Crazy/Quirky themes for a Tower

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Crazy/Quirky themes for a Tower

by dimumurray » Sun Sep 04, 2011 6:56 pm

I know it will never happen but this would make for a cool tower.

Tower Name: The Lab
Type: barrack/unit-based

Upgrades include

name: Gamma radiation
quotes: "Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry", " HULK SMASH"
description: Units transform into lumbering gamma-irradiated hulks of the green variety

name: New Prometheus (Mary Shelley's original title for Frankenstein)
quote:"It's Alive!!"
description: Deceased units are reanimated using Victorian-era science (complete with electric diodes protruding from their necks);

name: Mult-Million Dollar men
quote:"Gentlemen, we can rebuild them. We have the technology.", "Hasta La Vista, Baby",
description: Physically impaired units are bionically/cybernectically enhanced, getting a chance to deliver some serious payback

Any other crazy tower concepts out there...
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Re: Crazy/Quirky themes for a Tower

by TwistedNerve » Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:29 pm

Tower Name: Gnomish Cogworks
Type: barrack/unit-based

A steam punk-esque machine shop run by Gnomes. This tower sends out clockwork automatons to do battle. The automatons are powerful --stronger than regular human soldiers-- but every so often their gears wind down and they become inactive. When this happens the Gnomish mechanists must leave the tower and wind their creations back up. The Gnomes are weak and can be picked off by enemies quite easily, which would leave the route unguarded. For this reason it would be best to pair the Cogworks with a regular barracks.

Upgrades could include:

Gives the automaton a boiler for a backup power source. This way, once its gears run out of torque, it can run off of steam power for a while. This would allow the automatons to continue battle while the mechanists make their way over to wind them up again. If the boilers run out of water, however, the automatons will revert to only clockwork power.
Occasionally, the boilers of defeated automatons will burst in an explosion of scalding steam, thereby damaging any enemies near the blast.

Spanner in the works
The mechanists can now fight back! Using their heavy tools they bludgeon foes while on the way to winding up their creations. They can also do some small and rapid repairs, returning a bit of HP to the automatons.

The mechanists add spring-powered weapons onto the arms of the automatons. This allows the machines to launch jagged bits of scrap metal at faraway foes and airborne enemies. The reload time leaves a bit to be desired, though...
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