Tower Ideas - Discussion Thread

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Tower Ideas - Discussion Thread

by Uranato » Tue Dec 08, 2020 5:19 pm

I'm making this post to discuss Tower ideas which will be added to Kingdom Rush: Legends (the TD version) later. Please judge them as if they were usable in any of the first three games ( KR1 / KRF / KRV ) as a third Level-IV upgrade choice, and compare them to their respective Level-IV Towers.

Grand Sage

Grand Sages are ancient wizards who wear an orange cloth across their body and wear a pendant of brown beads. Their brown hair is tied like upwards on their head, circled with the same brown beads. Their long beards match the tuft of hair at the back of their heads. With their offhand resting on a stick shaped like a slingshot and holding the same pendant of beads they wear, they wield simple brown staffs without any gem of power. Standing on a pedestal of gray stone with a glowing white rune and big, crude steps carved into the rock and vegetation on the top, they oversee the battlefield from the shade of two green trees of life. The Sage casts white bolts of holy fire which home in on and decimate their enemies.

The wise Sages of old punish enemies with holy fire and bring ancient lore to your advantage.

Magic Damage: 80-100
Attack Rate: 2.0 seconds
Range: 400
Cost: 300

Holy Fire (Innate; Passive):
Each basic attack deals an extra 5% of the target's total Hitpoints as magical damage (only 100 extra damage to Bosses).

Divine Justice (250/150/150; 20 seconds):
1. Deal 500 true damage to the enemy with the highest current Hitpoints in range for each Life it costs (unusable against Bosses).
2. Damage is increased to 1000 for each point of Life.
3. Damage is further increased to 1500.

Meditation (300/300; 16 seconds):
1. Meditate for 2 seconds, curing all afflictions affecting the Tower and improving attack rate to 1.5 seconds for 6 seconds.
2. Attack rate is improved to 1.0 seconds and duration to 8 seconds.

Ancient Panacea (200/100/100; 12 seconds):
1. Bless all allies in a large area with an aura that heals them for 20-60 Hitpoints after they get hit and also cures all afflictions for 4 seconds.
2. Healing is increased to 50-100 Hitpoints.
3. Healing is further increased to 80-140.

Bolt Spitter
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Re: Tower Ideas - Discussion Thread

by Ninja » Thu Dec 10, 2020 6:27 am

Holy Fire is pretty insane. It overcompensates pretty heavily for the 2 second attack rate, IMO. Overkill is still an issue, but I feel that Meditation pretty much resolves that. I would make Meditation cost 350/350.

Divine Justice is basically an instakill on larger enemies, but it massively overkills small enemies. I appreciate the fact that it costs less than a normal instakill, but the massive amount of damage to bosses just feels cheap (not referring to cost). It’s a pretty awkward ability.

Ancient Panacea seems fairly valued. The cooldown is maybe a little high. 10 seconds might be better. AP does heal and cure afflictions, unlike say Holy Light (which just heals), but the heal is significantly lower so I think it’s fine to be on a 10 second CD.

I was promised ancient lore, but I don’t see any. ;)
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Re: Tower Ideas - Discussion Thread

by Uranato » Thu Dec 10, 2020 8:01 am

Changed Divine Justice to not affect Bosses.
Ancient Panacea does make your units invincible against weak, fast-hitting enemies.
Meditation also wastes 2 seconds for activation.
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