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CH 1: post war world
In the time after Lord Malagar and Vez'nan were cast into oblivion, the world was peaceful. Various races did not fight with each other after realizing the staggering amount of casualties that had taken place in the 3 wars for the lands around the Crystal Sea: The war of the Eyline, the Vez'nanic war, and the Malagarian war. In between those wars, there were constant power struggles over uncontested land-land that had never been contested simply because all of the living beings around the crystal sea at that time were relatively new to the world and did not develop quickly enough to claim it. Some races were significantly underdeveloped to the races that they encountered. These races were either conquered and had their conqueror's culture forced onto them, exterminated and gone completely extinct, or joined their army. This happened with the goblins in the forests and grasslands near Lineria, the and the trolls in the icy mountains. After stealing the Tear of Elynie, Vez'nan, a Wizard once a hero who was part of the endeavour to slay Malicia, the queen of the Twilight elves who broke peace in the land south of the crystal sea, became corrupt and he became like her. He wanted to conquer all of the land. He would start by taking the north, then the middle land, then the south.
The goblins, who lived in the grasslands and forests-lands north of the crystal sea feared Vez'nan at immediate sight. They were extremely numerous, and Vez'nan saw opportunity in this. He would use them to occupy the grasslands and simultaneously take down the kingdom of Lineria. So they signed a pact with Vez'nan where he would not wipe them out from the earth if this was done. He then encountered the trolls. He saw their strength and was amazed at their ability to survive in the cold. Vez'nan saw the mountains, in addition to being a great geographic border, as a temperature border. If the goblins were defeated, surely Linerian forces were not stupid enough to dare cross the winter lands colder that the 9th level of hell! But if they did try, they would be met by the trolls who with their strong muscle would easily repel Linerian forces and out last them in the eternal winter. He then attempted to get the northern elves to side with him. They however, refused to join him out of pride for their homeland, in almost a nationalistic and romantic way(they had migrated from the south to the northern forest out of religious persecution), and so with cold and ruthless demeanor, committed genocide upon them...Or so he thought. Some elves did survive, but went into hiding. Linerian forces eventually stopped Vez'nan. And after this, the power vacuum for these races were filled with war lords like Gul-thak, the goblin dictator, and Ulguk Hai, the troll monarch. After these leaders were removed forcefully through many skirmishes and small battles by Lineria's military, the goblins and trolls once again lived in peace, and lived in relative harmony with each other.

The Linerians had thought they had finally won peace. Shortly after, however, another war burst out of idealism. The instigator of the war, Malagar was intent on releasing a force of physical darkness. This darkness would have spread throughout the entire universe and would have consumed all living beings as well. To do this,he once again the Tear of Elynie, the artifact that was the object of the two previous wars and also stole the Hammer of Hammerhold, the capital city of the desert. Eventually the forces of this city would stop Malagar and kill the physical force of darkness, but not before having to fight the creatures of the desert and its abandoned ruins, the uncivilized barbaric tribe in the jungle, and various alien races. Like Vez'nan, Malagar used force and treaties to get the jungle savages to join him. However, with his expansive knowledge of the occult, he used rituals to raise the dead from the ruins in the desert and used a spell to make the aliens fight the forces of Hammerhold. After he was defeated, other enemies arose while at the same time, just like in the north, the peoples that had been liberated from the villain had ear lords take over. The new enemy was the marine threat, in which countless amphibious beasts attacked. The aliens were liberated, but chose to enslave the Jungle savages. Thought the marine war was won, the jungle savages are still enslaved to this day. All of these races now, however, including the savages, live in relative peace with each other.(the aliens united the various tribes of the jungle to one tribe, and so no wars were fought. The aliens chose not to attack with this mass force because they do not want to be humiliated by Hammerhold forces once more, so they use them as defensive troops to guard their territory)

In total, almost three quarters of the goblin race were killed in the Vez'nanic war and the skirmishes lead by the warlords,half of the troll population dead from fighting wars and skirmishes, all of the dead of the ruins in the desert, now completely removed from existence from the Malagarian war, a quarter of the savage population gone, and a quarter and a half of the aliens dead as well. In the end, it is estimated that there are about 500,000 Linerians dead from the Vez'nanic war, and 670,000 Hamerholdians dead from the Malagarian war. In the war that occurred before both of these wars, the War of Eyline, it is estimated that half of the southern forest population is dead, the a quarter of the creatures of the stonelands gone, and an uncountable amount of elf deaths in that war. No one wanted to fight another war after seeing the horrifying amount of casualties each side received after the war. In addition to this, they really could not start a war since their populations had been massively depleted. So the world remained in peace for quite a long time.

CH 2: a path towards a better world
The first phase of the peace was a time where every nation kept to themselves, still traumatized over the horrors of these three great wars, and where Nivus, the grand wizard instilled a great seal upon Malagar and Vez’nan.Governments were established and were very strict to preserve peace.

The second phase of the peace started when a vast majority had been educated in their own peoples’ way. This boom in education sparked an even greater thirst for knowledge, and soon trade of ideas, and eventually goods, was established. The goblins exchanged forest goods with the humans, the trolls traded winter gear with the other two. The marine race exchanged ideas about harnessing divine energy with linerians, the southern elves and HammerHold ians since the crystal sea allowed for all land for the fish. And the Forest creatures made peace with the elves and the stone peoples. The stone people exchanged ideas of masonry and architecture. No one traded with the savages since the aliens restricted them from doing so. The war's’ horrors were still vivid in everyone’s memory, however, so mixing of cultures was discouraged since one might dominate the other and start a war. They also had no intention of using their newly gained resources and knowledge to invade another territory or conquer a people, since war was horrific and as the same time trade developed, and interracial council was in charge of security and most importantly, preventing another war. Appeasement would not be an option, since even the peoples would turn against the leader who wanted war.

CH 3: Revolution!!!
The third phase of the peace was a spark in ideas of how the government should work, and even raised the question if monarchs were ineffective. It was relatively intelectual at first. This however would all change soon as a civil war of ideas of government and keeping the peace mixed with the new movement of emotionalism, in which emotion was the ideal driving force of everything, according to the ideology. This emotionism made everyone let their emotions do the protesting, so they became violent in the streets, and eventually started to degrade the races that did not agree with their ideology. This burst into the civil war…

The war was between how should people be governed:through strict order? Or through chaos where all are allowed do and live as they please? Both sides were passionate about this. The side for strict order were conservative, and wanted to keep the system that had been preserving the peace for so long. Others however started to feel oppressed with this strict order, like mixing of cultures, or censorship of speech to prevent a war from starting over offensive speech. It even escalated to where the conservative order class used excessive police force to settle even small political disputes, and where the side advocating for chaos even wanted to annex another race’s land because the movement of emotionism told them that their people's rights of freedom should allow them to. The seal of Nivus, which was about to be put in place upon all people, so that no one can harm another in any other way,verbal,psychological, or physical, even if accidental, was an example used by the Chaos side to prove that they lived under a totalitarian government that restricted rights.

CH 4: the forces of the universe

In the conceiving of all the Universes, the four cardinal magical dynamic forces were connected to all of them. These forces were Benevolance, Malice, Order, and Chaos. The latter two forces were not necessarily tied with Benevolence or its opposite, though they usually do. Order usually preserves a productive and peaceful civilization. Order can also however, control an entire peoples, giving the supreme ruler of those people unlimited power over them. Chaos can be expressed through happiness, for example, King Denas’s party was filled with drunkards who had a good time spilling and messing around. Chaos however, is also the main source of wars and political chaos, just like the current civil war.These forces are always clashing with each other to be the most dominant force over all the universes. They will do anything to thrive. Their existence depends on the dynamic of all the universes. If it is Benevolent, then Benevolence dominates, and its opposite, Malice starts to disappear. Of course, these forces cannot completely disappear, since they cannot be described without their opposite, so they just stay powerless. These forces try to change the dynamic of each universe to be able to dominate. Though they cannot mind control people, they change the course of history by influencing groups or people through visions, dreams, or cryptic messages. They do not only gain power through this,however. They can gain power if a being through purely his own thoughts without influence decides to act on the dynamic of these forces. Like spirits, these forces can be directly communicated to through a ritual. Accessing them takes a lot of magic power, often even difficult for master wizards, and needs powerful voices and deep feeling with the characteristic of that force. During the three great wars, It was malice that was the main driving force of these leaders. Even with all of Malice’s efforts to direct the war’s victory to the three bringers of death and suffering, the force of good’s motivation to fight along with strategic aid from the force of benevolence defeated the three bringers of death, and diminished the force of Malice down to an infinitesimal size,where he had very little power to influence any one again, and can only regain power if a being’s free will makes him malicious.

CH 5: the rise of Ira, and the gashing of old wounds.
After the war and during the renaissance, Benevolence and Order were the two main forces that ruled the dynamic of the universe. As the force of Order grew, Chaos weakened. Chaos wanted to beat order and become the most dominant force, so with the power it had left, it exploited the weakest and least happy peoples of the world. To the world. He is known by Ira, which means rage in the divine language-Rage because in rage it is chaotic. It was Ira who started emotionalism to make the rebel, and overthrow the stillness of the world. First He started with the trolls in the icy mountains. Barbaric by nature, the beings were the easiest target to incite rage. Ira spoke to the Troll Leader in a dream, where he was shown flashbacks of the time where his people first settled into the mountains, fending off all their enemies to take the land for themselves. He then was shown how they fought the Linerians who trespassed onto their land to fight their petty war against Vez'nan. Of course this was false, since it was accepted that the Linerians liberated them from Vez'nan and Ulguk Hai, but Ira played with the leader’s emotions. The next day, the leader made a speech to the trolls. Speaking with a nationalistic tone, he called for rebellion and isolationism. He called for a reviving of their true culture, because with all the outside influence, the trolls had unknowingly merged with goblin and Linerian culture. Though the trolls were worried he would be another war lord, the trolls felt cheated in trade, as they were often lowballed. The trolls were undoubtedly strong, but not very intelligent. As the audience pondered, they realized that the Linerians had not liberated them, but that they were just another Vez'nan, another Ulguk Hai! So the trolls campaigned and protested violently for about a year before the revolution failed. They lost due to uninteligent generals who instead of using strategy, used their culture’s method of just charging in. After the failed revolution, the trolls were subdued and humiliated, unable to revolt again,their reputation ruined, and their back under Lineria’s foot. Though they lost, they resented the Linerians.

With the failed attempt, Ira thought of instead of targeting one group, why not target MULTIPLE to instill WIDESPREAD CHAOS?? So he now targeted the Tuk’vu tribe in the jungle, who had helped fight of Malagar in the Malagarian war. They were isolationist and very occult. Instead of being focused on external affairs, they focused on observing the balance of all life and harmony of the world, which they sensed through rituals. He communicated through their leader that he needed to talk to Ira through a ritual, which was explained in the dream. The leader of Tuk’vu called his tribes people to form a circle. Next they wildly sang “IRA IRA IRA” and moved wildly. After violent jerking and strange mimicking of animal spirits, and the five elements elements of water, earth,fire, air,ether, and the spirits of the third eye and the spirit of omniscience, the wildness turned into silence...They were finally connected with ira in a trance like state. In the ritual, Ira spoke to them and said “The balance of the world is at stake! The Linerians and the Hameerholdians are oppressing the various races of the world by binding them to law that restricts freedom of their own accord, and are often cheated in trade. We must keep the peace in this world and free those who are oppressed! I, the force of chaos, want to release the prison chains of Order. Order has been the root of this problem! They have abused order to keep men enslaved! We shall fight at the First Elven City, where the elves there are most oppressed historically!” The Tuk’Vu started to move from their beloved home, the jungle, to the First elven city all the way in the south.

In the leader of the elves, meanwhile,Ira spoke to him in a dream, like he did with the trolls. In that dream, it was shown that the elves had been abused. In the War of Elynie, some elves moved to the north,who would later be known as the sylvan elves. In the Vez'nanic war, they were used as pawns to fight Vez'nan’s forces!!! In addition to this,when alleria moved to Lineria as a teenager, they used her as a soldier, and endangered her pet cat, in addition to her life!In the Vez'nanic wars, while they were recovering from the first great war, the Linerians visited them to hire an elf army, but upon leaving, they did no help to them. It was also revealed that the elves evolved from the jungle savages, who migrated to the southern forest. In the Malagarian war, both had been oppressed by HammerHold: The Tuk’vu were pawns, and the Maqua were slaughtered. In addition to this, tensions between the two were dying out, but when the HammerHoldians came to fight Malagar, they used the Tuk’vu to invade the Maqua, rekindling the war… The two tribes were brothers before they became sworn enemies, and were known as the Saqrani, named after their deity. When the Barrington Keys expedition from HammerHold sent their crew to inspect their lands for plans of colonization, there were two distinct ways of fighting them in the tribe. One group fought them with magic and traditional way of cannibalizing their invaders,just like the angels living inside the temple of saqra had done They would be known as the Maqua,not wanting to bear the same name as before but wanting it to sound similar to their diety. While the other fought them in a more civilized manner, and used more occult magic than usual. They would be known as the Tuk'vu, named after the philosophy in their religion that they followed. The proper way to fight had been such a heated issue, since one side said, that eating other beings would make them more like the angels in the temple, and therefore, more divine, while the other argued that their way of fighting without eating others made them more in harmony with their lands, something their god, Saqra would have liked. They eventually split over this conflict, and because of the HammerHoldians trying to instil their way of Order and culture upon them. Then he was shown the present moment, where the seal of Nivus which was about to be placed on all the citizens, would enslave the elves once more, and be under the boot of HammerHold and Lineria. Their rights to express themselves, and celebrate their liberation of their culture because it may start war...would be taken away if Nivus's seal was put in place,because starting a war is the same thing as harming others. The next morning, after the intense dream, the elvish leader decided he had enough. Eridan, was frustrated with the oppression of their people. He called for a revolt, and the elves who had been destroyed, impoverished, and desolate for ages, were glad to revolt.

Ira did the same with the Maqua, and the Marinians. The maqua, wanting to help their brothers, the Tuk’vu after the war,also wanted to liberate themselves from the aliens.When Ira spoke to the maqua in a dream, he inspired revolts against the aliens, and showed them their oppressed brethren-the elves. The next day, in an ominously unified attempt, the maqua overthrew the aliens, slaughtering all of them.Now they were free to help fight the elves without the threat of an excecution. They were given a very strong will to fight. Upon seeing the dream,however, the Marinians felt horrified by what they knew the vision was telling them to do. They were now against Ira, and wanted to preserve order. Order was the force that powered their artifacts.

CH 6: the start of the fighting, and Ira's destiny
Within two weeks, the world descended into chaos, with all the nations:Linerians, HammerHold, the Maqua, The Tuk’vu, the elves, and the marinians, all fighting at the First Elvish City: The center of where the Elynian war happened ages ago.. Later on, as Linerian forces moved their forces away to the First Elvish City, the trolls revolted once more, attacking Lineria. A quarter of Lineria’s forces had to go back to the city to defend it against the troll rush. Along with the remaining Linerian force traveling to the first elvish city, so were a small brigade of trolls who traveled under the cover of the blizzards.they avoided the desert by going through the pass between the desert’s cliffs, and Vandrul’s mountains. They then traveled down the Gozalon river to the southern elvish forest. There, the elves in the forest guided them to the First elvish city. They were astonished when they got there. Fighting between armies, and heroes. Armies that once were allies in the three previous wars. At the same time, a rumbling in the trees occurred. It was a silent rumbling… almost slythering like…. Then out of nowhere, came the combined forces of the Maqua and the Tuk’vu, promising aid to those who support the liberation of the elves, and the trolls. The Marinians, who had been enemies with HammerHold in the Malagarian war, arrived, and had joined their side to preserve the force of Order.

Ira would not be passive in this fight. He would inspire the courage that his armies need! He will offer insight into the battle field! He will enrage his troops to make them become an unstoppable killing machine!

He would Advise the generals! And be the guardian angel of fighters for chaos! Fighters like Eridan the elvish general and veteran of the Elynian war! Xandre the mystical mechanical crossbow archer! Skalador, the vampire and tamer of the jungle savages! Zonora, the grand mage that can polymorph into more powerful versions of himself! Gkaharon, the necromancer of the tainted forest, and most powerful of all the necromancers!!! And many more fighters that may come next!!!


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