How about Kingdom Rush Elements?

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How about Kingdom Rush Elements?

by ShadowSong » Thu Apr 04, 2019 4:19 pm

I was tinking af another idea for future game of Kingdom Rush and this came. We know that Vez'nan fond the red gem at the end of Origins,but instead of destroying it he decided to analyse it. For some reason the gem would react only to fire. So he thought that maybe there are more gems out there, but he seemingly died in the first game before he could find something. Meanwhile a new danger aroused, a coruption that came from space attracted by the gems, that threaten to destroy the world. This is seen in the Frontier by the last boss. This brings me to the last game Vengeance. After Vez'nan was brought back to life( it's still not clear how and why), he decided to resume his experiments on the red gem, but the gem was now under the catacombs of King Denas's castle so he fighted his way back only to find it, but instead of the gem was a massive coruption core that even Vez'nan feared. He tried to eliminate it but no use. The core keept adapting until the point of spawning creatures far more terrifying and powerful that he ever encountered. The castle was lost,the beasts were to strong so he had to retreat. On his retreat he would find the red gem(fire gem) which gave him enough power to repeal the enemies for a while. Knowing that they will be back soon, he ventured far and beyond to find all that other gems( they are 6 in total:fire, earth, air, water, light and shadow, and one he allready poses by this point:fire) find new allies to destroy the corruption. He can't rule a world that is already teaken.
Ok now that I finished with the lore let's talk about some systems, what I would like to see esentialy. I think that each element sound have 5 tipes of towers(30 in total when the game is out): 1 set( 6 towers to start with) , 1 set(6 towers to be founded in campaign), 1 set( 6 towers to be in the gem shop; think of it like a travern) , 1 set(6 towers will be unlocked by completing an difficult achievements ; each of the 6 towers will have a unique achievement) 1set (6 towers will be bought with real money). In this way you give the customisation that they whant. This sistem make shore that not everything can be unlocked form the beginning and they must play the game to get the content and if they want to buy the extra stuffs to do so . Also this can be applied to heroes to like 3 free heroes, 2 from tavern and 1 via achievement. In addition to that each element will accomplish a specific role: fire will be altilery, earth will be barracks , water will be magicians, air will be archers, light will be kind of like the Blazing Gem from Vengeance and shadow could be magic barracks . The way I think of it is that fire, air and earth will do physical dmg and light water and shadow to do magic. Fire deal aoe physical dmg and light deal aoe magical dmg, air is physical single target dmg while water si magical, earth is armour and/or physical dmg while shadow magic resist and/or magic dmg.
Now some ideas of towers that I thinked of. I have most of the 30 towers ready but I'll give you 6(1 for each element).
Fire class has: Fire, Meteorite, Vulcano, Griffin Battle Mage, Dragons Lair. I chose Meteorite.It's a extreamly long range artillery with high dmg output. It resembles much with a slingshot. The drawback is that although it has an extreamly long range it cannot shoot at close and it is very slow also it cannot hit flying units at least on purpose . It is best used in the back of the map to maximize its effectiveness. Abilities: Falling skies: Every 4th hit it will add another 1/2/3 basics attacks; Crashing impact: It create a big meteorite in the slingshot and it will send it to its enemies dealing dmg and stunning them for a short duration; Scattered: It will send a meteor that explode mid air realising small shards that dmg enemies allong the path.
Air class has:Tempest, Ciclon , Soul Weaver, Elvin Santinels, Head Hunters. I choose to display Tempest. It's a medium range tower that deal physical dmg and it's extreamly fast (like 3 hits per second).It have 3 Elvin Soldiers with low health and no armour. They spawn each 8 s. Drawbacks: although it has a extreamly fast fire rate the base dmg per arow is low, it is very ineffective against enemies with high armour or high health. It is most useful against low Hp enemies with low to no arnour or against flying units.Abilities: Elvin reinforcements: This train 1/2/3 Elvin Soldiers into 1/2/3 Elvin Archers equipped with a bows and arrows that can attack from the distance.When their HP reach 0 they execute a somersault back to the tower and they start attacking increasing the tower fire rate from 3 to 4/5/6; Tempest somersault: When each Elvins HP reach 0 they execute fast moves that dmg the enemies. If it is Elvin Archer that finishes with the somersault towards tower; Battle Entry: The Elvins when they spawn they jump towards a desired location.When reached they start spininin dealing dmg to all enemies in the area.
Earth class: Earth Golems, Nature Fungus Trees, Sand Assassins, Metal Woriors, Paladins. I choose Nature Fungus Trees. It's a tipes of barracks that have a large amount of fungus trees up to 6 at the time. Their spaw each 7 s and if 2 or more are dead the spaw rate change from 1 to 2 fungus trees.They have the biggest basic attack dmg. Drawbacks: they have low Hp and low armour making them easy to kill. They are best used in combination with cc towers that allows them to recover their numbers. Abilities: Whild Clow: Each basic attack have a 40%/50%/60% chance of executing an attack that deal x/y/z dmg. Fungus Outburst: Every time a fungus tree die, from their corpses realise a toxic fungus cloud that deal dmg. Exploding Sapling: Each time a fungus tree die it have a chance of spawning an exploding sapling. The effect will happen after Fungus Outburst.
Water class: Water mage, Ice Queen, Pirates, Murmades, Alchinist. I choose Whater mage. It's a medium range tower with that deal magical moderate dmg per shot.It can charge up to 3 shots.When charged it have fast fire rate, when not slow fire rate. Drawbacks: fast enemies if the tower is in uncharged mode, enemies with medium to high magic resist. Best used as a finisher tower because of burst dmg output. Abilities: Vortex:It summon a vortex in a location that slow down enemies and deal a bit of dmg. Bubble: It from a bubble from the tower and the enemies caught by it to take dmg and they are pushed back on the path for a short distance. The bubble is formed by attacking enemies 20%/30%/40% of the dmg dealt. Basically deal dmg to build up the dmg of Bubble; when reaches the max shoot . If the tower didn't fired for 8 s it will take the charges to make the bubble making the tower to charge again. The buble is allways fired last. Let it rain: The tower can charge 1/2/3 more shots.
Light class: Sun Light, Moon Light, Cristal Light, Thunder, Horizon. I choose Horizon. It's a short to medium range tower with high fire rate that can deal small magic dmg. It can hit up to three enemies by sending orbs of energy that look like black holes. Drawbacks: It is very weak against any magical resistance and fast enemies. It is best used at the crossroads where a lot of enemies pas by. Abilities: Destroction: After a 19/17/15 it expand the nearest to the base shield orb and pull every enemies on the way moving towards enemy entrance dealing dmg. Desintegration: it give a 1.5%/3%/4.5% chance to insta kil an enemy absorbing him into the orb. Gravity pressure. After 12/10/8 s the one orb will fall to the ground transforming itself into a trap that roots enemies that walk on it. This effect can last up to 3 s. Shadow class: Umbra assassins, Necromancer, Arcane mage, Wizard, Fantom Knights. I choose Fantom Knights. They are a barrack that have medium - high health and medium - high magic resist. They deal mostly magic dmg. Drawbacks: They are very weak against ranged enemies that have physical dmg and big enemies with high physical dmg output. They are good in taking down mages. If a mage attack them it will prioritise the them first. Abilities: Weakening Curse: Hitting am enemy with any magic resist it will erase it and convert it onto magic basic attack dmg. Fear beyond the Grave: Fantom Knights perform a slash attack that dmg and silance the enemy for 6 s. Vengeful Aura: Fantom Knights gain am aura that deal magic dmg to the enemies around them.
I really hope you like it.
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Re: How about Kingdom Rush Elements?

by AerisDraco » Thu Apr 04, 2019 11:08 pm

Moved to Fan Fiction.
My thoughts:
-Good concept, I like the Elements focus, though the specific ones chosen get kinda close to Element TD
-An issue with the lore - the gem previously owned by Vez'nan is the corrupted Tear of Elynie, goddess of the Elves. It might work as a shadow or corrupted light gem though.

-A lot of the names feel somewhat simple and perhaps indistinct. I'll add some suggestions in parentheses. Also, some of them (Assassins, Paladins, Arcane Mage) seem to be repeats of existing towers.
-Meteorite (Meteor Summoner) might work better as a mage dropping meteors. The skills are simple yet effective.

-The Tempest (Tempest Keep) is both an Archer and Barracks, yes?
-Also, do the soldiers upgraded with Elven Reinforcements respawn?
-The skills focus solely on the barracks though, and are a bit vague. For instance, what does Tempest Somersault do? Why is it different from Elven Reinforcements, where they somersault without the upgrade called Somersault?

-Nature Fungal Trees (Fungal Guardians) seem alright.
-I'm assuming the first ability is Wild Claw?
-Fungus Outburst and Exploding Sapling really overlap in usage. I would like to see one of them changed to be more distinct.

-Water Mage (Hydromancer) Bubble ability is confusing in what it does. I get that it deals damage and pushes back, but what else?

-Horizon (Void Catalyst or Horizon Sage) drawbacks and usage tips are fairly standard to all mages, but I really like the concept.
-Destruction's ability text got kinda mangled - I'm guessing it summons a black hole which moves down the path, dealing heavy damage?
-Does Disintegration impact Destruction or the basic attack? In the latter case, it shouldn't, because having to buy an upgrade which only works when another is upgraded is bad; and in the former case, a 4.5% instant-kill chance from a tower that can hit 3 enemies with a high fire rate is incredibly broken.

-Phantom Knights suffer from a big issue - 90-95% of all enemies use physical damage, so their niche may be too, well, niche.
-I recommend shortening Fear beyond the grave to just "Beyond the Grave"

Overall, the ideas are good, but it needs some polish. Sorry if I seemed kinda critical, but that's just how I read it..
KRA is now complete.
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Re: How about Kingdom Rush Elements?

by Sirsquier » Thu Apr 18, 2019 4:55 pm

AerisDraco wrote:Moved to Fan Fiction.
My thoughts:
-Good concept, I like the Elements focus, though the specific ones chosen get kinda close to Element TD
-An issue with the lore - the gem previously owned by Vez'nan is the corrupted Tear of Elynie, goddess of the Elves. It might work as a shadow or corrupted light gem though.

I agree about the Tear. Fire just doesn't match Elynie otherwise great idea. :hero: :)
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Re: How about Kingdom Rush Elements?

by PitNata » Sat Aug 31, 2019 1:57 am

Hmm, could be made into a.... mod. right Aeris?
I'm modding Kingdom Rush. :geek:
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