Iron Marines Additional Info

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Iron Marines Additional Info

by Juice Box » Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:13 pm

Just posting some stuff here for all the peoplessss!

As some of you may know, there's a lot of backstage, behind-the-scenes stuff going on in the game that most of you don't know about. Us beta testers had the same problem and tried to remedy this somewhat. It's not much, but I think this should help out some of our Iron Commanders out there. :)

- Link to the Beta Log. This is what we used to compile all the bugs, glitches, and text problems the game had. We also used it to try and compile information about the game, so there's a cute little mini-Wikia at the very bottom. We tried to--well, me and Aeris tried to, most of the other people didn't do jack shit--try and kickstart a Wikia with what little we knew. It's very incomplete, but it's something, atleast. :D

- A whole bunch of the "unexplained" mechanics in the game:
Legit, though, there are a ton of nifty features and mechanics that the game doesn't actually explain. Hopefully this will shed some light on them.
- Barriers/Blockades
-- The game doesn't say shit about barriers even though they're incredibly important to the game
-- Barrier: anything that prevents a unit from seeing, and directly attacking, its target
-- Example: Rising pillars in Ascendaar, large rocks/small mountain formations/buildings in Sagan-1
-- THESE THINGS MATTER SO MUCH IN SAGAN-1, because sometimes you'll notice that your Rangers/other units aren't attacking enemies despite being near them. It's actually because their line of sight is blocked off
-- NOTE: Some units can ignore barriers. Shellstorms and Mortar Teams will continue to attack enemies regardless of whether they can see them or not

- Armor
-- The game doesn't actually ever explain armor lol
-- Armor reduces the amount of damage enemies receive from incoming attacks
-- Basically the same as KR, but there's no magic armor, and the levels are slightly different
-- Armor Levels:
--- No Armor: 0% armor (duhh)
--- Low Armor: 1-25% armor
--- Medium: 26-50% armor
--- High: All armor above 50%
--- Unlike KR, "Great" armor doesn't exist
-- NOTE THAT THIS IS ONLY ONE PART OF THE INTERACTION. Only one type of armor exists, but multiple damage types interact with armor very differently. Check below for more details

- Priority Targeting:
-- Also a very important part of the game that isn't specified anywhere (except for the loading game hints)
-- Tapping an enemy will cause all your units to prioritize that enemy
-- The damage output of your Snipers/Mortar Teams will increase so fucking much once you learn how to use this, since they'll be able to single out important enemies instead of wasting their time constantly switching around opponents

Multiple Squad Selection:
-- This was actually explained in the game (level 2/3, forgot which), but a lot of people couldn't get it for some reason
-- Double tap any area of the map to select all units around that area
-- All those units will move as one. When you move one, the others will move as well

Multiple damage types exist:
-- There's only one type of armor in IM, but multiple types of attacks
-- Lasers ignore armor, explosives deal area damage, melee deals additional damage against everyone except other melee units, etc.
-- This is yet another huge part of the game that isn't actually talked about anywhere except in the loading screen hints
-- As follows:
--- Ballistic: Normal damage against everything
--- Explosive: Area damage, cannot attack air
--- Missile: Area damage, bonus against air, minus against armor
--- Melee: Bonus against everything except structures and other melee units
--- Psychic: (Take this with a grain of salt because Botch talked about this exactly only once ever) Has 25% armor pierce
--- Laser: Ignores all armor
--- Fire: Deals area damage, deals damage overtime, scorches ground, ignores all armor (yahh ik its op af tyvm fam)

- All screenshots of the enemy descriptions:
Courtesy of Chimto! He took the effort of screening all the enemies in the game. The units aren't here, though, but you can probably ask him about this because I'm pretty sure he took screenshots of those, too.



Random tidbits that should aren't obvious but should also help you out a ton:
- Taskmasters count as Structures
-- They cannot be instakilled by Snipers, Fate, Shatra, etc.
-- Engineers can sabotage them and deal incremental damage towards them

- Guardians pierce 50% of armor

- Guardians have the secondary ability of occasionally reflecting laser attacks

- Brawlers pierce 50% of armor

- Brawlers deal area damage

- Rangers do not take additional from melee (because normally, melee damage deals additional damage to ranged [so basically everything else except structures/other melee])

- The devs have stated that Paragon and Mark X are the two strongest heroes in the game. So yeah, you get one of the strongest heroes in the game for free, and if you're looking for pure power, now you know which hero to buy. :)

- Your units and their armor rating:
-- No Armor: Snipers, Mortar Teams, Guardians, Diplomats, Channelers, Paragon, Transcendant (not that it matters :P )
-- Low Armor: Fate, Shatra
-- Medium Armor: Rangers (they start off with Low Armor, becomes medium with upgrades), Taggins(?) --> Engineers (have more armor [but less health] than Rangers) --> Shellstorm(?) --> Flamewalker
-- High Armor: Brawler
-- I'm Not Sure How Much Armor they Have but it Would Help if Someone Found Out: Ajax, Mark X, Kara, Dr Graaff and Darwin

- Your units and their damage type:
-- Ballistic: Ranger, Engineer, Sniper (but they ignore all armor so you can practically consider this as laser), Daredevil, Taggins, Fate, Mark X, Minigun Tower, Dropgun
-- Explosive: Ranger (Grenades), Daredevil (Grenades), Mark X (secondary attack), Mortar Team, Bouncer Missile, Replicant Mines
-- Missile: Shellstorm, Kara, Missile Tower
-- Melee: Guardian, Brawler, Ajax, Sha'tra
-- Psychic: (Take this with a grain of salt because Botch talked about this exactly only once ever) Guardian, Diplomat, Channeler, Paragon, Transcendant
-- Laser: Laser Tower (duhh)
-- Fire: Flamewalker (duhh)
-- No Idea What Damage Type They Deal: Dr Graaff, Darwin

- Most Peripheroids have immense armor but not much health. So stock up on those Snipers and Flamewalkers

- Peripheroids have four (FOUR!!) structures: their base structures, Floor Towers, Assembly Centers and Taskmasters. So stock up on those Engineers, too

- Most Peripheroids also ignore armor. Exceptions to this are those that clearly don't deal laser damage (Taskmaster, Nortron, etc.) and the Surge Protector (praise the lawhd)

Random lore (according to one of the [coolest] devs: "this isn't official, take it more as really probable headcanon :D ")

"Etherium can be used in three ways: Mechanically, Biologically, and Mentally

Most of your army and the Peripheroids use etherium Mechanically, as an energy source. It is an incredibly energy-dense substance that can be combusted for energy, used as a battery by itself, or laced in bullets and swords to enhance its destructive power. Etherium used this way burns fast, and is the reason why the iron marines have to constantly mine it.

The Fellwright use Etherium biologically, inserting it into the bodies of trained worms which they then control. Without a proper resistance to the substance, etherium inside the body creates bloating and pustules, as exhibited by Spitterbugs and Mindbanes. It boosts physical abilities and in some cases can grant new abilities, unique to the physiology of its user. (Mindbanes were humans, with superboosted psyonic abilities thanks to the chunk of etherium sticking out of their heads).

Lastly, the Empyrean use Etherium mentally. Each empyrean soldier possesses a purified sphere of etherium (the little glowing belt) with which they have trained for thousands of hours. Through a mental link they can access the etherium's energy and manifest it in different ways. Guardians, for example, manifest this energy as their green swords. Etherium used this way lasts centuries, and its user suffers no ill effects. However, if separated from its power source, the user loses most of their powers, though some remain." - Franco the Pencil

"Fate is a bounty hunter like nobody has seen before. The mysterious member of the Mercenary Guild is such a legend that nobody knows exactly where she comes from, some assert that she isn’t even a full human. The rumors say that her mother was the last of an ancient race of interstellar warriors.

Her origins may be an incongnita but the truth is that she is the most lethal, stealthy and cunning mercenary of the galaxy. Adaptive weapons, devastating bombs, extraordinary aiming and over-the-top concealment technology. Fate is an army by herself ... if an army could become invisible." - Noel

"This one is a mix between lore and a joke... as for lore, the Taggins mentioned there is the father of our brave captain taggins
the joke is that agustin is also the name of IM's lead artist, when we started develop the game he wanted an enemy race of alien dinosaurs, that I called Xenosaurs.... and were later removed. He still have a deep love for his xenosaurs :D " - Botch
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Re: Iron Marines Additional Info

by RaZoR LeAf » Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:21 pm

I was going to post this kind of stuff in the stick thread I made (and locked to keep clean). I was missing a number of the early enemy images though, so would you/Chimto mind if I used those to build an Encyclopedia? It'l be a bit more laid out than just a full size image, so it'll be easier for people to read.
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Re: Iron Marines Additional Info

by Chimto » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:15 am

The units aren't here, though, but you can probably ask him about this because I'm pretty sure he took screenshots of those, too.

You can just replay the stage where they're introduced and the unit card will still be there (unlike the enemy cards which can only be seen once). I wouldn't have access for my iPad for a while.
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