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Re: Hints!

PostPosted: Thu Sep 22, 2016 9:44 pm
by saam
roo1ster wrote:Ok, I'm probably a little ocd about this game - I enjoy beating my own high score repeatedly.

As a beginner my favorite spec was Hercules with penetrating boulders. Didn't require a lot of accuracy.

Later I discovered Achilles with fire spears. This is my easy-mode spec. I can beat all 20 levels in 15-20 minutes. Can be very satisfying in the right situation.

But, for high score, no other spec I've tried (and I think I've tried them all multiple times) beats Perseus with multi-shot. With other characters/specializations breaking 7 million points was simply not possible. With Perseus/multi-shot, so far my high score is 15 million and change.

It's definitely not easy mode - the key to massive scores is to minimize the amount of damage per arrow and maximize your 'max hit combo' (basically you're trying to get through each level without missing entirely on any shot -- with full mutil-shot this gets easier in later stages when the scoring is highest).

I typically put no points into strength ever, and crit until stage 19. I also put as few points as possible into the weapon upgrades (you still must upgrade your weapon from time to time but I avoid it until absolutely necessary).

The faster you can get your multi-shot upgrades the easier it becomes to rack up points.

I'd love to hear other's 'high score spec' or other ways they enjoy replaying the game...

I don't swing that way!