The tower unlock levels in KRV are genius.

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The tower unlock levels in KRV are genius.

by ironcommando » Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:42 am

One thing I love about KRV is how a good number of the unlocked towers subtly fit into the plot instead of being directly stated in level intros like in previous games. The only one I couldn't find a reason for was Goblirangs.

Dark Knights: Clockwork Factory's intro has Vez'nan want to claim the metal smelting factory in his name as "those automated machines seem useful". Once you beat it you get Dark Knights because he uses the factory to make the metal armor for them.

Melting Furnace: Obtained after Bolgur is beaten. Similar to DKs, Vez'nan uses the metal from Clockwork Factory to make these. And what better way to prepare for the icy North than having something to warm groups of troops up?
(Actual/game developer's reason is simple: It makes Smokebeard Engineers nearly useless since it stuns them and interrupts their repairing ability very handily)

Specters Mausoleum: This one is kinda hilariously dark. You get it after beating Frozen Rapids, and the intro for Northerners Village has Vez'nan angrily curse that the battle on the rapids made him lose a huge number of his troops thanks to the ice breaking. Vez'nan being the resourceful guy that he is made sure that the souls could still be put to good use. This is even supported by one of the Specters Mausoleum quotes: "No rest for the wicked."

Bone Flingers: You get them after beating Dragons' Boneyard. There's a lot of bones lying around that are great for necromancy, Vez'nan of course wouldn't want them to go to waste.

Elite Harassers: Obtained right before Silveroak Outpost. As mortal enemies of Alleria and her bloodline, the Twilight Elves are out for revenge after their loss in Origins, and are glad to help Vez'nan defeat Alleria.

Orc Shaman: Obtained after beating City of Lozagon which is essentially a city of magic and magic users. The Dark Army looted the magical stuff there and found some new elemental magic stuff.

Vez'nan sure is extremely resourceful indeed.
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Re: The tower unlock levels in KRV are genius.

by Ninja » Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:53 am

Ha, nice headcanon! I especially like the Bone Flingers’ one. Very good catch. ;)
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Re: The tower unlock levels in KRV are genius.

by RaZoR LeAf » Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:47 am

This is impressive reasoning, would you mind if I put it into the Trivia sections on the wiki?
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Re: The tower unlock levels in KRV are genius.

by ironcommando » Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:46 am

RaZoR LeAf wrote:This is impressive reasoning, would you mind if I put it into the Trivia sections on the wiki?

I'm ok with it =)
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Re: The tower unlock levels in KRV are genius.

by SealDarklight » Wed Dec 05, 2018 12:45 pm

Youre a genious. What about the prerium towers?

Zombies: arguably coming from castle blackburn and the town since after the defeat of blackburn himself since Zombies and undead infect the town and castle. The linireans dont seem to purge it or care since there mindless and dont seem to pose much of a thread but Veznan had to use them since he knows Zombies can be potential to his army since the Zombies themselves will Wonder where Theres living but Veznan had to use sort of magic (aka pay 3.99) to use them on his side so they dont attack his own group.

Rotten Forest: The treants themselves hate the humans since the linireans defeats their old great father and Veznan Would like to use them. Altrough the treants dont trust Veznan (since he is a human) or one of his human army (shadow archers and dark knights ). Veznan himself wants to confront them as different humans and telling them that the linireans and dwarves are the cause of this. He also pays them money to use them against his enemies To give them revenge. (If You notice their: all humans are My enemies quote: You should know that Veznan uses his humans so the treants themselves are mainly confusing the two human sides as the Same)

Wicked sisters: They are the Same witches as those in blackburn. They also hate the linireans since they trespassed their homes and caused slaughtering. However they prefer to use trickery rather than use sheer power. They also join forces with Veznan but rather want some ingredience from Veznan to join (mainly the poison and stun). They have the Basic attack and a secret weapon to counter other spellcasters.

Cultist:The cultist are probably People that either are fans of Veznan, are from linirea hate the linireans but likes Veznan or are religious People that rather prefer the Darkness over Light. Veznan likes to use them but has to pay For a crystal which is similair To his gem. Once they do it they unleash the lazer energy. I either bet they met Veznan in his tower or live in the ruins of castle blackburn

Goblin Zeppelin: Goblin inventions that were invented by the goblins to fly. There basically company with the rocket riders but are in the state of a prototype. Reason Veznan pays it is mainly For their state but once brought they will become very effective.

Also the small part about the dark knights is that rather than using the original model, there using the fallen knight model since it seems that during the travel in blackburns castle, Veznan seems to be interested at using their model since it May looked far fancier. The original dark knight model is at level 3 and the New models have greater armor than the original.
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Re: The tower unlock levels in KRV are genius.

by Santiago » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:24 pm

WOW, amazing, I never put that much thought into it, makes a lot of sense now.
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