VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

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VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by RaZoR LeAf » Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:39 pm

Hero and Tower Amalgam Contest - Voting

Sorry it's a day late, yesterday was pretty busy for me. Today is pretty busy too, but I have a bit of time between coming home from work and other commitments, so here goes. On recommendation from AerisDraco, instead of voting for a single persons entry, I have split HEROES and TOWERS into separate lists, so you can vote for each by themselves. This way, two people have the potential to win (unless by some weird luck one person bags both top scores). I should also add that I have mixed them up, so the person who submit Hero One, did not necessarily submit Tower A. This way you can't judge both entries to one person.

The rules for voting:
  • You can only vote for one entry (per category), and voting for your own entry is not allowed.
  • Please vote by clearly stating your choice in your post, preferably in bold. Again, you can submit your vote in PM to remain private, and you can change your vote at any time by posting a second time. Please do not edit your posts to change your votes.
  • Voting will run until Sunday 26th July.

So here we go, Heroes first they are entries ONE to SIX.

ENTRY ONE wrote:Dur'na
Impure Mage
(Dante + Vez'nan)


Health: 400
Magic Damage: 24-56 magical damage (Gathers magic and hits an enemy with it, similar to the Ogre Magi; only for melee)
Ranged Damage: 36-62 physical damage (Fires a gun)
Armour: None
Speed: Teleport
Respawn: 14 seconds


Shade Sight (Passive) (Beacon of Light + Hermetic Insight)
After respawning, gain an permanent (e.g. until the end of the level) bonus against the enemy type that killed him. The bonus is 5/10/15 additional damage per hit. The bonuses in each skill are listed as such. The effect can also stack.

Crystal Storm (Active, 16 seconds) (Akimbo Style + Arcane Nova)
Fires a barrage of crystals at the nearest 1/2/3 groups of enemies. When they land, the crystals explode, dealing 30-60 damage each.
If affected by Shade Sight, deal an extra 15/20/25 damage to those enemies.

Tainted Relic (Active, 14 seconds) (Relic of Power + Magic Shackles)
Creates a relic in front of an enemy. When they pass it, the relic shatters, and releases coils of red light, which bind an enemy for 4/6/8 seconds, preventing them from moving. It also destroys 10%/20%/30% of resistances. At level II and III, it can trap multiple enemies, if close enough. (AoE of a Teleport Scroll)
If affected by Shade Sight, bind for an additional 2/3/4 seconds.

Soul Bullet (Active, 18 seconds) (Silver Bullet + Soul Burn)
Fires a magical bullet with an extreme range. Will generally target enemies that are farther away. While it travels, any enemies that die on route (from other causes) give an additional 20 damage to it. When it finally hits, deal 100/150/200 true damage plus the accumulated damage.
If affected by Shade SIght, deal an additional 10/20/30 damage.

Holy Pact (Hero Spell, 50 seconds) (Holy Grenade + Dark Pact)
Summons an Angel, who doesn't block, but deals 30-50/50-70/70-90/90-110 damage per hit, is ranged, and each attack silences enemies for 3 seconds. Lasts for 25 seconds, slow attack rate.
If affected by Shade Sight, silence for an additional 1/2/3 seconds.

Skills : Secondary


When he was young, Dur'na showed great aptitude for magic, but was subsequently kidnapped for his power. He trained for years under the master of Vez'nan and Malagar, but he managed to eventually run away. Still believing that some were evil, like the Linireans, he stole some of their early gunpowder weapons, and learned how to use them in his wild days. Eventually, from his travels, he stumbled upon a place of worship for those who were brought up in the darkness. He joined this small sect, and is training to get rid of his dark powers. But some are so deeply ingrained in him that they will forever lurk within him, whether he likes it or not. However, the leaders of that sect told him to try to get rid of the last remnants of his power by fighting for good, such as the Elven army.

"There are many paths to redemption."
"With glorious purpose."
"Bless me, for I have sinned."
"Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall."
(upon death) "My soul lingers!"

"Let there be light!"

ENTRY TWO wrote:Malivan, the shaman
(Arivan + Malik)


Health: 370 at level 1 - 500 at level 10. 15 health increase per level.
Melee Damage: Malivan smashes the enemy using The Hammer of Ages, dealing 18-28 at level 1 - 54-82 at level 10. 4-6 damage increase per level
Armour: None
Speed: Slow, same speed as Bruce.
Regeneration: When idle, regenerates 75 health per second. He just wants to go back to action.
Respawn: 14 seconds.

Skills : Primary

EARTH'S WRATH (active: 20 seconds) (3/3/3 hero points):
Malivan calls the spirits of the earth to send a shock wave that extends along the path and deals 140/180/220 damage to all enemies it hits. The length of the quake is increased with each upgrade.

ROCKSKIN (passive) (2/2/2 hero points):
Malivan's skin becomes tough like rock, granting him medium/high/high armor and a thorn effect that will deal 30%/60%/90% of damage taken back to the attacking enemy.

FIRE ESSENCE (passive) (1/1/1 hero points):
Normal melee attacks will also scorch the land, and will deal 25%/35%/45% of their original damage as fire damage to nearby enemies and slightly decrease their speed.

MIGHT OF THUNDER (active: 30 seconds) (1/2/3 hero points):
Malivan casts a storm on the enemies' location, greatly slowing them. Each second, an enemy unit in the storm's range will be hit by a thunderbolt. Being dealt 350 magic damage with a 15%/20%/25% chance of insta-killing the target.

Hero Spell: FURY OF THE ELEMENTS (active) (4/4/4 hero points):
Calls fourth the chaos and harmony spirits of fire, earth, and thunder. Summoning a random pure elemental in the target location. This elemental is not targetable by enemies, but is still able to attack them. The elemental lasts 10 seconds and It's harmful skills and buffs depend on it's base element.
  • Spirit of fire: Will place a shield of fire on allies, enemy units attacking them will be dealt 20 true damage. Immolates the enemies nearby. As long as they stay in his range, they will be dealt 30 true damage per second.
  • Spirit of earth: Will place a shield of rock on allies, absorbs 75 damage points every 3 seconds. Repeatedly smashes the ground, dealing 50 physical damage and stunning enemies for 4 seconds once in the whole summoning duration.
  • Spirit of thunder: Will place a shield of thunder on allies, empowering them and regenerating 15 health per second ( You can think of it like Adrenaline :lol: ). Casts lightning bolts every 2 seconds that will deal 135-150 magic damage.
The elementals last 10 seconds unupgraded, 13 seconds rank I, 16 seconds rank II, and 20 seconds rank III.
Skills : Secondary
killing an enemy has a 40% chance to get Malivan into a raging state that will make his next attack in 6 seconds heal 50% of his total health. When in this state the hero appears to be surrounded a flaming red circle.

Malivan lived in his birthplace, Hammerhold, for 17 years. Before leaving his family to participate in the campaign against the desert rogues and their leader. Led by a Northlands general, he arrived accompanied by 67 other warriors; Assassins, archers, wizards, even Dwarfs to the heart of the dark cave within the Emberspike mountains.

After a long journey, after an epic fight, Umbra was defeated, and the brave men claimed victory. But, sacrifices have to be taken, for the dark lord has harvested the lives of thousands of people. Including Malivan. It starts at as a neverending nightmare, you can't wake up, you can't make it stop! Alone, he survived the horrors of his own fears, of his own mind. Suddenly, a voice breaks the deep sleep he was in. "WAKE UP!" Echoed in the somber stretching halls of the cave. The voice grew larger and larger. Malivan opens his eyes, staying in place, shocked, and heavily breathing. "Where am I?!"WHERE AM I?!! Cried Malivan, tears clearly visible on his face.

"No time to talk, mortal. For my hour of justice has arrived. I need you to reshape the past, to save me, to save your friends, to save your self. A voice was heard on the right side of the man. The Hammer of Ages may guide you, stop Malicia, you must break the tear of Elynie!"

"But.. who are you? And how do I trust you..?" Asked Malivan while simply laying on the cold ground. "I'm the one you probably don't want me to be" the mysterious man simply introduced himself to him. and finished talking by saying "You don't want to trust me, you just have too". Malivan stared at him, lost, before finding himself in Aredhel, a yellow haired elf gave him his hand and said, "Stand up, we must move on."

Malivan blindly followed the elves, and noticed that the powers of The Hammer of Ages had decayed, nonetheless, he was greatly strong and had a strong link with elements. Probably caused by the time travel, and the fact that the Hammer of Ages didn't even exist back in the day, but.. what day was it? He doesn't know, he just has to follow his heart. Maybe he will find the solution, to save his life.

"I'm always calm before I storm."
"Awaken , it's time to feed!"
"I am life you are death."
"I will be your god once again."
"The earth belongs to me!"
"Break yourself upon my body!"
Death: "Dang, the luck."

ENTRY THREE wrote:Marax
(Magnus Spellbane + Durax)
(Arcane Elemental)

Ranked as a 2nd-tier, $5 hero.

Marax is crystallized humanoid wizard, dressed in purple robes that are slightly shredded by the crystal spikes protruding from his body. His crystals are a light purple with a white glow in the centre. He wields a staff made of pure crystal, with small purple gems floating around the top, which bears a purple crystal vessel that glows when used. Marax has the face and hair of Magnus, but the hairline and all facial features cannot be seen, as it is a purely crystal silhouette of his face.


Health: 400
Regeneration: 40
Magic Ranged Damage: 6-9 Shoots from staff once per 1.5 seconds.
Melee True Damage: 6-9 Whacks an enemy with his staff once per second.
Armour: None
Speed: Average
Respawn: 25s


Realflection: (Active; Varies) Every 75/50/25 seconds, Marax creates a controllable copy of himself for 50 seconds.

Clones have 2 variations that cycle as each is spawned: The 1st is a lighter purple with more white inside, and the 2nd is a darker purple with less white inside when compared to the original Marax. When selected, they are also labeled Realflection 1 or 2 depending on their brightness. With the upgrade fully maxed out, Marax starts off every level with 2 clones next to him to avoid waiting for the ability to charge and be used.

Mirror Image: (10s) Marax makes 1/2/3 less potent clone(s) of himself for 10 seconds with 40/50/60% of his health.

Mirror Images can be created by Realflections, as well, for a total of 9 Mirror Images and 12 Maraxes altogether. Mirror Images can't use Realflection, but they can use Arcane Blade as soon as the ability charges for them. They are unable to move once spawned.

Arcane Blade: (9s) Creates a magical crystal blade and slashes for 40/60/80 True Damage that deals 50/75/100 damage to unprotected targets.

Enemies lacking armour take additional damage. Applies to magic resistant enemies, as well. When used on an enemy who still survives the attack, thr blade shatters. If not, parts of it flip around 180 degrees, disappearing from sight.

Fusion: (35s after the fusion occurs) When in combat with the same enemy, Maraxes can combine for 7/11/15 seconds, gaining 150% of their stats combined with multiple Arcane Blades.

The stats of each Marax are added to each other based on current health and damage, and increased by 50% to be better than simply having multiple Maraxes together. More Realflections and Mirror Images can join into the fusion after being made as long as they melee the same enemy that the fusion is attacking. Then fusion is about 50% larger, and moves like Durax as it travels, albeit slightly slower. When using Arcane Blade, it creates one blade for every Marax fused within, and slams them all against a target one by one in a single motion, keeping blades that don't shatter until the fusion wears off. If killed in this state, all fused Maraxes are lost.

Sapphire Storm: (Activated; 60s) Traps targeted group of enemies in crystals for 4/6/8/10 seconds reduced by 1 for every trapped enemy and rains down magical crystals on the area dealing 5/10/15/20 True Damage in 1/2/3/4 volleys.

Volleys refer to every time the crystals rain down in a complete circle just like Arcane Storm. No more than 9 enemies can be trapped at once, and a single enemy trapped will be stuck long enough for every crystal to damage it. Crystals deal small area damage, and can hurt enemies outside of the trapped ones, but not with as much guarantee. Can be aimed on the ground and still activate the volleys.

Secondary Skills:
1) Teleport: When ordered across a long distance, Marax waves his staff over himself. All of his crystals turn 180 degrees and disappear, reappearing at the desired location almost instantly.
2) Melee True Damage: Just like Durax, Marax's melee attacks ignore all resistances.

Lore: Marax is the product of Magnus's ambitions to become more powerful and Durax's desire to be able to create even more of himself. Magnus, being a wizard, had been able to keep himself alive and middle aged up to the days of KR, and was legitimately middle-aged during Origins's plot, and thus looked the same when he found and experimented on Durax.

The experiment failed, creating a new entity that had its own conscience. It found a note by the table it woke up on that read, "Marax," a name that Magnus and Durax were still disputing over before they were combined. The entity decided to keep that as its name.

Marax soon found his ability to create clones of himself, first weaker clones with very little willpower, or any power at all, but eventually stronger ones that would work and think proactively. He gazed into his own refleaction in the water, touching it, and accidentally created his first clone of himself. He later practiced this power and made more, though they lasted for limited amounts of time, and he could only have so many.

The experiment saw how short the lifespawn of his clones were, and knew how quickly other, real beings could die as well. Marax questioned the value of his own life, and the fact that he could make more of himself isolated him from others. He knew that he had a duty to protect the lives of others, so he enlisted in the army to fight evils that would otherwise take the valuable lives of the innocent early. With his self-made army, he brings chaos into the battlefield as he fights enemies across an entire landscape or overpowers a single foe as one, mighty entity. Marax is a literal army of his own, able to take on any situation in any way.

Quotes: Marax and his clones speak with the sinister voice of Magnus Spellbane, combined with the loud yet chilling echo made by Durax's voice.

1) "You've never had friends like us."
2) "I'm more than twice the man you'll ever be!"
3) "Forever fight as one."
4) "We're like brothers... Only closer."
(Death) "You're just mad 'cause you're single."

ENTRY FOUR wrote:Frauwl
the Dragon Guardian
(Faustus + Grawl)

Frauwl is a giant with deep red skin, wearing a fine leather coat over light armor covering his scales. His dragon legs are blood red, thick and powerful, just like his arms. He carries an obsidian staff with a curved end, like an oversize version of Nivus's. His wings are wide, colored like his skin, only seen when he flies.


Health: 550
Magic Damage: 48-96
Ranged Damage: None
Melee Damage: 48-100
Armour: Low (33%)
Speed: Flying
Respawn: 30 seconds

Skills : Primary

Smite (Boulder Throw + Dragon Lance) [20 seconds]

Slam his staff to the ground, summoning a bolt of red lightning onto an enemy, dealing 80-120/170-240/260-360 True Damage to the unfortunate victim and 50/70/90 area Magic Damage to enemies nearby. Enemies in close proximity to Frauwl when he uses the skill take 30/50/70 Physical Damage. Prioritize durable targets.

Scorching Passage (Bastion + Liquid Fire) [18 seconds]

Cast a spell from his hand that burn a large portion of the path around where he stands, dealing 8/16/24 Magic Damage per second, lasting for 15 seconds. While standing inside the area, he gains 4 attack damage/sec, stacking up to 12/24/36 points. This bonus decays by 12 points per 1/3 second when he is no longer standing in the area.

Time Twister (Teleport Rune + Stomp) [18 seconds]

Invoking a rune of power, he creates an area of twisted space-time that last for 6 seconds, slowing enemies passing over them by 30/40/50%. Each enemy that enter has 33% chance to be stunned for 2/3/4 seconds. When Time Twister's duration expires, it teleports any enemy remains within grip a large distance backwards and applies the stun.

Spell Vamp (Enervation + Hard Rock) [10 seconds after effect ends]

Targeting an enemy spellcaster, he casts a bind that disable the magical abilities of that unit for 6/9/12 seconds while giving himself a regenerative shield of 60/120/180 damage points (regenerate 15 points/sec after 3s of not taking damage) for the same period.

Hero Spell: Soulflare (Shard Punch + Dragon Rage) [30 seconds from initial usage]

Seal one enemy with an ancient spell, after 3s the unit will emit a shockwave that deal 15/25/35/45% max health of affected enemies as True Damage (limit: 20-200/40-500/60-800/80-1100 per enemy), then gain an aura that deal 10-20/15-32/20-44/25-56 Magic Damage per second for 15 seconds. After the period, it emits the shockwave again, now also deal damage to itself with 0/10/20/30% chance to be disintegrated. If the enemy is killed prematurely, the aura will transfer to the nearest foe.

Skills : Secondary

Frauwl can fly to distant location. He will walk to nearby places, and stay grounded when not commanded to move.


The Dragon Guardian is an ancient being of a long lost species, powerful entities who once roam the Overworld and keep the devils of the Void at bay. Over long, long time, things decay and many Guardians decease, their structured global society falls apart slowly after millennia at war, and there is also the aspect of people's increasing lack of understanding of the Guardians' way. Few of them are left now, many are hidden, or bounded, such as the case of Frauwl, his soul chained to a magical rock in deep cavern. It is the Dwarves in their search for their lost city and unleashed him, allowing Frauwl to continue his duty of protecting the world.


"Dragon fire cleanse all evil."

"Let the enemies come."

"Rise a dragon, rise a knight."

"There are powers beyond mortal comprehension."

Death: "Gaaarhhh..."

ENTRY FIVE wrote:Ruxx & Bragsa the Voodoo Rag
(Razz & Raggs + Bruxa)

Ruzz looks like Bruxa, but her clothing is more subdued, a longer dress and lighter hair worn down in a long ponytail. Bragsa is a duller coloured Rags, partially mouldy and full of holes. Bragsa typically carries Ruxx in one hand, or when fighting has her on his shoulder.


Health: 490
Magic Damage: 18-40
Melee Damage: 17-30
Armour: None
Speed: Slow
Respawn: 18s

Skills : Primary

Transforms an enemy of up to 200/600/Any health into floating skull for 4/5/6 seconds, that deals 50/100/150% extra magic damage with each attack.

Sends forth 4/8/12 skulls that explode on contact dealing 18/36/54 damage each.

Ruxx summons up to 3/4/5 undead gnomes, which run around her and Bragsa, until he gets angry and throws them at enemies dealing 25-45/50-90/75-135 damage.

Bragsa unfurls a Dread Hammer and pounds the immediate area, dealing 72/96/120 damage over 3/4/5 seconds and cursing those that are still alive to slow by 10%/20%/30%

Transforms up to 2/4/6/8 enemies into allied Voodoo Dolls for 4/5/6/7 seconds. All damage done to each doll deals the same damage to 2/3/4/5 additional enemies of the same type.

Skills : Secondary

Bragsa deals area damage with his attacks

A voodoo witch who fell in love with a man from a different tribe. Attacked on all sides, she did what she could to defend herself and her lover but he ultimately gave his life to protect her. Alone and wounded, she delved into the fairie world for help. There she made a bargain with an angry gnome who exchanged her lovers spirit for the use of her legs. She crafted a shell from the cloth and rags that once bundled his dead body and his spirit took hold. Now unable to walk, her lovers spirit forever bound into a cloth body would carry her to the ends of the earth and protect her forever. Together the two roamed the lands helping those who suffer at the hands of those who would oppress them. Though feared by many, they were seen as a good omen, that where they were spotted, change would soon follow.

"You are my voodoo child!"
"Now go do ,that voodoo, that you do.. so well!"
"Heads will roll!"
(death) "Death is… no no no no!"

ENTRY SIX wrote:Name Bonora (Bonehart + Elora)


Health: 550
Ranged Damage: 25-70 magic, area damage. (Bonora fires a small ball of ice that explodes on impact every 2.5 seconds)
Armor: none
Speed: fast
Respawn: 30 seconds

Skills : Primary

Ice Rain (10s): (ice storm + spine rain)
Rains down 3/5/7 icicles in an area that deal 23/27/31 physical damage each. Each icicle has a 30/40/50% chance to freeze enemies for 3 seconds.

Cold Mist (15s): (permafrost + plague carrier)
Sends forth a small/medium/large cloud of icy mist a short/medium/large distance down the path, slowing enemies by 50% and having a 10/20/30% chance to freeze them for 3 seconds every second they stay in the mist.

Polar Fox (10s): (bone golem + ice theme)
Summons a polar fox to assist in battle for 35 seconds. No more than 3 foxes can be active at a time. The foxes have the following stats:

Health: 60/90/120
Damage: 2-4/3-8/4-12
Magic resistance: none/low/low

Supersnowva (22s): (disease nova + ice theme)
Bonora dives into the ground and creates an icy shock wave, dealing 60/120/180 magic, area damage. Deals double damage to frozen enemies. Bonora only uses supersnowva when at least three enemies are right under him.

glaciation (passive): (unstable disease + ice theme)
All frozen enemies have a 10/20/30% chance to freeze other nearby enemies every second. When a frozen enemy dies, it shatters, releasing ice shards in a small area around it which deals 25/45/65 physical damage.

Skills : Secondary
- Bonora can fly, and is not forced to stay on the road.
- Bonora and its polar foxes have a 30% chance to freeze enemies with basic attacks.
- When Bonora has all its abilities available, he uses them in the following order: polar fox - cold mist - ice rain - supersnowva

Not too long ago, the coldstep mines have been abandoned. The Ha'kraj trolls are now using it as their home. Legends say, that a mighty dragon resides on the peak of icewind pass. Even the trolls are interested in legends like these, and they plan on finding it. It would be an awesome ally to have for the trolls, because a dragon could help secure a dominant position against the humans. A group of trolls scaled the icy mountain, and they actually found the hidden lair of the dragon. Maybe trolls aren't as mindless as they look.

A troll scout was sent into the lair. A headless troll came back, flying through the air. It was clear that the dragon didn't want to join the trollish forces. Now the whole group went in, hoping they could overwhelm the dragon with numbers. The dragon did what he could to protect himself, but he quickly found himself overwhelmed. The trolls managed to kill the dragon, although multiple trolls have died in the fight. The trolls claimed the treasure that the dragon has collected over the years as their own. they sold it's blood and flesh (dragon blood was a wanted material for sorcery) and they threw the bones of a cliff, straight into the cold bitterness.

The dragon's bones were scattered all around a deep pit. The intense coldness pierced right through them. Although lifeless, the bones still kept some of their former magic inside them. Suddenly, a gust ran through the ravine. The bones were lifted up and formed a dragon again. The icy gust began to flow through the bones. A heart of ice formed inside the mass of bones, held together by a blue, cold magic. The dragon rose up, and swore to take revenge on those who stole his treasure, his most valuable possession.

Bonora doesn't speak, instead, he roars (like Ashbite). Although Ashbite roars somewhat aggressively, Bonora roars in a calm way, with a mystic tune behind it.

And now for Towers, they are entires A to F

ENTRY A wrote:Tower Name Arcane keep ( Arcane mage + Assassin )
Type Technically it's a barracks tower.
Description A terrace built on a raised platform, connecting it with the path is an arcane teleportation rune ( The same as the one used in KR to teleport enemies away. )
About Trains a secret elite rank of mages who specialize in melee combat. Their sharp magic blades can penetrate the strongest and finest armor!

Unit HP 180
Unit Armour None
Unit Damage Wielding arcane fist blades, the mage stabs enemies using both of his hands. Dealing 8-14 damage per strike. ( 16-32 damage)
Unit Respawn 10 seconds

Mana tombs
"We thirst for magic."
Summons a circle of arcane that absorbs the magic powers of enemies that step on it silencing them for the duration and draining their health as well as empowers the mage. Cooldown: 14 seconds.
Level 1 (150 Gold): Lasts 4 seconds, dealing 80 damage and granting the mages a passive 2 health regeneration per second and boosts their attack power by 2 points for every enemy standing on the circle.
Level 2 (150 Gold): Lasts 5 seconds, dealing 100 damage. Increases the circle's size.
Level 3 (150 Gold): Lasts 6 seconds, dealing 120 damage. Increases the circle's size.

Mirror image
"See the world through my eyes!"
Each unit alive creates an arcane powered copy of himself attacks enemies. Cooldown: 28 seconds.
Level 1 (300 Gold): Each copy has 120 health, is immune to area attacks, and will last 8 seconds. The copies won't follow the unit if it's rally point is changed.

Arcane bomb
"Soon you're pain will be gone."
The unit shoots a projectile that will place a bomb on the target. After 3 seconds or when the enemy dies, it explodes dealing damage to enemies.
Level 1 (150 Gold): 100-120 damage.
Level 2 (150 Gold): 130-150 damage.
Level 3 (150 Gold): 160-180 damage.

Quote: "Infury Arcanaris Sedaa!"

ENTRY B wrote:Tower Name High Watchtower
Type 'Multishot artillery'
Description The high watchtower is a very tall, fortress-like building. The lower half is made of dark gray stone. There is a rope ladder to get to the second half of the tower and there are some oddly placed windows made into the stone. the upper half of the tower a circular structure made right on top of the lower half. A pirate controls the patrol panel in the middle of the circular upper half of the tower. There are three canons installed in upper half's wooden wall, one big cannon and two smaller ones surrounding the big one. The upper half rotates when targeting enemies. The tower has a bleak and eerie theme to it.
About The pirates are back with their new little toy, and they'll be playing with it for a loooong time, for sure. Triple the bombs, triple the fun!

Fire Rate Very slow
Damage main bomb: 45-70, side bombs: 15-35
Range long


1. Parrot Patrol: summons one/two parrots that harass enemies in a rather large area. The parrots deal 25-45 physical damage every second. Cost: 300/300

2. Ahrrrock 'n roll (passive, 12s): The pirate installs an old-fashioned audio machine next to the control panel. It continuously plays classic pirate music. This cheers in-range towers up, increasing their fire rate by 1/3,2/3,3/3 of the next 'fire rate level' (so when maxed, a nearby tower with a fire rate of 'fast' would have a fire rate of 'very fast', 'slow' would be 'average', etc.). Every 12 seconds, the pirate 'pumps up da volume', creating a sound spike. Some enemies (2/3/4 enemies to be precise) can't handle the pirate music, and they literally pass out for 4 seconds. Passed out enemies can't be directly targeted, but they can be damaged by AoE attacks. cost: 275/275/275

Quote SPLAAASH!!! (this refers to 'splash damage', as well as the sound an enemy makes when it explodes due to bomb impact)

ENTRY C wrote:Arcane Keeper
(Arcane Wizard + Forest Keeper)

Type Magic Barracks
Description An Arcane Wizards tower, built not from dark smooth stone, but from rough, pale rocks in a ruin like appearance. The rocks are bound in place with vines and bushes, but through gaps in the structure a purple energy glows. Atop the tower, four gem stones sit, two purple and two green. A green furred Forest Keeper stands on the top of the structure holding a magic staff, whilst two purple furred ones stand before it, both wielding spears.

About Guardians of an arcane force, they wield reality altering magic and command the powers of nature.

Fire Rate Slow
Damage 50-120
Range Average

Unit HP 300
Unit Armour None
Unit Damage 22-33
Unit Respawn 15s

Quote "You shall not live long."


"We sow, and we reap"
Covers an area with purple barbed vines, killing any enemy that walks through it.
Level 1 (350 gold) 25 second cool down
Level 2 (250 gold) 22 second cool down
Level 3 (250 gold) 20 second cool down

"Klaatu, Barada, Nikto, Oak."
Empowers the Forest Keepers spears, making them deal true damage and teleport enemies.
Level 1 (250 gold) 90 damage
Level 2 (200 gold) 125 damage, teleport distance increased by 10%
Level 3 (200 gold) 160 damage, teleport distance increased by 20%

"Arcana Natural."
Provides increased Magic resistance for themselves and nearby allies
Level 1 (200 gold) 30% resistance
Level 2 (180 gold) 50% resistance

ENTRY D wrote:Contained Magus
(Wild Magus + DWAARP)
(Magical Artillery)

Description:A Wild Magus suspended in the air, her hair loose and flowing unhindered. 4 large spires of metal are on equidistant corners of a square platform on the ground that opens up, where the Magus is brought upwards and contained by lazers zapped from the spires. The lazers are blue, but turn orange near the Magus's body. Orange shockwaves pulse out from the Magus when in combat, as she struggles to break free.

About: Unbeknown to the Magi is the true power held within them, that our Dwarven techonology has found a way to release with stability and assurance, albeit without the Magus's consent.

Fire Rate: Very Fast (just like the Wild Magus, 4 times per second)
Attacks by emanating a pulse that reaches across the entire range of the tower, harming land-bound and airborne units alike.
Damage: 11-21 Magic Damage
Range: Great (like a DWAARP)


Steel Pulse: (Passive) Sensors detect the deaths of enemies in vicinity of the tower and channel magic into their weak bodies, causing deceased enemies in range to explode for 40/60/80 Magic AOE Damage. (250/150/150G)

Explosions are about the size of normal Eldritch Dooms but slightly smaller. They can harm flying enemies even when ground enemies explode, and vice versa.

Core Blast: (30s) Drains the lifeforce of the Magi, destroying it and creating an explosion that deals 240/480/720 magic damage in the range of the tower. (333/333/333G)

Tower is disabled for 5 seconds after use as another Magus is brought up from the platform and contained.

1) "I wanna explode!" "I wanna detonate!" (Upgrading Steel Pulse)
2) "You're tearing me apart!" (Upgrading Core Blast)
3) "They shall be stifled in the vault." (When first built, said by the Dwarves rather than the Magus like the other quotes.)

ENTRY E wrote:Battlebot Laboratory (Battle-Mecha + Bladesinger Hall)
Experimental Lab (Barracks)

The Battlebot Laboratory is a factory-like building, with whitewashed walls, opaque windows, and an garage-like door. On top, there is an antenna-like structure.
The Battlebots themselves are small, ROB-like creations (Super Smash Bros.), e.g. with conveyor type wheels, two arms, and a rover-like head. However, on the side of each arm, there are two blades. When fighting, these blades spin rapidly to deal damage.

The Battlebot Laboratory produces experimental clockwork dwarven robots, deadly, but frail. They serve their purpose as well as possible until broken beyond repair.

Unit HP: 150
Unit Armour: Medium
Unit Damage: 10 damage per second (Spins blade-arms)
Unit Respawn: 10 seconds


-Rally Point
-DPS instead of a range of damage values

Liquid Metal (300/150/150) (Passive)
Gives the bots a chance to respawn when killed, equivalent to the Blessing of Elynie. At level II and III, give the robot an additional 20% dodge chance per level.

Taser (200/200/200) (Active, 8 seconds)
Out of the arm, fire taser cables which stun an enemy and deal 40 damage and stun for 1/2/3 seconds. Is ranged, can be used in melee.

Bladejump (250/200/200) (Active, 10 seconds)
If a flying enemy flies over a Battlebot not in melee, its arms will turn to its sides, and the blades will send it upwards. It will remain in the air for 1 second, dealing 50/75/100 damage to any flying enemies. If an enemy is under them when they land, they take 100 physical damage.

"Hasta la vista!"

ENTRY F wrote:Tower Name High Guardian Tower (Knights Templar + Bladesinger Hall)
Type Barracks
Description A tall, fortified gray castle with heavy wooden gates. Its soldiers are oversize Knights Templar (yes, oversize!) with gray crosses on their clothes. The men wield two greatswords, which they fling and spin at ease when idle and moving, as if those are feathers. The swords can, literally, fly, if their owners wish, and each two will cross each other to form a grave when the user dies.
About High Guards are masters of their swords, handling them not only with superior expertise but also supernatural powers.

Attack Rate Quickly
Damage 10-25 per slash, two slashes per attack.

* Each slash has 7.5% to cause profuse bleeding, dealing 75 True Damage over 3s.

Unit HP 350
Unit Armour Medium

Unit Respawn 17 seconds


Song of the Swords [15 seconds]

All alive soldiers fling their swords spinning to enemies in range, each soldier targets no more than one unit and deal 15-20/20-35/25-50 damage with each sword.

"Y' know, even swords can fly."

Blessing of Blood

Each kill and each comrade's death enrages High Guards, making them invulnerable to damage and afflictions for 3/4/5 seconds while regenerating 30/40/50 health. In the period, they also gain double bleeding chance and deal 15-40 damage per slash to bleeding targets.

Effect can be renewed, but not stacked. Instant-kill won't kill them instantly with Blessing active, but will remove the effect after a 1.5 stun.

"For the fallen!"

Bond of Fellowship

The presence of High Guards inspires nearby soldiers, giving them 10/15/20 points of shield for each unit affected by this skill. Limit of 240 points of shield. This shield regenerates by 10/15/20 points/sec along with health, and decays by the same amount if the Guards leave.

"Courage, my friends!"

Quote "I won't let no evil pass my guard, for it is my duty to protect the goodness of Linirea."

Quote when moved

"A new day dawns, a battle begins."

"Today, we shall fight!"

"Tis not too late to build a better world."

"Guardians on the way."
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Big Bad Bug » Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:23 pm

Oh man, the hero names are hilarious! :lol:

I want to vote, though I will put a long amount of time into deciding my votes. So far, my thoughts on only a portion of the entries:

Durna is pretty imbalanced. The damage bonus per death seems interesting, as it can force the player to either kill him multiple times to be strong at the end of the game or leave it to get an early bonus, which I like. However, it seems like that would matter a lot for his playstyle, but the rest of the hero doesn't seem to have any focus on it. The abilities benefit from Shade Sight, but they don't seem like things that would go well with a playstyle centered on gradually getting stronger against certain enemy types. They're just... other skills, without a central focus.

Malivan has a cool name. ;) I think these skills are pretty neat and balanced, until we get to the last 2 skills. I have no idea how long the stormcloud lasts, so it tells me nothing about how balanced it is. I can't just "imagine" it is balanced because the other skills do have cooldowns, along with the other entries. Also, the secondary skill is so completely OP...

Faustus + Grawl is really OP, and while the skills are creative, I think the execution could've been better. The fire that provides a damage buff should've been something that could constantly be used and keep Frauwl inside of for a consistent buff, but instead the damage is too high, forcing it to deactivate and cooldown. Even then, it still is really OP, dealing 360 AOE magic damage on too of a damage boost, not to mention how strong everything else is. There are a lot of things going on with each skill, too, and it just seems superfluous.

Maybe I'll post my thoughts on the towers, or maybe I'll just vote. I have no outstanding preference thus far, though.
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by AerisDraco » Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:32 pm

Let's see:
For the Hero: Probably Marax.
For the Tower: The Contained Magus is cruel and cool. My vote goes to it.
KRA is now complete.
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Pepe » Tue Jul 21, 2015 11:25 pm

AerisDraco wrote:Let's see:
For the Hero: Probably Marax.
For the Tower: The Contained Magus is cruel and cool. My vote goes to it.

Same. :yey:

I want to make a hero but have no ideas. :x
I want a hero to be someone that I would want to be irl like Karkinos bc hes so hot.
Imagine if I could make a bunch of myself and go slay everyone and brush bbb's stank teeth
Plus I like the other thang because it reminds me of what I want to do to people at school especially Lucas and Kaitlyn Steele :evil:
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Zonoro13 » Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:30 am

Contained Magus is very nice. Not sure about a hero yet.
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Juice Box » Wed Jul 22, 2015 7:24 am

Contained Magus makes me feel bad for the Wild Magus, one of my favorite towers. So my vote goes to High Guardians. Dur'na for the hero.
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Big Bad Bug » Wed Jul 22, 2015 2:45 pm

The High Watchtower is one of the only 2 towers that isn't ludicrously OP, which immediately sets it ahead of the High Guardians, Arcane Keepers, etc. which pushes me to vote for: Entry B as the tower. For heroes, after reading some more, I just can't pick one because they all seemed flawed. Ruxx and Bragsa are just the same skills as before but with the slightest of aesthetic changes, making it really uncreative but at least a good combo. The others are imbalanced but at least more original, for the most part. Hopefully it's OK to just vote for a tower and not a hero...?
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by RaZoR LeAf » Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:33 pm

Big Bad Bug wrote:Hopefully it's OK to just vote for a tower and not a hero...?

Not really...

And dn't forget you are voting on how well the two have been combined more so than how balanced they are. Imbalanced heroes and towers was always going to be an issue here given the content.
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by wailwail » Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:39 pm

Yeah, balance shouldn't be a part of the voting. Since the games are really different when it comes to numbers.
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Big Bad Bug » Wed Jul 22, 2015 5:50 pm

RaZoR LeAf wrote:And don't forget you are voting on how well the two have been combined more so than how balanced they are. Imbalanced heroes and towers was always going to be an issue here given the content.

Balance, in my view, was one of the obstacles making the contest more difficult and fun. :P

I will vote for whichever hero and tower seems the most fun to use and valuable to have in the game, because that's the purpose of introducing a new hero or special tower into the game. We made all of these heroes to be imagined existing in the game, so why make heroes for thr game if they're not going to be viable for it? We may as well have combined 2 heroes to be a stuffed animal or a jigsaw puzzle if they aren't going to serve a real purpose or have any presence in-game.
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Magnus0 » Wed Jul 22, 2015 8:20 pm

Ugh, there is so much to read in so little time (I am on vacation so I have limited access to the internet :( ).

My vote for the hero goes to ENTRY THREE, MARAX

My vote for the tower goes to ENTRY D, CONTAINED MAGUS

the hero names are hilarious, especially Frauwl :lol: . I hope I can get on the internet again in a couple of days to see how the voting goes.
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Ninja » Thu Jul 23, 2015 9:28 pm

These guys are OP.My votes go to Malivan and Arcane Keeper.(Contained Magus is so cruel!)
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Oof_Shunt » Thu Jul 23, 2015 10:03 pm

I vote for Marax and High Watchtower
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Ninja » Fri Jul 24, 2015 1:21 pm

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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Fenrir » Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:27 pm

My hero vote would go to Marax; he is the ultimate blocker and his design is very cool
My tower vote goes to the arcane keeper; it is cool and powerful
I would vote for the contained magus but I don't promote torture....... Or do I??? :o
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by RaZoR LeAf » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:45 pm

I'm leaving one more day of voting since I was late putting it up by a day. So 27th is the deadline.
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Big Bad Bug » Sun Jul 26, 2015 8:51 pm

My voted-for hero is Bonora, so that my tower vote is valid. :)
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by RaZoR LeAf » Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:24 pm

Okay, voting time is over and the results are in:

Arcane Keeper (2)
High Watchtower (2)
Contained Magus (2)
High Guardians (1)

Marax (4)
Dur'na (1)
Bonora (1)
Malivan (1)
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Draconian » Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:55 pm

I was out of town, and missed the voting, but all of the entries were great! I particularly like the Contained Magus and Frauwl. Good job!
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Re: VOTING - Hero and Tower Amalgam

by Big Bad Bug » Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:02 am

RaZoR LeAf wrote:Arcane Keeper (2)
High Watchtower (2)
Contained Magus (2)
High Guardians (1)

A 3-way tie is new. I feel bad for the High Guardians. :(
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