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For a player who has beaten all three Stages (plus the Heroic and Iron Challenges) of the Cursed Bargain with three stars on his first try, I can recommend a strategy that can help you beat the Ancient Ghosts with ease.

Use the following Towers –
1) Infernal Mage
2) Bone Flingers
3) Orc Warriors Den

Use Oloch as your Hero (for his magic and his Seal of Isolation – quite handy things).

Now let’s discuss strategies.

First of all, build an Orc Den at each exit. These Barracks are not used for their power, but for their low cost, expendability and ability to stall the fastest and fiercest enemies of the Bargain (you guessed it, it’s the Corrosive Soul) for a few seconds. Though the ‘puny’ Orcs would not survive more than two hits from a Corrosive Soul, this deadly enemy will have to stop to fight them – and that’ll mean the difference between 18 lives and 17 lives. Do not upgrade these Orcs; they’re there for blocking enemies for a few seconds, and not for their power. Upgrade them ONLY to block leaks, and prioritize Corrosive Souls in this regard.

Build one (or at most two) Infernal Mage near each Den. This’ll be your main line of defense against Ghosts and Carriers. Do not upgrade these Mages at first. Use Oloch for magic resistant waves. Have the Mages at Level 2 initially. Use only Bone Carrier waves to upgrade them. Build them up slowly – and avoid buying their Level 4 special skills. If you do want, use the Affliction upgrade to reduce enemies’ Armor.

Bone Flingers, nice and cheap, will be your main Tower of defense. Focus on them and spam them in earlier waves – use the Milk upgrade when viable. These Flingers will protect you from the Haunted Skeleton waves early in the game and Lich waves in the late game. For their other Level 4 skills, use Golems if you want – but avoid the Skeletons, as they aren’t too efficient in the Bargain.

Use Oloch for all the early Ghost waves, and save your Infernal Mage upgrades for Carrier waves. His Seal will be useful for stalling Bone Carriers while you take the opportunity to get a Mage upgrade or two under your belt. Use him and the Bone Flingers as primary means of defense in the earlier waves. The Seal will be extremely useful in some situations.

Now let’s deal with the Corrosive Souls. The deadliest threat of the Bargain – these beasts are fast, meaty, resistant and can plough through ground troops easily. They’re by far the greatest threat in Cursed Bargain (the second one being the alternating resistance of the two basic enemies of the Bargain – which can be quite big of a challenge in and of itself – not to mention the Lich hordes). Bone Carriers are kids compared to the Souls IMO. You should be in a steady state of caution when that Corrosive Soul wave comes – focus everything; Orc Den upgrades, Soul Impacts, Oloch, his Seal, and Goonies (use Demon Guards) on the Souls. Save your Orc upgrades specifically for preventing Soul leaks. Remember, CORROSIVE SOUPS ARE THE TOP PRIORITY in the Bargain.

The bosses, the two Ancient Ghosts are pathetic and don’t require any specific attention other than selling and buying the Towers that can hurt them through their resistance – the enemies that spawn on their paths also have similar resistances.

By following this guide anyone can break the Bargain easily. Cheers to all my fellow Kingdom Rushers!
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