For the King!


by nklrcade » Wed Aug 10, 2011 10:22 pm


I am currently a director on the animated program "The Simpsons" and i just wanted to say that I appreciate the character design and ANIMATION nuances - that seem to be missing from most TD games.

I had a thought. The "ROCKET RIDER" seems as if it is not part of the same world. I would prefer an Orc riding a smaller Gargoyle or an Orc with little baby wings.

Also, I never needed to use the archer tower unless instructed by a challenge. I thought of a way for lesser towers to be more useful.
What if two different towers were in close proximity of one another and the lesser tower could use a bit of the other towers ability. For instance.... an Archer Tower in close proximity to the Big Bertha, the archers would be able to shoot 3 arrows at once or one arrow is shot into the ground and a few seconds later it explodes.

Again, i love the game. CONGRATULATIONS!!

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