Civil War Slaughter Thread

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Civil War Slaughter Thread

by Juice Box » Wed Jun 28, 2017 12:06 pm

The constant rise of traitorous individuals has brought the people of Linirea at a standpoint. Constant war has left numerous lands desolate, its people broken, all because of a few mighty elite. From the renegade wizard Vez'nan, who waged war against his own people, to the blasphemous Malicia, who broke off the thousand-year peace between the Elves, it became increasingly clear to the humans of Linirea that these elite must be regulated and controlled before they could be allowed to wreak havoc.

Thus it was that Nivus, the Grand Wizard of Linirea, created the Seal of Obstruction. Still at a loss from the betrayal of both Vez'nan and Malagar, two of his finest students, he has put it upon himself to create a mighty and potent spell that bounds an individual's very soul. Those who bare the Seal behind their neck are incapable of ever harming any other person who wields it, while also being subservient to them. They will be forever bound by Linirea's laws, where they will be regulated and controlled such that they will be incapable of ever harming an innocent. All of their actions and decisions will be known amongst all other members of the Seal, ensuring that no traitor may ever arise amongst them.

To some, the security that this Seal provides is immediate: unification between the vast human people, and perhaps even a chance for the fractured Elves to know peace. Others, however, see the glaring faults of this spell: an impeachment upon their very freedom, their right to do action on their own accord, and an eternal shackling to all who hold the Seal. Thus are all of Linirea's proudest heroes forced to take sides: will they bound themselves to the shackles of this Seal, or will they risk danger and threat by resisting?

Powerful beings continue to rise and join the conflict as it continues--champions who have brought glory to their people, otherworldly entities with secret agendas, exiles and outcasts forced to take sides, and ancient warriors who have risen again. Regardless of which side they take, it has become apparent that once again, Linirea shall be plunged into brutal war.

Yeah yo hello I'm doing the intro, because Zoey is an incompetent male weakling and has decided that a proper intro can only rightfully be done by a member of the superior female species. He's right, though, obviously, so here I am.

Basically, like Zoey said, we're doing order vs chaos nao, Civil War style. Linirea is at war because it wants to regulate powerful individuals and several dumb scrubs want to disagree (TEAM ORDER FTW).



"Foolish! Incompetent!" the Elven Ranger proclaims as his twin blade clash with his opponent's. He is fighting a human, equipped with a sword and a shield, their blades moving with such force and speed that should be impossible for mere mortals. Continuously they block, parry and dodge each other's strikes, a flurry of blade and fury. The Ranger slams his twin swords against the human's shields, and his opponent uses this as an opportunity to knock him back. The Elf is unfazed, and lands on his feet, blades at the ready for another bout.

All around them, in the remnants of the First City, human knights do battle against Elven and Archonin warriors. Once staunch allies, they now slaughter each other for their differing beliefs. The Humans have far greater numbers, outnumbering their opponents three to one, and are equipped with the finest of Linirea's armor and weaponry. Despite this, they still have difficulty besting the Elves and Archons, semi-immortal beings who have spent countless battles in the field of warfare.

"What is it that drives you, Exile?" the Ranger continues, swords raised at his human opponent. "Your king did nothing as your people were slaughtered. You were left for dead, helpless, and had to fight your way into Hammerhold. You yourself led the Bastion's armies and defeated Malagar, but it was your king who received glory for it. Are you simply too foolish to see that you are but a pawn to your king?"

The Exile attacks, charging and slashing at his opponent. The Elf dodges as he prepares a counter, but the human raise his shield to block it just in time.

"There is a difference between you and I, Elf. I know where my duty stands. It is a people led by a failed king, but it is still my people. Too many of them have fought and died by my side. If I too must fall to bring safety to what is left of them, then I shall."

He lowers his sword briefly. "I know who you are, Halfling. The black sheep. The failure. The abomination son of an Elf and a Druid--you were a freak to your people and a disgrace to your family. Neither of them will take you back, Eridan, and you will die before you can beg for forgiveness."

Fury overtakes Eridan, and he assaults Alric with unrelenting speed, blow after blow, parry then dodge then block, the two opponents continue locked in a fierce melee when the very ground around them starts to be ripped apart.

"Eridan!" Exclaims Cassia, an Archonin Centurion. She stands above them, on her own floating ruin. Dead human Knights and Archon Legionnaires lay sprawled on her feet. "Separate! Get your troops out of there!"

Eridan nods at her. He jumps up and kicks his opponent, then runs backwards to disengage. The other Elven Rangers follow suit and retreat alongside him. Alric realizes what they are planning and orders his own retreat.

"Move back!" He commands, jumping off to another rock. "Get off the ruin!"

Several of the knights manage to jump off, but it is clear that they lack the cohesion of the Elves. A majority of them react too slow, and are blasted apart as a Legionnaire catapult fires and destroys the ruin they stand on. Alric watches as the Knights fall to their doom--four of them--more honest soldiers wasted on a meaningless death. Then he sees Eridan and his remaining Elves retreat to fight elsewhere.

"Rally!" He orders the surviving Knights. "Rally to me! We will regroup to Gerald Lightseeker's position! Go!"

Eridan takes one look back and sees his adversary regrouping. He counts what's left of his group--six Elven Rangers, out of ten. Cassia jumps off her ruin and sprints towards him.

"What happened to your squadron?" He asks the Archon woman.

"Dead. Ambush. We couldn't form ranks fast enough. There's more of the human hordes coming from the western ruins."

"Then we'll regroup our warriors there."

Eridan grimaces at how casually Cassia accepts the death of her own men, as if it were a normal occurrence for her. It only begins to settle on Eridan how unlike the rest of her people Cassia is--the Archons are altruistic to the core: they mourn their dead and honor the bravery of their fallen enemies. But Cassia and her eighty Legionnaires were a small splinter group of Archons exiled from the rest of their kind for their unorthodox cruelty and discipline. She believes that ends justify means and disagrees with many of her people's humanitarian actions, but she is loyal to them nonetheless.

"What of our reinforcements?" Eridan continues.

"Heroes who openly oppose Nivus's Seal are on their way to us as we speak. It should only be a matter of time before they arrive. But I hope you understand, Eridan. Gerald and Alric will surely have their own heroes coming to reinforce them, as well."

"Then we'll fight them, too. We are not retreating from these ruins until you finish your plan, Cassia."

"I do not intend to. But we must be ready. This battle has just begun."



Okay so if you've read it already, yay, have a TL;DR:

You will all fight in the floating ruins of the First City, which serves as one of the many hide-outs of the forces of Chaos. In response to this, Alric and an army of Knights led by Gerald have begun an attack on the First City. Defending the First City are Eridan and Cassia, who I made up specifically for this because there are only three KR games and I needed a fourth protagonist person to take sides. Plus badass Legionnaire girl come on THAT'S AWESOMESAUCE.

We gotta really add the feel to this, so the forces of Order are led by Alric the AWESOME BETTER PERSON WITH THE BETTER FACTION and Gerald, while Chaos is led by Eridan and Cassia THE CENTURION (CASSIA FUCK YEAH). Alric's army heavily outnumbers Eridan's, practically three to one, but Eridan's troops are slightly superior, know how to properly traverse the Floating Ruins, and only need to hold back the tide of humans. It's up to the rest of you how to apply takteekz and make this scenario work in your favor.

Please also note that we want the plot to develop. There will be a winner to this specific conflict, which will be decided by either A) Alric and Gerald overrunning the Floating Ruins, or B) Eridan and Cassia repelling the humans/accomplishing their plan. Hopefully the plot will develop on its own afterwards.

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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by Manijure » Wed Jun 28, 2017 7:29 pm

A tinkle of glass breaking awoke Xandre from his beauty sleep.

The marksman groaned as he got up from his bed, rubbed his eyes, and put his feet on the floor.

"Too early for this crap," Xandre thought to himself grumpily. "How many times have I told Gloom not to get close to the windows?"

He quickly changed his clothes, a leather jacket and rugged white khakis, and picked up his purple sharpshooter goggles and
crossbow as he headed to the kitchen.

A gust of Elven air immediately blew into Xandre's face from the shattered window that he noticed. Already realizing how much he would have to pay to have it fixed again, he rolled his eyes and peeked out the window to find his pesky pet Gloomy. After looking left and right once, he saw Gloom resting by the trees in the distance, making weird chittering noises. Unlike typical Gloomies living in the Elven forests, Gloom is about twenty times the typical size, thanks to the work of Wild Magi living near Aredhel.

"Gloom is snoozing, all right. So what caused my window to get shattered?"

Putting his head back inside, Xandre walked to the right and suddenly tripped to the ground, spontaneously cursing in Elvish. He quickly put himself back up and saw what appears to be an arrow planted in the ground diagonally.

"What the.... ?" Xandre muttered in disbelief, crouching down and analyzing the material of the arrow.

"An Elven arrow? Here, out of all places?"

Quickly incorporating his marksmen skills, Xandre noted the direction that the arrow is protruded, and gazed out the window, attempting to pinpoint the location where the arrow was launched. Right on cue, the clouds in the sky slowly moved out of view, revealing a silhouette in the far distance. It appeared to be a bunch of massive floating rocks... That meant only one thing.

"The First Elven City?" Xandre wondered out loud. "But there has never been much activity up there, not since..."

He briefly remembered the conflict over the Tear of Elynie, and the amount of casualties. But that occurred ages ago, and nothing else occurred in the city ever since. Or so Xandre thought. He's not one to keep with the daily news on what occurs in the Elven lands. However, he did hear some news about the grand wizard of Linirea creating a seal to keep magic in check from his friend not too long ago. Not that he was really surprised. Xandre couldn't trust Linirea royalty to make wise decisions for the sake of the people. To hell with them if they tried to stop Xandre with doing what he does best with his shooting prowess.

"Time to go pay the Elven city a visit, I suppose," Xandre sighed, cleaning up the glass and putting the arrow on the table. He grabbed his crossbow that was slung in a bundle in his closet and opened the front door. Whistling for Gloom to wake up and come to him, Xandre aimed his crossbow and fired an arrow towards the direction of the First Elven City. The arrow, upon being launched, suddenly glowed bright yellow, sparks covering it as it flew into the distance.

Right on cue, Xandre was knocked to the ground.

"Not this shit again," Xandre groaned as he got back up to his feet and saw Gloom the Gloomy flying in the air and staring at him eagerly, his head cocked to the side.

"All right, Gloom, see the light?" Xandre asked his steed, pointing to the sky. Gloom looked in the direction that Xandre was pointing at and instantly saw the light generated by the arrow, his eyes widening in glee. Xandre quickly mounted on Gloom's back, his body connecting with the harness.

"Forward! To the First Elven City!"

Xandre and Gloom sped off into the sky, Gloom never looking away from the arrow's shine.
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by Sinque Productions » Wed Jun 28, 2017 11:38 pm

It was noon, and there was a vampire that was awake. And at the same time, he was sleeping.

Skalador was snoring loudly in a coffin outside the Temple of Saqra. It was his first destination after leaving the Court of Vasile, and still his current home. He had a peace agreement jungle savages: they would not eat him and he would not suck their blood. And even better, a magic one. They taught him their magic for about an hour during they day (the jungle near Ma'qwa Urqu, was very dark and could be perceived as night and at the same time allowed his skin to evolve to stand light, it no longer hurt him like other vampires). He protected them from harm, their losses from the human kind had made them realize how much weaker they were and at the same time, hunted for the both of them, Skalador sucked the victims' blood and the savages took the rest. The arrangement, to Skalador's displeasure, caused vampire relatives to call him the 'jungle bat'.

During his early time in the jungle, he trained the actual jungle bats to serve his will. He linked them all to himself with a lasting spell and used them as spies. Their children would be born with the spell as well. The bats were stationed around the world so Skalador knew when something happened.

Which was why Skalador's body was sleeping, but he was quite conscious. He was controlling a bat near the Floating Ruins of the elves, the intelligent creature had given him a message of warning. He noted the elves and humans fighting and knew immediately it was about, Nivus's seal arrangement, news he had received from another bat stationed in Linirea. Skalador discontinued his control over the bat and gave it a dopamine rush to reward the creature for its work.

Skalador knocked his coffin lid off and stood up. He was very much opposed to the seal. There was a chance that they would be added to the seal connections, which would be devastating. Their food sources would be cut off. And Skalador didn't know if he was powerful enough to break the seal. Would it have some sort of lock system that would allow to attack it as well? He didn't want to take the chance. The vampire knew he would fight against the seal. Now was a good chance.

His body shrunk and changed form. Where Skalador was just standing, a pitch black bat was swiftly flapping its wings. The bat made a high-frequency screech. Skalador would have smiled if he could. His forces of jungle bats knew feeding spots everywhere. The news would be calling all of their victims from the Lost Jungle to the first elven city part of a 'bloodless epidemic'.
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by Juice Box » Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:41 pm

"How bad?" Gerald asks. "How many casualties?"

They had halted their assault just a few moments ago. They had sent two-hundred Knights as an initial attack, the remaining three-hundred on standby. Several of the Knights lay around them, recovering from the fight.

"Fifty-four," Alric replies. "Thirty confirmed dead, ten wounded, the rest are unaccounted for."

Gerald grimaces. "Fifty-four men for such little ground. Blasted Elves are making it impossible for us to cross."

"We still outnumber them. If we launch another direct assault, we would still win. Despite high casualties."

"That isn't an option."

"Of course it is. You know what we're up against. The ruins shift and turn every moment. The Elven Rangers lay traps and ambushes at every corner. The few stable landmarks we've found are heavily guarded by the Legionnaires. We are attacking their own territory, with troops inferior to theirs. They know how to navigate these ruins. We don't. There is little we can do to best them strategically. The only advantage we have here is brute force."

Another grimace. Gerald knows he must disagree, but their situation seems grim. He wants to mention that the arrival of their assigned hero reinforcements could bring new tactical possibilities, but who knows what they could be getting? Or when they'd even arrive?

As if on cue, lightning strikes the sky. The sound of thunder booms all across the Floating Ruins, and some of the Knights are even knocked back by the sheer force of the shockwave. At the center of where the lightning was, a small meteorite has started falling towards them.

Alric recognizes this.

The Archons live on a gigantic cloud city, high upon the sky above the Elven continent. When they descend upon the earth, they do so by launching themselves downward like a meteorite. Their magic protects them from the fall's damage.

"ARCHONS!" He yells. "The Archons have reinforcements--"

Another loud boom, but this time right in front of Alric. He falls to the ground, dazed by the blast, and finds that they have been surrounded by a thick shroud of smoke. For a few moments, he is incapable of seeing anything.

When he recovers, he finds a thin, female figure approaching him.

An Elf.

He is still dazed, and finds it impossible to dodge his opponent's attacks. He draws his sword and attempts to strike, but the Elf dodges easily and bashes him with her shield. Alric is dazed and knocked back yet again, but he manages to spot the meteor as it lands some feet away from him, knocking back several Knights. Within moments, another figure--an Archon--emerges from the fog.

Somehow, he finds Gerald right beside him with sword ready. "Ambush!" he declares just as he charges. "Ready yourselves!"

Several of the Knights are still on the ground, but most have recovered and begin an assault. The two figures block and parry their human opponents, the Elf moving with grace while the Archon woman relies more on brute force. There is something strange, however--they don't seem to be actually killing the Knights. He watches the Archon, dressed differently from the ones they're fighting--her armor is Greek in design, typical of her kind, except it is clear that it is also laced with potent enchantments. She swings her blade wildly, but it's almost as if she's intentionally missing and just trying to keep the Knights away. When she does attack, it's with a bash from her shield or the butt of her sword.

She spots Alric looking at her. They lock eyes for a moment, and then she points her blade at him.

"You!" She yells, as she casually blocks a strike with her shield. She doesn't break eye contact. "Pretty boy! Do something!"

"H... Halt!" Alric yells.

"What?" Gerald retorts, just as he is bashed in the head by the Elf's shield.

"Yes, halt please." The Elf replies, suddenly standing straight, her double-bladed spear lowered to the ground. She looks completely unfazed by the fact that she just shield-butted one of Linirea's finest champions. The Knights attacking her stop in confusion.

"Ugh, thanks," the Spartan-looking Archon answers. She sheathes her sword and holsters her shield behind her back. She helps up one of the Knights she knocked down. "Jeez, man, y'all coulda waited for us to talk first."

The Elf approaches Alric and offers him a hand. He is skeptical and confused, but accepts it. Once he gets up, he manages to grab a better look at the Elf. She is blonde and beautiful, but short for someone of her kind--Alric was easily much taller. She had eyes that seemed to judge him intensely every passing second, and the curves that so well highlighted her body betrayed her Elven nature--she looked more like a human than anything, rebellious yet regal in an alluringly flawed way.

"Sorry about the dramatic entrance, dude. If it means anything, I don't think I hurt you or any of your boys too hard."

"Damn straight!" The Archon butts in as she starts walking towards them, voice booming, borderline arrogant. She helps Gerald onto his feet. "Coulda kicked all your asses eazy-PZ, man. But we didn't. 'Cause we're badass like that."

"What is...?" Alric questions.

"Oh, yeah," the Elf answers, arching her neck slightly. A few strands of hair seem to escape her Elven helmet. "You're on the Order side, right? I'm Ash. We're here to help you out."

"But... You're an Elf."

"Oh, yeah, no," she takes off her helmet and her... her ears? "The ears are fake. Synthetic, like, you know. Like fake. Heh. I'm not an elf, dude, duhh."

"And I'm not an Archon," the Archon says. She takes off her helmet as well to reveal a pale, brown-haired girl. "I'm Juice. Think you already know me. Been to Linirea a couple times by now. Mythical legendary warrior and all that. Big fan, by the way."

"By the gods," Gerald interrupts. "You are the legendary Juice Box? Slayer of the Dreaded Manijure the Evervirgin? Savior of King Denas? Destroyer of the Reaper Queen?"

"Yeah, fam."

"By Thor almighty," he bends down to his knees and takes Juice's hand. "Never before have my eyes beset such beauty! Please, fair maiden, allow me to show you how a gentleman courts a lady!"

"Ew," Juice swats her hand away. "I'm taken. So is the hipster chick. Fucking pedo."

"GASPETH! I am no vile pedo! Why, I am a gentleman suitor! I asketh thee, fair maiden, how oldest be doth thou?"




"... Oh."

"Eighteen hundred!" Alric draws his blade. "So you are an Archon! You are a deceiver!"

"Whoa! Chill, man! I can--"

"Silence, foul immortal! I don't know why you two are so short for an Elf and an Archon, but your disguises don't fool me!"

"Short? Holy shit, bro, you wanna fite?"

"Come at me!"

"Holy fucking shit let's fucking go, bitch!" Juice brandishes her own sword. "Do you even lift, bro?"

"Yes!" Gerald joins Juice's side. "Dost thou even hoist?" He smiles widely and nudges Juice.

"Everybody shut up!" Ash interrupts. "Goddamn, dude. Can't you see how much the real Juice has typed up there? She's fucking tired. Calm the fuck down and let her rest already. We can explain our ages, man. Just chill."

Alric grimaces, but lowers his blade. "Very well. Eighteen hundred years old, yet you are neither Archon nor human?" Alric interjects. "How is that so?"

"We're superhumans, man. That's our thing. Like we got powers and stuff, it's really cool."

"That does not make sense."

"Holy fuck, do you want our help or not?" Juice prepares herself to leave.

"No, no! Please don't!" Gerald stops Juice in her tracks. "I must woo you first, fair maiden!"

"Look, man," Ash asks Alric. "I know you don't trust us, I get it. But just let us talk to you."

The Exile doesn't bother to hide his impatience. "Fine. But only you. I don't like your friend. She is irritating."

"Irritating rhymes with pretty and amazing!" the brunette counters.

"She doesn't seem to be very smart, either."


"Just ignore her, damn it!" Ash says, clearly annoyed. "Look, I know you need us here. You need our help. If we wanted to kill you, we would've done it already. If we didn't want to help, we would've left already. So just give us a chance."

The Desert Champion grinds his teeth, and looks at the blonde girl straight in the eye. "Very well."
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by Ninja » Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:41 pm


Just as the Archon is beginning to talk with Alric, they are interrupted by shouts of terror as a massive blue owl descends slowly upon the wearied human warriors.

"WHAT?!" Alric roars. "First this Archon and a crazy elf, and now a GIANT OWL? What sort of an ambush is this?"

The great owl bellows in a deliberate, booming voice as 54 tired soldiers aim various projectile weapons at him: "I, Mooncrest Silvertalon, have ridden on wings of night for long days and I fight for Order. I hail from across the darkest edge of the Elderforest, where my people have flourished for tens of thousands of years. Now, Order is being overthrown in this realm, and the Moon Goddess herself frowns upon my just people. If this conflict is not ended, then we will all go mad for want of her sacred beams, and then true chaos will erupt forth on this land. I will stop this war at all costs, or die trying. My invaluable training as an elite Elder Moonguardian will obliterate the enemies of Order. Lower your weapons."

Gerald, seeing that this owl was also an ally, ordered the men to put down their weapons. "Welcome, Mooncrest Silvertalon. We enlist you in our cause with great joy."
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by Sinque Productions » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:45 am

Skalador didn't look down as he passed over the Crystal Sea. He wasn't afraid of heights, but he had sucked a lot of blood before crossing the wide expanse. And he didn't want to get sea sick watching the waves and vomit, he needed his food. His forces of jungle bats had done the same. They were behind him now, hundreds in numbers, flying across the sky. A viewer watching from the ground or on a boat would see a massive black cloud.

He had trained the fastest and the smartest bats and then linked them with his magic, enhancing their speed and intelligence hundred fold, as well as giving them other simple magic tools. He could communicate with them at any time, all of them at once in fact, but to control them and see through them, his body would have to sleep.

Skalador now saw the shore of the coast. He needed to give instructions to his forces but first needed to know what was happening at the floating ruins and elsewhere.

"Report,' he told his main scout at the floating ruins, Falfel. "We have spotted a fake elf and Archon joining the forces of order." The message was broadcasted to all of Skalador's jungle bats that were following him. He needed them to know what was happening.

"We also saw a massive owl join order," Falfel continued. "All of us have gone invisible."

Skalador knew the danger. Owls were a predator of bats. They would be able to view his forces a mile away, especially an owl so large. Which was why they had gone completely invisible, a magical tool his bats could use, but only if they stayed still. If his bats stayed away and invisible, they would not be found.

"Thank you," he told his scouting leader. "Then he spoke to the entirety of bat network, worldwide. "If anything of any significance unrelated to the seal comes up or related to the seal but not at the Floating Ruins, tell Vashire immediately. Anything around the floating ruins, tell Galrup. Immediately and without hesitation. I need to know everything going on in this dire time."

Vashire and Galrup were Skalador's favorite bats and the smartest and most knowledgeable. They would be positioned near him, handling his administrative work and doing everything he normally would while he was in battle.

Skalador watched as he crossed over the shoreline and above the elven continent and he spoke again to Falfel. "Inform me and my troops the location of the elven and human forces, particularly the owl. With continuous updates."

"Everyone except Vashire and Galrup," he said now speaking to the forces behind him. "Assemble scouting positions around the ruins and stay invisible. For now, stay low and spread out, do not let our enemies see us. Especially the owl. Come from below the ruins and fly up once you are under them."

He watched as his bats dropped hundreds of feet to valleys below of the Hollow Mountains and became unviewable to the naked eye. Then he dropped down and his two administrators followed him.

An hour later he reached the elven forces. He came into clear view in front of Eridan and Cassia, who looked surprised to see three bats with a three-foot wingspan (which was large for this area of the world) out at day. Skalador began to morph back into a vampire.

"Man, it really gives me cramps being a bat so long,' he told the surprise elves. "I'm Skalador, a vampire, and I am a hero joining your side and this is Vashire and Galrup." He shook their hands.

"It is nice to meet you,' Eridan said politely. Cassia didn't speak.

"I must tell you a few things," Skalador said. "My forces of bats are around the world, and will tell my two administrators," he pointed at Vashire and Galrup, who were spinning around a tree branch, which helped them think. "But they are especially in number here, have they all arrived, Galrup?

"Yes, they have all arrived," Galrup spoke to Skalador in his mind. "And best of all, are echolocation and viewing data tells us that the owl or any of the other forces of order have not looked in their direction and seen them. They are in place and invisible."

"Yes," he continued talking to the elves. "Many of my scouts are here and they are invisible when still and will not be seen. They are not warriors, but can swarm and push at enemies and blind them if I really need it."

"A fake elf and an archon have arrived to aid the humans." He showed them a magical image of the two. "And a large owl. Meanwhile, Xandre, an elf will approach us and join your cause in less than an hour. My scouts will be on the watch for others."

"This is valuable data," Eridan told him. "Do you have more?"

"Of course. If you would like a map of the area or anywhere around the world is or some magical image or something like that, talk to Galrup or Vashire. They can understand what you are saying. Actually, scratch that. Galrup, get both of these a private communicator to do the things I just listed."

"Gotcha," Galrup responded.

Skalador smiled and transformed back into a bat and in the blink of an eye, disappeared.
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by nova_n » Fri Jun 30, 2017 3:14 am

ooc: check out the expanded but not yet official origin story of the civil war!!!

According to the lore, history of each of the races after the war:
The Trolls were enslaved by Vez'nan to fight for his army over threat of the extermination of the troll race. Their strength and theior ablility to out last the cold was inteded to repel the Linerians. After Vez'nan, the power vacuum allowed Ulguk-Hai, a nationalistic war lord to take over and fight the Linerians. After the war however, they were a peaceful people and engaged in trade with the goblins and Linerians. Several trade routes between the grasslands, the forests, the mountains, and any settlement within these lands were established.

The goblins were forced to join Vez'nan over threat of goblin extinction. Vez'nan saw opportunity in their extreme numbers ,and used their numerical advantage to occupy important locations, such as southport and Lineria. After the Vez'nanic wars, the vacuum of power allowed two military dictators to rise:
Gul-thak, and the Elder Shaman. Both were defeated sucessfuly, and now the goblins remain a peaceful people, trading with Linerians and trolls alike.

Desert ruin creatures:
Malagar in his campaign used his knowledge of the occult and his mastery of magic to resurrect all of the mummies and such to fight for him, all of whom died in the Malagarian war. None remain to this day

The Tuk'vu remained isolationist after the war, focussing more on observing the world's level of balance and harmony. They sense this through rituals,
and feel as if they are the protectors of the world

Maqua and aliens:
The Maqua after the war, sadly have not been liberated to this day. They were enslaved by the aliens after the war. They had no chance of fighting back because the aliens were so advanced. The aliens had no intention of conquest, since they did not want to be humiliated by Hammerhold's and Tuk'vu's combined forces. The Maqua instead of being an offensive army are used as guard men to protect the territory that the aliens believe is theirs'

They had beed ravaged and unable to recover after the Elynian war, despite winning. They had taken heavy losses, and their culture was nearly destroyed, their people impoverished, and desolate. Before all the three great wars, a portion of elves migrated through the north by boat to the northern forest because of religious persecution. These northern elves are known as Sylvan elves

In charachter now:

In the conceiving of all the Universes, the four cardinal magical dynamic forces were connected to all of them. These forces were Benevolance, Malice, Order, and Chaos. The latter two forces were not necessarily tied with Benevolence or its opposite, though they usually do. Order usually preserves a productive and peaceful civilization. Order can also however, control an entire peoples, giving the supreme ruler of those people unlimited power over them. Chaos can be expressed through happiness, for example, King Denas’s party was filled with drunkards who had a good time spilling and messing around. Chaos however, is also the main source of wars and political chaos, just like the current civil war.These forces are always clashing with each other to be the most dominant force over all the universes. They will do anything to thrive. Their existence depends on the dynamic of all the universes. If it is Benevolent, then Benevolence dominates, and its opposite, Malice starts to disappear. Of course, these forces cannot completely disappear, since they cannot be described without their opposite, so they just stay powerless. These forces try to change the dynamic of each universe to be able to dominate. Though they cannot mind control people, they change the course of history by influencing groups or people through visions, dreams, or cryptic messages. They do not only gain power through this,however. They can gain power if a being through purely his own thoughts without influence decides to act on the dynamic of these forces. Like spirits, these forces can be directly communicated to through a ritual. Accessing them takes a lot of magic power, often even difficult for master wizards, and needs powerful voices and deep feeling with the characteristic of that force. During the three great wars, It was malice that was the main driving force of these leaders. Even with all of Malice’s efforts to direct the war’s victory to the three bringers of death and suffering, the force of good’s motivation to fight along with strategic aid from the force of benevolence defeated the three bringers of death, and diminished the force of Malice down to an infinitesimal size,where he had very little power to influence any one again, and can only regain power if a being’s free will makes him malicious.

After the war and during the renaissance, Benevolence and Order were the two main forces that ruled the dynamic of the universe. As the force of Order grew, Chaos weakened. Chaos wanted to beat order and become the most dominant force, so with the power it had left, it exploited the weakest and least happy peoples of the world. To the world. He is known by Ira, which means rage in the divine language-Rage because in rage it is chaotic. It was Ira who started emotionalism to make the rebel, and overthrow the stillness of the world. First He started with the trolls in the icy mountains. Barbaric by nature, the beings were the easiest target to incite rage. Ira spoke to the Troll Leader in a dream, where he was shown flashbacks of the time where his people first settled into the mountains, fending off all their enemies to take the land for themselves. He then was shown how they fought the Linerians who trespassed onto their land to fight their petty war against Vez'nan. Of course this was false, since it was accepted that the Linerians liberated them from Vez'nan and Ulguk Hai, but Ira played with the leader’s emotions. The next day, the leader made a speech to the trolls. Speaking with a nationalistic tone, he called for rebellion and isolationism. He called for a reviving of their true culture, because with all the outside influence, the trolls had unknowingly merged with goblin and Linerian culture. Though the trolls were worried he would be another war lord, the trolls felt cheated in trade, as they were often lowballed. The trolls were undoubtedly strong, but not very intelligent. As the audience pondered, they realized that the Linerians had not liberated them, but that they were just another Vez'nan, another Ulguk Hai! So the trolls campaigned and protested violently for about a year before the revolution failed. They lost due to uninteligent generals who instead of using strategy, used their culture’s method of just charging in. After the failed revolution, the trolls were subdued and humiliated, unable to revolt again,their reputation ruined, and their back under Lineria’s foot. Though they lost, they resented the Linerians.

With the failed attempt, Ira thought of instead of targeting one group, why not target MULTIPLE to instill WIDESPREAD CHAOS?? So he now targeted the Tuk’vu tribe in the jungle, who had helped fight of Malagar in the Malagarian war. They were isolationist and very occult. Instead of being focused on external affairs, they focused on observing the balance of all life and harmony of the world, which they sensed through rituals. He communicated through their leader that he needed to talk to Ira through a ritual, which was explained in the dream. The leader of Tuk’vu called his tribes people to form a circle. Next they wildly sang “IRA IRA IRA” and moved wildly. After violent jerking and strange mimicking of animal spirits, the five elements elements of water, earth,fire, air,ether, and the spirits of the third eye and the spirit of omniscience, the wildness turned into silence...They were finally connected with ira in a trance like state. In the ritual, Ira spoke to them and said “The balance of the world is at stake! The Linerians and the Hameerholdians are oppressing the various races of the world by binding them to law that restricts freedom of their own accord, and are often cheated in trade. We must keep the peace in this world and free those who are oppressed! I, the force of chaos, want to release the prison chains of Order. Order has been the root of this problem! They have abused order to keep men enslaved! We shall fight at the First Elven City, where the elves there are most oppressed historically!” The Tuk’Vu started to move from their beloved home, the jungle, to the First elven city all the way in the south.

To the leader of the elves, meanwhile,Ira spoke to him in a dream, like he did with the trolls. In that dream, it was shown that the elves had been abused. In the War of Elynie, some elves moved to the north,who would later be known as the sylvan elves. In the Vez'nanic war, they were used as pawns to fight Vez'nan’s forces!!! In addition to this,when alleria moved to Lineria as a teenager, they used her as a soldier, and endangered her pet cat, in addition to her life!In the Vez'nanic wars, while they were recovering from the first great war, the Linerians visited them to hire an elf army, but upon leaving, they did no help to them. It was also revealed that the elves evolved from the jungle savages, who migrated to the southern forest. In the Malagarian war, both had been oppressed by HammerHold: The Tuk’vu were pawns, and the Maqua were slaughtered. In addition to this, tensions between the two were dying out, but when the HammerHoldians came to fight Malagar, they used the Tuk’vu to invade the Maqua, rekindling the war… The two tribes were brothers before they became sworn enemies, and were known as the Saqrani, named after their deity. When the Barrington Keys expedition from HammerHold sent their crew to inspect their lands for plans of colonization, there were two distinct ways of fighting them in the tribe. One group fought them with magic and traditional way of cannibalizing their invaders,just like the angels living inside the temple of saqra had done They would be known as the Maqua,not wanting to bear the same name as before but wanting it to sound similar to their diety. While the other fought them in a more civilized manner, and used more occult magic than usual. They would be known as the Tuk'vu, named after the philosophy in their religion that they followed. The proper way to fight had been such a heated issue, since one side said, that eating other beings would make them more like the angels in the temple, and therefore, more divine, while the other argued that their way of fighting without eating others made them more in harmony with their lands, something their god, Saqra would have liked. They eventually split over this conflict, and because of the HammerHoldians trying to instil their way of Order and culture upon them. Then he was shown the present moment, where the seal of Nivus which was about to be placed on all the citizens, would enslave the elves once more, and be under the boot of HammerHold and Lineria. Their rights to express themselves, and celebrate their liberation of their culture because it may start war...would be taken away if Nivus's seal was put in place,because starting a war is the same thing as harming others. The next morning, after the intense dream, the elvish leader decided he had enough. Eridan, was frustrated with the oppression of their people. He called for a revolt, and the elves who had been destroyed, impoverished, and desolate for ages, were glad to revolt.

Ira did the same with the Maqua, and the Marinians. The maqua, wanting to help their brothers, the Tuk’vu after the war,also wanted to liberate themselves from the aliens.When Ira spoke to the maqua in a dream, he inspired revolts against the aliens, and showed them their oppressed brethren-the elves. The next day, in an ominously unified attempt, the maqua overthrew the aliens, slaughtering all of them.Now they were free to help fight the elves without the threat of an excecution. They were given a very strong will to fight. Upon seeing the dream,however, the Marinians felt horrified by what they knew the vision was telling them to do. They were now against Ira, and wanted to preserve order. Order was the force that powered their artifacts.

Within two weeks, the world descended into chaos, with all the nations:Linerians, HammerHold, the Maqua, The Tuk’vu, the elves, and the marinians, all fighting at the First Elvish City: The center of where the Elynian war happened ages ago.. Later on, as Linerian forces moved their forces away to the First Elvish City, the trolls revolted once more, attacking Lineria. A quarter of Lineria’s forces had to go back to the city to defend it against the troll rush. Along with the remaining Linerian force traveling to the first elvish city, so were a small brigade of trolls who traveled under the cover of the blizzards.they avoided the desert by going through the pass between the desert’s cliffs, and Vandrul’s mountains. They then traveled down the Gozalon river to the southern elvish forest. There, the elves in the forest guided them to the First elvish city. They were astonished when they got there. Fighting between armies, and heroes. Armies that once were allies in the three previous wars. At the same time, a rumbling in the trees occurred. It was a silent rumbling… almost slythering like…. Then out of nowhere, came the combined forces of the Maqua and the Tuk’vu, promising aid to those who support the liberation of the elves, and the trolls. The Marinians, who had been enemies with HammerHold in the Malagarian war, arrived, and had joined their side to preserve the force of Order.

Ira would not be passive in this fight. He would inspire the courage that his armies need! He will offer insight into the battle field! He will enrage his troops to make them become an unstoppable killing machine!

He would Advise the generals! And be the guardian angel of fighters for chaos! Fighters like Eridan the elvish general and veteran of the Elynian war! Xandre the mystical mechanical crossbow archer! Skalador, the vampire and tamer of the jungle savages! Zonoro, the grand mage that can polymorph into more powerful versions of himself! Gkaharon, the necromancer of the tainted forest, and most powerful of all the necromancers!!! And many more fighters that may come next!!!
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by Manijure » Fri Jun 30, 2017 12:51 pm

OOC (out of context): This is not my post. I am posting Kingmaker's slaughter post on his behalf, as he is currently unable to post in the forums for some odd reason.

His screams echoing across indifferent stones, the Knight stumbled and swung wildly; his sword meeting only air, his protective suit a burning prison. An arrow, its shaft gleaming bright blue, pierced his scorched armour and returned to its quiver in a flash, leaving the clatter of metal against the ground and soft hissing the only noise remaining. Neither the Mage who had blinded him nor the Archer who had finished him gave it any attention, their eyes instead fixated upon the sky.

"Well that worsens things" remarked Praeno, relaxing his bowstring and fingering the teleporting arrow idly

"You saw the huge owl too, huh?" heavy breaths masking some of the sarcasm struggling in Cyndar's voice "thought I'd flashed myself too hard and was seeing things"

Praeno's face grew sullen. "Don't joke, that's an Elderforest Owl - an old one judging by how those Talons gleamed"

"Yeah but I don't need to worry because you'll take care of it" Cyndar raised an eyebrow "You can kill it, yeah?"

"I didn't spend that long in that Forest, I was chased out by a whole parliament of them - and besides 'Owlslayer' doesn't have that nice of a ring to it. I opted for 'Shadeslayer' instead. Anyway that's a Silvertalon, quite a big deal yanno?"
"Some Nameclaimer you are" remarked the Pyromancer "Silverslayer? Talonholder?"

"I'm not killing that owl just because it'll sound cool, I'm killing that Owl because it wants to put a rune on the back of my neck that'll kill me for existing"

Cyndar straightened his chestplate and linked arms with his husband "Yeah I know - but what about Featherfucker!"

Praeno grinned "I think I'm fine with Firefucker for now", he whispered into Cyndar's ear, which began to burn red faster than any of his fires.

"Okay the Owls an issue. With the Archons playing 'my sky city is larger than yours' and Owl Mc Moon Moon over there, are you certain there won't be anything else? Wrathful Elf ghosts from Dagor Telimwe?"

"Those Kinslayers are as dead as him" Praeno remarked, motioning to the now-still Knight. Holding each other close, Praeno teleported them both back to one of their many prepared ambush locations, a single light going dark in the purple honeycomb within his shield - unnoticeable to most, but a worrying start considering they had much more magic to be used in the coming days. Both young men settled down and got to work, preparing for the oncoming onslaught.
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by AerisDraco » Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:03 pm

OOC: I'm playing for Order, mostly because balance reasons.

My character is, essentially, a Primal Zerg, constantly seeking new essence/DNA to consume and evolve. He commands an army of alien creatures, and can shift between different terrains with ease. His different forms have different strengths and weaknesses as well.

Offworld, in a large Leviathan creature-ship...

Tervak looked out over the pristine world. A servant scuttled up to him, asking "Master. Why this world?"
"A conflict is developing. Great essences converge below. I must... collect."
Satisfied, the creature walks away.
"Soon, soon."

Hours later...

Night falls over the continent, an inky blackness. Across the sky, a fiery star blazes...
Tervak watched the outside of the sac. The opaque layers offered much visibility to the surrounding area, even as it burned through the atmosphere, a halo of flame. Soon, contrasting against the darkness, Tervak sees a shining city in the clouds.
"Much essence. Must collect. But...cannot now. Must leave. "

The pod slams into the ground, creating a crater near the Blackwater Rapids, startling everything nearby.

The Blackwater Rapids

Tervak's sonar detects a flurry of creatures flying through the air. He uses his projectile tongue to grab one of the creatures. Easy prey.
"What is your purpose?", he asks.
The frightened creature responds that it is a messenger tern, sent to warn Aredhel of the impending conflict. Tervak further questions the tern, and proceeds to consume it for essence.
"How...interesting. Seals of free will, elves and Archons, the wizard Nivus... Many powerful names... and essences. Must find. Must consume. Must... evolve!"

Tervak digs into the earth, moving incredibly quickly, rapidly covering the distance to his destination, the First City.

OOC: I'll probably meet the Order leaders tomorrow, and provide context for joining that side at the same time.
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by Minuet » Fri Jun 30, 2017 7:26 pm

She stands on top of a large formation of rocks, eyes closed, head bowed and hands held at her chest in a form of prayer. Her bright green robes and blonde hair contrasting against the ancient beige architecture should've made her an easy target for anyone even remotely nearby who had the inclination. A full set of armour, albeit in pieces, orbits around her, but as she eventually moves and walks back towards a sparse forest at the edge of the ruins, it forms back into a full suit piece by piece, eventually coming together fully and simply walking behind her, giving the appearance of a knight with a large metal shield and a morning star.

After a short walk, she comes upon a camp, several other elves are there of varying professions, most look beat up and tired.
"How did it go?" asks a man in chain mail, walking up to her.
"I believe I've located their encampment, we should be able to make contact by sunrise." she responds. Her name is Sonata, named after a type of song, as is the tradition of the court Chantresses.

Sonata had led the group from Aredhel when conflict over the news of the Seal had reached there. She would have taken more people with her but it was already a chore to make sure the elves who came were of pure intentions through divination and she had already made some enemies through her high support of the idea of the Seal, so it would have been dangerous to take more and have others notice their exit. By fleeing south and then east, they had traveled for several days through the Verdant Edge and then over a small portion of the Evermeet Mountains, leading them to their current location in a small thicket of trees at the southwest side of the ruins of the First Elven City.

She had not seen the ruins in some time, before the Twilight Invasion the priests of Elynie would make a pilgrimage to the shrine of the Tear every few years, but after it had been corrupted and most of the faith had dissolved. It also didn't help when its power corrupted the wizard Vez'nan, if their most precious artifact could be lost that easily they lost faith in both themselves and their goddess. Sonata is one of the few who still worships Elynie, but now preaches the ideals of the religion more than the actual worship of the goddess.

As awful as it felt, she was to turn against her own kin, the largest group of protesters against the Seal were in fact elves, so she could not reliably seek aid from her own kind. That left her one choice, the human bastion to the east, although she wouldn't have to go that far to already find the warring factions at the floating ruins.

As night fell, the shadows of the trees danced from the light of the large fire at the centre of the camp, although the potential mysticism and fear of that sight wasn't completely unwarranted as a single arrow whizzed out of the darkness and struck a woman in the neck, killing her instantly.

The group went into full guard now, they had been followed, evidently, frantic elves scrambling for their weapons. A loud call sounded from the shadows. "Traitors!", it yelled, and even more arrows flew from the darkness, not harming anyone this time. A mage threw a fireball into the trees, hoping to shed some light on the situation, both figuratively and literally, setting the trees on fire. As another volley of arrows flew Sonata raised her hand and a loud fooom noise is heard, all of the arrows falling gently to the ground.

"Cease!" she yells, "show thyselves, cowards!"

As if the command actually worked, several elven Bladesingers leapt from the trees, instantly engaging Sonata's allies in combat, the clashing of metal on metal rousing the formerly peaceful night. The suit of armour - the Adlo - charged towards an enemy archer, who sent a single arrow into its chestplate. Upon the impact the entire Adlo fell apart, crashing to the ground in front of the archer, in a moment the archer thought he had somehow destroyed it, before all of the pieces simultaneously lifted off the ground and flew in multiple directions, the impact of the left pauldron had taken the archer by surprise and he was knocked far back into the shadows of the small forest, the other pieces seeking other targets. Sonata, meanwhile, did not directly fight anyone, she would hold her enemies with a force of will while in combat with one of her allies, rendering them helpless, but despite her best efforts most of her allies had fallen when the dust cleared, and the remaining few were grievously injured.

Unable to reverse their condition, she instead opted to turn them to stone, ally and enemy alike, immortalizing their struggle in this place.
"I shall return", she starts, "they cannot... forget this, the conflict must end."

Turning away, she sets off towards the ruins as the sun begins to rise. Without the rest of her companions she could travel a bit faster now, dropping to her knees she places her hands on the stone in front of her, concentrating for a second before a chunk of the marble separates itself with her on top and flies in the direction of where she perceived the humans to be earlier.
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by nova_n » Fri Jun 30, 2017 8:05 pm

As the Tuk'vu, the Maqua, and the Trolls met up with Xandre, Skalador,Gkaharon,Zonoro, and Eridan, they explained that they were fighting for the same cause. They however had different goals. While the Tuk'vu and the Maqua were here to liberate the elves, the trolls were merely there to damage Lineria's Military.

The Leader of the Tuk'vu spoke first"We have been informed by the Force of Chaos, Ira, that you are bing oppressed by the Seal of Nivus, and we are here to stop that. He communicated with me in a dream, in which he explained how to directly communicate with him. In the dream, he showed me flashbacks and current happenings of you guys: how you were oppressed in the past, and how you are being oppressed now. Ira, though he looks very intimidating and unsettling, with his seal of the eight spoke pointed wheel, Aries's horns, and the mark of cain, he is here to help us. Not only will he give us insight into the battle, but he will unify all of us and strengthen our forces!"

The leader of the Maqua and the Trolls looked at the Tuk'vu leader with a confused and anxious look. Then with the same expression, they looked at each other, and chattered. They both shouted in unison "We have been contacted with the same force in our dreams"

The Elvish leader, Eridan knew that since they had been unified by the same force that they were destined to win. It had to be. The legends spoke of a day when the elves would rise again, breaking through centuries of humiliation. A shot of excitement passed through him as he remembered this. But that excitement slowed down... and down.. and down, until suddenly he remembered that the legends also spoke of an army made of different unified peoples that would be crushed in a different battle... Was that army the Army of Order? Or the Liberator of the elves....

"So it seems that fate has united our nations to rise against the threat of Order. Your entity, in a dream,inspired us elves to revolt. So we killed the Linerian and Hammerholdian government officials that came here to put Nivus's seal on our people. Soon, the forces of Lineria and Hammerhold descended upon us. But now, we,the proud elvish peoples, have the aid of ,you the tribesmen!"And a unified and powerful shouting of their god's name, Saqura, was shouted. "You the trolls!"And a wild frolicking was about in the small army of the trolls. "And our many brave heroes: Xandre, Gkaharon,Skalador,Zonoro,and most importantly, our mystical force of fate, the force of chaos, Ira "

Of course, Ira did not care about liberating anyone. He only cared to create as much chaos as possible. And this is what he was doing now. And even when the war was over and his army won, their freedom was enough to generate sufficient chaos for his life force.
What Ira looks like: Image

"We will fight for......" and Eridan suddenly transitioned from a grand and powerful speech, into a silent and confused state. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. Horrified, the army chattered in fear. Quick to stop the rising chaos, the Tuk'vu leader shouted to everybody "Quick! He is being contacted by Ira! Let us all connect with his as well! Everyone, Lock hands in a circle, and repeat the words that I say!" A wild, and loud shouting came about from the army, loud enough for the enemy camp to hear. Then, silence... They were all in a collective trance, eyes white and at the back of their head, swaying slowly in unison,with their mouths open making movements of un understandable utterance. They were connected with Ira...

In this state, Ira boomed his voice "Now that we know that this is how you directly communicate with me, I can now introduce you to my first tactic. We will sing a battle hymn, so powerful, that it raises our spirits!So loud, that it breaks armor! And so passionate, that our cause becomes appeearant to the World! Now once i sing this lyrics to you, it will be forever ingrained in your memory. Sing this hymn before battle, in battle, and near death. This battle hymn will give you the strength to fight!"

He gave they lyrics of the hymn. It is to the tune of "Farewell of Slavankia 1912"


Rise my ar-my, the one that fights for light!
It has been too long since, the good days when we
When we were free from wrong, doing right!
Now the government that, once stood for the peace
Has betrayed us, and now we are slaves!

We rebel,for the just cause of fighting the
The enslavers of all o-ur kind!
We will fight to the death, if we ne-ed to,
Death is freedom when you are enslaved

Now stand,And be brave!
The free,ers of light!
We will, not retreat!
We will face our death, ahead!

Now stand,And be brave!
The free,ers of right!
We will, not retreat!
We will gain our, free-eedom!

Band together, the forces doing right!
We will break from the chains, of oppressi-on
We will rise and be king of the land!
Now its our turn to stop, the defeats and death
That our people endured throughout time!

We will fight, our army against our fear
Fear of losing our freedom and rights!
We will fight through the day and through out, the night!
And through storm and through na-tu-res wrath!

Now stand,And be brave!
The free,ers of light!
We will, not retreat!
We will face our death, ahead!

Now stand,And be brave!
The free,ers of right!
We will, not retreat!
We will gain our, free-eedom!

Band together, the forces doing right!
This war shall be known in,history by our
Victory over Order and death!
We will not be enslaved, and will re-egain
Our greatness we had before you!

We'll revive o-ur empires from the past!
We shall conquer the World once again!
And instill our val,ues of freedom
to the world once the war has been won!

|:Now fight my army fight!
And bring home our just victory!
We fight for freedom, we fight for justice,
And we will slay the enemy!
We fight for freedom, we fight for justice,
And we will slay the enemy!:|
*repeat last over and over*

Ira then announced,"We shall sing this hymn as we rally our men into their positions tomorow morning!"
And all the men repeated "We will sing this hymn before battle!"

Ira boomed,"FOR CHAOS!"
And in unison, the men shouted "FOR CHAOS!"

And they repeated "FOR JUSTICE!"

And all of a sudden the men shouted in cheer. They exited their contact with Ira, the song embedded in their memories. They left with a sense of deeper motivation, and a more willingness to fight...
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by FeedDaKingdom » Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:51 pm

A small group of elven rangers advances swiftly across the Verdant Edge. They advance swiftly, jumping from tree to tree and traversing the terrain at a rate only elves can manage. They had been advancing from Aredhel, soon after the news of the warring factions in the Soaring Ruins reached there. However, just before they depart, rumors of a group of "traitors" started to surface. So now, these guys are on the prowl for them........

Soon after, they reach what can only be described as a site of something that went wrong, the group stop and investigate, glaring into a field filled with stone sculptures littered everywhere, bodies of both warriors and various civilians either lay dead or wounded
Some are still stuck fighting each other. All of them in the form of stone.
"This is new.", said one of the rangers
"Yes, it is......", the leader of the group, wearing an ominous mask, replied,
After a short while investigating, she declares, "We are too late, we can't save these men now, she's turned them and her own people to this....If she's alone, she probably going to get to the ruins before us, so we keep moving, we reach the ruins before dawn."

After some time, they reach the ruins and Eridan's encampment
"Thalis! you're here....some help is always nice." Eridan said as soon as he saw the group arrive
"Greetings, Lord Eridan.....if only i can bring you some good news." She replied
"What gives?" Said Eridan. "She's here, the traitor, the chantress.", "Sonata", Eridan quickly answers, Thalis nods
"She brought down her own followers and our men, just to be here, we all saw the aftermath." She adds
"Very well," said Eridan "Our numbers grow but so do theirs, this will not be easy..."

An uneasy night lays ahead before another dreadful day, as the rest of the elves and their allies prepare for the battle ahead.
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by PitNata » Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:58 pm

Darkness has already filled up the cave's interior, as the Gkaharon moved in his shadow form, at incredible speed. He flied for 8 hours, knowing no rest and no sleep, until he saw through the dark, a rock which blocked the passage. Gkaharon drawed out his staff, and started whispering a spell. A moment or so later, his staff glowed. As it's glow began to dim, he pointed at the rock. He was in that stance like 3 seconds, until a wave of shadowflame bursted out of the staff. Bolts, overpowering rushed toward the rock and exploded, which gave a crack on the rock. He again casted the spell, and the crack began growing bigger. He casted it again, and the crack cracked the rock in half.
He casted the spell last time, and as the bolts hit the rock, it exploded into thousand rubbles, as the dust arised where the rock was. Nothing to see.
"What was that?" Said Unknown Voice, coming from the outside.
"I don't know" Said another voice, "But it better not be the dwarves!"
A few knights, dispatched to watch over a checkpoint, set up a small camp near the entrance. Sitting over a campfire, they suddenly saw a crack on the stone. They didn't seem mind with it at all, but once it became bigger, it startled them. At once, they stand up, and drawed out the blades from their doblets. As the explosion rocked in, they slowly moved near to the place, where rock exploded.
After a moment, it's became clear to see again. In black robes, stood up the figure, with the staff in his hand. He stays, completely immobile, and says nothing.
"Who are you?" Says the Knight, keeping his guard up.
The figure stays silent.
"Hello?" Says the same Knight. "Can you talk?"
Gkaharon stays silent, as if he was deaf to hear what the knight are saying.
"It seems strange. He doesn't answer." Said the other knight, "What are we going to do?"
"We should just not lower our guard. Whatever it is, it would not catch us unguarded. Keep it steady."
They were staying silent for a full minute. Both sides have been silently watching, sharing the vision, constantly.
"Urgh, this is getting ridicolus! We just stare at nothing!" Said the Knight, being impatient, he walked up right to the figure.
"Wait, don't move! Don't do that! It---"
It was already too late. As the knight, stood up next to the Gkaharon, He with one cold look, Death Coiled up the Knight. Knight pushed away by the magic, has fallen to other sets of rocks.
"N-no! Marcus!" Said the Knight, seeing his friend's body flying across. "You will pay for that, demon!"
Knight being out of control, ran toward the Gkaharon and thrusted the blade onto his body. He dissapeared, only for appearing elsewhere. He stood up next to the campfire, and shooted the Coils on him.
"Wham! Wham! Whoosh!" Sounds of hitting of the knight's holy shield brought up. Knight slowly advances on the Gkaharon, completely defending himself with his shield.
As the Coils had no effect, Gkaharon cursed the Knight's shield. The shield, broke into pieces by the foul magic of Gkaharon.
With no shield, Knight runs toward him, rolling away from Coils.
"Phut! Phut!" Sound of hitting the earth.
Trying to come closer, knight ran in circles and sweeped his blade at him. He turned into a shadow, and quickly surrounded the Knight with many shades around him.
"Aaargh! Taste this, fiend!" Screamed the knight, and his sword started to glow. He slammed his sword like a hammer, and a holy shockwave, released from the sword. It hit every shade, and the true shade of the Gkaharon was revealed.
Pushed away by shockwave, Gkaharon and his staff was separated. As he was trying to reach his staff, Knight appeared before him. He readied his arm for last strike...
"It's the end!" Said the Knight, "Aaaaarhg!" and ended the life of Gkaharon, quickly.
The battle has ended. The Knight, seeing the enemy has been defeated, Knight ran toward his friend, only to find him already dead.
"I'm-i'm sorry, Marcus..." Said the Knight, with his tears in his eyes. As he was trying to pick it up, it looked at him:
"What you say so? The End?" Said the corpse, and throwed up the Knight. As he tried to stood up, Gkaharon stand before him, pointed the staff...
"You can't stop the inevitable... Weakling." Said the Gkaharon, and putted the Knight out of misery, by Death Coil.
It's ended. Showing no grieve, Gkaharon turned the knight into his own skeleton. As he turned it, The voices were heard from the other side of the forest, lied before Gkaharon.
"There! There was noises of a fight!" Said the voice.
Gkaharon quickly turned himself into a shadow, and flied up to the skies. The First City was seen up from the bird's view. He flied towards the City...
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by Eclipsor04 » Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:22 am

A large meteor fell from the sky, landing into the ember mountains with an extreamly loud crash, which could be heared all over the jungles and deserts the mountains neighbored. The meteor smashed through the thin walls of a cave and landed softly, although the mountain shifted from the force. it sat here for years.....

A dwarf wondered into a cave, looking for gems to collect, then trade with at the stores the family owned for centuries. The shops where owned by the oldest member of the "clan" of dwarves. So far, his grandpa had control for 50 years, and has seen many of the wars of recent. The dwarf, Muvamli, was the next in line to own the shop. That was, if he wasnt killed in any war or conflict.

As he continued into the cavern, the large blue-green cylinder stuck from the floor at a slight angle. It seemed to have small lines and ridges indented into the cylinder. As he got close, a section of the cylinder seemed to move. The moving part slowly extended and moved up the side of the cylinder. This was not just a cylinder however. It was the meteor the dwarves had heard crash into the mountain years ago. The just of age boy of a dwarf slowly approached it, (although he new he shouldnt,)and examined its contents. Inside stood (well hovered) a mechanical figure. It was yet another cylinder with a bulge at the bottom, with a small flame under it. He was wearing a jacket, and had a rather round head. There also was a "stem" sticking from the top of the head. it had a large eye, bright yellow against the color of the cave, which was an ashy black. Its two "arms" also had a large bright "lights" at the end. The dwarf regreted his decision of inspecting the robot. "Приветствую, гуманоид с планеты 34R1H". the giberish from the creatures mouth was completely unrecognizable. the dwarf grew more curius and spoke:

Muvamli: 你是什​​么?
robot: 重新计算:我是一个来自这个星系的机器人,是乳白色的。我可以改变已被解码的语言。
Muvamli: So thats one thing you can do.(change languages on command/necesary)
robot: correct. I have dropped from an escape pod after the ship i was stationed on was attacked.
Muvamli: Yeesh. I didnt know there where sky ships... Can you give me the blueprints or does it work by magic? The same with you?
robot: I can give you blueprints for: every known mechanical and biological creature in the galaxy that has been recorded.
Muvamli: And how many is that?
robot: 234,987,643 biological, 1,256,378,247 mechanical blueprints.
Muvamli: Oh gosh...

Years after this existential crisis he still has not rcovered. He took the robot from its chamber, and hed it (more like it hid itself, being able to fly.) slowly Muvamli recovered, but not fully. he created some of these objects (laser drones, guns, computers, etc) while "perfecting" them to his style. He eventually could destroy a small army with the technology he possesed, much more than the big boy bombs they used tom sell to the humans. As time passed, he grew fond of the robot, although it took everything he said literally and didnt try to add slang to his database, even though it was possible.

Finally, we get to today. The forces have almost finished gathering, and the dwarf could feel his mind being touched by chaos. He knew he was practically enslaved by humans, and aggreed that the elves where somewhat looked down uppon with their dwindling numbers, but he knew he was paid by the humans to do his job...

Muvamli decided that joining chaos would be the best option, and set his plan into motion. The world was not ready for the technology in his hands, and he decided that for now, he will not give this tech to order, they would restrict all of his movements, over regulate the tech, as well as enslave others with it. he would be cautious however, for he did not want someone too curious on his hands...

languages: russian then chinese basic
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Re: Civil War Slaughter Thread

by PitNata » Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:01 pm

Flying in the sky, Gkaharon was coming closer and closer to the city's floating islands. It was only matter of time, before he could reach it. However, during this, he spotted a very clean area, in midst of the forest. He saw a very strange stones, upon the middle of the area.

"That's... Not... Natural..." He said, and with that, he slowly descended to the ground, and stood upon the very place. He saw.... Elves and Humans, made up of stone. They were so detailed, in manners of their look, that it could not be just some sculptor's statues.

"Statues... They burst with... Life..." He said, staring coldly at one of the statues, which appears to be human. "Is it truly... Her...?"

He took a look of all those statues... 3.. no, 4 elves, and 3 humans. He is like seeing through each of them, as he takes a look.

"I can... Possibly...." He says, drawing out his staff, and preparing the Curse, for a counter-measure. He casts it, and looking upon the elves, they started to change their colors. Once, they came back to life.

"Arrgh!" Said one of the elves, which appeared to be a Bladesinger. He collapsed under his feet, feeling the pain from the sword, that strucked his belly.

Others were turned back as well. They had been injured in battle, but the stone spell must have "healed" them, as they already picking up their own weaponry. They didn't noticed the Gkaharon, but after they picked up all their weapons, expect for the one who was been struggling.

"Who are you, Necromancer?" Asked one of the Bladesingers. "You don't seem to be one of the Order." He briefly holded his trusted blades in the hands, as to show agression.

"Gkahraon, is my name, elf" Said Gkaharon, reflecting the personality, "I am here to... join forces with the Chaos. You seemed to be in trouble."

"Thanks for your help... We appreciate what you've done..." Elf lowers his blades, "I am Felkion, the Leader of 66st Group of Bladesingers. We were up to ambushing the enemy, as we didn't expect to see... An enemy hero."

The eyes of Gkaharon lights up, as he said the last word, "Hero".

"The hero seemed to strong for us, even if she did not fighting us. She used somewhat telepathic abilities, songs to fight us. She had even flying armour. Do you know her, Necromancer?"

Gkaharon seemed a bit upset, even though he didn't have personality of his. Reflecting the personality, he replied:

"She is... my friend"

The elves voice silented. The entire Forest seemed to stop living, and looking at the Gkaharon. He did say nothing. As about someone to speak, The elf, who had been strucked, was screaming by pain. Everyone took the attention to the elf, and ran towards him. It became worse. He was already lost much blood, he became more white than he was before. Gkaharon walked towards the elves, watching them trying to help, but it was useless. His death is unevitable.

"Can you help him, Gkaharon?" Asked Felkion, looking at him.

"It isn't in my power, to heal someone" He replied, "I can only turn him into skeleton."

Felkion were not agreeing with leaving the elf dying, yet at the same time, he wouldn't make him a slave for Necromancer. It's a tough choice for him.

"P-please, d-d-do it...." Said the dying elf, almost passing away "'Tis my wish to... help -t-the... our... people"

Everyone steps out, as do Falkion. They don't want to see the transformation, and turned their faces. Gkaharon began turning an elf into a skeleton, however it seemed a bit longer it should. Instead of making a mindless slave, Gkaharon seemed wanted to revive him as a lich. Few sparks of light is enlightened the surrounding forest. An elf's body slowly turning into a lich, where his body slowly disappeared, leaving the bones, alone. When he finally became a skeleton-like creature, the eyes burned with green flame, and the lich stood up. Bladesingers, turned their faces again. They saw their friend, and being in horrific sad emotion....

"What's up with you, my friends?" Spoke the lich, seeing the elves' sad faces, "I am as good as I was before!" Bladesingers, hearing what the lich said, stared at Gkaharon.

"Why is he not in your control?" Asked Felkion, periodically looking at the lich, and Gkaharon, "He is a skeleton, yet, he talks."

Gkaharon silently stares at their Leader, ignoring everything else. "I have only turned him into a lich." Said Gkaharon, "He is free of my well he has the powers of the Necromancer."

"We can never thank you enough" Said Felkion,"You have freed us, and even helped our friend. You have our graditude."

"Save your thanks, when this is done." Gkaharon turned into a shadow once again, and flied towards the First City...

...Very far away, a little creature, form of a bat, flies around the area of the forests. Checking over the area, he spotted a very strange flying black silhouette. Using the wave, he identified the silhouette, and squieeks heavily:

"To all bats, to all bats! We have found the Necromancer! Everyone report to the Skalador! I repeat; We have found....."
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