Hero concept - Sigurd the Sentinel Prototype

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Hero concept - Sigurd the Sentinel Prototype

by Harkmen » Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:18 am

Hello all!

So sorry it's been a very long time since I last posted anything on the forums beyond the Tower is Born collaboration. I thought I'd kick off 2019 with my first Iron Marines hero idea. Hope you all enjoy!

Note: no damage or health stats this time around. Thought that would simplify things a little.

Sigurd, Sentinel Prototype
Once a disabled soldier, Sigurd—the name of a legendary warrior from a distant planet—is the current title given to a man who believed the battlefield was his only calling, and would go as far as to volunteer for alien experimentation to fight once more. Now more powerful than he ever was, he combines next-gen marine armory with bizarre magic to test his new body with.

Appearance: Sigurd is a human of toned stature; lacking the bulky appearance of Taggins, but not as lean as Fate. He wears a sleek but armored outfit covering him entirely (including headgear and mask) and glows green in certain areas: eyes, shoulders and legs.
HP: high
Damage: medium (melee, 1.0s attack rate) + high (ranged, 2 shots, 1.6s attack rate after first shot)
Movement: fast


Barrier Charge (Active: 30s cooldown)
Sigurd uses protective magic to create small barriers around himself and up to 2 other nearby units that reduces all incoming damage for 8 seconds. Safety first!
Barriers emits a pulse against enemies attacking at a close range, pushing them back and stunning them for 2 seconds. Works once per activation.
While Barrier is active, Sigurd and affected units are always left with 1 HP should they take fatal damage.

Form 8 (Semi-toggleable: 50s cooldown total)
Sigurd charges his weapons with magic and enters an aggressive melee-only combat style. In this form, Sigurd deals more damage, swings in a sizeable AOE, and puts local predators to shame. Lasts for a total of 20 seconds.
Subtle Metal
Sigurd can deflect a projectile back at an attacker once every 3 seconds in this form
Monster Hunter
Sigurd’s moveset now includes a leaping strike towards distant enemies.

Soldier Reborn (Passive)
Stronger than he ever was as a pure human, Sigurd’s experimentation includes a small reactor core from alien technology that grants him faster healing. Good for keeping him in top condition, both for his health and for his dates.
Ricochet Rounds
Gives Sigurd’s ranged attacks a 33% chance of bouncing off onto another nearby enemy, up to a maximum of 2.
King of the Battlefield
Killing an enemy reduces the cooldown of his inactive abilities by 2 seconds.
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