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Back from the grave

PostPosted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 9:29 pm
by SealDarklight
I'm back and well I didn't visit often here in the forum since I had nothing to say but its a really really long time. Maybe my last post was about iron Marines and well I don't know what to expect but I think its good even if I haven't played and it may be hard. Anyways I may visit this forum maybe sometimes when iron hide or kingdom rush gets in my mind. I really haven't heard anything about Kr 4 at all since it was nearly a year when they posted about it. I hope its good and I hope they don't take criticism too seriously since even if I love the first game for nostalgic reasons I still love frontiers and origins and I would probably wait for the fifth but fourth is probably when its everything they have. Usually its pretty quiet and nearly a ghost town here but I really wish if people spoke or made some version of Kr, IM or anything. I used to remember tons and tons of hero ideas and enemy ideas that filled the forum. Now its just a dust of what's it former was. I was busy playing Minecraft after half years, revived tf2 when pyro update came and Pokemon ultra sun and moons games and they were all fun. I came back to see you guys if your still there but ill probably come here in new year and gratulate and ill probably speak with Vanzen any hints for the 4th game and probably report to you if necessary but ill do it once I guess. I'm getting older and I'm changing allot but once I had changed I probably remember about the days when my old nostalgia like KR games made me create more ideas or fan ideas I made and often joke ideas and when I spoke with you guys. I miss tats but I miss you guys as well :cry: . It feels like I revisited a place where I used to being but after 100 years or so its nothing but dust of its former self. I'll still hope I can have a job where I enjoy since I'm adult now and I need something to live forever with my job (before I get old and live longer till I truly die). I also wrote a story or a book about the fictional world my mind and it takes allot of inspiration from my mind and things I liked like the tremendous ideas of oc Kr things I made back then. I hope people who remember me but I wait till the 4th comes out and probably will never see till maybe many years later.