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Suggestions - Random Stuff

by Andralexis » Fri Aug 12, 2011 2:44 am

Fist of all, han hecho un excelente trabajo todos ustedes en Ironhide, felicidades (especialmente a Alvaro, Pablo y Gonzalo, pero estoy seguro de que ahora no son los únicos que trabajan en el estudio).

Now, there are simple suggestions that IMO would make KR and its future versions much more enjoyable:

- A special achievement given once you get the 64 stars and completed all other achievements. "Ironhide Achievement" or something.
- A way to build the Elven Hall you find in Silveroak.
- Area of Effect spells, probably one per Magic Specialist Tower. Or a new Magic Tower with access to those.
- Hybrid Towers. Those could only be built if adjacent to both "parent" Towers, and they would give you access to special hybrid qualities (Artillery and Magic hybrids using Magical Powder -think Lord of the Rings movie, like that dragon firework-, Magic and Infantry towers giving you access to Mage Knights, Infantry and Archery combining for Elven soldiers, stuff like that).
- Downloadable version. Seriously guys, you made yourselves quite the name with KR, I'd gladly pay for your game. And make it available at Steam.
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