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VOTING: Campaign

by RaZoR LeAf » Sat Dec 15, 2018 5:24 pm


General! I may be a Dark Lord but I am not invincible... BAH HA HA!! Who am I kidding, I'm Vez'nan, the greatest sorcerer in the WORLD!! But still... there are still many out there that are a threat to my shiny new throne. I may rule Linirea now, but many of Denas' merry band of so called heroes are still out there, no doubt raring for a chance to take me down. Well we're going to take the battle to them! My spies have located them and will soon return with everything I need to know. The only real question will be who is the biggest threat, who do I take down first!?

You are one of Lord Vez'nan's spies, returning from your task of spying on one of the many Heroes that remains loyal to the exiled oaf Denas. Our great leader has captured the hideous she-elf Alleria Swiftwind, the traitorous student Magnus Spellbane and the unjust Paladin Gerald Lightseeker, but there are so many other heroes left to subdue. You've found one of those heroes, watched their every move, studied their troops and now you've returned to the fold to reveal your findings. Report to your Spy Master for debriefing, and then take a well-earned break in the Mire of Misery! Half price drinks during Unhappy Hour!

Your mission report is for a Mini-Campaign themed around a Hero from Kingdom Rush, Frontiers or Origins. It requires:
  • Three levels
  • Recurring enemies
  • Six new enemies
  • The Hero in an antagonist role, as either a recurring enemy (Alleria), scenery (Magnus) or boss (Gerald).
  • A single level hazard or mechanic

This is only a recon report, there is no assume what forces (towers) or assistance (mini heroes) we will be taking. These Heroes have all found their way to Linirea through one method or another and have recruited some of the troops we have already faced. Anyone who went further afield than the edge of the Varadul Wastes or the coastline of the human city Southport will not be considered, and will be executed for failing to follow commands.

ENTRY ONE wrote:Campaign: Mechanist's Marvels

Inventor's Lab

Location: Just south of the entrance to Bolgur's Throne.
Environment: Dwarven Caves

Intro: It seems that during my conquest of the Dwarven Kingdom, you managed to miss a secret lab. Considering what we've seen from the rest of the Dwarves, perhaps it has some interesting technology. The lab is rightfully mine, so don't you dare fail me again.

Recurring Enemies: Clockwork Spider, Chomp Bot, Cyclopter, Smokebeard Engineer, Mechadwarf MK9
New Enemies: Resistor, Smogspitter, Mechamagos

Scenery: Tesla Coil
The wreckage of 3 Tesla Coils hold central positions across the level. Each has 3 levels of operation. They function similarly to the Tesla X104 of KR.

Cost: 150/150/150
Main Damage: 15-30/30-45/45-60 (Each upgrade allows it to chain once/twice/thrice)
Overcharge Damage: 4-8/8-12/12-16

However, there's a catch. Smokebeard Engineers can also repair the Teslas, switching them to the enemy's side. They can upgrade it if they use their repair 3 times. Furthermore, they can use the repair to steal it from you, requiring a payment of 100 gold to return it to your side. The upgrade level is transferred when it switches sides.


Constructs which convert energy into shielding.

HP: 500
Damage: 2-4 (Punches every second)
Magic Resistance: 30%
Speed: Medium
Lives Taken: 1

-Energy Conversion: For 3 points of magic damage resisted, the Resistor gains 1% magic resistance.
-Overheat: Attacks deal additional damage over 5 seconds, the damage equivalent to 50% of the Resistor's magic resistance.
-Machine (Can be repaired by Smokebeards)

Appearance: A medium sized robot, larger than a Chomp-bot but smaller than a Mechadwarf, with two stubby legs and two short arms. A flickering purple shield comes to life whenever it is hit by magic.


Slow moving machines that create smog clouds which block non-mechanical eyes.

HP: 800
Damage: 15-30 (Hits with a leg every second)
Speed: Slow
Lives Taken: 2

-Smog Cloud: Creates a cloud of smoke which deals 2 d/s and prevents ranged units and towers from targeting inside the cloud. Lasts 5 seconds, cooldown 18 seconds.
-Machine (Can be repaired by Smokebeards)

Appearance: A large robot which walks on four legs. Its top is a mess of gears and other machinery, with plenty of smoke pipes sticking out at random angles.


Advanced robots with control over almost magical technology.

HP: 1000
Damage: 5-10 (Punches every second)
Ranged Damage: 30-60 (Fires a projectile dealing physical damage every 1.5 seconds)
Speed: Slow
Lives Taken: 2

-Guardian Shell: Projects a shield in an area which can absorb up to 500 damage. The Mechamagos and enemies under the shield cannot be attacked until the shield is destroyed. Recharges after 10 seconds of not taking damage, at 50 shield points/sec. Guardian Shells can stack.
-Magnet Bomb: Summons a series of magnets around the target soldier. Deals true damage equivalent to the soldier's armor. CD 3 seconds.

Appearance: A medium sized humanoid robot of normal proportions. It wears a dark red cloak, with bright green eyes under its hood. It holds a staff which glows blue when Guardian Shell is active.

At the end of the level, a PA system hidden throughout the lab crackles to life.
"Welcome to the danger zone!"
"Thanks for buying the bait."
"I'll be seeing you, Vez'nan."

Valoras Shore

Location: On the dock southwest of Bolgur's Throne.
Environment: Dwarven Caves (Dwarven Gate tileset)

Intro: That accursed dwarf from the Elven Civil War snuck under my nose and stole all of the treasure from Bolgur's throneroom! Gah! He was always so haughty and confident in his power then, and he still is now! He's run away to a dock on the Valoras Sea, and he's holed up there while he loads his ship.
General, stop him and show him that no machine lasts forever!

Recurring Enemies: Clockwork Spider, Chomp Bot, Cyclopter, Smokebeard Engineer, Mechadwarf MK9, Resistor, Smogspitter, Mechamagos
New Enemies: Landship, Airship

Scenery: Wilbur's Gunship
Wilbur's Gunship rests on a platform overlooking the western entrances. Versus the Origins version of his machine, it has a much more streamlined design, with twin turbines, not unlike a V-22 Osprey.
It will occasionally take flight to perform one of three attacks:
1. The Gunship fires 2 missiles, each of which deal 75-100 AoE explosive damage.
2. Hover over a tower for 8 seconds, reducing its attack speed by 50% and silencing the tower.
3. Deploy a point defense turret, which shoots down any non-magical projectiles in a small area for 10 seconds.


Fast and heavily armored vehicles with a large hold.

HP: 1800
Damage: 2-4 (Punches every second)
Speed: Medium
Lives Taken: 3

-Run Over: Cannot be blocked. Runs over soldiers, dealing 15 d/s to them.
-Troop Transport: May spawn any of the following combinations of units on death.
-Luboric Core 5 seconds after dying and after troops have unloaded, the Landship's core explodes, dealing damage in a wide area to all units.

Appearance: A combination wheel-tread vehicle made of dull grey steel. A smokestack juts from its back.


Nimble flying craft made of a special buoyant material.

HP: 1500
Damage: 2-4 (Punches every second)
Speed: Medium
Lives Taken: 2

-Flyer: Launches a small drone which flies around attacking things. Deals 2-5 damage per attack, and attacks 10 times before returning to base for 6 seconds.
-Aetherium Rounds Fires specialized rounds which makes the target soldier float into the air. Lasts for 2 seconds for every second spent attacking the soldiers. Lasts for 5 seconds, 12 second CD.

Appearance: Somewhat like a flying ship, a large balloon holds the Airship aloft. A small drone is attached to its underside, and it has two side turrets.

The Sky Fortress

Location: Over the Valoras Sea.
Environment: New: Airship tileset

Intro: That accursed dwarf managed to launch his massive airship, with us trapped on board. He's flying west, further and further from my base of power. Little does he know, Linirea is already in my grasp.
General, defend me. I am going to take control of this situation, and destroy this wretched ship.

Recurring Enemies: Clockwork Spider, Chomp Bot, Cyclopter, Smokebeard Engineer, Mechadwarf MK9, Resistor, Smogspitter, Mechamagos, Landship, Airship,
New Enemies: Ultra Cannon

Scenery: Sky Fortress Defences
Wilbur will use a variety of methods to defend his fortress:
1. Sawblade: Fires a rolling sawblade from one of the entrances, dealing 100 true damage to all soldiers in its path, until it hits a wall or the exit.
2. Turbulence: Shakes the Sky Fortress, making all archers miss 50% of their shots for 3 seconds.
3. Repair Drones: Sends 3 drones to repair enemy robots. They heal these units for 30 HP/s, for up to 10 seconds.
4. Shield Projector: Creates a slow-moving barrier that moves toward the exits. This barrier blocks any damage from mages, like the Mechamagos.

Scenery: Vez'nan
Vez'nan stands at the top of the screen, though he will not aid you in this fight.

Ultra Cannon

Massive mobile artillery that shake the ground with every step and every attack.

HP: 2000
Ranged Damage: 100-150 (Fires an artillery shell every 2.5 seconds, very long range)
Speed: Slow
Lives Taken: 5

-Napalm Blast: Attacks deal additional fire damage (50) over 5 seconds.
-Artillery: Cannot attack in melee.
-Earthshaker: Stuns soldiers in a small radius for 0.75 seconds while moving.
-Machine (Can be repaired by Smokebeards)

Appearance: A massive platform with an even larger cannon mounted on top.

Boss Battle
After the end of the stage, Wilbur will emerge from one of the southern exits. However, there are two special parts to the boss fight:
1. Wilbur will head for Vez'nan, rather than the exit. You lose if he manages to reach Vez'nan.
2. Wilbur has 3 different forms, but only 1 is used per playthrough. It is random which you will get.

The Battlesuit

A mix of robotics and biotech, which dramatically enhance the user's strength.

HP: 10000
Damage: 150-200 (Smashes with a heavy fist every 1.5 seconds, dealing AoE physical damage.)
Ranged Damage: 50-100 (Fires a mortar from the back of the suit every 2 seconds, dealing AoE explosive damage)
Speed: Slow
Lives Taken: Infinite

-Void Shield: Reflects 20% of projectiles.
-Meteoric Dive: Jumps off the screen for 1.5 seconds, before landing near the original jump point. On landing, stuns all nearby units and towers for 2 seconds. 10 second CD.

Appearance: A largish robot. Not as large as Bolgur's mech, but larger than Resistors.

The Copter

A hovering vehicle with a large amount of weapons and a very fast top speed.

HP: 8000
Damage: 20-30 (Fires a burst of 10 rounds over 1 second, every 5 seconds)
Speed: Fast
Lives Taken: Infinite

-Hovering Vehicle: Hovers above the track. Cannot be attacked by melee towers or ground-damage artillery.
-Cloaking Field: Cloaks for 3 seconds, making shots miss 50% of the time and gaining 25% magic resistance. 8 second CD.

Appearance: As described before, a twin turbined hovering vehicle.

The Shell

A slowly moving vehicle with immense defensive capabilities.

HP: 12000
Damage: 10-20 (Fires a series of perimeter guns every 0.25 seconds)
Speed: Slow
Lives Taken: Infinite

-Adamantine Shield: Physical damage projectiles have a 35% of dealing no damage.
-Energy Reabsorption: Creates a 500-HP shield. If the shield is broken within 4 seconds, the vehicle heals for 500. The shield lasts up to 5 seconds, and can be used every 15 seconds.

Appearance: A circular vehicle, somewhat like a Leonardo tank, with a small control window at its apex.

After Wilbur's vehicle is destroyed, the entire airship will creak as Vez'nan simultaneously destroys it and teleports his forces (and Wilbur) to the Dark Tower.

ENTRY TWO wrote:
Intro: Fear fills our troops. This wood is crawling with life and anger.
Location: wood to North of castle.
Recurring Ememies: recruit, farmer,hunting eagle, elven ranger.
Level Design: strategic point x14 canopy x2 overgrowth x3 caravan

Elf village
Intro: A small elf village. This should be very easy General.
Location: east of Thickwood
Environment: forest
Level design: strategic point x15 elven house x2
Recurring Enemies: recruit, farmer,hunting eagle, elven ranger, devoted priest

Lord Bravebark's Castle
Intro: Lord Bravebark the mighty Blah! Blah! Blah!
Location: North of elf village and Thickwood
Environment: forest
Level Description: strategic point x20 canopy x3
Recurring Enemies: recruit, farmer,hunting eagle, elven ranger, devoted priest

Appearance: like Bravebark
HP: 2000
Armour Rating: 30%
Magic Resistance: 50%
Lives taken: 4
Skills: summon bountyless greenlings area attack

Appearance: like Bravebark's greenlings
HP: 310
Armour Rating: 30%
Magic Resistance: 50%
Lives taken: 1

golden longbow
Appearance: like golden longbow
HP: 150
Armour Rating: none
Magic Resistance: none
Lives taken: 2
Skills:ranged attack instant kill

Appearance: like a vine/ent
HP: 240
Armour Rating: none
Magic Resistance: 75%
Lives taken: 1

Appearance: like warbear but brown
HP: 650
Armour Rating: 50%
Magic Resistance: none
Lives taken: 3
Skills: charge at troops

Appearance: like allerias wildcat
HP: 500
Armour Rating: none
Magic Resistance: none
Lives taken: 1
Skills: dodge attacks

Appearance: like Bravebark
HP: 6500
Armour Rating: 40%
Magic Resistance: 30%
Lives taken: 20
Skills: summon greenling area attack instant kill like branchball

Elf house:
Appearance: free house with elven archer
Effect:shoots arrows at troops summons elven rangers golden Longbows and devoted priests.
Notes: arrows deal 10 true damage

ENTRY THREE wrote:Level Name: Help From Above
Intro: Look there General.. on the mountain side you incompetent goblin spawn! Your men are meant to be watching this area after Bolgur was deposed, but there's a pattern branded into the cold hard stone. It's an ancient Dwarf rune, I recognize it from the many magical books I stole from the Citadel. Someone or something has descended to this plane from the heavens, and I think I know who! Take your troops and secure the site while I make certain who we are dealing with. Don't make me regret keeping you alive!

Location: Dwarf Kingdom, near the edge of the border with the Frozen North
Environment: Mountainside
Level Description: The edge of the Dwarf Kingdom with a large mountain side behind it. There is a large circular rune pattern in the middle of the level with a path around it. The rune acts as an enemy entrance for the Asgardian Soldier. Two entrances, two exits.
Recurring Enemies: Dwarf Bruiser, Warhammer Guard, Tinbeard Gunmen, Stonebeard Geomancer, Chomp Bot, Clockwork Spider, Sulfur Alchemist, Quarry Worker, MechaDwarf MK.9
New Enemies: Asgardian Soldier, Big Bite Bot

Name: Asgardian Soldier
Appearance: About the size of a Troop Captain, but less top half bulk. They wear golden armor with small wings on the helmets, and carry long spears and shields.

HP: 920
Damage: 28-40
Armor rating: 0%
Magic resistance: 40%
Speed: Medium
Lives Taken: 1
Skills: Dodges 50% of attacks in melee

Additional Information: The Asgardian Soldier fights with its spear meaning it stands slightly back from its target, resulting in its ability to dodge a number of direct attacks

Name: Big Bite Bot
Appearance: Similar in style to a Chomp Bot, but sized more like a Glacial Hound. It has a huge jaw that opens wide enough to make massive bites out of anything it encounters.

HP: 1500
Armor rating: 30%
Magic resistance: 0%
Speed: Medium
Lives Taken: 1
Skills: Deals True Damage. Chance of Instant-kill

Additional Information: An angry bot from the dwarves that rattles along the route and takes massive bites out of its enemies. Its teeth are such a strong material it chews through any kind of armor.

Level Name: Charged Cavern
Intro: As I suspected. Those symbols on the mountainside were Asgardian runes. That means Thor has come back to Linirea! Blast, this could be a massive set back! General, take your troops and follow the runes into the mountain. It's straddling the border between the Dwarves and the Northerners so be prepared to encounter forces from both sides. I expect strong opposition from the Asgardian forces so be ready for anything!

Location: On the border between the Dwarf Kingdom and the Frozen North
Environment: Cavern
Level Description: Inside the Dwarf Mountain, but it's a cold cave with more of the Frozen North influence. There are rocks scattered all around the cave that pulse and glow, these are Charged Rocks, the featured scenery. There are two smaller Asgardian runes on the map that spawn Soldiers, Tricksters, Prophets and Valkyrie. Two entrances, two exits.
Recurring Enemies: Warhammer Guard, Stonebeard Geomancer, Chomp Bot, Sulfur Alchemist, MechaDwarf MK.9, Valkyrie, Draugr, Frost Giant, Asgardian Soldier, Big Bite Bot
New Enemies: Gembeard Striker, Asgardian Trickster, Vanir Prophet

Name: Gembeard Striker
Appearance: Regular dwarf size, but apparently made entirely out of a shining gem like a diamond.

HP: 1800
Damage: 22-32
Armor rating: 80%
Magic resistance: 0%
Speed: Fast
Lives Taken: 1
Skills: Immune to afflictions (Poison, burn, stun, etc)

Additional Information: A fast moving, highly armored dwarf. It can evade the slow attacking Artillery and mages, and as an added threat cannot be burned, poisoned, stunned, frozen, cut or any other afflictions.

Name: Asgardian Trickster
Appearance: Has a similar appearance to Loki in the MCU, in green and gold with the horned helmet. The Trickster appears to be walking in its primary stage, but is floating above the ground in its secondary stage.

HP: 2100
Damage: 60-120
Armor rating: 0%
Magic resistance: 50%
Speed: Medium
Lives Taken: 2
Skills: Flying

Additional Information: The Trickster plays with your perception of the enemy. When it appears, it does so on foot walking like a standard enemy. Artillery Tower will not target it, and it will engage with units and attack them with hidden knives. When the Trickster loses 40% of its HP, the on foot version vanishes and is replaced with the true Trickster, who floats above the ground as a Flying enemy, but was projecting a false self on the ground. As a Flying enemy it cannot be engaged and therefore loses its attack, but its movement speed increases by 30%.

Name: Vanir Prophet
Appearance: If a Devoted Priest hit the gym and let her hair down. Angelic, but tough as nails.

HP: 3600
Damage: 48-76 (ranged same)
Armor rating: 0%
Magic resistance: 75%
Speed: Slow
Lives Taken: 3
Skills: Predicts an attack on defeat. Ranged magic attack. Heals allies.

Additional Information: The Prophet is a magic powerhouse. She heals allies; Asgardian, Dwarf or otherwise. She attacks from afar with a powerful magic attack. Her most formidable attack occurs when she is killed. As soon as she drops she foresee an attack. That attack will come 5-8 seconds after she is killed and will strike a unit for maximum damage. The target is chosen from any unit on the map so will strike them no matter where they have moved to. If the original target is killed before the attack hits, it will move to another. Instant-killing the prophet negates the attack.

Name: Charged Rocks
Appearance: Glowing rocks various sizes litter the stage, some massive (bigger than towers), some only as small as pebbles. They glow and pulse as they absorb electricity from the air.

Effect: A rock charges at a different speed depending on its size, the smaller they are the faster they charge. It pulses faster and faster until it reaches a steady glow, then discharges all of its stored electricity into the surrounding area like a Tesla's Overcharge skill. The bigger the rock, the more damage it does. The biggest rocks can even shock a tower, preventing it from attacking for a few seconds. The discharge deals True Damage so unless your units are out of range, they will take damage.

Level Name: Thunderstrike Peak
Intro: General a storm is brewing on the mountain peak, and it's not natural. Thor is here, and he's getting ready to bring down a great fury upon me, your great leader. He's not strong enough to take me on, but he's close. Deal with his allies and I'll deal with him! I won't have this blonde haired boy ruining my lovely new Kingdom.

Location: Mountain peak, on the border between the Dwarf Kingdom and the Frozen North
Environment: Mountain Top
Level Description: The mountain top, the sky is visible at the back of the level and a storm is raging. Huge black clouds with lightning flashing. Thor stands at the front on a crop sticking out over the field. There are three runes, one on either side and one in the middle. Three entrances and three exits. There are five large Charged Rocks and numerous smaller ones.
Recurring Enemies: Stonebeard Geomancer, Sulfur Alchemist, MechaDwarf MK.9, Valkyrie, Draugr, Gryphon Bomber, Asgardian Soldier, Big Bite Bot, Gembeard Striker, Asgardian Trickster, Vanir Prophet
New Enemies: Lightning Elemental

Name: Lightning Elemental
Appearance: Like Beresad's golem and Durax had an electric baby (!!!). Dark blue with a glowing light blue/white edge, it summons lightning to attack.

HP: 6800
Damage: 80-100
Armor rating: 0%
Magic resistance: 100%
Speed: Slow
Lives Taken: 5
Skills: Teleports when damaged. Ranged TD attack. Area Attack. Mini-boss.

Additional Information: Immune to magic entirely and able to teleport itself when damage. An utter b*tch to fight! Like the Saurian Darter, it will turn into electricity and dart ahead after taking 25% damage. It can also discharge when engaged in combat and will throw True Damage lightning attacks from afar. Did I mention? It's a mini-boss so also immune to instant-kills.

Name: Thor the Thunder God
Appearance: Thor looks much as he did in Kingdom Rush, but more battle hardened. His armor is more beaten up and he no longer has his helmet. His hair is shorter and his cape is now bright red.

Skills: Thor stands atop the Thunderstruck Peak, commanding the storm. His hammer Mjolnir allows him to channel lightning in different ways and he is also able to summon more troops to battle
  • Lightning Strike - Blasts groups of units with a massive bolt of lightning, dealing 100-180 area damage
  • Mass Discharge - Causes all Charged Rocks to discharge at once.
  • Elemental Summon - Summons a Lightning Elemental from a random large rock.
  • Bifrost Bridge - Opens the Bifrost summoning Asgardian enemies to the field.

Additional Information: Thor has a variety of taunts he uses through the level, as any good boss should have. They include:
- "Vez'nan, thou foul villainy ends here! Have at thee!!" (at start)
- "For Midgard!"
- "Denas is my friend, I will avenge him."
- "Do I look to be in a gaming mood?"
- "Your soldiers are so petty, and tiny."
- "Thou art truly the master of evil..." (defeated)

Legal Beagle
  • Please do not vote for yourself
  • If you have entered - Please do not reveal which entry is yours.
  • If you have not entered - Please keep your guesses as to who wrote an entry to yourself. Entries are to remain anonymous until the winner is announced.
  • Please only vote once
  • You have until Saturday 22nd to submit your votes (seven days)
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Re: VOTING: Campaign

by BLOODSHELLS » Sun Dec 16, 2018 7:26 pm

Will the tower poll be resumed after this is completed?
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Re: VOTING: Campaign

by RaZoR LeAf » Mon Dec 17, 2018 7:49 am

BLOODSHELLS wrote:Will the tower poll be resumed after this is completed?

The tower poll is not related to this thread.
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Re: VOTING: Campaign

by RaZoR LeAf » Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:49 pm

It's your last chance to vote, as the deadline is tomorrow!

I think I may go back to votes in replies rather than a poll, to encourage people to actually reply. It's not much of a contest without any feedback :( :evil:
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Re: VOTING: Campaign

by Ninja » Sat Dec 22, 2018 3:23 am

RaZoR LeAf wrote:It's your last chance to vote, as the deadline is tomorrow!

I think I may go back to votes in replies rather than a poll, to encourage people to actually reply. It's not much of a contest without any feedback :( :evil:

I was going to give a reply about my thoughts on the entries after the contest ended. :mrgreen:
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Re: VOTING: Campaign

by RaZoR LeAf » Sat Dec 22, 2018 5:35 pm

Okay lets draw this voting to a close!

In 3rd place with 1 vote - Sirsquier!
In 2nd place with 6 votes - RaZoR LeAf!!
In 1st place with 7 votes - AerisDraco!!!

Well done Aeris, and thank you to everyone who entered. You may now critique to your hearts content. I'll post my reviews soon, as I'm busy tonight.
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