Greenskin Challenge

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Greenskin Challenge

by NastyBird339 » Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:38 pm

The Rules
-You must play normal difficulty or higher(Veteran is most recommended if you have all the towers and heroes otherwise normal is advised)
- You can only use goblin or orc themed towers
- You can only use Tramin or Veruk as your hero
- In order to complete the challenge you must complete the main campaign
- You have to reset your skill tree and progress as if you were going through the game for the first time(You should be able to find the info on the wiki or somewhere on the internet)

I thought it would be a pretty fun challenge after I realized that there were 5 goblin/orc towers, and that we had an orc hero and a goblin hero. I've been thoroughly enjoying the process and can force you to use towers you may not enjoy. (I'm in the process of making an undead challenge but I'm still figuring out what towers to take some liberties with)
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