Why are Groxes Evil in Spore Exacly?

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Why are Groxes Evil in Spore Exacly?

by SealDarklight » Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:27 pm

So if you played spore you´ve probably heard of The Grox and i recently played spore again. These Goblin like North Ko... i mean these Goblin like creatures are beings that are suppoused to be the antagonist of Spore for some reason. The entire galaxy of aliens hate them for reason because they block the core wich you get staff of life and their reason is to defend themselves because there the only aliens that live in a 0T planet wich is lifeless and other aliens live in 1,2,3T planets where theres life. They hate life for some reason and there also scared of it because 1T or higher would kill them and thats why they defend the core because they dont want others to kill them. If you battle them good luck because it takes 4 real life weeks to defeat them since they concered 2400 planets and it takes forever so your another option is to allie with them wich is far easier. They give you the highest ammount of money, there ships are strong and if you ally and get a ship everyone hates you but its easier to acess the core. If you leave the alliance the groxes kinda feels sad about it and i feel sad too. The philosophers hate the groxes but most of them dont hate. Scientist dont hate them but are interested, admiring and curious of them because of tecnology and diplomats like them to be a great and powerfull allies, bards dont like them at all because how they act and even as far as they dont want to go to the core, Warriors and Knights view them as their rivals and challengers, traders hate them because they scare everyone out, shamans and Ecologist are unable to reach harmony with them and the nature because grox hate the nature and the only one that hate the most (And what culture and philosophy i hate the most) are ASSHOLE ZEALOTS! The Zealots hate them because they dont belive in Spode wich they belive is their god but also hate shamans god wich the Zealots belive that they belive in a false god.

These little things arent strong either normally and could have died from the natures survival without tecnology. They also go war on other planets with races but they dont conqer or anything just leaves their civilisation unhabitable By the animals and they never conquer your planet unless you go war against them. Theres so much interesting about them and what happened before and it doesnt tell you entirely but my guess is there used to be allot of aliens who relie on survivability and supremecy and the grox were attacked because something they dont like so they conquer the centre of the universe and they never pass anyone to the core except if there allied and they hate life because what happened to their survival on creature and space stage.

Are these things evil because i feel like there the most misunderstod races of them all and i feel sad about it since all other want the galaxy to their philosophy while groxes want to destroy because of their corruption. What do you people think?


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