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by WaffleSandwich » Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:30 pm

So here is a couple of suggestions of how I think the expansion could include:
- An improved plot. (little cut-scenes would be nice! :D )

- A progress bar on the achievements could be nice. (For all the achievements hunter like myself ;) )

- Shortcuts for rallying soldiers would be useful because its quite a pain when your trying to replace all your soldier and you have to manually click each barracks to rally them.

- More power-ups, the two initial ones are good but it would be nice to have more, not necessarily 5 at the same time but the ability to choose between 2 different power-ups throughout the game and upgrade them.

- Another thing could be the variety of enemies in one battle, for example, in the forest, wulfs and spider, for a city street theme, bandits and marauders and so on, because I thought mixing them together feels weird, a demon lord and a brigand wouldn't chill together I think. :|

- New enemies, but thats an obvious one :roll: , for exemple a life leeching enemy could be cool, or a goo that divides into more goo each time it dies.

- And finally, more fire, I feel for a medieval themed game that it lacked fire, besides the demons who kinda made a fire blast when they died, there wasn't enough.

Thank you Ironhide games for making this great game, I really want to see what the expansion will look like! :P
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Re: Suggestions

by MaGnUs » Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:56 pm

WaffleSandwich wrote:- An improved plot. (little cut-scenes would be nice! :D )

I gotta say I like this suggestion. :)
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