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Melee Targeting Range

PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 4:04 am
by rocketman1029
I loooooove this game so far but my probably biggest problem with is it the distance at which melee units engage enemies. Too many times I have been in the middle of a match, trying to manage buying upgrades for my bases, deploying my drop gun, and overseeing the main fight with my troops, only to realize that my melee units are acting as little more than meat shields, standing at the front lines but too far from enemies to actually attack them. I never noticed this problem on the planet where you fought the Fell as there are usually many melee Fell to engage my units. However, most of the Peripheoids seem to be ranged, which creates a serious problem as they sit back and pelt my oblivious melee units. The only melee units so far are guardians, brawlers, and heroes like Paragon. After upgrading my guardians so they can perform the dash attack then ranged units no longer posed a threat to them; Paragon has an extended range attack so they usually don't have a problem either, but brawlers are helpless. While guardians and Paragon seem even proactive sometimes in seeking out enemies, the attack range of brawlers seems to be significantly lower than both of theirs. Brawlers are great units but because of this I often find that they are too much work to manage and replace them with something else.