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A country RPG OOC

by jaray2000 » Sat Oct 26, 2013 3:07 am

For those who don't know, OOC is Out Of Character. Just getting that out of the way.

I am putting this here for all things related to my RPG that is not actually your turn. As well, my other RPG which is similar to this on Armorgames worked better in the beginning because Armorgames already has set rules on how RPGs are done. I know realise I have to take you guys through how my RPG works specificly, even if you've done things like it before.
1. You guys are in late paleolithic. Bronze will be discovered when either I feel it's time by having a NPC invent and start trading, or one of you guys begs so much I go insane. A thing for technically advanced nations would be irrigation, or boats with basic sails. Not catapults.
2.Also to do with me forgetting to include this with the rules as it is implied at armor, you should copy/paste your CS onto the beginning of all of your posts, just to keep things organised. Otherwise with all you playing I'll get hopelessly lost and be forced to quit the internet.
3.You get one post per turn. I give you an initial scenario and then you respond, and then I give you another scenario based on your response and then you respond and the cycle continues. No one will know any other players from during the beginning of the game. As it advances new players will be countries that have recently rebelled against a former NPC nation.
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