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Re: Not Enough Topic Posts!

by Sinque Productions » Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:40 pm

@Ninja & @RZR:

I may be unique in this but when I am told I am doing something wrong and it is put "nicely" it really aggravates me. It may not be "attacking", but it certainly feels like that to me.

RaZoR LeAf wrote: But, as you don't have access to anyone Private Messages besides your own, how exactly can you say we're not doing our jobs? You don't know what we are doing as mods, so kindly do not assume that because you can't see it, it's not happening.

I was trying to make it clear when I said "I'm not going to go on about how I never got a PM" I meant it wasn't important and I was ignoring that.

What I was saying was that I feel like mods and members alike are discouraging new members from continuing of being a member, on their first post.
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Re: Not Enough Topic Posts!

by The_TaTs » Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:08 pm

A few thoughts.

1- This Forum is definitely not toxic. There are no flame wars, no harassment and no discrimination.
2- New members of the forum get a friendly welcome when they say hi in the forum named "Introduce yourself".
3- Making mistakes is normal. Having those mistakes pointed out is also normal.
4- Getting offended for getting polite criticism is beyond the control or responsibility of the rest of the community. Own it and move on.
5- Small forums have a rhythm of their own, in our case, is always linked to new games. Since we haven't released a game since November 2014 things will probably be quiet until our next release.
6- This thread is dumb. You are all dumb. But I love you guys anyways.
7- I hurt my small toe with furniture today... hurts like hell.
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Re: Not Enough Topic Posts!

by AerisDraco » Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:24 pm

Grand Overlord TaTs wrote:6- This thread is dumb. You are all dumb. But I love you guys anyways.
7- I hurt my small toe with furniture today... hurts like hell.

6. Cue 2sad4me music
7. Dat sux m8
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Re: Not Enough Topic Posts!

by Ninja » Tue Apr 26, 2016 2:35 am

AerisDraco wrote:
Grand Overlord TaTs wrote:6- This thread is dumb. You are all dumb. But I love you guys anyways.
7- I hurt my small toe with furniture today... hurts like hell.

6. Q 2sad4me music
7. Dat sux m8

Fix'd. Now it's all text speak. If you're gonna' use incorrect spelling, at least do that right. ;)

@Sinque: If that aggravates you, then you're just stubbornly unwilling to change. The nicely put corrections aren't the problem in that case, you're way of thinking is.

Also, since you say that we are discouraging to new members, let me happily disprove you.

Here are the responses to the five newest members who made posts:

#5. AvengerZero

Here are the 3 posts that welcomed him:

Ook Ook wrote:Welcome to the forums AvengerZero

The Kingmaker wrote:Indeed, welcome.

Looking forward to this, although there isn't enough for a review yet. ;)

Ninja wrote:Hi! Welcome to the forums! Looks forward to reviewing your idea. :D

#4. Laufin

I won't quote all the posts that he was welcomed by; just check the responses to his first post to see how he welcomed to the forums. ;)

#3. TheUnderGOAT

This example may have been the closest to discouraging, but even it wasn't. He was told in a polite manner that he should correct his post so that we could read it. And then BBB even gave him a huge comment on his idea, despite how hard it was to read due to the OP not being paragraphed.

Direct quotations from the aforementioned situation:

Ninja wrote:Welcome to the forums; but please, paragraph the OP. As it is, I don't even think I can read it without going blind from the pain, and the incorrect grammar disinclines me further. So please fix it. :)

AerisDraco wrote:Resists urge to correct the post. *shakes in seat* ;)

#2. allen911007

BBB and I both greeted him kindly and politely. ;)

#1. Sh4dows

His ideas were reviewed as best as possible, and he was greeted in a polite fashion.


It seems that we aren't so discouraging to new members as you think. You are obviously either A) not very observant, B) not very active, or C) just seeing what you want to see. ;)
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