IM Unit "Promotion" Idea & "Promoted" Units List

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IM Unit "Promotion" Idea & "Promoted" Units List

by Harkmen » Fri Dec 08, 2017 6:39 am

Hi all,

I guess I'm pretty late to the party for Iron Marines ideas. So far everything others have posted look really cool, and I figured I should contribute a bit with something that has been on my mind for the past few weeks now.

I finished the Tech Tree in Iron Marines, and I noticed that we still gain tech points for the levels we finish, and we can't really do anything with those points, which really bugged me. So I was wondering what else we could potentially do with those accumulating tech points, and eventually I thought up this: a "UNIT PROMOTION SYSTEM."

How this would work is during a level, you would have to pay a couple hundred tech points (~400) to promote a non-hero unit / squad for the duration of the level, increasing the unit’s stats and gains an additional ability. Promoted units are still capable of switching roles while retaining their promoted status. However, this also results in an increase in tech points cost for subsequent promotions in the same level (400 → 800 → 1200, etc.). If the promoted unit is killed, you must still pay the increased tech point cost. Even if it is a different unit type from the unit you first promoted, you still need to pay the additional cost (i.e. You promoted an Empyrean squad and want to promote a Mech afterwards). Promotion cost would reset after you finish the level.

Anyway, here are the "Promoted" Units I thought up. I'll update this post with no guarantees on consistency, but I'll be sure to do so for anyone with suggestions about this.


Rangers ---> Commandos
HP: +50%
Damage: +20%
Armor: +30%
Grenade AOE: +20%
Plasma Weaponry: Basic attack now ignores half of the enemy’s armor.

Snipers ---> Terminators
HP: +10%
Damage: +50%
Movement: +20%
Lock-On time: -1 second
Railgun Round: Charges up to shoot through multiple targets in a straight line.

Engineers ---> Saboteurs
HP: +40%
Damage: +20% (+100% against Structure-type enemies)
Armor: +40%
Magnet Mines: Shoots out mines that damage and slow enemies that walk over them.


Flamewalker ---> Scorch Titan
HP: +30%
Damage: +20% / +40% burn damage
Area-of-Effect: +50%
Sear: Creates a fire sword and swings to deal damage to multiple enemies.

Shellstorm ---> M.A.W (Mobile Artillery Walker)
Damage: +30%
Attack Range: +40%
Armor: +20%
Platform: So long as the M.A.W remains stationary, increases the attack range of units near it.

Brawler ---> Juggernaut
HP: +50%
Damage: +20%
Armor: +30%
Steamroll: Added thrusters enable the Juggernaut to charge forward, dealing damage to all enemies in a short, linear path.


Guardians ---> Sentinels
HP: +40%
Damage: +30%
Movement: +20%
Empty Strike: Channels energy in a saber swing at a distant enemy to deal damage.

Diplomats ---> Peacekeepers
Barrier HP: +50%
Stun Duration: +1 second
Pacify: Enemies affected by Peacekeeper’s stun attack have their damage output reduced by 30% (Fell Bishop [Mission 7], Fell Tyrant, Mr: Rob070 and other bosses are immune to this).

Channelers ---> Adepts
HP: +10%
Damage: +20%
Slow Effect: -10% speed
Movement (long-distance): +30%
Gravity Spike: Targets an area and increases gravity, immobilizing enemies within the area and damaging them over time.

P.S. If anyone asks, I admit to being a bit lazy on the Ranger promotion...
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