, each strike deals 1.5x damage.

Overall Playstyle: Amarthael’s style revolves around swapping between her specialised modes, tanking, duelling, supporting, and dealing area damage. While she appears incredibly specialised, she is locked in one form for 12.5 seconds, making her vulnerable when not a diamond, while not dealing enough damage when supporting or tanking.
My only worry is that this hero is trying to do too much and failing at all of them.

I refuse to feel the flames
Your dreams are deafening
Not dark, but beautiful, and terrible as the dawn!
All shall love me, and despair!
I passed the test! (Death)

All bow! Our Queen is here!
As strong as foundations of the mountains, as inspiring as the dawn and as destructive as the sea!

Her power, the Wrath of Elynie itself, is contained within herself and several magical jewels, now she must decide what will become of the Tear of Elynie. She yearns to use its power against our enemies yet fears she will be corrupted by it. Either way, she will not stand by and let it fall into our enemies.

For years, she has been nervous to use the full powers that manifest in her bloodline, instead storing it within the ornaments crafted for her by her husband and using to to bolster the defences of our kingdom. With the Tear of Elynie threatened, her power waned and she could not protect our capital, having barely enough power to protect herself. Now she will not stand idly by, standing with our forces and using her own unique and deadly forms of magic to make us truly unstoppable!

Silcalaril, the Prince Consort:
Very tall, grave and beautiful, with silver hair long and bright, Silcalaril shows no sign of his age save for in the depths of his amber eyes – keen like a lance in starlight, deep wells of profound memory. The Prince Consort has an embellished gold band around his forehead, hidden at the sides and back behind his shimmering hair and pointed ears, with pure white robes that flow to the ground and ornately decorated plates of silver armour over his shoulders and torso. A straight silver blade rests in his right hand with an empty pommel and a large white diamond comfortably occupies his left palm, gleaming with latent energy. [i]

Stats: (Level 4 to 10)
Health: [i]200
440 40
Armour: 20% 50% 5%
Damage: Holds up the diamond, which glows to produce a wide of cone of light every 4 seconds in alternating gold and silver colours, dealing 34-54 70-90 6-6 magic damage to all enemies in its area. In melee, Silcalaril holds the sword upside down in his right hand and pushes it into an enemy with his left hand over the pommel, fitting the diamond snugly into it and causing the blade to glow white, dealing 17-27 35-45 3-3 physical damage, plus 3-13 15-25 2-2 magic damage every 2 seconds.
Speed: Medium, striding with purpose and grace to the tapped area, giving no sense of urgency or apathy.
Dazzling Legacy: The energy stored within Silcalaril’s diamond is blindingly bright and all of his attacks have a 25% chance of stunning for 1 second.
Damage Reflection: Silcalaril’s armour was forged using long-lost techniques by First City silversmiths and reflects impacts against it, damaging enemies that hit Silcalaril for 20% of the damage they dealt him.

Refracting Focus (10 seconds): Pulls out a clear, kite-shaped gemstone, roughly the size of the crystal at the top of a High Elven Mage and telekinetically raises it to orbit a tower for 1/2/4 seconds. The crystal focuses the light entering and exiting the tower, causing its attacks to deal maximum damage, reducing basic tower upgrade costs by 5/10/15% and recharging tower special abilities twice as fast during its duration.
Prismatic Diffraction: (15 seconds): Silcalaril places his palms together and then widens them to create a circular diffraction grating out of cyan light that increases the number of projectiles the target tower fires by 1/2/3 for 6 seconds, including ability projectiles such as Burst Arrow, Fiery Nut and Hunter’s Mark. The grating has thick edges, a transparent, shimmering centre and orbits around the tower, moving to be close to where its projectiles emerge, with one projectile visibly flying in, and then 2/3/4 flying out – hitting different enemies where possible.
Dawnlight (20 seconds): Holding up the diamond, Silcalaril releases light that entered it at the Awakening of the Elves, and has not graced the world since, illuminating chosen elves and leaving all others in darkness. Enemies within Silcalaril’s attack radius are stunned for 1/2/4 seconds and are judged - Twilight Elves are deemed to be corrupted and are silenced for 2/4/8 seconds, whereas other enemies are seen as abominations and take 1.1/1.2/1.4x damage for the stun duration.
Memory of the Trees (25 seconds): Light filtered through the gold and silver leaves of Taurelin and Laperion shines upon a tower, restoring a glimmer of ancient dexterity and granting different benefits depending upon the tower for 3/7/10 seconds. All Archers (excl. GL) fire 1.5x faster with soft blue bark and silver leaves on their trees, all Mages (excl. WM) fire an additional bolt with bright blue crystals like those in a Sorcerer’s Stone, all Druids have 1.5x AoE size (excl. WW) with the golden bricks of the First City and all Barracks troops have 15/s health regen, the soldiers and their buildings glad in plates of gold and blue instead of silver and green.
In addition to the above, Advanced towers gain more extravagant and powerful buffs with aesthetic shifts to match.
Arcane Archers are illuminated in bubbling blue light and all of their shots reduce magic resistance twice as much, with 10% chance each to inflict a random additional effect, including their two powers, silence, damage reduction, etc.
Golden Longbow towers are gripped in red light and completely reassemble to form a towering humanoid avatar in red, gold and white with the longbowman at its centre, the effigy mimicking their movement - firing at half its usual rate, but with a 20% (40/60/80% with Crimson Sentence upgrades) to insta-kill with each thunderous bolt of scarlet energy.
Wild Magi platforms splinter into numerous rocky outlets connected by crackling orange energy, dealing double damage to silenced enemies and reducing the cooldown of an ability by 2.5 seconds when they personally kill silenced enemies.
High Elven Mages raise their arms and float in the air with the entire top of their tower off, producing twice as many Sentinels, dealing their base damage with all three bolts, and dealing quadruple Timewarp damage - can be moved by the player by selecting the base of the tower and tapping the target location.
Arch-Druid Henges have orange roots and First City stone, restore stones when idle twice as fast and pass Sylvan Curse to a new enemy should its original target die within 3 seconds of the curse being applied. Runed Bears gain the 15/s regen and are now immune to all enemy abilities.
Weirdwoods, descendants of saplings taken from Taurelin the Golden, glow golden and glorious with ochre bark and glimmering gilded leaves, attacking 1.5x faster, with their basic attack now a Clobber that hits all enemies in the Tree’s radius, the Clobber ability stunning for twice as long, and Fiery Nut leaving golden flames that slow enemies engulfed in them by 50%.
Bladesingers and their Halls are wreathed in wrathful red energy, dealing double damage with basic attacks and Blade Dances, quadruple with Edge Mastery - Perfect Parry lasting for twice as long and always activating when taking ranged damage.
Forest Keepers and their Dens are wrapped in curling green light, attacking 1.5 faster, with double regen of other barracks (30/s), doubled magnitude of Circle Of Life and double damage from Eerie Gardener - quadruple if upgraded a second time.

Hero Spell: Second Awakening (45 seconds): Elynie’s memory is restored to the tapped area of the map, slightly wider than the radius of a Horn of Heroism, causing all allied troops and towers within its area to Awaken into a new Age for 10 seconds. Towers glow slightly gold (those already buffed by the Two Trees retain their colour) and deal 1.25/1.5/1.75/2x damage, while star powers go into overdrive, either activating 1.5/2/2.5/3x as often (A) or having 1.5/2/2.5/3x the magnitude (B).
A: Bloodletting Shot, Blessing of Elynie, Unstable Magic, Alter Reality,
B: Master Shooter, Elven Training, Enchanted Armour, Moon Forged Blades, Crystal Gazing, Hardened Boulders, Sharp Splinters, Shocking Impact.

Silcalaril's lore is vast and expansive and too self-indulgent to post. Trying to make my own Silmarillion in chunks is a fool's errand and instead of posting something I would be unhappy with, I am taking the time to write my story - the history of the first city - and then add that into the lore of relevant heroes. Feel free to come up with (and share) your own ideas of daring deeds, legendary romances and iconic battles - if you'd like the bones of what I've come up with read on.
Born to the House of the Silver Arch - a respected, if small noble house of Elves - Silcalaril witnessed first-hand the rise of the Starlord Damglîn and subsequent fall of the First City and House of Elynie. Naturally proficient in his crafts of smithing, jewel-making and light-manipulation, Silcalaril became close to Amarthael, the youngest daughter of King Allerin as her retreat from the boisterous 'wooing' of Damglîn, the pair eloping together after both becoming severely unhappy with the state of their education and city - in no small part due to Damglîn whispering poisons into the ear of Allerin. Chased by the legendary architect Daidalles to the banks of the Starlight Rivers, they return to the First City as Damglîn brought about a full civil-war and coup. Ferrying out refugees and failing to reach Allerin before his death, they retreat back to those Rivers and found Aredhel, the Free City. Returning in force and with newfound (and cosmic) allies, they fight their way into their homeland, fighting off Damglîn from consuming the Two Trees and locking him and his people away in time, scrubbing them from all memory. Now Queen of Elvendom, Amarthael marries Silcalaril and they live happily for five hundred years and have a daughter, who they name Alleria. Due to storing and studying light in crystals Silcalaril has the clearest memory of any elf who survived these events (all others let themselves forget) and uses this to teach and mentor the next generation of defenders.

Bruunhilde: the Shieldmaiden.
Bruunhilde is a large woman, standing as high as Thor or Ingvar, while being slightly more plump that all of the elven women. She has long ginger ponytails sticking out of her winged helmet and carries a long spear in one hand, with a shield in the other. She wears extensive Chainmail armour with a large breastplate that just reinforces what is already there in abundance.
Health: 370 520 50
Armour: 40% 65% 5%
Damage: Melee: 15-30 35-50 4-4 Stabs with a spear every 2.5 seconds. Ranged: Sings a note for 20-25 30-35 2-2 area damage every 1.5 seconds. Slows for 0.5 seconds. (Aims with a small radius like Phoenix)
Speed: Medium. Respawn: 15 seconds.

It isn’t over (Passive): All regular ranged singing notes cause 5/10/15 bleeding damage over 1.5 seconds and removes 5% of resistance. Bleeding enemies take 115/130/150 damage for 1.5 seconds.
Vincero! (7 seconds): Singing a whistle tone note, Bruun shatters 5/10/20% of enemy armour/magic resistance in a medium area around her. Any enemies caught in the sound waves take 10/20/30 bleeding damage over 3 seconds and are slowed for 3 seconds.
Ring Cycle (15 seconds): Bruun sings an aria that is so long, as part of an opera that is even longer, the God of Time himself intervenes and puts the rest of the map on pause, fast forwarding until she is finished. Upon her final, triumphant note, technology has advanced and 1/2/3 towers get their next upgrade half price. During the interval, all friendly troops are healed 50/100/150 health from the snacks and refreshments.
Tragic Immolation (20 seconds): At the climax of her opera, Bruunhilde throws herself onto a funeral pyre, in their grief nearby towers and troops deal 125/150/200% damage for 5/6/7 seconds. If there is a HEM it will teleport her away and she will not die. This also occurs upon her death for 115% damage for 4 seconds.
Rise of Valkyries (35 seconds): Seeing Bruunhilde’s excuses are wavering, actual Valkries come down to aid her cause and. 1/2/3/4 Valkyries are summoned for 20 seconds, coming down from the sky while “Rise of the Valkries” plays, also granting Bruunhilde their passive for the duration.
Health: 300
Armour: 75%
Damage: 30-40
Passive: Whenever an enemy is killed nearby, they absorb its soul, gaining a 5-5 damage bonus (stacks indefinitely) . When a friendly troop (or Valkrie) is killed nearby they gain 10-10 damage and have a 10% chance of attacks causing area damage.

As a young woman, Bruunhilde of the Coldstep mountains always wanted to be an actress. Joining the main Linirean Drama company, she was sent to bolster the morale of allied troops in near-off Aredhel. However, due to a mistake in translation, the Elves believe Bruun to be a genuine Valkyrie, causing her to need all of her acting prowess (and divine intervention) to keep up her image and bolster morale.

Overall playstyle: Bruun can tank individually quite well, or can be kept out of combat to steadily destroy enemy resistance. She is largely supportive, boosting tower prowess through her own and Godly means. Her hero spell allows her to block an area similar to the Kingsguard, but the Valkyires can also be individually moved allowing for mini powerhouses all over the map, or a relief support to an embattled area.

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by The Kingmaker
The Abbot.
Note: The Abbot of the Bladesinger Order starts battle as a man, but can be Male, Female and a few species that are purely an “it”, so I may swap erratically between gender pronouns.
Appearance: (For reference)
Wearing a long red cloak, Crimson and Gold armour and Golden gloves, the Abbot of the Bladesinger Hall wields two different blades; both different to those of regular (trainee) Bladesingers. The left blade is a thin dagger almost identical to a regular blade; the right blade is a long curved blade, not unlike one of Oni’s katanas, a far longer, slightly wider version of the regular blade with a ruby in its pommel.
The Abbot themself can be anyone. The first is a tall, lithe, grey haired Elven man, but the abbot can be Male or Female: Elves (prevalently), Dwarves, Men, Orcs or pretty much any bipedal race worth a damn. They respawn as any random guise. Some Orcs, dwarves or other races (or even men) may use a single great sword instead, but have the dagger in their belts and deal the same damage.

Health: 250 300 10 Respawn: 10 seconds.
Armour: 50% 70% 2%
Damage: Strikes left-right with the Longer blade, then right-left with the Shorter blade, dealing 25-30 30-35 1-1 true damage every 0.75 seconds.
Speed: Fast - runs to nearby areas. Can also use cape similar to a Harasser's Shadowjump to semi-teleport longer distances (takes several “jumps” to cross the map)
Passives: Upon “death”, the Abbot resigns by stabbing the enemy they were fighting with the longer blade if in melee upon death dealing 125 true damage. If killed by a ranged enemies then they throw the dagger. After either scenario the Abbot jumps into the cloak like a Harasser and a Red light goes into the pommel of the sword, which sticks in the ground instead of a grave while waiting for respawn. Upon respawn the new Abbot jumps like they normally would, picks up the sword and begins fighting anew.

Inevitability (Passive): Every consecutive attack against a target gains a 1/1.5/2% chance of instakill against that target. Stacks to 100%, retained between spawns on individual enemies.
Unremitting (Passive): For every 80/60/40 health lost The Abbot attacks 1/15 (0.05s) faster.
Beyond Flawless (15 seconds): Achieving fluidity and ultimate perfection, the abbot attacks 2/4/6x faster for 3 seconds, always using their maximum damage.
Resignation (18 seconds): The Abbot stabs the enemy that kills them, dealing 500/750/1000 damage. (If it kills an enemy, it deals the excess damage to nearby enemies)
Hero Spell: Choreography (30 seconds): Past and Future Abbots strike from afar by teleporting in for a second, making 7/12/17/22 Blade dances, each dealing 15-30/20-40/25-50/30-60 damage.

A lifetime of training makes a Bladesinger, but it takes multitudinous lifetimes to be worthy of becoming their leader, to manage this feat, as part of becoming Abbot of the Bladesinger Order, you are trained by past Abbots. All of them.
When an Abbot “resigns”, they place most of their life force into their blade and use it to kill their target. The rest, regardless of the state of their body, is transferred into the ruby in the pommel of the sword, there the Abbots are free of mortal flaws (even if their body is found intact and they are returned to it) and need not train, instead they teach the Bladesingers (passed in differing rubies) to achieve perfection, and tutor the current Abbot to go beyond it.
Using this wealth of past knowledge, the Abbot has grown a fearsome reputation, regardless of what face the body of the current Abbot is or how long they have been Abbot. The current Abbot has now returned from his long Vigil in a ruby-crusted cave near the Starlight Rivers, learning what went wrong with for his task during the Siege of Aredhel. He saw the red-caped woman angry to find the Queen Teleporting away. He had duelled with her, and he cast her staff off of the Palace Balcony and watched it shatter. He rended her body and watched her bleed, but as giant beetles bore down upon him he knew her body would mend and she would escape. Now he has returned to fix his mistakes.

Saq’ra and Erqu, the Foreign Deities
For appearance, see images: Saq'ra: Image Erqu: Image
Changes to images:
Saq’ra is a huge Winged, Feathered Serpent, or Feathered Dragon. Bright blue feathers cover all of her midriff and four legs and her huge wings have flashes of purple, blue and many other colours also. Erqu is a Mandu, a race sharing a recent common ancestor with the Saurians. The feather coming from the centre is identifiable a red tail feather from Saq’ra. A large conch shell hangs from the gold plate on his shoulders. He sits on one of the gaps in the feathers down Saq’ra’s back, on the blue section between her legs, holding a staff with a crude serpent carved into its head (the serpent’s mouth glowing orange in the very centre).
Health: 300, 450, 30
Armour: None
Damage: Idiosyncratic attack pattern: Saq’ra attacks, then Erqu, an attack from both of them taking 5 seconds. 15-20, 30-35, 5-5 physical area damage, Saq’ra flaps her wings beneath her every 2.5 seconds, then 33-44, 66-77, 10-10 single-target magic damage, Erqu fires a flaming orange bolt from his staff every 2.5 seconds.
Speed: Slow to close-by areas, flying at a sauntering pace; very fast after a 0.75s delay for long distances, the Conch shell around Erqu’s neck glows and winds carry the pair to their destination
Innates: Collects hearts from nearby slain enemies to power their strange maegiks, the death of 50 enemies instantly refreshing an ability cooldown. (Does not affect Hero Spell)
Flying unit – only damaged AoE and ranged attacks, and only targeted by the latter.

Powers: (Both Saq’ra and Erqu must attack before an active ability can be used so they cannot be used all at once, nullify each other, and leave a long period where damage is lacking,)
Solar Sacrifice (Passive): For every 30/25/20 enemies killed by or near Erqu and Saq’ra, they permanently gain 1-1 damage, 5 Health and remove 1 second from the cooldown of an ability. Lowers the innate ability refresh to 48/40/32 slain enemies.
(Aesthetic: the 30/25/20/th enemy killed by or near them erupts into blue flames and disintegrates, leaving only their heart behind. Enemies killed for the innate ability refresh burst into contrasting green flames. All nearby slain enemies affect both the innate and passive, and thus an enemy can erupt into both blue and green flames, creating purple flames as well.
Wind Sun (45 seconds): The pair glow bright Cyan blue while Erqu blows into the conch shell around his neck, summoning winds which Saq’ra flaps into a fearsome hurricane that follows an enemy along the path for 3/6/9 seconds, dealing 30 physical damage/s to the enemy inside the hurricane, and 15/s as physical AoE to all enemies nearby. The Hurricane will remain still if the enemy inside is killed. Enemies killed by the hurricane reduce the cooldown of the hero spell by 1 second each. (Temporary)
Earth Sun (45 seconds): Erqu widens his arms and Saq’ra holds her wings aloft, before they both rush downwards rapidly, glowing with green light and creating an earthquake dealing 80/160/240 True Area damage. Enemies killed only by the earthquake create aftershocks dealing half the damage in the half the AoE size, and so on with enemies killed by the aftershocks.
Fire Sun (45 seconds): Saq’ra’s eyes grow deep red, as does Erqu’s staff as they bring down a fallen star/meteor onto the path, dealing 175/250/325 magic damage to a single target, the star remaining on the path for 3/6/9 seconds, leaking radiation that deals 20 magic damage/s in a small radius.
Hero Spell: New Sun (90 seconds): An infant star is created at the tapped location, its bursting flames dealing 140/280/560/840 True area damage. It then collapses in itself for 2 seconds before leaving only a tiny orange singularity behind. When the ability is used again, after the star collapses on itself, the orange singularity explodes dealing a total of 60/120/180/240 True damage. Enemies killed during the 2 seconds the star collapses in on itself are drawn into it, increasing the damage of the dealt by the singularity by 30.

Erqu was appointed First Priest of the Mandu race by his New Emperor, roughly fifty years ago, immediately after both positions became vacant when their previous occupants were burnt by a mob. The entire Mandu ruling class had been annihilated by the various slave races that they subjugated; both serpentine and humanoid, in a murderous revolution. Erqu never knew how the revolution ended, as he had been tasked by his late Emperor’s son, the New Emperor, to find the land from where the historic ancestors of the Mandu had originated, where his race’s forebears had tamed and bred the Coatl. He was to save the race of Feathered Dragons from extinction, while the rest of the Mandu retired from their Empire into their impenetrable mountainous fortresses to await the return of their Dragon Riders to reclaim their glory and more.
Arriving as the Temple was stormed by anarchists, the juvenile lizard found the last Coatl egg in its secret enclave, the last of the line of Ancal’Ra, a King Coatl and the first to join with the Mandu when he and Erqu’s direct ancestor became the first Dragon and Rider. The other eggs had not been as fortunate, destroyed by the Priests who joined with the rebels, their new High Priest rejecting the New Emperor and Erqu’s Authority and attempting to ride the waves of seething rebellion to a position of power. Hiding the egg in his extravagant headpiece, Erqu fled in the guise of a regular priest, watching as the Dragon Pits were opened and the hordes of sycophants died in droves as they brought down the mighty Coatls by thousands of tiny wounds.
While on the run, Erqu incubated the egg until it hatched, naming her Saq’ra, and immediately formed the close pseudo-telepathic connection that denoted they would be Dragon and Rider. Having crossed mountain ranges, plains, deserts and oceans, Erqu and his now grown Coatl found a race that shared a similar ancestor, the Saurians, but they had no interest in Erqu’s plight or his people, losing themselves in their strange technology, not even reaching beyond their damp caves to conquer the neglected savage peoples beyond their caverns. Erqu would do that indirectly himself, his arrival in their Jungle causing some of them to devote themselves to him, falsely recongnising him as one of their deities.
Steering clear of actual deities and their temples, especially the Simian presence he could detect, he waited and trained his magicks while trying to open channels of communication using his newfound subjects. The jungle-men built a temple for Saq’ra and named their capital for Erqu, but ultimately became dull to him. They had no information for him as to the location of his goal, and thus he had no reason to stay.
Bitterly, Erqu and Saq’ra found the stories of a homeland of dragons were not false, but not what they were looking for, with the Dragon Throne containing a different strain of dragon, however all was not in vain. The small dragons could fly far and wide and babbled to the great and lesser birds and anything that flew even as elven messengers on their swift horses conversed with mercenaries and cartographers. The stream of information was fast, and the world opened before Saq’ra and Erqu, but with the borders closed and all dragons recalled during times of conflict, both Saq’ra and Erqu have agreed to fight for our cause, so that we may help them find their home.

Kro’Zok, the Plague Doctor:
Kro’Zok is dressed in garb similar to that of a Plague Doctor, a prominent white porcelain mask with goggled black glass eyes and a long, metal plated beak-mask. A long black shawl of crow feathers covers its back and reaches over its head in a hood, meaning only it and the mask can be seen of its head, continuing almost to the floor such that a pair of black-wood stilts are all that can be seen after the head, as they poke into the dirt with unearthly steadiness. It carries two bloodstained and wicked-looking surgical instruments made of a dark, oil-seeping solid, one in each hand; a misshapen and malevolent crow is perched, upon its left shoulder, staring with dark, beady eyes. Occasionally, parts of the cloak can be seen to move, and a similar crow will flap its wings before sitting and merging back into the mass of feathers.

Stats: (level 4-10)
Health: 260 500 40
Armour: None
Damage: 18-28 36-44 3 physical damage, swiping with both surgical knives every 2 seconds. Additionally, the crow flies off Kro’Zok’s shoulder to bite and scratch at enemies in a medium area, using the same animations as Kronan’s Falcon, with a different texture. It deals 6-10 18-22 2 physical damage every 2 seconds, targeting enemies other than the one Kro’Zok is facing first.
Speed: Slow, draws the shawl around itself and hobbles menacingly to the target area. However, the crow flies ahead fast and can begin attacking immediately.
Innate: Dark Plague: Basic attacks from both Kro’Zok and the crow have a 25% chance of afflicting the enemy they hit with a virulent Plague, identified by thin purple wisps surrounding an enemy, similar to Bonehart’s disease, dealing 1 damage every second permanently. The Plague can be applied multiple times and stacks with itself infinitely, creating a purple glow around Kro’Zok’s feet that darkens and increases in size as more enemies are afflicted.

Beak Stab (14 seconds): Stabbing both blades into an enemy and half-leaping-half-dragging to collide with it, Kro’Zok plunges its metal beak into the enemy, dealing 40/80/120 damage and healing Kro’Zok for half as much, with a double chance of applying the Dark Plague.
Putrid Air (18 seconds): Pulling out a small dark-fabric rectangular pouch seeping wisps of smoke from behind its cloak and flinging it onto the path, Kro’Zok poisons a large area of the path with regular poison for 2/4/6 seconds, dealing 15 damage/s.
Bloodletting (8 seconds): Kro’Zok pulls a writhing grey leech out from behind its cloak and throws it at a nearby enemy, draining its blood to deal 10/20/30 bleed damage every second for 4 seconds, growing larger and larger before it detaches and crawls along the ground back to Kro’Zok. If the enemy it is draining is afflicted by the Plague, it will apply this level of plague to enemies it drains in future. If it drains an enemy afflicted by a stronger plague, it will apply this level, and so on.
Lethyrblaka (Passive): If an enemy within the purple glow around Kro’Zok’s feet has less than or equal to 1/3/5% health, they can neither move nor be targeted directly, nor take damage over time. A crow flies out of the folds of Kro’Zok’s shawl and flies to the enemy, consuming it, instantly killing it and smashing it to pieces, like the Core Drill. Kro’Zok is healed by an equal amount as is consumed and once a total of 500 health is consumed by Ravens or drained by the Dark Plague, the Raven on Kro’Zok’s left shoulder flies onto the path, retching and screeching as it hideously transforms into a Lethyrblaka.
Lethyblaka (plural and singular) are dark insidious creatures forged of shadow and feather in equal measure. They are large (slightly taller than a Twilight Avenger) despite being hunched over, and little beyond their large, deep black beaks and pointing eyes can be seen under the feathers that cover their heads and continue to drape along the path. They have 300 health, 30% (low) armour and attack by violently and rapidly stabbing with their beaks to deal 15-30 damage every second, with a 33% chance of applying the Dark Plague.
Hero Spell: Murder of Crows (65 seconds): A seething swarm of dark birds descends upon the targeted area, with crows pecking, scratching and biting at enemies 5/10/15/20 times, applying the plague with each attack and consuming 1/2/3/4% of the maximum health of the enemies they strike.

Aredhel Grand Library – Hidden Histories section. “Mysteries of the Last Kinslaying” (^)
Chapter IV: b) Kro’Zok – Heralds of Darkness:
Revered and noted in many cultures, spanning most of the known world as myth, legend and God, Kro’Zok and Lethyrblaka are steeped in shadow and mystery in the annals of history even as are when seen in the flesh. Their Dark Arts are distant cousins to those of the Maq’wa Urqu, and shawled beings walking upon stilts have been recorded in folklore from the Valardul Wastes, Verdant Edge and Saraze. Despite this they have no known language, gender or life cycle and seem to do little beyond observe, apart from in times of strife, wherein they act with unsettling force and precision; hordes of Crows surrounding and shrouding their precise movements and actions.
Known as curators of death and cleansers of Pain, contemporary scholars throw into doubt whether the misery and strife associated with Kro’Zok are truly managed and treated by them, or instead are brought by them wherever they go, the Great Plague that laid bare the Sylvan Lands and destabilised the Elven Realm more than the Kinslaying which preceded it has recorded symptoms almost identical to those of the Plagues used by the Kro’Zok that silently came before General Eridan and aided in their final battles to temporarily rediscover the Tear of Elynie – whether spread accidentally or maliciously is the more fierce debate, but its result is unimportant.
Further information upon Kro’Zok is almost non-existent. A nest-like structure was discovered in one of Vez’Nan’s Dark Parapets, with the deceased remains of Lethyrblaka and shattered eggs inside, and with only baseless information remaining, the conjecture that Lethyrblaka, Kro’Zok and the mutated ravens that swarm around them form a symbiotic relationship, or perhaps even a life cycle is the only knowledge on the Heralds of Darkness that remains.
Sources: Information taken from “Silver Banners under the Moon” – Prince Silcalaril (I) and “The Second Kinslaying as it happened” (^) – Abridged Diary of General Eridan – Loremaster Arideus
(^): Published prior to official release of information regarding to Dagor Teliqonde and the other Middle Kinslayings. Original name maintained for ease of understanding.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 9:53 am
by Juice Box
That lore sort of makes me regret using Reinforcements now ;-; .

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 11:39 am
by The Kingmaker
That is what I intended.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:47 pm
by Big Bad Bug
I always felt bad for reinforcements, especially the original farmers who had nothing to really support them in battle and were destined to die even sooner than fully upgraded reinforcements. Elven reinforcements, not so much, as they had an eternity to train but were overconfident and stopped after their last war with the Twilight Elves.

Anyways, I like the abilities, but can't tell if they're balanced due to lack of just one last element: the recharge of the skill. I should warn you now that they'd need to be somewhat lengthier to compensate for their strength. You have the cooldown of the hero spell, but without the numbers by which it affects things. It's creative, though, so I'd say you made a good hero. :D

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 1:58 pm
by The Kingmaker
Thank you. :D I was trying to make a support hero and decided to make them the ultimate support that makes KR unique
I spend a while on this but was also trying to focus on some other ideas also, I'll balance skills and add recharges/numbers as well as quotes

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by AerisDraco
I see your reference.

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by The Kingmaker

"A curse upon you, Berengeur son of Bard"

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by Big Bad Bug
Flash Bang and Mourning Fury are OP. A 3-second stun every 8 seconds with damage? Hammer Time is similar, so I suppose this isn't so bad, but Mourning Fury gives 5 seconds of invulnerability per death, along with all of the damage buffs to units. Remove the invulnerability and it would be balanced. Alternatively, the effects can be passive but the buff to Colene herself could have a cooldown to prevent such OP-stalling of enemies.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2015 6:27 pm
by The Kingmaker
Ok, I was guessing with the numbers mainly. I got red tape pretty fair as Deidre has her cool downs on the wiki, But with the others I was mainly guessing as I have nothing else to go on (celebrity's cool down would help for perspective)

I think your heroes and things are so good as you are confident in your numbers

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by Juice Box
Big Bad Bug wrote:I always felt bad for reinforcements, especially the original farmers who had nothing to really support them in battle and were destined to die even sooner than fully upgraded reinforcements. Elven reinforcements, not so much, as they had an eternity to train but were overconfident and stopped after their last war with the Twilight Elves.

You can't assume that. A soldier's incapability is only a reflection of his or her higher ranking officer's incompetence. It's not the reinforcements' fault for being shitty warriors after a getting a thousand years' worth of training time--it's actually your fault, the general, for not training them well enough within that time.

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by Big Bad Bug
You can't assume that it is the player's job, then. As the player, who is the general, I have never seen any minigame or sidequest of the sort where we train soldiers. As such, it most likely is somebody else's job to give units their proper training. Even then, the reinforcements still fight with all of their might in battle, but only the more heavily equipped units make any real difference. The basic reinforcements are militia, what training do you expect them to have? What confidence have they earned to deserve funding for them to be equipped? Any imaginary explanation you could make would've happened off-screen, meaning that it ultimately doesn't matter in the game and only the battlefield does. :skull: :veznan: :hero:

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:33 pm
by Juice Box
Whatever the case, my point still pretty much stands. It isn't the reinforcements' fault for their incompetence. Someone should have trained them better.

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by The Kingmaker
Updated with Thicket the Satyr.

More is on the way, but some of my heroes are having crises about what they want to be.

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by Big Bad Bug
fires a blow dart every 7.5 seconds.

Is this a typo? His ranged damage, even with the poison, is very low for such a long recharge.

His skills are all balanced to me, though summoning Xin is very, very odd. Does he have all of his skills upgraded to the same amount? Can he gain experience? Ruggle Fluggle? :shock:

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by Fenrir
I was wondering when someone would make a satyr or gnoll hero :)
@BBB I think he meant .75 seconds

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 8:33 pm
by The Kingmaker
Oh yeah its 0.75. I'll change that.

I was thinking of words that begin with "Pan" to have as his abilities. I decided summoning Xin would be a funny power and would be a way of making Xin balanced. Besides, Pancetta wasn't going to work as a power! :)
He was going to be a ranged hero. Then a tank. Now hes a weird nobody who summons Pandas,

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by Juice Box
I like Thicket.

He reminds me of love, and life. And ice cream.


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by Magnus0
Thicket is pretty funny. Panda is UP though.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:24 pm
by The Kingmaker
Thank you all!
I've added some finesse to Thicket because I think I have something equivalent to writer's block. I have 3 budding ideas, 2 of which I have typed out onto a word document, but I just can't get powers, aesthetics and lore to fit. :/