Bugs on Android version of KF

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Bugs on Android version of KF

by Kunamashina » Sun Jun 02, 2013 7:07 pm

Hello dear Ironhide,

Just to remind you on something that you already know, this is the greatest Tower Defense game ever! Can't wait for Android version of Frontiers, I hope soon! Anyway just to write you the list of bugs that I found on Android version which I gathered after I completed the whole game content!

1. Heroes sometimes wander off the map when you try to maneuver them around the battlefield, don't know what causes this. As if when you select a hero and try to scroll the map he then goes diagonally to the left bottom corner and eventually off the map.

2. I finished my KF on hard, because I already completed normal on Flash version way before! But once I completed all stages and all modes on hard mode, I didn't get any achievements completed! Neither Normal diff. achievements nor for hard diff.

Looking forward to have these fixed!

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