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Vengeance heroes for the future

PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2018 12:57 pm
by Shakhtar
What kind of heroes you would like to have in future updates? Share and discuss.

I personally would love to see

- Twilight Elf hero. We had them in Origins, now I would want one in Vez'Nan's army.
- Fallen Holy Order member. A high-ranked paladin human general who fell into the Darkness. Basically, Arthas trope from WC3. A super Death Knight. [PS: in the next game it can be Gerald (Light)seeker himself alright, or as a boss. Not in this one though]
- Dark mage apprentice. The beloved student of Vez'Nan himself. Kinda similar to him, kinda different. He is secretly contemplating against his master to overthrow him, but Vez'Nan ain't no fool himself.
- Arch Ghost. Basically, like a protagonist from a horror movie, like demon nun from The Conjuring or something. Spooky and scary.
- A hero based on Rising Tides KRF campaign. Again, speaking of WC3, somewhat in Naga Sea Witch hero drift, but different.
- Northling hero. A traitor barbarian.

Also possibilities: Troll hero, Frost dragon, Treant, Lycan, Saurian demi-god/savant master/technician.