Formation “fine tuning”

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Formation “fine tuning”

by Skyzaap » Sun Mar 04, 2018 9:37 pm

:sheep: Hello everyone! :sheep:

Here I’ve got some suggestions about formations; It’s been since the first time I played that I’m missing some more accurate way to arrange the position of the troops, and here’s what I came up:

- Possibility to fine-tune the formation: front line, secondo line, rear;
- Rear should be a little behind the second line, as it could be for supporters or snipers;
- Possibility to lock in position a troop, just to be sure you cannot accidentally select it with the double tap selection;

In particular, the different positions could be set within the “change unit” menu, and trigger only when more troups are selected together, and this equal for every troop to let player choose its favourite/best configuration for each situation.

Naturally, I know that implementing a feature like this isn’t a piece of cake, but if you decide to.. “IT COULD WORK!!” :D
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