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Frozen Nightmare thought's

by SealDarklight » Tue May 14, 2019 12:52 pm

This is the second part for the Mini campaign and this time it introduced new levels, new heroes but no new tower. The new campaign has ice type of enemies (Like Frost Giants, Ice witches and Svell Druids) as well as their new counterparts (Ice Reapers, Winter Lords, Frozen Hearts) as well as a new boss which is NOT ELORA WINTERSONG! But as usual i start with the enemies before the heroes.

Ice Spirits (or however you wanna call it)

Frozen Heart + Soul
Im basically gonna include them both since there technically the same except for iron challenge. The Frozen Heart is basically a Large enemy similair to Anurian Wardens in terms of damage but having no armor and higher health. Their unique ability is that when they die they turn into Frozen Souls which look similair to specters mausoleums ghost bolts but as an enemy. There not immune to physical damage and are immune to status effects so they cannot be slowed or stunned and they will turn Hearts so you have to kill them before they can turn into hearts again. The best part about them is that you can possess the hearts and if a heart dies it will turn to souls which is by far the most effective possessed unit you can have due to souls high armor and fast respawn rate. I like them

Ice Reaper
Ice Reapers are basically the Better Apex Stalkers. They have higher health, deal far more damage and have a far effective ability than the stalkers with the exception of having less magic resistance. Honestly they are pretty threatening for a fast enemy due to dealing high damage with a lower attack speed as well as turning enemies into shards but the Knights are pretty effective as they have thorns and even then they have high armor so they are not that threatening. There basically OK enemies and somewhat lower than the Hearts or the Lord but not on the lower tier.

Winter Lords
Basically Dark Slayers, Fallen Knights or Paladins for the Winter army. Their ability of changing immunity is misleading as all it does they still take damage from archers or mages a little bit however due to changing resistances you need to either use combinations of the 2 or basically let them change resistances and let a mage or an archer kill them while having a wrong resistances. Their other deadly ability is that they have a frost bite ability which works like Asra's Spider Bite which last till the enemies die. They have the slowest attack speed in the series for a regular enemy but the Frost Bite basically makes them deal true damage with the only Hero who is immune to the ability is Jigou since his insane regeneration rate will nullify the frost bite attack but doing so will give him less regeneration rate. I like these new enemies due to being a challenge as well as doing something new.

Snow Golem
I count Snow Golems as more of a hazard rather than a thread but also an annoying hazard. Their appearance looks near identical to the Demolishers being turtle like appearance and dealing high damage. The Snow Golems themselves have the highest health for an enemy in vengeance with a slight durability of armor and arent that unique for an enemy other than being a hazard. There pretty much a nuisance for me as they are scattered around the stages and costs way too much money but luckily they do give some gold and are extremely slow. I honestly would not spend gold on them unless its near the exit. They also serve as secondary giant enemies other than Frost Giants but only if you desired to. Using the knights is highly recommended as they are deadly for vengeance standards and are super bulky but i would recommend not to spend money on them as they give bounty. I dont like them but hopefully they can add more of it in the future like they did with disabling towers as i do like them as a hazardous enemies rather than the normal enemies even if they are annoying to deal with.

Winter Queen
I was pretty disappointed that it wasn't Elora as she is one of the well known heroes in the series due to her uses and she being made of ice. But outside of that as a boss she has the lowest health of any boss in the series with a similar HP pool to the Forest Troll or Twilight Golem but her ability to spam the freeze towers is the only challenge she has. Outside of it she is pathetically easy as having low health without magic resistance or physical armor as well as moving way too slowly and taking the longer route rather than the route near her unlike Bram or Kingpin. I dont know if she lacks AOE but the Knights i used put her in a lock state similar to Juggernaut and the Paladins in KR1. Each knight slained another one stalls till the slained one respawns making her even less of a challenge. All she can do is spam freeze and move slowly to the exit so she can win but she is one of the easier bosses in the series in terms of challenge goes and i guess she is hard if you use a wrong loadout but who knows.

Eiskalt is one of the two dragon heroes in this update and he is by far one of my favorite Heroes in Vengeance (No offence Asra) and having a name which literally means Icecold in Germanic. He is a son of Jokull that basically got prisoned due to not listening to Arkus or his Mother Jokull for killing and hunting humans. I kinda wonder if Arkus is his father as it is kinda weird if a human dated a dragon. Outside of that as a hero for Veznans army he is far the most effective flying hero in the series and almost rivals Bonehart in terms of crowd control. Unlike Bonehart he doesnt have units but his passive hero ability is that his attacks will slow down enemies by 30%. The aoe of his attacks isnt that large but if you upgrade Fierce Breath which he has a bigger AOE radius and then you start to see his effective crowd control. Cold Fury is his second ability and its basically like Jigous except it doesnt freeze but slows down giving it more slowdown for enemies. Frosty is his dps ability and i find it to be kinda eh and uninteresting but it is still effective of his ability. My favorite of his ability is his Ice Peaks which is like Polymorph or Snipershot without instakill but drains 1/4th of enemies health and has AOE. This is pretty op as while it isnt effective against weaker enemies, it is drastic against giant enemies or larger and the ability does kill them if the enemies have less than 30% of their health. When i used him he could kill a Frost Giant or the Snow Golems than i expected. His hero spell is basically like Beresads hero spell except it doesnt deal damage but freezes all enemies in a stage for pretty long time. It also has a short cooldown. Overall i love Eiskalt.


Murglun is another flying hero that i like and she is basically a Magma dragon as if Eiskalt and Murglun are Ice and Fire. I usually don't find it to be a bad flying hero and allot better than Beresad but not as good as Eiskalt in terms of uses. She can kill enemies allot faster than Eiskalt with her Magmapool on and with her other abilities but she gets overrun allot more than Eiskalt despite having effective abilities due to her lacking a slow down and also for some reason deals physical damage despite the fact that she is made of fire. I don't know if this was done on purpose but why does Eiskalt deal true damage and Murglun deal physical? Shouldn't ice normally deal physical and fire dealing true damage as most ice enemies have physical attacks? Besides that she does have decent abilities but there is one ability for her that i like the most. Magmapool is good by giving her far more offensive power as well as a bit of crowd control. Geyser is her regular instakill which isn't that unique but alright and her Infernal heat is also an alright ability but usually Magmapool is better since it lasts long and deals far more damage if maxed out. By far her best ability is the Tar Maker which unlike Oloch's Hellish Infusion is passive rather than active and it only gives 10% less. I find this to be her most effective ability as towers around it are giving boost of damage and works well with Furnaces Abrasive heat if a tower is nearby especially in the Into the Mountain where there is plentiful Furnace spots. Her Ultimate Spell Eruption is an instakill spell and unlike Vindicator it deals AOE. This is pretty much an improvement over the Vindicator and while it recharges slower, it does have AOE which can clean off giant enemies at ease as well as those annoying Snow Golems. Her Lava Blood is a good hero passive as unlike other flying hero who can't fire beneath, her Lava Blood gives her the drop which works perfectly for a barrack spot as barracks can stall while the blood can drop dealing damage. She is also the only flying hero with armor which is decent for vengeance standards but usually nearly non existence as it gives little protection from physical damage but at least she is slightly bulky than Eiskalt. She is also the only Dragon in the KR games that is a female and also since she is a dragon made of magma, her appearance nearly looks identical to the Magma elemental from the first game basically making her a magma elemental hero but a dragon. I got to say that Murglun i like as much as Eiskalt due to having a really effective abilities as well as being one of the more effective flying heroes in the series as she is pretty deadly as well as being far more enjoyable than most of vengeance heroes.

Rest of it?

I'll have to say that i did like this update somewhat better than the Subaquatic update as it feels fresh and new and also feels enjoyable rather than dealing with frogs that can leap nearly the entire stage or dealing with a frog that is nearly invulnerable. The only problem i have is that it lacked flying enemies making artillery a bit more usefull without a risk as well as having Draugr for some reason but doesn't have any Glacial Wolves for some reason despite the fact that they appear in the comics. I also wonder where are the Northerners as they are allies to them. Is it because the Svell Druids and Ice Witches are humans made of ice and have ice powers from the Queen which shouldn't be disturbed but if that's the case then why didn't they go to the north for immigration after Veznan and his army destroyed their village and asked for the Queen to have their revenge. Well my only guess is that the Druids and Witches were aware of her awakening but didn't call the Northerners either since they were called without realizing what was happening or the Queen doesn't like mortals other than ice. I also noticed that the entire elite stage is Dark Knight friendly as not only can they stop the Ice Reapers with armor of thorns, Snow Golems which are everywhere or the Winter Queen but also for the Frost Giants which come pretty early on for a giant enemy. The only counter they have is either Ice Witches which are frail and Winter Lords which have Frost Bite but still they come late into the game and attack extremely slowly while dealing physical damage and not to mention at that points its either the towers which are upgraded to max or knights which have Brutal Strike for dealing with them and did i mention that Impervious negates Frost damage due to making them invulnerable and immune to damage for 6 seconds? Other than that i like this update and its one of my favorite. I'm also disappointed with the new tower not being released but i guess for the greater good as i think the next update will give a new and really unique tower as the previous was nearly lazy and almost a massive letdown.

Sorry for coming late as i had work to do but i originally could have posted this early but i didn't have much time.
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