KR series' Reinforcements/Rain of Fire (and equivalents)

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KR series' Reinforcements/Rain of Fire (and equivalents)

by ironcommando » Mon Dec 03, 2018 3:51 am

Out of all the games, how do you find the Reinforcements/Demon Goonies and the Rain of Fire/Thunderbolt/Soul Impact across the series? Haven't played KRO but have played the rest.

I noticed that Demon Goonies seem less powerful than KR/KRF/KRO reinforcements but the Pit Lord is by far the strongest Reinforcement, what with huge damage+splash fireballs. He only appears with random chance of course.

As for RoF vs Soul Impact, RoF has the Scorched Earth effect which is great, but Soul Impact has Feast of Damned which is really really good since it shortens the recharge time by a lot if you killed a lot of weak enemies.
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Re: KR series' Reinforcements/Rain of Fire (and equivalents)

by Ninja » Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:56 am

RoF seems significantly stronger in terms of damage, but Soul Impact’s ability to be used almost continually if utilized properly is insanely good, so I think it wins out. Thunderbolt is overall worse than those two, IMO.

Reinforcements are definitely better in KRO; they’re very tough and strong. Pit Lord is nice, and the chance isn’t bad, but the unreliability is still a factor so I’m saying that KRV reinforcements are the worst in the series due to their longer cooldown but weaker actual presence on the battlefield. KR1 and KRF are very solid in terms of reinforcements. They’re essentially equal to each other.
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Re: KR series' Reinforcements/Rain of Fire (and equivalen

by Krfan » Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:17 am

Thunderbolt and rain of fire are pretty similar in strength, though I would say rain of fire is slightly stronger due to scorched earth. I think the accuracy of thuderbolt kinda makes up for it. Soul impact is by far the weakest of the 3, in my experience. It’s damage is pathetic compared to rain of fire and thunderbolt, and its cool down ability is next to useless bar the sheep iron challenge.

I’m not entirely sure how you’re supposed to use soul impact. Is it on a bunch of weak enemies that are close to death? If that’s the case, why even use soul impact, those enemies are about to die anyways. It can’t even kill a recruit, the weakest enemy in the third terrain, consistently. The wiki says the damage is 25-55 per impact, with 6 impacts per use. Compare that to rain of fire’s 10 meters of 150-180 plus 20-30 of scorched earth, or thunderbolt’s 15 150-200 damage bolts plus 50% slowdown to all enemies.

I am pretty confident in saying soul impact is by far the weakest of 3.
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Re: KR series' Reinforcements/Rain of Fire (and equivalents)

by SealDarklight » Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:02 pm

As far as i can tell. I have played all the 4 games and its also Hard To tell which is the best.

The rain of fire For example has the highest dps spell in the series but its usually slow at hitting enemies so You had to predict where the enemies go. However once You dealt full damage its devastating. If i jugde with krf then its slightly slower than the krc and i prefer the classic one even if its the Same. Kro introduce the thunderbolt which deals less but is easier to use and can slow down enemies in the stage. I find it To be an improved rain of fire but less satisfying. Krv has the Soul impact is to be honest has a pathetic dps out put and is the weakest of the 3 since it cant even kill a mere recruit. It has interesting abilities like slow down, stun and the recharges if it kills. The recharge ability works only Well in sheep iron challenges but other wise it only gives little charge and it rarely does it If Theres groups of enemies. Its less dps and More of a special type of dps support ive spell as it stuns and slows down but enemies in vengeance are rarely that strong so its not that bad.

AS far as reinforcements goes, the Krc and krf reinforcements are the Same but only difference being their range attack and are the Basic of the bunch. The Kro has far better reinforcements as they deal a damage More than an assassin, has medium armor and has 150 hp with a Downside of not lasting that long unless counted with the recharge time. The origins elves are basically the best in the series. As far as vengeance goes Well its a mix mash. If You picked the strong demons Well there basically tanks that have 150 hp but they have Same armor as the original reinforcements and deals less damage than the original however has explosion which is made to counter crowds of enemies that the games difficulty was designed For. The range demons have less health but have slightly higher stats than the original and its Basic damage is the Same dps as the assassins. Their range attack are also the strongest which deals True damage. Their weakness is their explosion radius but its dependable. As far as the pit lord goes Well it is random but it is the strongest having highest hp, high damage and has an aoe range attack with a high damage explosion rate. Its weakness is that it attack is super slow having a 2.5 second attack. Other than that they arent better than Kro reinforcements but are better than the human reinforcements
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